The Best 109 Hawaiian Baby Boy Names

The Best 109 Hawaiian Baby Boy Names

Looking for a baby name that exudes laid-back, effortless energy a la Keanu?

What about strength, nature, and endless personality?

Hawaiian baby boy names are truly unique.

Unbound by gender, they flow freely from dreamscapes and natural beauty.

As for tradition, baby boys in Hawaii typically receive a name at birth from their parents or a family elder, and it will usually carry a specific meaning.

And it’s not uncommon for these names to appear in dreams or visions.

You could find a worthy pick in a gifted name passed down from ancestors or choose to honor a person or an event.

Even baby’s earliest traits can serve as inspiration.

And let’s not forget nature’s central role in traditional Hawaiian names.

Mountains, surf, and rich plant life all make appearances in our streamlined list.

True to culture, you’ll even find Hawaiian male names prizing strength and power.

Yes, there’s even a warrior name or two.

In this article: 📝

  • What are Hawaiian boy names?
  • What is a rare name for a boy?
  • What are some island boy names?
  • What are strong male names?
  • What’s a good Hawaiian name for a boy?

What are Hawaiian boy names?

Hawaii’s stunning beaches and plant life will leave a lasting impression on any visitor.

If you’d like to instill the island mentality into your baby’s day-to-day, the following names would be a great fit:

  1. Ahe: Meaning “gentle breeze”.
  2. Aolani: Meaning “heavenly cloud”.
  3. Kaimana: Meaning “power of the ocean”.
  4. Kainalu: Meaning “the surf”.
  5. Keola: Meaning “life”.
  6. Keonaona: Meaning “sweet fragrance”.
  7. Konane: Meaning “shining moonlight”.
  8. Makani: Meaning “the wind”.
  9. Pika: Meaning “rocks”.
  10. Uluwehi: Meaning “lush plants”.

The descriptive language that goes into Hawaiian boys’ names will give you many choices when it comes to naming your little Peanut.

But as with many cultures, Hawaiian baby boy names often give praise to the gods:

  1. Iokepa: This name has origins in Hebrew through St. Joseph, and means “God will increase”.
  2. Kalani: Perfect for your little angel, this name literally means “of the heavens”.
  3. Keona: A great choice for your baby boy, this name means “God’s gracious gift”.
  4. Malulani: Meaning “protected by heaven”, this Hawaiian boy’s name is a solid choice and sounds beautiful.

What is a rare name for a boy?

On the other hand, you may be looking for a more unique name for your special one.

If you are considering going for a rarer Hawaiian boy’s name, some of the following may appeal to you:

  1. Kahiau: Meaning “extremely generous”. This name would make your baby boy stand out from the crowd.
  2. Makoa: A name that links to strength and power, Makoa means “bold man” and was only given to 12 Hawaiian boys in 2020.

You may also consider some of the more exotic-sounding and mysterious Hawaiian baby boy names, such as:

  1. Koukakala: Meaning: “mysterious river”.
  2. Maka’ala: Meaning “vigilance”.
  3. Nahele: A unique tree name meaning “woods” or “forest”.

What are some island boy names?

If you are looking for cool Hawaiian boys’ names that exude the island life, without a doubt, the most popular are:

  1. Kai: Meaning “of the sea”. Kai not only sounds cool but connects with the stunning coastline of Hawaii. It’s also a name that spans across cultures, inspiring provocative island imagery in each translation. Meaning “shell” or “restorative” in Japan and “food” in Maori, Kai is an island name that captures natural abundance. How nourishing.

  1. Keanu: Another familiar favorite, Keanu has always been very popular with movie fans. Meaning “cool mountain breeze”, it’s another name that pays fitting tribute to Hawaii’s natural beauty.

What are strong male names?

Along with paying tribute to nature, Hawaiian boy names often focus on strength and fearlessness.

If you want to evoke a sense of power, dive into one of these legendary Hawaiian boys’ names:

  1. Ailani: Meaning “high chief” or “ruler”.
  2. Ikaika: Meaning “strong”.
  3. Kekoa: Meaning “brave”.
  4. Koa: Meaning “bold warrior”. You’ve been warned…
  5. Lokela: Meaning “legendary warrior”.
  6. Makaha: Meaning “ferocious”.
  7. Nahoa: Meaning “defiant”.

What’s a good Hawaiian name for a boy?

If you still haven’t made your choice – and we don’t blame you – here are more beautiful Hawaiian names to spark your imagination:

  1. Aalona: Meaning “oak tree”.
  2. Aheahe: Meaning “gentle breeze”.
  3. Akamai: Meaning “clever”.
  4. Akamu: Meaning “of the earth”.
  5. Akela: Meaning “noble”.
  6. Akoni: Meaning “priceless”.
  7. Anankoni: Adapted from the Roman name Anthony meaning “highly praiseworthy”.
  8. Aouli: Meaning “blue sky”.
  9. Bane: An English and Slavic name meaning “glorious defender”.
  10. Ekewaka: Meaning “wealthy protector”.
  11. Elta: Meaning “the Lord is my God”.
  12. Etana: Meaning “strong” or “long-lived”.
  13. Eusebio: Meaning “devout”.
  14. Haikili: Meaning “God of Thunder”.
  15. Hale: Meaning “home”.
  16. Haleigha: Meaning “house of the rising sun”.
  17. Hanale: Meaning “lord of the manor”.
  18. Hani: Meaning “joyful”.
  19. Hanini: Meaning “to pour down like rain”.
  20. Haulani: Meaning “royal ruler”.
  21. Healani: Meaning “heavenly mist”.
  22. Hikialani: Meaning “look to heaven”.
  23. Hilo: Meaning “the first night after a new moon”.
  24. Ioane: The Hawaiian variation of Joanne meaning “God is gracious”.
  25. Iokua: Meaning “God is my salvation.
  26. Kaeo: Meaning “strong”, “full of knowledge”, and even “zealous”. There’ll be no stopping this one.
  27. Kahawai: Meaning “stream” or “river”.
  28. Kahikilani: Meaning “the arrival of the chief”.
  29. Kahikina: Meaning “the arrival”.
  30. Kahiko: Meaning “ancient”.
  31. Kaholo: Meaning “adept”.
  32. Kahoni: A unique Hawaiian love name meaning “the kiss”.
  33. Kahula: Meaning “dancing”. 🕺
  34. Kahuna: Meaning “expert”.
  35. Kaiholo: Meaning “the moving sea”. 🌊
  36. Kaila: Meaning “the laurel crown”.
  37. Kalino: Meaning the “brilliant one”.
  38. Kalon: Meaning “sky”.
  39. Kana: In reference to the heroic Maui demigod Kana who once journeyed to the underworld to restore the sun to his people.
  40. Kanoa: Meaning “the free one”.
  41. Kanuha: Meaning “the sulky one”.
  42. Kanye: Meaning “freedom”.
  43. Kaui: Meaning “youthful one”.
  44. Kawai: Meaning “coming from the water”.
  45. Kawika: A Hawaiian variation of David meaning “beloved”.
  46. Kawikani: Meaning “the strong one”.
  47. Kayl: Meaning “the one who is free”.
  48. Keimoni: Meaning “the ocean of uniqueness or knowledge”.
  49. Kelani: Meaning “heavens”.
  50. Kellii: Meaning “the chief”.
  51. Kika: Meaning “strong” or “energetic”.
  52. Kilo: Meaning “stargazer” or “astrologer”.
  53. Kimo: A distinctive take on James meaning “supplanter”.
  54. Koi: Meaning “urge” or “implore”.
  55. Konala: Meaning “world ruler”.
  56. Kualii: Meaning “an ancient chief”.
  57. Kukane: Meaning “like a man”.
  58. KyeKye: Meaning “ocean”.
  59. Lahahana: Meaning “warmth of the sun”.
  60. Lanakila: Meaning “victory”.
  61. Leialoha: Meaning “beloved child”.
  62. Likeke: Meaning “courageous chief”.
  63. Liko: Meaning “bud”.
  64. Lolana: Meaning “to soar”.
  65. Lono: Meaning “god of agriculture, fertility, and nature”.
  66. Lopaka: Meaning “bright fame” from the German name Hrodbeorht.
  67. Makai: Meaning “toward the sea”.
  68. Makanui: Meaning “the eye of greatness”.
  69. Malo: Meaning “winner”.
  70. Mano: Meaning “shark”. 🦈
  71. Maui: Named for the Polynesian trickster god.
  72. Mele: Meaning “song”. 🎶
  73. Moani: Meaning “a fragrant breeze”.
  74. Nainoa: Meaning “protector of children”.
  75. Noelani: Meaning “heavenly mist”.
  76. Nohea: Meaning “handsome”.
  77. Onaona: Meaning “softly fragrant”.
  78. Ori: Meaning “my light”.
  79. Pekelo: Meaning “stone”.
  80. Puna: Meaning “a water spring”.
  81. Wakea: Meaning “expansive space” or “heavens”. The name is inspired by the Sky father Wākea, who, together with the earth mother Papahānaumoku, created the Hawaiian islands.
  82. Wilbert: Meaning “bright will”.

For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

The baby name convos are always flowing with fresh new takes.

Happy brainstorming!

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