36 Gorgeous Hawaiian Baby Names for Your Keiki-To-Be

36 Gorgeous Hawaiian Baby Names for Your Keiki-To-Be

Are you looking for a baby name as enchanting as the islands of Hawaii themselves? Check out these stunning Hawaiian baby names.
There are few more beautiful places on earth than the islands of Hawaii.

A dream holiday destination for many, it’s well known for its gorgeous beaches, diverse landscapes, and of course, the friendliness of its people.

If you’ve ever heard Ōlelo Hawaiʻi, the traditional language of the islands, you’ll know the soothing quality of its lyrical sound.

So it is no surprise that Hawaiian baby names share these traits.

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  • What is a pretty Hawaiian name?
  • Are Hawaiian names unisex?
  • What are the most popular Hawaiian names?
  • What is a Hawaiian name for a girl?
  • What is a good Hawaiian boy name?
  • And what about gender-neutral Hawaiian names?

What is a pretty Hawaiian name?

With the inherent beauty of the language, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Hawaiian name that isn’t pretty.

But beyond being sweet-sounding, Hawaiian names bring with them the history, culture, and community they are born from.

Traditionally, Hawaiian names were revealed in dreams or visions.

Or they expressed a particular hope or protection for the child.

They could even evolve or change as the child grows.

To this day, Hawaiian names can have literal meanings as well as deeper symbolic meanings known primarily to the family.

Plus, they can combine more than one name.

And that combination can tell a whole story.

For example, as Lehia Apana, in her article for Maui No Ka ʻOi explains, her full name is actually Kalehiaikealaikahiki.

This means “the skillful fisherman on the pathway to Tahiti.”

She goes by Lehia for short.

Both meaningful and pretty!

Are Hawaiian names unisex?

They absolutely are.

All Hawaiian names can be used for either girls or boys.

And this is partly because Hawaiian cultural ideas around sex and gender are traditionally more nuanced.

But as time has passed and western culture has become more of an influence, certain names have become more often associated with either girls or boys.

What are the most popular Hawaiian names?

You may have heard these common Hawaiian names before:

1. **Kai:** This popular name means “sea.” spacer`
2. Leilani: A delightful option, Leilani means “royal child” and “heavenly flower.”

Beautiful as they are, they’re just a taste of what’s to come!

So what are some other common Hawaiian names?

While none of them made the top 10 in the US, their popularity is certainly felt within the state.

Let’s take a look at what’s faring on the state charts.

Of course, Kai retains its popularity. Some other hot favorites include:

  1. Keanu: This one needs no introduction. It’s not only the name of Hollywood’s Mr. Nice Guy but also means “gentle breeze.”
  2. Kaimana: Combining the meanings of “sea” and “power,” this little one is destined for great things.
  3. Kainalu: This name means “the ocean that billows.”
  4. Makoa: Meaning both “brave man” and “bold one,” this child will be ready to take on the world.

Hawaiian girls’ names featured on the list included Leilani, as well as these beautiful options:

  1. Luna: This name means “leader.” In the words of Queen Bey, Who run the world? Girls.
  2. Hali’a: Definitely one of our favorites, Hali’a means “remembrance of a loved one.”

Ready to explore beyond the most popular options in search of something unique?
Let’s go.

What is a Hawaiian name for a girl?

Spoiler alert: they’re all totally charming!

  1. Akamai: “Intelligent”
  2. Alani: This evocative name could refer to the orange tree, which is ‘alani in Hawaiian. It’s also similar to the popular name Alana, which is of Latin origins and means “precious” or “awakening.”
  3. Apikaila: A form of Abigail, this name means ”father’s delight.”
  4. ‘Ele: Simple and stunning. This name means “black” or “shining one.”
  5. Kailani: A beautiful vision of a name, Kailani means both “sea” and “sky.”
  6. Kini: A big meaning for such a short name, Kini means “abundance.”
  7. Luana: This peaceful name means “to be at leisure” or “enjoy oneself.” What a calming start to give your new arrival.
  8. Keiba: This beautiful name means “sunrise.”
  9. Mālia: Meaning “quiet, calm and serene,” this name brings with it the feeling of gentle winds and waters. A variant of the name, Malia, belongs to the daughter of the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Head here for more Hawaiian girls’ names.

What is a good Hawaiian boy name?

These Hawaiian boy names focus on strength, power, and a solid connection to nature and the sea.

  1. Ano: A short name with an impressive meaning — “awe” and “reverence.”
  2. Kaleo: “The sound.”
  3. Kaimana: Use this as a boy’s name to honor the beautiful Kaimana beach in Waikiki with its calm waters and exquisite sands.
  4. Kane: Simply meaning “man,” this is one mighty name.
  5. Keko’a: Another nature-inspired name, Kekoa means “coral.”
  6. Keoni: A possible variant of the name John, Keoni means “graced by God.”
  7. Kimo: A form of James, Kimo means “supplanter.”
  8. Kū: Kū is a Hawaiian deity — the God of war. A good option for your little warrior?
  9. Nakoa: “Warrior”
  10. Mamo: This striking name refers to a now extinct black and yellow Hawaiian songbird.
  11. Nohea: Meaning “handsome,” this is also an awesome second name.

Check out some more Hawaiian boys’ names here.

And what about gender-neutral Hawaiian names?

While all Hawaiian names are technically gender-neutral, this has shifted over time, with some names taking on more masculine or feminine alignments.

That’s why we’re giving names that are specifically gender-neutral a special spot on our list.

  1. Ahe: This gentle name means “softly blowing breeze.”
  2. Kalani: This name has a powerful meaning, not only “the heavens,” but “royal one,” too.
  3. Kalea: This is a compound name made up of ka meaning “the” and le’a meaning “pleasure.”
  4. Kanoa: Perfect for an independent child, this name means “the free one.”
  5. Mahina: A gentle name suggestive of its English meaning, Mahina means “moon” or “moonlight.”
  6. Noelani: An ethereal name meaning “mist of heaven.”
  7. Olina: This is one of our favorites. It means “joyful.”
  8. Pali: Short and sweet, this name means “cliff.”

All the best with your choice.

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