31 Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Kids 2024

31 Fun Halloween Food Ideas for Kids 2024

Halloween doesn’t have to just be all about candy ‒ here are our top spooky Halloween food ideas for kids (that aren’t just more candy).

Not sure what delicious Halloween treats for kids to feed your little goblins this year?

After a few years of some frankly lousy Halloweens, it’s time to break out the brooms, conjure up some cobwebs and set up your skeletons: Halloween’s back for 2024!

So in the spirit of making this the biggest and best Halloween ever, we’ve got all the best Halloween food ideas for kids to keep your little pumpkins happy.

From planning the perfect Halloween party food for kids to spooky Halloween meals in-between the festivities, read on for all the best Halloween snacks, meals, and treats for you to choose from.

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  • What kind of food do you have at a kids’ Halloween party?
  • What should I serve for Halloween dinner?
  • What are fun Halloween treats to make with toddlers?

What are typical Halloween foods?

Some foods just scream ‘Halloween’.

If you want to make sure you’re covering all the classic Halloween food ideas for kids, here are the most traditional Halloween foods:

Candy and caramel apples - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

1. Candy and caramel apples

Sweet, sticky, and scrumptious ‒ caramel apples are a must-have Halloween party food for kids.

They may not be the most toddler-friendly Halloween treat on our list, but it depends on the toddler ‒ they may be a choking hazard, but if you don’t want your little one to miss out on the fun, you could cut it up into small pieces for them.

Don’t forget the stick for them to skewer the pieces ‒ that’s part of the Halloween fun!

Caramel apple recipe here.

Pumpkin pie - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

2. Pumpkin pie

So pumpkin pie might be more traditional for Thanksgiving than Halloween, but… pumpkins!

Easy to make if you get a pre-made pie crust and canned pumpkin.

Pumpkin pie recipe here.

Caramel corn - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

3. Caramel corn

Perfect for munching while watching some Halloween movies, caramel corn is another popular kids’ Halloween party food that tastes like fall!

Caramel corn recipe here.

Apple pie - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

4. Apple pie

Like pumpkin pie, but you can make it fresh with your own picked apples!

Make it even spookier with a fun jack-o-lantern face on the pastry.

Apple pie recipe here.

Candy corn - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

5. Candy corn

Okay, so this one is a candy, but it’s still an unmissable kids’ Halloween party food!

Make your candy corn extra special by turning it into corn on the cob.

Candy corn on the cob recipe here.

What is the most popular Halloween food?

So what’s the most eaten food on Halloween?

Well, we asked our Peanut mamas what their favorite Halloween food for kids was, and there was a clear winner: caramel apples.

Not only will your little one be enjoying some delicious caramel, but they’ll also be eating fruit while they’re at it!

And they’ll love the novelty of eating an apple with a stick.

Want to make it extra Halloween-y?

Make your own caramel-dipped apples and top them with spooky sprinkles, like these from Amazon.

What vegetable is associated with Halloween?

There’s no question about this one: pumpkins are the popular vegetable of the spooky season.

It’s the season when pumpkins are perfect for picking, so it makes sense that people incorporate them into all the Halloween foods!

Plus, pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween activity for kids and families alike ‒ the stuff magical memories are made of!

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin curries, pumpkin muffins, and who could forget the perfection that is the pumpkin spiced latte?

What kind of food do you have at a kids’ Halloween party?

The best Halloween party food for kids is bitesize, not-so-sticky, nutritious, and delicious!

Plus, if you can make them spooky, all the better!

We recommend serving your kids’ Halloween party food as a buffet, rather than a ‘formal’ sit-down meal.

Then your party ghouls can pick and eat whenever they get peckish.

What are some savory Halloween snacks for kids?

Looking for salty, tasty, savory Halloween food ideas for kids for your next spooky party, or even as easy Halloween treats for school?

Read on… if you dare!

Spinach dip with pumpkin tortilla chips - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

6. Spinach dip with pumpkin tortilla chips

Green, gooey, and surprisingly good for you!

Get some veggies into your little ones with this delicious dip.

Make it extra-spooky by cutting tortillas into pumpkin shapes and baking them in an oven.

Spinach dip recipe here.

Devilled eggs - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

7. Devilled eggs

A devilishly delicious Halloween party food for kids, and super-easy to prepare!

Make them even spookier by adding cut-up black olives and small celery sticks to make the ‘devil’ into a mini Jack-o-lantern or spider.

Devilled eggs recipe here.

Pretzel broomsticks - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

8. Pretzel broomsticks

These are a little fiddly to put together, but they make one of the most fun Halloween food ideas for kids’ parties.

Pretzel broomsticks recipe here.

Spooky charcuterie - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

9. Spooky charcuterie

Okay, so charcuterie doesn’t sound like something children will enjoy, but hear us out!

Gather some snacks, fruit, crackers, and dips, and arrange them into a spooky Halloween character.

Here are some creepy charcuterie boards to inspire you.

Graveyard chicken dip - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

10. Graveyard chicken dip

How about serving your party guests something more substantial?

This kids’ Halloween party food is sure to be a hit at your ghoulish gathering.

Graveyard chicken dip recipe here.

Frankenstein spinach wraps - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

11. Frankenstein spinach wraps

One of the healthier Halloween food ideas for kids on our list ‒ spinach wraps add the green hue and nutrition, and slices of cheese and olives make Frankenstein come to life!

Frankenstein spinach wraps recipe here.

What are some Halloween treats for kids?

Now for all the kids’ favorites ‒ sweeter treats for kids’ Halloween party food.

Or they could even be cute Halloween desserts for kids!

Vampire cookies - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

12. Vampire cookies

Everyone loves cookies!

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better… marshmallows!

These fang-tastic cookies are one of our favorite Halloween food ideas for kid parties.

Vampire cookies recipe here.

Sugar cookie skulls - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

13. Sugar cookie skulls

If you want to combine Halloween food ideas for kids’ parties with a dedication to your Mexican heritage, how about these delicious sugar cookie skulls?

Don’t want to adopt the colors of Dia de los Muertos?

Decorate them as normal skulls.

Sugar cookie skulls recipe here.

Marshmallow ghosts - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

14. Marshmallow ghosts

These are possibly the easiest kids’ Halloween party food ideas on our list ‒ simply add eyes and a ghoulish mouth (using a black food coloring pen or icing) to white marshmallows for ghostly goodies!

Make them extra spooky by popping them in the oven or microwaving for a few seconds, so they turn gloopy.

Marshmallow ghosts recipe here.

Spider truffles - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

15. Spider truffles

These no-bake truffles are quick to prepare, but take a while to set.

But if you’re looking for the best chocolatey Halloween food ideas for kids, you’re in the right place!

These scrummy spiders are sure to scuttle away quickly!

Spider truffles recipe here.

Fantastic fruits - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

16. Fantastic fruits

Transform everyday bananas and tangerines into kids’ Halloween party food in a matter of minutes!

These make one of the healthier easy Halloween treats for toddlers on our list.

Fantastic fruits recipe here.

Strawberry chocolate ghosts - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

17. Strawberry chocolate ghosts

Okay, these are adorable.

Another healthy toddler Halloween party food on our list, these spooky strawberries are loved by kids and adults alike!

Strawberry chocolate ghosts recipe here.

Oreo eyeballs - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

18. Oreo eyeballs

These are the perfect last-minute Halloween party food for kids, taking mere minutes to make.

Oreos have never looked so creepy!

Oreo eyeballs recipe here.

Rice Krispie pumpkins - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

19. Rice Krispie pumpkins

These have been a staple of Halloween food ideas for kids’ parties for years!

Plus, your little ones can get involved with baking them, too.

Rice Krispie pumpkins recipe here.

Chocolate mousse tombstones - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

20. Chocolate mousse tombstones

Another chocolatey Halloween party food idea for kids, you can make these quickly with pre-made mousse and blended Oreo cookies for the ‘graveyard dirt’.

Chocolate mousse tombstones recipe here.

Ghostly meringues - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

21. Ghostly meringues

These cute meringue ghosts make a perfect centerpiece for kids’ Halloween party food.

Skip the tricky step by getting pre-made meringues and dotting eyes and mouths on them with black icing.

Ghostly meringues recipe here.

Vampire donuts - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

22. Vampire donuts

Vamp up regular ring donuts with some plastic Dracula fangs and some red food icing.

Plus, your little hobgoblins will each get a set of vampire teeth to wear afterward.

Vampire donuts recipe here.

Shrunken head punch - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

23. Shrunken head punch

How about something to quench your little ghouls’ thirst?

Mix up their favorite fruit juices (add some red, black, or green food dye for an extra spook), then add peeled, carved apples for a creepy surprise!

Shrunken head punch recipe here.

What are some Halloween treats for 2-year-olds?

When it comes to the best Halloween foods for toddlers, it’s all about bite-size options and healthy balanced nutrition.

As much as they might love it, a diet consisting solely of candy corn for the whole month of October probably won’t agree with them, and certainly won’t provide them with the nutrition they need to keep growing.

But that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy other Halloween foods for kids ‒ here are our top picks for toddler-friendly Halloween foods:

  • Pumpkin pie: It’s sweet, sure, but it’s also got a decent serving of pumpkin, so pumpkin pie is a great way of getting your toddler to eat their vegetables this Halloween.
  • Fantastic fruits: A super-easy Halloween treat for toddlers ‒ pick their favorite fruits, then arrange them to look like a monster or classic Halloween character.
  • Strawberry chocolate ghosts: Just dip strawberries into melted white chocolate and add chocolate chips for a boo-lightful treat!
  • Jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers: It might not be a treat as such, more of a toddler’s dinner for Halloween, but it’s certainly a cute idea, and it’s healthy, too.

What should I serve for Halloween dinner?

How about some fiendish food for the days leading up to Halloween?

We’ve got eight boo-licious Halloween dinner ideas for kids to get you into the spooky season, and most of them can be adapted into Halloween recipes for kids, so your little ghoulish gourmets can get involved!

Ghostly pizza - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

24. Ghostly pizza

Make your pizza extra spooky this October ‒ adding blobs of mozzarella with olive or caper eyes switch an everyday pizza into a delicious Halloween meal.

Ghostly pizza recipe here.

Mummified hot dogs - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

25. Mummified hot dogs

Scrummy mummy hot dogs make for a terrifyingly tasty Halloween meal in the days before Halloween.

Pair with some fries and veggies, and you’ve got a yummy mummy hot dog Halloween meal!

Mummified hot dogs recipe here.

Jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

26. Jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers

After a healthier option for Halloween dinner ideas for kids?

How about spookifying some stuffed peppers, simply by carving Jack-o-lantern faces in them.

Jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers recipe here.

Frankenstein toast - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

27. Frankenstein toast

How about ghoulish Halloween breakfast ideas for kids?

Turn simple avocado toast into freaky Frankenstein toast with olives, cheese, and veggies.

What’s great about this one is that it’s also a fantastic Halloween breakfast idea for toddlers, too!

We might have to try this one ourselves…

Frankenstein toast recipe here.

Ghoulish grilled cheese - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

28. Ghoulish grilled cheese

A scrumptious Halloween meal idea for any time of day!

Make normal grilled cheese more spine-tingling by simply cutting out one side of the bread into a spooky creature ‒ bats, pumpkin faces, or ghosts.

Jack-o-lantern quesadillas - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

29. Jack-o-lantern quesadillas

Just like the ghoulish grilled cheese, you can transform everyday quesadillas into a thrilling treat, just by cutting one of the tortillas into the face of a Jack-o-lantern.


Peculiar pumpkin soup - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

30. Peculiar pumpkin soup

The perfect fall dish, and one of our favorite Halloween dinner ideas for kids.

Make it even creepier by cutting dipping bread into the shape of bats and drizzling cream over the top to look like a spider’s web.

Peculiar pumpkin soup recipe here.

Witches’ hair and eyeballs pasta - Halloween Food Ideas for Kids

31. Witches’ hair and eyeballs pasta

Forget normal spaghetti and meatballs, instead, you have witches’ hair and eyeballs for a spooky Halloween dinner idea for kids ‒ but we promise it’s not as gross as it sounds!

Stuff meatballs with mozzarella and black olives, and add black food coloring to the spaghetti for even more creeps.

Witches’ hair and eyeballs pasta recipe here.

What are fun Halloween treats to make with toddlers?

If you’re after some cute Halloween food ideas that your little pumpkin can help make, you’ll love these toddler-friendly Halloween treats:

  • Marshmallow ghosts: Stock up on marshmallows, a black food coloring pen, and skewers ‒ that’s all you need! Then let your little one create their own spooky *and tasty) creations.
  • Caramel apples: You’ll need to make sure your toddler is supervised at all times around hot caramel, but they can certainly help dip the apples into the delicious sauce!
  • Spider truffles: Blend some Oreos and mix them with cream cheese, then dip them in chocolate and decorate with candy eyeballs and black licorice legs ‒ simple!
  • Strawberry ghosts: Another fun dippy Halloween treat for toddlers ‒ melt some white chocolate and dip the strawberries in, then add chocolate chips to make mini ghosts.
  • Rice Krispie treats: These are a classic treat for toddlers to make, and you can easily spookify them with some orange food coloring and pretzel sticks to make mini pumpkins.

We hope you enjoy our devilishly delicious Halloween food ideas for kids!

Share snaps of your Halloween meals and kids’ Halloween party food with the rest of the mamas on Peanut, and get even more recipe ideas.

Happy Halloween, mama!

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