The Best 107 Hawaiian Baby Boy Names

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When choosing Hawaiian baby boy names, you may be surprised to hear the list is quite long! Traditionally, a baby boy in Hawaii will receive a name at birth from their parents or a family elder, and it will usually carry a specific meaning.

Hawaiian baby boy names

Traditional Hawaiian names for boys originate in names that ‘appeared’ in dreams or visions, names passed down from ancestors, names based on personality traits, or names which honor a person or important event. For this reason, Hawaiian male names are often deeply meaningful, and frequently prize strength and power.

Nature is also revered in traditional Hawaiian names, with the mountains, sandy beaches, and rich plant-life all making appearances. Let’s take a look at some examples.

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What are some Hawaiian boy names?

The stunning beaches and plant life of Hawaii will have left a lasting impression on any visitor. If you’d like your baby boy to connect with nature, the following names would be a great fit:

  1. Ahe (gentle breeze)
  2. Aolani (heavenly cloud)
  3. Kaimana (power of the ocean)
  4. Kainalu (the surf)
  5. Keola (life)
  6. Keonaona (sweet fragrance)
  7. Konane (shining moonlight)
  8. Makani (the wind)
  9. Pika (rocks)
  10. Uluwehi (lush plants).

Many of these can be found joined together to create longer, even more meaningful names. The rich history and descriptive language that goes into Hawaiian boys’ names will give you many choices when it comes to naming your little one.

As with many cultures, Hawaiian baby boy names also often give praise to the gods.

  1. Iokepa
    This name has origins in Hebrew through St. Joseph, and means ‘God will increase.’

  2. Kalani
    Perfect for your little angel, this name literally means ‘of the heavens.’

  3. Keona
    A great choice for your baby boy, this name means ‘God’s gracious gift.’

  4. Malulani
    Meaning ‘protected by heaven,’ this name is a solid choice and sounds beautiful.

What is the rarest name for a boy?

On the other hand, you may be looking for a more unique name for your special one. If you are considering going for a rarer Hawaiian boy’s name, some of the following may appeal to you:

  1. Kahiau
    Meaning ‘extremely generous,’ this name would make your baby boy stand out from the crowd.

  2. Makoa
    A name that links to strength and power, Makoa means ‘bold man’ and was only given to 12 Hawaiian boys in 2020.

You may also consider some of the more exotic-sounding and mysterious Hawaiian baby boy names, such as Koukakala (mysterious river), Maka’ala (vigilance), or Nahele (woods or forest).

What are cool names for a boy?

If you are looking for cool Hawaiian boys’ names, without doubt the most popular is Kai. Meaning ‘of the sea,’ this name not only sounds cool, but connects with the stunning coastline of Hawaii. Another familiar name may be Keanu, which has been very popular with movie fans in the recent past. Keanu literally means ‘cool mountain breeze’ and is another name which pays tribute to Hawaii’s natural beauty.

Along with paying tribute to nature, Hawaiian names often focus on strength.

What are strong male names?

These Hawaiian boys’ names signify power, strength, or fearlessness:

  1. Ailani (high chief/ruler)
  2. Ikaika (strong)
  3. Kekoa (brave and courageous)
  4. Koa (bold warrior)
  5. Lokela (legendary warrior)
  6. Makaha (ferocious)
  7. Nahoa (defiant)

More beautiful Hawaiian names for your baby boy

If you still haven’t made your choice, this list of other Hawaiian male names may help:

  1. Aalona
  2. Aheahe
  3. Akamai
  4. Akamu
  5. Akela
  6. Akoni
  7. Anankoni
  8. Aouli
  9. Bane
  10. Ekewaka
  11. Elta
  12. Etana
  13. Eusebio
  14. Haikili
  15. Hale
  16. Haleigha
  17. Hanale
  18. Hani
  19. Hanini
  20. Haulani
  21. Healani
  22. Hikialani
  23. Hilo
  24. Ioane
  25. Iokua
  26. Kaeo
  27. Kahawai
  28. Kahikilani
  29. Kahikina
  30. Kahiko
  31. Kaholo
  32. Kahoni
  33. Kahula
  34. Kahuna
  35. Kaiholo
  36. Kaila
  37. Kalino
  38. Kalon
  39. Kana
  40. Kanoa
  41. Kanuha
  42. Kanye
  43. Kaui
  44. Kawai
  45. Kawika
  46. Kawikani
  47. Kayl
  48. Keimoni
  49. Kelani
  50. Kellii
  51. Kepakiano
  52. Kika
  53. Kilo
  54. Kimo
  55. Koi
  56. Kona
  57. Konala
  58. Kualii
  59. Kukane
  60. KyeKye
  61. Lahahana
  62. Lakopa
  63. Lanakila
  64. Leialoha
  65. Likeke
  66. Liko
  67. Lolana
  68. Lono
  69. Lopaka
  70. Makai
  71. Makanui
  72. Malo
  73. Mano
  74. Maui
  75. Mele
  76. Moani
  77. Moke
  78. Nainoa
  79. Noelani
  80. Nohea
  81. Onaona
  82. Ori
  83. Pekelo
  84. Puna
  85. Wakea
  86. Wilbert

Find more Hawaiian baby names

For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

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