167 Heartening Hebrew Baby Boy Names and Meanings

167 Heartening Hebrew Baby Boy Names and Meanings

Spiritual warriors, mountains of strength, and even a lion or two, you’ll find them all among our Hebrew baby boy names.

From Biblical characters to strong Yiddish names, the stage is set for your future high-achiever.

Naming a baby boy is a rite of passage in Jewish culture, with Hebrew boy names typically given from the date of baby’s circumcision.

And while these names have a deep religious significance, many have been Westernized in terms of spelling and pronunciation.

You may be surprised to see how many you recognize in popular culture today!

Hidden among our trust list of Jewish boy names, you’ll find Greek and Yiddish influences and plenty of unique translations.

Let’s see what gems speak to you.

In this article: 📝

  • What are popular Jewish boy names?
  • What is the rarest boy name?
  • What are strong Hebrew male names?
  • What is a good Hebrew name for a boy?

What are popular Jewish boy names?

Many great Hebrew girls’ names celebrate the father/daughter relationship or an individual’s deep bond with God.

Jewish boy names, on the other hand, stand out as tributes to God himself.

Don’t just settle for good when you can bestow baby a great title like:

  1. Ariel: Also another name for the holy town of Jerusalem, Ariel has enduring connotations of strength, bravery, and unwavering spirituality. Meaning “lion of God”, this gender-neutral name embraces its Biblical roots while remaining steadfast as a modern favorite. Timeless.
  2. Daniel: Another name we commonly see in other Western cultures, Daniel means “God is my judge”. It’s rooted in the titular figure from the Book of Daniel, who interprets dreams and famously receives apocalyptic visions. It’s a name that answers to no one but a higher power and a great way to encourage baby to rise above.
  3. Eliyahu: You may recognize this as commonly spelled as Elijah. It means “my God is Yahweh” and speaks to steadfast devotion in spite of dominant thought. Elijah is a central figure in Judaism, resembling hope and the coming of the Messiah. If these sound like big shoes to fill, Eliyahu is a beautiful alternative.
  4. Michael: Born from the Hebrew phrase mī kāʼēl, meaning “who is like God?” The name is a rhetorical question designed to instill humility but is often best associated with the badass Archangel Michael. The ultimate spiritual warrior, in Judaism Michael, stands as the great protector of the Jewish people. Other variants include Micha, Miguel in Portugeuse, or the popular Irish name Mícheál.
  5. Shalom: A traditional greeting that stands for so much more than “hello” or “goodbye”. Formed from the Hebrew word šālōm, it can mean “peace”, “harmony”, “wealth”, “welfare” and “unity”.

What is the rarest boy name?

You might notice that there are many crossovers between cultures when choosing Hebrew baby boy names.

For example, Emanuel is a common Mexican boy name, usually shortened to Manuel.

In Hebrew, this means “God is with us”.

Some more unique Hebrew names are less likely to have Westernized variants, such as:

  1. Abdiel: Meaning “servant of God”.
  2. Hiram: Meaning “exalted” or “noble”.
  3. Eliakim: Meaning “God will raise up”.
  4. Oren: Meaning “pale-skinned” or “pine tree”.
  5. Abba: Meaning “father”.
  6. Elimelech: Meaning “God is my king”. 👑
  7. Sachiel: Strongly associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign, Sachiel means “God covers”.
  8. Chazaiah: Meaning “God has seen”.
  9. Dathan: Love the sound of Nathan but want something a little more unique? This rare Old Testament name means “fountain”. ⛲️
  10. Tiras: A name so rare its meaning is still uncertain. It may stem from the Hebrew word tı̂yrâs which means “desire”.

What are strong Hebrew male names?

If you’re just looking for a Hebrew boy name that will set your little one on the right path in life, there are many strong monikers with Jewish origins.

Think names such as:

  1. David: It’s not surprising to see this as a stellar candidate for strong Jewish male names. In a biblical context, David was the second king of Israel and the ancestor of the Messiah. His name may means “beloved”, but his character spoke of courage, will, and humility. You may know him best as that brave boy who bested a giant with a slingshot.
  2. Zev: Meaning “wolf” in Hebrew, this monosyllabic Hebrew name alludes to a strong and fearless warrior in the book of Genesis.
  3. Aaron: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
  4. Kaniel: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  5. Dov: Rooted in the Yiddish name Ber, meaning “bear”. 🐻
  6. Ethan: Another Westernized variant, Ethan derives from Eitan and means “strong” and “firm”. You may also consider Etan or Izan.
  7. Itai: Meaning “God is with me”.
  8. Rafael: Meaning “God has healed”. Rafa makes for a cool catchy pet name.
  9. Racham: Meaning “mercy” or “compassion”.
  10. Azariah: Meaning “helped by God”.
  11. Oma: Meaning “commanding”.
  12. Velvel: This Yiddish boy’s name means “wolf”. 🐺
  13. Israel: Meaning “triumphant with God”.
  14. Hezekiah: Meaning “God strengthens”.
  15. Joram: Meaning “exalted by God”.
  16. Omar: Meaning “long-lived and flourishing”.
  17. Ahmik: Meaning “strength of God’s flock”.
  18. Gideon: Meaning “one who cuts down” or “great destroyer”. Of goals? Obstacles? Expectations? Time will tell with this one.

What is a good Hebrew name for a boy?

For a mixture of Westernized, Hebrew, and even Italian influences, check out our comprehensive list of boys’ Hebrew names below:

  1. Abraham: Meaning “father of many”.
  2. Abrahsa: Meaning “father of multitudes”. A variation of Abraham.
  3. Adley: Meaning “God is just”.
  4. Admon: Meaning “red”.
  5. Adon: Meaning “lord”.
  6. Agrippa: Meaning “born feet first”.
  7. Ahab: Meaning “brother of the father”.
  8. Aitan: Meaning “strong”. Related to Ethan.
  9. Annas: Meaning “one who answers” or “humble”.
  10. Arel: From the Hebrew ‘arī’ēl, meaning “lion of God”.
  11. Arion: Meaning “with melody”.
  12. Barbaras: Meaning “stranger”.
  13. Barnabas: Meaning “son of the prophet”.
  14. Bartholomew: Meaning “Son Of Talmai”. Bates is a unique short form of this well-recognized name.
  15. Baruch: Meaning “blessed”.
  16. Bela: Meaning “devouring”.
  17. Benaiah: Meaning “Yahweh builds”.
  18. Benoni: Meaning “son of my sorrow”.
  19. Cain: Meaning “acquired” or “spearer”. 𐃆
  20. Caleb: Meaning “faithful” or “whole-hearted”.
  21. Carmelo: Meaning “orchard” or “garden” from the Hebrew word karmel.
  22. Carpus: Related to the Greek name Karpos meaning “fruitful”.
  23. Chaim: Meaning “life”.
  24. Chatan: As in the Hebrew word for “son-in-law” or “groom”. It is also a Sanskrit name meaning “full of consciousness”.
  25. Dagan: Meaning “grain”. Related to the West Semitic god of vegetation and crop fertility.
  26. Dalit: Meaning “to draw water”.
  27. Dekel: Meaning “palm tree”.
  28. Eben: Meaning “rock” or stone”.
  29. Ebner: Meaning “father of light”.
  30. Eden: Meaning “place of pleasure”.
  31. Edom: Meaning “red”.
  32. Eran: Meaning “watchful”.
  33. Esau: Meaning “hairy”.
  34. Ezekiel: Meaning “the strength of God”.
  35. Ezra: Meaning “helper”.
  36. Gabai: Meaning “delight”.
  37. Gian: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  38. Giannes: A lovelier, longer variation of Gian meaning “God is gracious”.
  39. Giuseppe: The Italian variation of Joseph. It means “God will add”.
  40. Goliath: Meaning “exile”.
  41. Haggai: This Biblical boy’s name means “festive”. It’s rooted in the Hebrew verb hagag, meaning “to gather for a festival”. It’s always a party with Haggai.
  42. Haran: Meaning “mountaineer”.
  43. Heber: Meaning “partner” or “togetherness”.
  44. Heinz: Meaning “leader of the house”.
  45. Hilel: Meaning “greatly praises”.
  46. Hosea: Meaning “salvation”.
  47. Hyman: Meaning “life”.
  48. Ichabod: Meaning “without glory”.
  49. Irin: Meaning “peace’. 🕊
  50. Isaac: Meaning “one who laughs or rejoices”.
  51. Isaiah: Meaning “God saves”.
  52. Ishmael: Meaning “God will hear”.
  53. Ithamar: Meaning “palm island”.
  54. Jeremy: Meaning “God will exalt or uplift”.
  55. Jesse: From the Hebrew name Yishai, meaning “gift”. May also mean “God exists”.
  56. Jesus: Related to the Biblical boy’s name Joshua, it means “God is salvation”.
  57. Jethro: Meaning “overflow”.
  58. Joachim: Meaning “established by God”.
  59. Job: Meaning “persecuted”.
  60. Jody: Meaning “Jehovah increases”.
  61. Joel: Meaning “the Lord is God”.
  62. John: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  63. Jonas: Meaning “gift from God”.
  64. Jordan: Meaning “to flow down”.
  65. Joseph: Meaning “Jehovah shall add”.
  66. Joshua: Meaning “God is salvation”.
  67. Juan: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  68. Kabos: Meaning “swindler”.
  69. Kadmiel: Meaning “God of antiquity”.
  70. Karmel: Meaning “orchard” or “garden”.
  71. Katzir: Meaning “harvester”.
  72. Kedar: Meaning “dark one”.
  73. Kenan: Meaning “to take possession”.
  74. Kobe: As a pet name for Jacob, this popular name means “seizing by the heel”.
  75. Koren: Meaning “gleaming”.
  76. Laban: Meaning “white”.
  77. Label: Meaning “lion”. 🦁
  78. Lael: Meaning “belonging to God”.
  79. Lavan: Meaning “white”.
  80. Lazarus: Meaning “God will help”.
  81. Lemuel: Meaning “devoted to God”.
  82. Leor: Meaning “I have light”.
  83. Leshem: Meaning “precious gem”.
  84. Levi: Meaning “joined” or “united”.
  85. Lot: Meaning “veil” or “hidden”.
  86. Madai: Meaning “to measure”.
  87. Makayla: Meaning “who is like God?”
  88. Makis: Meaning “gift from God”.
  89. Malachi: Meaning “messenger of God”. 👼
  90. Mario: As a variation of Marie, Mario means “bitter”, “beloved”, or “wished for child”. But it also stands out as an Italian name related to the Roman God of war, Mars.
  91. Marlin: Meaning “of the sea”.
  92. Matai: Meaning “gift of God”.
  93. Mattison: Meaning “gift of God” or “son of Matt”.
  94. Mayer: Meaning “farmer” or “landlord”. As a German boy’s name, Mayer means “steward”.
  95. Moses: Meaning “delivered from the water”.
  96. Nahir: Meaning “clear or bright”.
  97. Nahum or Naum: Meaning “comforter”.
  98. Nehemiah: Meaning “God comforts”.
  99. Nimrod: Meaning “rebel”.
  100. Nirel: Meaning “God’s field”.
  101. Nisi: Meaning “emblem”.
  102. Noah: Meaning “rest” or “repose”.
  103. Noy: From the Hebrew word noy, meaning “decoration”.
  104. Nuriel: Meaning “fire of God”.
  105. Obadiah: Meaning “servant of God”.
  106. Oded: Meaning “encourager”.
  107. Omri: Meaning “my sheaf”.
  108. Oralee: Meaning “my light”.
  109. Orli or Orly: Meaning “light”.
  110. Ornice: Meaning “cedar tree”.
  111. Osaze: Meaning “loved by God”.
  112. Osip: “God will multiply”.
  113. Oz: Meaning “strength and courage”.
  114. Pallu: Meaning “marvelous”.
  115. Palti: Meaning “God liberates”.
  116. Pau: Meaning “humble”.
  117. Phinneaus: Meaning “oracle”. 🔮
  118. Pontus: From the Greek word pontos meaning “sea”.
  119. Ranen: Meaning “joyful”.
  120. Raphael: Meaning “God heals”.
  121. Ravid: Meaning “necklace”.
  122. Ruben or Reuben: Meaning “behold, a son”.
  123. Reuel: Meaning “friend of God”.
  124. Saad: From the Arabic verb sa’ada meaning “happiness”.
  125. Sagiv: Meaning “sublime”.
  126. Saloman: Meaning “peace”.
  127. Sam: Meaning “God has heard”.
  128. Samson: Meaning “like the sun”. ☀️
  129. Samuel: Meaning “God has heard”.
  130. Saul: Meaning “prayed for”.
  131. Shimon: Meaning “to be heard”.
  132. Shulamith: Meaning “peace”.
  133. Tobiah: Meaning “the Lord is good”. Toby will surely follow.
  134. Yasiel: Meaning “whom God made”.

The beauty of Hebrew boys’ names is that there is so much choice, both with original spellings and their Anglicized variants.

Whether you’re looking for Jewish male names or a lovable moniker from any culture, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on our blog.

Or you could always ask [the mamas of Peanut]((https://www.peanut-app.io/download)? 🥜

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