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161 Hebrew Baby Boy Names to Choose for Your Baby

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Naming a baby boy is a rite of passage in Jewish culture, with Hebrew boy names given from the date of the baby’s circumcision. While many names have a deeply religious significance, many have been Westernized in terms of spelling and pronunciation.

Hebrew Baby Boy Names

You’ll find influences from Greek and Yiddish while exploring our list of Jewish names for boys, each with their own unique story. Choose from our list of popular Hebrew names below.

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  • What are some Hebrew boy names?
  • What is the rarest boy name?
  • What boy names mean gift from God?
  • What are strong male names?
  • Speak to other mamas for more Jewish boys’ names

What are some Hebrew boy names?

While many girls’ names refer to the father/daughter relationship or your child’s bond with God, Jewish boy names often pay tribute to God himself. For example:

  1. Ariel – while also another name for the holy town of Jerusalem, Ariel has connotations of strength – meaning ‘lion of God.’
  2. Daniel – another name we commonly see in other Western cultures, Daniel means ‘God is my judge’ and can also be spelt ‘Doniel.’
  3. Eliyahu – you may have seen this more commonly spelt as Elijah. It means ‘toward God.’
  4. Michael – with other variants including Micha, this asks us, ‘who is like God?’
  5. Shalom – this traditional greeting also means ‘God.’

What is the rarest boy name?

You might notice that there are many crossovers between cultures when choosing Hebrew baby boy names. For example, Emanuel is a common Hispanic boy name, usually shortened to Manuel. In Hebrew, this means ‘God is with us.’

Some more unique Hebrew names are less likely to have Westernized variants, often characterized by their spelling. For example, you may want to name your baby boy:

  1. Abdiel – meaning ‘servant of God’
  2. Hiram – meaning ‘exalted’ or ‘noble
  3. Oren – meaning ‘pale-skinned’ or ‘pine tree’
  4. Abba – meaning ‘father’
  5. Elimelech – meaning ‘God is my king.’

What boy names mean gift from God?

We all think our baby boys are a gift from God, but in Hebrew, some baby boy names mean just that! You can go for a more Anglicized spelling with Matthew, which may also be spelt Mattiyahu, also linked to the Greek Matthaios.
In the same vein, we have Jonathan (gift of Jehovah) or Nathan – sometimes lengthened to Nathaneal or the Westernized spelling, Nathaniel.

What are strong male names?

If you’re just looking for a Hebrew boy name that will set your little one on the right path in life, there are many strong monikers with Jewish origins. Religious or not, choose from names such as:

  1. David – it’s not surprising to see this in our list of popular Hebrew boys’ names. In a biblical context, David was the second king of Israel and the ancestor of the messiah.
  2. Zev – meaning ‘wolf’ in Hebrew, this monosyllabic Hebrew name alludes to a strong and fearless warrior in the book of Genesis.
  3. Ethan – another Westernized variant, Ethan derives from Eitan and means strong and ‘firm.’ You may also consider Etan or Izan.

Need more inspiration?
For a mixture of Westernized, Hebrew and even Shakespearean influences, check out our comprehensive list of boys’ Hebrew names below.

  1. Aaron
  2. Abraham
  3. Abrahsa
  4. Adley
  5. Admon
  6. Adon
  7. Agrippa
  8. Ahab
  9. Ahmik
  10. Aitan
  11. Annas
  12. Arel
  13. Arion
  14. Azariah
  15. Barbaras
  16. Barnabas
  17. Bartholomew
  18. Baruch
  19. Bates
  20. Bela
  21. Benaiah
  22. Cain
  23. Caleb
  24. Carmelo
  25. Carpus
  26. Chaim
  27. Chatan
  28. Dagan
  29. Dalit
  30. Dekel
  31. Dov
  32. Eben
  33. Ebner
  34. Eden
  35. Edom
  36. Eran
  37. Esau
  38. Ezekiel
  39. Ezra
  40. Gabai
  41. Gian
  42. Giannes
  43. Gideon
  44. Giuseppe
  45. Goliath
  46. Haggai
  47. Haran
  48. Heber
  49. Heinz
  50. Hezekiah
  51. Hilel
  52. Hosea
  53. Hyman
  54. Ichabod
  55. Irin
  56. Isaac
  57. Isaiah
  58. Ishmael
  59. Israel
  60. Ithamar
  61. Jeremy
  62. Jesse
  63. Jesus
  64. Jethro
  65. Joachim
  66. Job
  67. Jody
  68. Joel
  69. John
  70. Jonas
  71. Joram
  72. Jordan
  73. Joseph
  74. Joshua
  75. Juan
  76. Kabos
  77. Kadmiel
  78. Kaniel
  79. Karmel
  80. Katzir
  81. Kedar
  82. Kenan
  83. Kobe
  84. Laban
  85. Label
  86. Lael
  87. Lavan
  88. Lazarus
  89. Lemuel
  90. Leor
  91. Leshem
  92. Levi
  93. Lot
  94. Madai
  95. Makayla
  96. Makis
  97. Malachi
  98. Mario
  99. Marlin
  100. Matai
  101. Mattison
  102. Mayer
  103. Moses
  104. Nahir
  105. Nahum
  106. Naum
  107. Nehemiah
  108. Nimrod
  109. Nirel
  110. Nisi
  111. Noah
  112. Noy
  113. Nuriel
  114. Obadiah
  115. Oded
  116. Oma
  117. Omar
  118. Omri
  119. Oralee
  120. Orli
  121. Orly
  122. Ornice
  123. Osaze
  124. Osip
  125. Oz
  126. Pallu
  127. Palti
  128. Pau
  129. Phinneaus
  130. Pontus
  131. Rafa
  132. Rafael
  133. Ranen
  134. Raphael
  135. Ravid
  136. Reuben
  137. Reuel
  138. Ruben
  139. Saad
  140. Sachiel
  141. Sagiv
  142. Saloman
  143. Sam
  144. Samson
  145. Samuel
  146. Saul
  147. Shimon
  148. Shulamith
  149. Shylock

Speak to other mamas for more Jewish boys’ names

The beauty of Hebrew boys’ names is that there is so much choice, both with original spellings and their Anglicized variants. Whether you’re looking for a Hebrew name or a lovable moniker from any culture, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on our blog. Or you could always ask the mamas of Peanut?

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