116 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names for Your Baby Daughter

116 Hawaiian Baby Girl Names for Your Baby Daughter

Eager to bring the spirit of Hawaii into your daughter-to-be’s day-to-day? Our Hawaiian baby girl names have beauty, life, and meaning in abundance.

Ohana is at the heart of native Hawaiian culture and shared wisdom and kinship are the heart of ohana.

Little wonder then that choosing a name in Hawaii means paying close attention to its essence and how it nourishes baby all through their lives.

Traditionally, Hawaiian names were unisex – their inspiration found in dreams, visions, or an ancient ancester – which means plenty of choice for you!

If you’re looking for Hawaiian names for girls, you’ll find a vast range of evocative, pretty monikers.

But the real beauty of this captivating bunch is their symbolism.

It’s not about what the word means so much as what it makes you feel.

Let the vibe speak to you mama.


In this article: 📝

  • What is a beautiful Hawaiian name for a girl?
  • What is a unique Hawaiian girl name?
  • What Hawaiian girl names mean joy?
  • What is a pretty Hawaiian name?

What is a beautiful Hawaiian name for a girl?

Hawaiian female names celebrate everything that is beautiful about Hawaii: the ocean, the beaches, the mountains, and the plants.

In fact, many popular Hawaiian girls’ names come specifically from flowers, such as:

  1. Kapua: Meaning “blossom”
  2. Lokelani: Meaning “red rose”. 🌹
  3. Pikake: Meaning “jasmine”.
  4. Pua: Meaning “flower”. 🌸

These names show you just how much nature means to the traditions of Hawaii.

And while Hawaiian names are all about the vibe, you may also consider these popular choices which capture all the natural beauty the islands have to offer:

  1. Kailani: Meaning “beach and sky”, Kailani perfectly describes the image we see when thinking about Hawaii.
  2. Mahina: Meaning “moonlight”, this name not only sounds gorgeous, it also carries a mysterious quality.
  3. Anela: Combining religion with nature, Anela literally means “angel of the sky”.
  4. Leilani: This beautiful name is popular in Hawaii and across the United States. Meaning “heavenly/royal child”, it sounds poetic and rolls off the tongue.
  5. Malia: A variation of the Latin Maria meaning “star of the sea”. Michelle and Barack Obama honored Hawaii by naming one of their daughters Malia.
  6. Palila: Another poetic choice, Palila means “little bird”. May it bless them with a beautiful singing voice! 🎶

What is a unique Hawaiian girl name?

The best Hawaiian girls’ names are not always to be found in the mainstream.

Tap into your baby’s individuality with one of these unique options:

  1. Alamea: Meaning “precious”.
  2. Kalea: Meaning “happiness”.
  3. Miliani: Meaning “gentle”.
  4. Olina: Meaning “joyous”.
  5. Ulani: Meaning “cheerful”.
  6. Ainakea: Meaning “white land”.
  7. Salamasina: Meaning “queen of Samoa”.
  8. Akeakamai: Meaning “lover of wisdom”.

Choosing one of these names will bless your baby girl with a name to cherish and leave a lasting impression on those lucky to bask in their vibe.

What Hawaiian girl names mean joy?

Joy and happiness abound in Hawaiian names for girls.

If you’re looking to evoke the feel-good energy of island, how about:

  1. Luana: Meaning “enjoyment” or “happiness”. It also means “lion” in Albanian, giving baby that added oomph of courage to pursue life with openness. 🦁

There’s also tonnes of variations with this playful Hawaiian name, including:

  1. Louann
  2. Lou-Ann
  3. Luanna
  4. Luanda
  5. Luane
  6. Luann
  7. Luannah
  8. Luanne
  9. Luannie
  10. Luwana

What is a pretty Hawaiian name?

If one of these names hasn’t grabbed you so far, our list below features plenty more female Hawaiian baby bursting with captivating imagery:

  1. Ahulani: Meaning “heavenly shrine”.
  2. Ailani: Meaning “high chief”.
  3. Ainanani: Meaning “beautiful land”.
  4. Akahele: Meaning “careful”.
  5. Akamai: Meaning “clever”, “intelligent”, and “cool”.
  6. Akaula: Meaning “red sunset”.
  7. Alaina: Meaning “precious”.
  8. Alanah: Meaning “beautiful offering” or “new beginning”. Fitting no?
  9. Kekepania: Meaning “woman with crown”. 👑
  10. Alani: Meaning “orange”. 🍊
  11. Alanis: Meaning “cheerful”.
  12. Alanna: Meaning “beautiful offering. Also from the Irish a leanbh meaning “o child”.
  13. Alaula: Meaning “light of dawn”.
  14. Alawna: Meaning “precious”.
  15. Alayne: Meaning “handsome”.
  16. Alene or Allene: Meaning “precious”.
  17. Aleyna or Aleynah: Meaning “awakening”.
  18. Apikaila: Meaning “my father’s joy”.
  19. Aouli: Meaning “spread of blue sky”.
  20. Alie: Meaning “noble”.
  21. Aulii: Meaning “dainty”.
  22. Alleen: Meaning “precious”.
  23. Kaimana: Meaning “power of the sea”. 🌊
  24. Lilo: Meaning “generous one”.
  25. Ululani: Meaning “inspired by heaven”.
  26. Mahealani: Meaning “divine mist”.
  27. Keahi: Meaning “flames”.
  28. Alohalani: Meaning “full of compassion”.
  29. Alohanani: Meaning “beautiful love”.
  30. Alohi: Meaning “shining” or “brilliant”.
  31. Alohinani: Meaning “bright sky”.
  32. Alonna: Meaning “dear child”.
  33. Aluna: Meaning “approach”.
  34. Anakela: Meaning “messenger of God”.
  35. Ani: Meaning “very beautiful”.
  36. Anuhea: Meaning “cool fragrance”.
  37. Aolani: Meaning “beautiful cloud”.
  38. Aonani: Meaning “beautiful light”.
  39. Apelila: Meaning “April”.
  40. Apona: Meaning “embracing”.
  41. Auina: Meaning “sloping”.
  42. Bizzy: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  43. Ehehene: Meaning “laughter”.
  44. Ele: Meaning “black, shining light”.
  45. Elikapeka: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  46. Halia: Meaning “remembrance of a loved one”.
  47. Henoheno: Meaning “lovable”.
  48. Iolana or Iolani: Meaning “to soar like a hawk”.
  49. Iokina: Meaning “God will develop”.
  50. Kalaine: Meaning “the heavens” or “sky”.
  51. Kalana: Meaning “the royal one”.
  52. Kaleah: Meaning “joy” or “happiness”.
  53. Kalei: Meaning “the flower wreath” or “beloved”.
  54. Kalia: Polynesian in origin. Meaning “beloved”.
  55. Kaloni: Meaning “heavens”.
  56. Kamea or Kameo: Meaning “the one and only”.
  57. Kai: Meaning “sea”.
  58. Kanani: Meaning “the beautiful one”.
  59. Kaneeta: Meaning “sound”. Kani makes a short and sweet alternative.
  60. Kahula: Meaning “the dance”.
  61. Keala: Meaning “the path”.
  62. Keiba: Meaning “sunrise”.
  63. Keiki: Meaning “child”.
  64. Keilana: Meaning “glory” or “calmness”.
  65. Keilani: Meaning “heaven”.
  66. Kina: Meaning “China”.
  67. Lalani: Meaning “royal child of heaven”.
  68. Lanah: Meaning “precious”.
  69. Lanai or Lenai: Meaning “terrace” or “veranda”. Symbolic of the ease of watching the world go by in comfort.
  70. Lani: Meaning “heaven”.
  71. Lanna or Lannah: Meaning “little rock”.
  72. Lekika: Meaning “God beholds”.
  73. Louanna: Meaning “gracious warrior”.
  74. Loika: Related to Lois meaning “most beautiful”.
  75. Malana: Meaning “buoyant”.
  76. Malea or Maleah: Meaning “calm” or “gentle waters”.
  77. Makana: Meaning “gift” or reward”. 🎁
  78. Maleia: Meaning “gentle waters”.
  79. Malina: Meaning “soothing”.
  80. Melia: Inspired by the beautiful plumeria flower. The name stems from the Greek melía meaning “ash tree”. Meyla is a pretty alternative.
  81. Mālie: Meaning “serene”.
  82. Mohala: Meaning “petals unfold”.
  83. Gali: Meaning “wave”.
  84. Nalani: Meaning “serenity of the skies”.
  85. Lilinoe: Meaning “goddess of myths”. One for a legend in the making.
  86. Oleen or Oline: Meaning “joyous”.
  87. Puanani: Meaning “beautiful flower”.
  88. Wikolia: Meaning “victorious”.

The inspiration doesn’t stop here.

For more ideas on the best Hawaiian girl names, you can always ask the mamas of Peanut.

The baby name conversations are always flowing.

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