46 Frightfully Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

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Have a spook-tacular Halloween this year with our mega-list of Halloween activities for kids.

Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Whether you’re venturing out for some trick-or-tricking, throwing a monster mash Halloween party, or staying in where it’s safe from spooks, make this Halloween a devilish delight!

From Halloween activities for toddlers to Halloween kids’ games for older goblins, and everything in-between, we’ve got all the best fun Halloween activities for kids, to distract them from sugary treats:

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Halloween games for toddlers

If you have a little one who’s starting to understand what Halloween’s all about, but you don’t want to do anything too scary, try these 9 Halloween activities for toddlers:

1. Donuts on a string

A sweeter take on the more traditional Halloween kids’ activity of apple-bobbing, donuts on a string is a little easier for smaller mouths. Simply string some ring donuts from a tree or free-standing clothing rail (anywhere toddlers can reach them), then challenge your little one to eat a donut with their hands behind their backs.

2. Feed the Pumpkin

A fantastic Halloween activity for preschoolers for developing motor skills, Feed the Pumpkin is a simple game you can easily play at home. Simply scoop out and carve a face in a pumpkin, with a decent-sized hole for the mouth. Then give your toddler something to ‘feed’ the pumpkin, like candy corn, pumpkin seeds, or little craft pom-poms.

3. Topple the Ghosts

A fun, destructive toddlers’ Halloween game. Get some white paper cups, draw ghostly faces on them, stack them up in a pyramid, and give your toddler a beanbag to throw at the mini ghosts ‒ like a Halloween coconut shy!

4. Halloween coloring-in

Got a mini Picasso? Then this is the perfect Halloween activity for preschoolers for you ‒ they’ll have a great time with some Halloween-themed coloring-in! We love these free spooky, printable Halloween coloring pages from Crayola.

5. Paper plate masks

One of our favorite classic Halloween games for toddlers! All you’ll need is paper plates, string (or elastic), scissors, coloring pens, crayons, or pencils, and extra crafty embellishments. Snip some eye holes and holes for the string in the paper plate, then let your little artist’s imagination run wild!

6. DIY skeleton puzzle

Help your toddler work on problem-solving with this Halloween activity for preschoolers. Make your own skeleton puzzle by printing out a picture of a skeleton and sticking it to a thick piece of cardboard. Then, cut the cardboard into a few different pieces and challenge your little peanut to recreate the skeleton.

7. Spider straw race

A super-fun Halloween activity for toddlers, you’ll just need two things: plastic spiders and straws. Put your spiders on one end of a table, then, using your straws to blow them across the table, race to get to the end. Top tip: engage your little one’s imagination by asking them to name the spiders.

8. Laundry basket spider web

Make laundry fun! Using a thick white spool of string, weave the string all about your laundry basket to create a ‘web’. Then, add some plastic spiders to the bottom and let your toddler fish them all out. Another great Halloween activity for toddlers that builds their motor skills.

9. Halloween stick puppet show

Feeling Shakespearean? How about this Halloween activity for preschoolers ‒ make some DIY Halloween stick puppets from old popsicle sticks with coloring pens, feathers, glitter, googly eyes… the works! Then, put on an improvised stick puppet show with your newly-created stick actors with your toddler.

Halloween party activities for kids

Who doesn’t love a Halloween party? The costumes, the creepy stories, the candy? It’s a scream.

But if you want to fill the time between your youngsters gorging on sweets with some Halloween party games, we’ve got you covered with our 19 favorite Halloween party activities for kids:

10. Pumpkin popping

Sure, this Halloween activity for kids is pretty noisy, but most kids will love it (although best to steer clear if they’re not keen on balloons popping). Get some orange balloons, add a trick or a treat inside (sweets for treats, plastic creepy crawlies for tricks), blow them up, then draw pumpkin faces on them in black Sharpie. Then let the horde of hobgoblins in to stomp on the balloons to claim their treats (or tricks).

11. Pin the spider on the web

A creepy version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey ‒ draw a spider’s web on a big piece of card (we like using white pens or chalk on black card, for extra spookiness), then attach a piece of double-sided tape to a cardboard spider. Kids then take it in turns to stick the spider on the web, blindfolded. Whoever ‘pins’ the spider closest to the center of the web wins!

12. Ghost bowling

Super-easy to make ‒ a spook-tastic Halloween party activity for kids. Make your own ‘ghost’ bowling pins from empty toilet rolls, then paint in white, covering the ends with paper. Draw spooky faces on them, set them up on the floor like bowling pins, then give your little ghouls a ball to knock the ghosts over. Bonus points for a strike!

13. Halloween Heads’ Up

All you need for this fang-tastic Halloween party activity for kids is post-its and pens. Everyone writes a Halloween-y character (Dracula, zombie, Frankenstein, etc) on a post-it, then puts it on the person to their left (without them seeing what it says). Then, you take it in turns to each ask a yes-or-no question about the word on your head.

14. Candy corn count

Fill a jar with candy corn (or another sweet your little devils enjoy), then challenge your kids’ party guests to guess how many sweets are in the jar. Winner gets to keep the whole jar!

15. Pumpkin or witches hat ring toss

An eerily entertaining outdoor Halloween party activity for kids, all you need to do is get your hands on some pumpkins with long stems and some packs of glow sticks. Click the glow sticks so they’re rings, then invite the kids to play ring toss. If pumpkins are in short supply, you can always make your own witch hats from card.

16. Werewolf tag

One of our favorite outdoor Halloween kids games to burn off all the excess sugar energy! Like traditional tag, but once you’ve been tagged, you turn into a werewolf! Then, it’s up to you to tag more people ‒ the game is over when everyone’s been turned into howling werewolves.

17. Pumpkin cornhole

Similar to pumpkin ring toss, but instead, scooping out the ‘pumpkin guts’ and chopping the tops of all the pumpkins off, then using bean bags and aiming for the pumpkins. Too easy? Make it more difficult with a range of pumpkin sizes, with points assigned to them ‒ 50 points for the smallest pumpkin, and 10 for the biggest pumpkin. Each kid gets 10 beanbags, and the winner with the most points gets a prize!

18. Truth or Scare

Like Truth or Dare, but with a terrifying twist! Not sure which questions and ‘scares’ to include? Check out these Truth or Scare suggestions for free printable Halloween games.

19. Swap spooky stories

One of the most classic Halloween activities for kids. Turn off all the lights, get out your flashlights, and share your spookiest stories. Make up your own or recite one of these kid-friendly scary stories for Halloween.

20. “Minute to Win It” Halloween candy corn game

One of the trickier indoor Halloween kids’ games that requires quite a bit of dexterity. Put some candy corn on a table and give each child a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. Set a timer for 60 seconds, then challenge them to get the most pieces of candy corn into their bowl using only the chopsticks.

21. Halloween picture bingo

For this Halloween kids’ party game, simply draw or print out some Halloween-themed bingo cards, like these, give each party guest one of the cards and an orange pen, then pick some random Halloween-related objects from the cards from a hat (bonus points if it’s a witches hat). Bingo!

22. Halloween scavenger hunt

This kids’ Halloween party activity takes a little preparation. Gather a few different Halloween-y items ‒ like witches’ hats, pumpkins, vampire teeth, cobwebs ‒ and decorate your house and yard. Then set the little goblins out to find all the scavenger items you’ve prepared on their list. Or you can take it outside to the rest of your road (if you think it’s safe), with the children in little groups, as a team-building activity.

23. Mummy race

Stock up with all the toilet paper for this Halloween kids’ party game! Split the children into pairs, and give each pair a few rolls of TP. Each pair has to wrap their chosen person in toilet paper so they look like a mummy. They must be covered from head to toe. Then, the mummified person has to waddle to the other side of the room ‒ first to the other side wins!

24. Halloween charades

Charades aren’t just for Christmas! Write down lots of Halloween movies, characters, and activities onto small pieces of paper, fold them up and pop them into a witch’s hat. Then take it in turns to pick a random piece of paper from the hat and act it out so the rest of the party can guess what it is.

25. Apple bobbing

The ultimate autumnal activity! All you need is apples, a big bucket or bowl, and water. Then each kid has to try to bite an apple with their teeth ‒ hands behind their backs. It’s harder than it looks!

26. Halloween trivia games

Put your kid’s wits to the test with your choice of Halloween trivia games, like these from Ice Breaker Ideas. Turn it into a competition by scoring a point for each correct answer ‒ the most points wins a peculiar prize!

27. Trick or sweet

This one needs a bit of overnight prep, but it’s so much fun! Dip some of your little creepers’ favorite sweets in melted chocolate, along with a few Brussels sprouts. Once they’re all set, jumble them up in a bowl, then have them each pick one at random. It could be a sweet or a trick!

Halloween word games

Halloween is still a great opportunity to build your little hobgoblin’s vocabulary, so why not try one of these frightfully fun Halloween word games:

28. Fold-over Halloween story

One of the most imaginative Halloween word games ‒ give each child a piece of paper and a pen. They then write a word or sentence, fold the paper over what they’ve written, then pass it to the child next to them. Then they keep doing that until the paper’s full. At the end, each child has to read their new spooky story from the paper.

29. Halloween spell-a-thon

Challenge your little ghouls with this Halloween word game. Each child tests their vocabulary by spelling some tricky Halloween-y words, like “pumpkin”, “witch”, “Dracula”, “Transylvania”, and “poltergeist”. Need some more words? Try these from Enchanted Learning.

30. Halloween acronyms

Great for little kids who are learning new words, this Halloween word game tests how many spooky words they know. Give each child a different word, like “Halloween” or “Spooky”, then have then write other Halloween-related words as an acronym, like:

  • Haunted
  • Autumn
  • Lantern
  • Lurking
  • Occult
  • Witch
  • Eerie
  • Evil
  • Night

31. Halloween word search

We love a good word search! Find a word search from a Halloween printable games website, like this one by Fantasy Jr or this one by Sight Words Game. Simply print them out and hand them out to the kids for them to find all the Halloween-y words.

32. Halloween alphabet game

Similar to the acronym Halloween word game, this one involves sitting the children in a circle (very witchy), and having them each name a Halloween-y word for every letter of the alphabet. So the first child would start with A, and might say “All Hallow’s Eve”, and the next would have B, so possibly “broomstick”. Keep going till you reach Z (zombies).

33. Halloween anagrams

A fun word puzzle for Halloween, simply print out jumbled-up Halloween words and have the party-goers rearrange the letters to spell the right words. We like this one by Fun English Games.

34. Halloween brain teasers and code breakers

A fun puzzle-solving game that makes kids think outside the box. Find some fun printable Halloween brain teasers (like this one by The Puzzle Den, or this one by Teachers Pay Teachers), print them out, and have the kids solve them.

Halloween car games

Traveling somewhere this Halloween but don’t want to lose the spooky vibes? Try these dastardly delightful Halloween car games to make the journey go by in a snap:

35. Find black and orange cars

A simple Halloween car game that’s fun for littler kids, too. Simply point out all the orange and black cars you see on the road. The winner is the one who finds the most ‒ just don’t forget to keep score!

36. Spooky license plates

Like the Halloween word game of anagrams, but picking Halloween-y words for the letters in cars’ license plates.

37. Spooky story

Make a totally unique scary Halloween story while in the car! Each traveler takes it in turns to add a word to the story, following what the previous person has said. Not sure how to start? Try “Once” “upon” “a” “time”.

Halloween sensory activities

Sensory play is fantastic for encouraging exploration, creativity, and curiosity in younger kids or children with learning difficulties. Make Halloween extra fun with these Halloween sensory activities:

38. Halloween slime

Slime is all the rage at the moment, and we think it’s perfect for a Halloween sensory activity! Try this guide on how to make your own Halloween slime from The Best Ideas for Kids or this recipe for edible Halloween slime from The Soccer Mom Blog (note: this one is sticky!).

39. Blind Items

Another of our favorite old-school Halloween activities for kids. Find some spooky or creepy foods and hide them in boxes (we tend to use tissue boxes) with holes for little ones to feel ‒ they can’t see what’s inside. We like using cooked spaghetti (witches’ hair), peeled grapes (eyeballs), popcorn kernels (teeth), and baby carrots (toes).

40. Spider-pick

Another Halloween activity for toddlers that encourages dexterity, the spider-pick involves hiding plastic spiders in a bowl of uncooked rice. Then your little ghoul can use their hands to find the spiders lurking within!

41. Halloween Rapidough

A spooky twist on the classic dough-molding game. Write out a few different Halloween-y suggestions for things to sculpt from the dough, like ghost, witches’ hat, or spider, then let the guessing commence!

Halloween board games for kids

If your little one prefers quieter games for the spooky season, how about these fun Halloween board games:

42. Go Away Monster

A fun Halloween board game for ages 3 and up, teaching shape recognition, sharing, cooperation, and bravery ‒ after all, monsters aren’t that scary, are they? Buy Go Away Monster here.

43. Clue

One of the classic creepy Halloween board games, Clue is suitable for ages 8 and up, and now, you can play the game with Amazon Alexa for a more frightful experience! Buy Clue here.

44. Boohoo-opoly

A spooky version of the board game classic, Monopoly, Boooo-opoly comes with Halloween-y playing pieces, so you can choose from a cat, bat, pumpkin, candy apple, ghost, or witch’s hat. Buy Boooo-opoly here.

45. Cauldron Quest

A cooperative witchy Halloween board game for ages 6 and up. To win Cauldron Quest, you simply have to get the right spells and potions to rid the kingdom from a dark spell ‒ easy! Buy Cauldron Quest here.

46. Operation: The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition

We love the game Operation ‒ even if the buzzer did keep going off! Make the game more creepy with this Nightmare Before Christmas version, as you remove parts from Oogie Boogie without the buzzer going off. Buy Operation: The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition here.

Prizes for Halloween games

Lots of our fun Halloween activities for kids involve winning a prize, but just what do they win? Well, we’ve got a few spooky ideas for you:

  • Sweets
  • Glow-in-the-dark nail polish
  • Light-up jack-o-lanterns
  • Halloween toys
  • Creepy jewelry
  • Spooky stationery
  • Scary snap-bands
  • Halloween fidget-spinners and pop-its
  • Spine-chilling stickers
  • Halloween activity books

How can I make Halloween fun at home?

If you’re hunkering down at home instead of throwing a Halloween party or venturing out for trick-or-treating, you can still have a fun Halloween at home with your kids.

Pumpkin carving, Halloween board games, apple bobbing, and dressing up in costumes are still fun Halloween kids’ activities you can do at home.

How do you entertain your kids on Halloween?

The most fun thing you can do with your kids this Halloween is to get involved yourself!

Dress up as your favorite spooky character, get your hands stuck in some pumpkin guts, mess up your makeup with apple bobbing ‒ having fun yourself is one of the most entertaining things for your kids at Halloween.

If you’d rather forego the kids’ Halloween party in favor of a quiet (ish) night in with your family, check out our top Family Activities for Halloween.

Those are our top 46 fun Halloween activities for kids ‒ got any other favorites? Share them with the rest of the mamas on Peanut.

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