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115 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names for Your Baby Daughter

2 years ago4 min read
Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Traditionally, many Hawaiian names were unisex, meaning you were spoiled for choice when naming your little one. However, more recently, Hawaiian baby girl names have been used just for girls, many of them very exotic and beautiful in nature.

Hawaiian baby girl names

If you are looking for Hawaiian names for girls, you’ll find a vast range of evocative, pretty monikers to choose from.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a good Hawaiian name for a girl?
  • What do you call a beautiful Hawaiian girl?
  • What is a unique girl name?
  • Still undecided? Try these Hawaiian baby girl names
  • Find more Hawaiian baby names

What is a good Hawaiian name for a girl?

Hawaiian female names celebrate everything that is beautiful about Hawaii: the ocean, the beaches, the mountains, and the plants. In fact, many popular Hawaiian girls’ names come specifically from flowers, such as:

  1. Kapua (blossom)
  2. Lokelani (red rose)
  3. Pikake (jasmine)
  4. Pua (flower)

These names show you just how much nature means to the traditions of Hawaii. You may also consider these names which further explore natural beauty:

  1. Kailani
    One of the more popular Hawaiian girl names, Kailani means ‘beach and sky,’ and perfectly describes the image we see when thinking about Hawaii.

  2. Mahina
    Meaning moonlight, this name not only sounds gorgeous, it also offers a mysterious quality.

  3. Anela
    This name combines religion with nature, literally meaning ‘angel of the sky.’

What do you call a beautiful Hawaiian girl?

Almost any traditional Hawaiian girl name would fit a beautiful Hawaiian girl. However, some are very popular and perfect for your grass-skirted princess:

  1. Leilani
    This beautiful name is popular in Hawaii and across the United States. Meaning ‘heavenly/royal child,’ it sounds poetic and rolls off the tongue.

  2. Malia
    This name celebrates the ocean and has been very popular in recent times; Michelle and Barack Obama honored Hawaii by naming one of their daughters Malia. You will give your baby girl a strong role model as well as a beautiful name if you choose this one.

  3. Palila
    Another poetic name, Palila means ‘little bird’ and is a great choice for your little girl. It may also bless them with a beautiful singing voice!

What is a unique girl name?

If you’re looking to avoid the more mainstream Hawaiian girls’ names, then you may like to consider these more unique options:

  1. Alamea (precious)
  2. Luanna (enjoyment)
  3. Miliani (gentle)
  4. Olina (joyous)
  5. Ulani (cheerful)

Choosing one of these names will bless your baby girl with a name to cherish - perfect for standing out in the classroom.

Still undecided? Try these Hawaiian baby girl names

If one of these names hasn’t grabbed you so far, try out our list below for plenty more female Hawaiian baby name inspiration:

  1. Ahulani
  2. Ailani
  3. Ainakea
  4. Ainanani
  5. Akahele
  6. Akamai
  7. Akaula
  8. Akeakamai
  9. Alaina
  10. Alanah
  11. Alane
  12. Alani
  13. Alanis
  14. Alanna
  15. Alaula
  16. Alawna
  17. Alayne
  18. Alene
  19. Aleyna
  20. Aleynah
  21. Aleyne
  22. Alie
  23. Allana
  24. Alleen
  25. Allene
  26. Alleynah
  27. Allina
  28. Allinah
  29. Allyna
  30. Alohalani
  31. Alohanani
  32. Alohi
  33. Alohinani
  34. Alonna
  35. Aluna
  36. Anakela
  37. Ani
  38. Anuhea
  39. Aolani
  40. Aonani
  41. Apelila
  42. Apona
  43. Auina
  44. Bizzy
  45. Ehehene
  46. Ele
  47. Elikapeka
  48. Halia
  49. Henoheno
  50. Iolana
  51. Iolani
  52. Kalaine
  53. Kalana
  54. Kaleah
  55. Kalei
  56. Kalia
  57. Kaloni
  58. Kamea
  59. Kameo
  60. Kanani
  61. Kaneeta
  62. Kani
  63. Keala
  64. Keiba
  65. Keiki
  66. Keilana
  67. Keilani
  68. Kina
  69. Lalani
  70. Lanah
  71. Lanai
  72. Lani
  73. Lanna
  74. Lannah
  75. Lenai
  76. Louann
  77. Lou-Ann
  78. Louanna
  79. Louanne
  80. Luana
  81. Luanda
  82. Luane
  83. Luann
  84. Luannah
  85. Luanne
  86. Luannie
  87. Luwana
  88. Malana
  89. Malea
  90. Maleah
  91. Maleia
  92. Malina
  93. Melia
  94. Melya
  95. Mohala
  96. Nalanee
  97. Nalani
  98. Nana
  99. Oleen
  100. Oline
  101. Salamasina

Find more Hawaiian baby names

For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

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