The Top 191 Hebrew Baby Girl Names for Your Baby

The Top 191 Hebrew Baby Girl Names for Your Baby

With deep roots and deeper meaning, Hebrew baby girl names are the inspo behind so many popular names. From the Biblical to the bountiful, we explore the most beloved Jewish girl names for your radiant newborn.
What do Sarah, Anna, Abby and Rachel have in common?

They are all rooted in the Hebrew language.

It’s easy to view Hebrew as the language of Israel and the Jewish faith alone, but time again we’ll see it crop up in many mainstream baby girl names – across multiple cultures.

From the Hispanic communities to the Christian, there are countless crossovers between Judaism and Christianity.

All of this means we have a broad smorgasbord of Hebrew names for girls for little one, whether you are religious or not.

Read on and discover familiar favorites, unique roots, and meanings bursting with faith, beauty, and love in all their forms. Awwww.

In this article: 📝

  • What is the most popular Jewish name?
  • Do Jewish girls get Hebrew names?
  • How do you choose a Hebrew name for your baby?
  • What are traditional Jewish girl names?
  • What is a holy name for a girl?
  • What is a good Biblical name for a girl?
  • What is the rarest girl’s name?
  • What is the Hebrew name for beautiful?
  • More Hebrew girl names and meanings

What is the most popular Jewish name?

You may not be aware how many popular girl names in Western culture stem from Hebrew roots – everything from Naomi to Leah.

So it can be hard to pin down the most popular.

Some popular Hebrew girl names have masculine links, such as the father/daughter relationship. We see this with names such as:

  1. Abigail: From the original Hebrew name Avigail, Abigail means “my father’s delight” and is also the root of the adorable Abby.
  2. Abijah: Meaning “God is my father”.
  3. Bathsheba: A standout Jewish name meaning “daughter of the vow”.

As for the most popular Jewish name? There is one clear winner in our books:

  1. Sarah: Meaning “princess”, Sarah has been a popular name for girls since day dot. We can probably thank Abraham’s wife, the Biblical matriarch Sarah, for her name’s longlasting appeal. Born Sarai (a pretty cool alternative if you like your popular names unconventional), she is celebrated in Judaism and Christianity for her faith, kind heart, and beauty. But Sarah is not for the passive lady. Sarah is rooted in the Hebrew noun sar meaning “chief” or “ruler” – paving the way for a natural-born leader destined to be admired by many. That’s a win!

Do Jewish girls get Hebrew names?

Jewish names are popular but that doesn’t mean we should overlook the religious connotations when choosing Hebrew names for girls.

Jewish girls usually receive their Hebrew name at a daughter naming ceremony called a brit bat in Hebrew.

This tends to happen within a few months of baby’s debut and is a wonderful opportunity to reflect your personality and orientation toward Judaism.

How do you choose a Hebrew name for your baby?

Since many Hebrew names carry deep spiritual significance and come in many variations, there’s a few ways you can approach this.

You could choose a Hebrew girl’s name that honors a deceased family member.

It’s quite common among the Jewish community to pick a Hebrew name beginning with the same first letter as the person they are honoring.

You can also choose the Hebrew counterpart of a popular given name such as Rivka for Rebecca.

There is no right or wrong way and it doesn’t always require a deeply personal connection.

If you just love how Adira sounds, go for it!

What are traditional Jewish girl names?

If you wish to stick with the traditional, we’ve gathered a few common Jewish girl names to get you started:

  1. Adina: An adorable Hebrew girl’s name meaning “gentle” or “mild”.
  2. Ariel: A Jewish gender-neutral name inspired by the angel, Ariel means “lion of God”. 🦁
  3. Chaya: A vibrant Jewish name inspired by the Hebrew word hayyim meaning “life”. L’Chiam!
  4. Elizabeth: From the Hebrew name Elisheva meaning “God is my Oath”.
  5. Esther: Meaning “star”, Esther holds significance as the Jewish wife of the King of Persia who famously saved the Jewish people from death.
  6. Gal: A shortform of *Abigail * meaning “my father’s joy”.
  7. Hannah: A popular Jewish girl’s name that means “grace”.
  8. Ilana: A favorite among the Jewish community, this pretty name means “tree”. A great choice for babies born during Tu B’Shevat (The New Year for Trees).
  9. Noa: An Old Testament girl’s name meaning “motion”.
  10. Miriam: The oldest known version of “Mary”, Miriam means “bitter” or “beloved”.
  11. Shira: Meaning “song”.
  12. Tamar: Meaning “palm tree”.

What is a holy name for a girl?

If you want a holy name to adorn your newborn, Hebrew girl names are definitely the way to go.

Jewish girl names are often deeply spiritual so you’ll have no shortage of inspo for your little angel.

Here’s our picks of the most divine:

  1. Adriel: A rare gender-neutral Hebrew name meaning “belonging to God”.
  2. Bracha: From the Hebrew word berakah meaning “a blessing”.
  3. Bella: Meaning “devoted to God”.
  4. Devira: Meaning “Godly earth”.
  5. Eliraz: Meaning “my God is my secret”.
  6. Emuna: A virtuous girl’s name meaning “faith”.
  7. Hila: Meaning “halo”.
  8. Isabella: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  9. Nessa: A heartwarming Hebrew baby name meaning “wonder” or “miracle”.
  10. Ramya: Meaning “God is exalted”.

What is a good Biblical name for a girl?

Speaking of spiritual significance, many Hebrew baby girl names appear in the Bible, such as Devorah – a nurse featured in Genesis, 35:8.

Likewise, Chana appears when giving birth to the prophet Samuel.

Here are our top picks of inspiring Biblical girl names:

  1. Abilene: Inspired by a region of the Holy Land, Abilene means “grass” – also a good fit for a nature lover.
  2. Adah: An ancient Biblical name meaning “ornament”.
  3. Alina: A Biblical meaning “light” and “noble”.
  4. Ariela: Adorable but fierce, this elegant name means “Lion of God”.
  5. Bell: Originating as a Jewish surname, this elegant little name stems from Isabel and means “God’s promise”. As a French name, Bell also means “beautiful”.
  6. *Danita: Another Hebrew baby girl’s name meaning “God is my judge”.
  7. Danya: A gender-neutral Hebrew name meaning “judgment of God”.
  8. Noah: Meaning “rest” or “repose”. Also a Hebrew boy’s name.
  9. Puah: Appearing in the bible as one of the Hebrew midwives who saved an entire generation of Israelites, Puah means “splendid”.
  10. Rachel: One of the more recognized Biblical girl names, Rachel is remembered as the wife of Jacob and means “ewe”.
  11. Sami: A slick modern version of ​​the Biblical girl’s name Shemu’el meaning “God has heard”.

What is the rarest girl’s name?

Biblical inspiration makes up some of the rarer Jewish girl names, with traditional favorites including Dinah, Kelilah, and Susannah.

If you’re looking for a more modern touch, you might prefer:

  1. Zion: A gender-neutral name meaning “highest point”.
  2. Zadie: An edgy take on the traditional Sarah which means “princess”. 👸

What is the Hebrew name for beautiful?

Like many other cultures, Jewish names for girls often center around beauty making quite the selection to choose from:

  1. Adi: Meaning “ornament” or “jewel” (even though you know your little girl is meant for so much more).
  2. Coris: Meaning “a beautiful singer”.
  3. Faria: Meaning “beautiful”.
  4. Ilani: Meaning “beautiful soul”.
  5. Jaffa: Meaning “beautiful”, Jaffa is one of the oldest areas of Tel Aviv long associated with the Biblical stories of Solomon and Jonah.
  6. Jaffe: A distinguished Jewish family name meaning “beautiful” or “pleasant”.
  7. Jafit: Meaning “beauty”.
  8. Jincy: Meaning “cute”.
  9. Naava: Meaning “delightful” or “beautiful”.
  10. Nomi: Meaning “beautiful”.
  11. **Noya:**Another Hebrew girl’s name meaning “beauty”.
  12. Risha: Meaning “beautiful”.
  13. Sapir: In Yiddish, Sapir literally means “sapphire” but it’s also linked to the Hebrew Shepar which means “to be beautiful”.
  14. Shif: A cool shortform of Shifra meaning “lovely”.
  15. Temima: An irresistible name for any new mama, Temima means “without flaw”.
  16. Yaffa: Meaning beautiful”.
  17. Yafit: Another Hebrew girl’s name meaning “beautiful”.

More Hebrew girl names and meanings

For even more Hebrew and Jewish name inspiration, try some of these Hebrew baby names for girls:

  1. Adira: A rare name meaning “powerful” and “strong”.
  2. Adiela: Meaning “adornment of the Lord”.
  3. Adiva: Meaning “pleasant” or “gentle”.
  4. Adva: One of the more playful Jewish girl names meaning “small wave”.
  5. Aiya: Meaning “bird”.
  6. Alona: It may mean “oak tree”, but this musical Hebrew name boasts a certain exotic flavor.
  7. Amit: Most recognized as an Indian name
    meaning “boundless”, Amit also means “friend” – of which we’re sure baby will have infinite amounts.
  8. Ana: A Spanish name rooted in the Hebrew Hannah which means “favored grace”.
  9. Aneta: A variant of Anita meaning “gracious” or “merciful”.
  10. Anita: Meaning “gracious”.
  11. Anna: Meaning “favor” or “grace”.
  12. Anya: Meaning “grace”.
  13. Arnona: Meaning “roaring stream”.
  14. Aziza: Meaning “precious”.
  15. Bat: Meaning “daughter”.
  16. Bari: In Hebrew, Bari means “to select”. Could also mean “fair-haired” as a Gaelic name.
  17. Behira: Meaning “shining” or “bright”.
  18. Belia: A modern Spanish take on the Hebrew elīsheba’ which means “God is my oath”.
  19. Bella: Meaning “devoted to God”.
  20. Bina: Meaning “insight” or “knowledge”.
  21. Dafna: A Jewish version of the Greek name Daphne meaning “victory”.
  22. Dalit: Meaning “drawing water”.
  23. Dana: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  24. Delilah: A sweet-sounding girl’s name meaning “delicate”.
  25. Dena: From the Hebrew word dı̂ynâh, meaning “avenged” or “vindicated”.
  26. Derora: Meaning “bird” or “swallow”.
  27. Devi: A standout short version of the Hebrew Deborah meaning “bee”. In Sanskrit, Devi also means “goddess”.
  28. Dror: Meaning “freedom”.
  29. Eden: Meaning “place of pleasure”.
  30. Edna: Meaning “rejuvenation”, “pleasure”, and “delight”
  31. Edya: From the Hebrew word ădâyâh meaning “adornment of God”.
  32. Eila: Meaning “oak tree”.
  33. Ella: Meaning “goddess” in modern Hebrew.
  34. Ganit: Meaning “garden”.
  35. Gayora: A radiant baby girl’s name meaning “valley of sun”. ☀️
  36. Gefen: Meaning “vine”.
  37. Geula: Meaning “redemption”.
  38. Ginath: Meaning “protection” or “enclosure”, from the Hebrew verb ganan.
  39. Giva: Meaning “high place”.
  40. Hadas: A sweet tree name meaning “myrtle tree”.
  41. Haifa: From the Hebrew root hafa meaning “to cover” or “to shield”.
  42. Hali: Rooted in the Hebrew word halal meaning “to pierce”. As a Greek name, Hali means “sea” – a beautiful choice for a fearless water baby.
  43. Hanit: Meaning “happiness”.
  44. Hawa: From the Hebrew word chavvâh meaning “to breath” or “life”.
  45. Idit: An elite name meaning “the best”.
  46. Irit: Meaning “asphodel flower”.
  47. Jami: Meaning “supplanter”.
  48. Juana: Also seen in Christian cultures such as the Spanish form of Juan, this is a variant of Joanna and means “God is merciful”.
  49. Lisbet: Similar to Elisabeth and means “promise of God.”
  50. Kala: This unique version of Sarah means “princess”.
  51. Kalanit: A colorful flower name meaning “Poppy anemone”.
  52. Kaspit: Meaning “creative” or “imaginative”.
  53. Kiva: Meaning “protect” or “shelter”.
  54. Kefira: Meaning “lion cub”.
  55. Kerem: Also of Turkish origin, Kerem means “vineyard”, “noble”, and “fair”. Talk about a mixed bag!
  56. Keren: Meaning “glorious dignity”.
  57. Keshet: Meaning “rainbow”. 🌈
  58. Kochava: Meaning “star”. ⭐
  59. Kyla: Meaning “victorious”.
  60. Leah: Meaning “delicate”.
  61. Leor: Meaning “my light”.
  62. Levana: Meaning “moon”. 🌕
  63. Liba: An endearing Yiddish girl’s name meaning “dear” or “beloved”.
  64. Liora: Meaning “light unto me” or “I have light”.
  65. Liraz: Meaning “my secret”. Mysterious…
  66. Liron: Meaning “my song”.
  67. Liya: Meaning “I am with God”.
  68. Lola: Meaning “lady of sorrows”.
  69. Maayan: Meaning “spring of water”. Refreshing!
  70. Marnie: Meaning “rejoice”.
  71. Maytal: Meaning “dew drops”. Too cute!
  72. Michal: Meaning “Who resembles God”.
  73. Mika: A chic shorthand of the Hebrew mīkhā’ē’l meaning “who is like God”.
  74. Nelly: A cute nickname inspired by the Hebrew Daniyyel meaning “God is my judge”.
  75. Neta: Meaning “plant”. See how she grows!
  76. Nitzana: Meaning “blossom”.
  77. Nina: Meaning “God was gracious”.
  78. Naomi: Meaning “pleasantness”.
  79. **Noemi:**An unusual take on **Naomi” that also means “pleasantness”.
  80. Nurit: Meaning “flower”.
  81. Ofra: Meaning “fawn” for your doe-eyed beauty.
  82. Ora: From the Hebrew word ôrâh‎ meaning “light”.
  83. Orit: Meaning “light”.
  84. Orina: Originally a Greek name meaning “peace”. 🕊️
  85. Orna: Meaning “pine tree”. 🌲
  86. Pazit: Meaning “golden”.
  87. **Penina:**Meaning “pearl”. Precious!
  88. Peri: Meaning “outcome” or “result”.
  89. Rani: Meaning “joyous song” or “queen”.
  90. Ranit: Meaning “she is singing”.
  91. Reut: Meaning “friendship” from the Biblical girl’s name Ruth.
  92. Rut: A standout shortform of Ruth meaning “companion”.
  93. Ruta: Meaning “friend”.
  94. Rute: From the Hebrew word re‛ûth, meaning “friendship”, this sweet name will forever remind baby of the beauty of deep connections.
  95. Salma: Meaning “mantle” or “robe”.
  96. Reviv: Meaning “dewy” or “fresh”.
  97. Rimon: Meaning “pomegranate”, Rimon is a favorite gender-neutral Jewish name often given to Autumn babies born on Sukkoth.
  98. Riva: An ocean name meaning “from the shore”.
  99. Roma: Meaning “exalted” or “lofty”. Hold that head up high baby!
  100. Sary: Adding a down-to-earth vibe to the esteemed Śārā, Sary means “princess” or “woman of high rank” – though you may never guess.
  101. Shalva: Meaning “peace” or “calmess” from the Hebrew word שלווה.
  102. Shana: Meaning “lily” or “rose” – perfect when words fail to capture your blossoming beauty.
  103. Shani: Meaning “scarlet” or “wonderful”.
  104. Shamira: Meaning “he who defends”.
  105. Shirel: Meaning “God’s song”
  106. Shlomit: Meaning “peace”.
  107. Shoshana: Meaning “lily” or “rose”. 🌹
  108. Tal: A gender-neutral Hebrew name meaning “dew”.
  109. Talma: Meaning “hill”.
  110. Tehila: Meaning “glory” or “praise”.
  111. Tirza: Meaning “to be pleased with”.
  112. Tiva: Meaning “dance”.
  113. Warda: Meaning “protector”.
  114. Yam: Meaning “ocean”.
  115. Yardena: Meaning “descending” or “flow down”.
  116. Yarona: Meaning “she will rejoice”. Here’s hoping many times.
  117. Yedida: Meaning “beloved” or “dear friend”.
  118. Yeira: Meaning “light”.
  119. Zara: Meaning “blooming flower”. 🌼

What Hebrew girl’s name means gift from God?

Hebrew names are deeply connected with God, so you’ll find plenty of beautiful examples of God’s gift:

  1. Amaris: Meaning “given by God”.
  2. Dorit: Meaning “gift from God”.
  3. Hiba: Meaning “gift from God”.
  4. Natania: Meaning “gift of God”.

What Hebrew girl’s name means joy?

There’s no shortage of joy and happiness in Hebrew girl names:

  1. Gil: Meaning “happiness” or “joy”.
  2. Gila: Meaning “eternal joy”.
  3. Gilada: Meaning “my joy is eternal”.
  4. Gili: Meaning “my joy”.
  5. Renana: Meaning “joy” or “song”.
  6. Rina: Meaning “song” or “joy”.
  7. Zari: Meaning “golden” – a sweet name for a golden-haired beauty.

What name means gift in Hebrew?

These three Hebrew girl names are perfect for celebrating your little treasure:

  1. Matana: Meaning “gift” or “blessing”.
  2. Teshura: Meaning “gift”.
  3. Shai: Meaning “gift”.

What name means hope in Hebrew?

There can be only one:

  1. Tikva: Meaning “hope”.

Whether you’re paying homage to your heritage or looking for something unique, we hope you’ll find plenty of Hebrew baby girl name inspiration in our list.

Or you could always ask the mamas of Peanut?

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