20 Happy Daughter’s Day Wishes and Quotes

20 Happy Daughter’s Day Wishes and Quotes

Daughters come in all styles and colors. Whichever type of daughter you’re blessed with, we have the perfect happy daughter’s day wishes and quotes to suit.
Sure, we don’t need an excuse to celebrate our daughters — but it’s really nice to have one.

National Daughter’s Day is just that, a chance for us to honor our incredible daughters and show them just how much they mean to us.

Finding the right memorable daughters quote to express your love for your daughter is a great way to show you care. You may want to use a quote in a card, on a display poster, or in a speech in their honor.

But first things first, some background — when and what is Daughter’s Day, and how is it celebrated?

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When is National Daughter’s Day?

National Daughter’s Day originated in India and is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September. And this is now the case in various other places in the world too.

But there are some nuances here. In some countries, including the United States, it’s celebrated on September 25th, regardless of the day of the week.

In 2022, the world will celebrate Daughter’s Day together. That’s because this year, the fourth Sunday in September is the 25th!

Each culture that celebrates Daughter’s Day will have its own traditions.

In India, it’s usually observed with a family gathering where the daughters’ favorite dishes are served, and small gifts and cards are given.

The goal is that your daughter feels loved and appreciated. And there’s no one way to do that.

You do you — with a little help from your Peanut community.

If you’re looking for the perfect words to mark the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

How do you wish Happy Daughter’s Day?

Finding the perfect words to let your daughter know exactly how you feel about her can be tough.

Don’t fret. We’ve got a range of quotes that make perfect Happy Daughter’s Day messages.

Happy Daughter’s Day 2022 wishes

As daughters grow, they can become the best friends we could ever have. Why not pop one of these wonderful wishes in your Daughter’s Day card to express just that?

  1. A daughter is God’s way of saying, “I thought you could do with a lifelong friend.”
  2. The most precious jewels you will ever have around your neck are the arms of your daughter.
  3. A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.
  4. A daughter is a gift of love.
  5. You’ve been a blessing from the start, I love my daughter with all my heart.
  6. When I count my blessings, I count you twice! We are so lucky to have a daughter like you in our life.
  7. My life was made more colorful and brighter than I could have ever imagined when you became a part of it. Happy daughter’s day, darling girl.
  8. Having you as my daughter makes my heart sing, there is no better daughter for me.
  9. When you arrived, you turned our world upside down, there is no better way to be. Thank you for choosing us as parents and being our wonderful daughter.

Funny quotes about daughters for a happy daughter’s day

Some of these funny quotes about daughters come from famous authors, and others are sayings that have stood the test of time.

  1. “Having a little girl has been like following an old treasure map with the important paths torn away.” — Heather Gudenkauf
  2. “A daughter is a treasure and a cause for sleeplessness.” — Ben Sirach
  3. “A son is a son ‘til he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.” — Irish Proverb
  4. “Raising a daughter is like growing a flower. You give it your best; if you’ve done your job well, she blooms. After that, she leaves.” — Unknown
  5. “Daughters are like flowers, they fill the world with beauty and sometimes attract pests.” — Unknown

Mother and daughter quotes for national daughter’s day

There is a special bond between mothers and daughters.

These quotes from famous people and sayings sum up that relationship perfectly.

  1. “My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and my life has changed so much for the better since she came along.” — Denise Van Outen
  2. “Every moment I have had with my daughter is precious.” — Cathay Shaffer
  3. “The love of a daughter makes life worth living.” — AJ Winners
  4. “A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be your best friend.” — Unknown
  5. “A mother’s treasure is her daughter.” — Unknown
  6. “The love between a mother and a daughter is FOREVER.” — Unknown

And if you are a daughter yourself, may we wish you the happiest of Daughter’s Day too.

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