30 Unique Hippie Baby Names & Meanings

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Looking for the ideal name for your little one? These hippie baby names are inspired by the beauty of nature and the peace and love of hippie culture.

Hippie Baby Names

The hippie movement stepped into the spotlight in the ‘60s, when it became synonymous with free thought, love for Mother Nature, and a peaceful way of life.

Today, hippie culture is still associated with these ideals.

So it’s hardly surprising that so many parents look to hippie baby names when choosing the right fit for their new arrivals.

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What are some hippie names?

There are earthy hippie baby names, which take their inspiration from flowers, trees, the weather, and nature’s beauty.

Other options hold important sentiments, such as the values of peace, love, and unity.

Yet others are inspired by some of the heroes of the hippie movement.

Unique hippie baby names

Here are our top picks for original boho hippie baby names:

  1. Gardenia. This majestic name puts a more classic twist on hippie girl names. It comes from the Gardenia shrub, which is native to tropical and subtropical regions, including Africa, Asia, Madagascar, and the Pacific Islands. It is known for its dramatic white flowers.
  2. Harper. In recent years, Harper has become a popular gender-neutral name. It derives from Middle English and Middle Dutch, and means ‘harp player’.
  3. Juniper. The name Juniper comes from a sweet berry, which is the predominant flavor in gin. It also makes for a beautiful and distinctive girl’s name.
  4. Marley. We couldn’t possibly write this list without paying homage to one of the most famous hippie influences in history. Bob Marley is a music legend and one of reggae’s pioneering artists. So, it seems fitting that he’s inspired one of our favorite names in the next generation of hippie baby names.
  5. Meadow. This peaceful name evokes everything associated with hippies—lush fields of flowers, nature left undisturbed, peace and tranquility.
  6. Sonny. A twist on the popular girl’s name “Sunny”, Sonny also brings warm sunshine to mind. Plus, it’s inspired by Sonny and Cher, the pop duo who were hugely influential in the ‘60s hippie era.
  7. Serenity. This name represents a distinctly hippie attitude to life—and is perfect for a peaceful, joyful spirit.
  8. Huckleberry. Probably most famous for Mark Twain’s adventurous character, this name also comes from an old slang word, which has two different meanings: either “humble” or “the right person for the job.” You decide what works best for your little Huckleberry.
  9. Rain. Weather-inspired hippie baby names are a great way to give your child the passion for and power of nature. The name Rain has connotations of hope, new beginnings, and determination.
  10. Sierra. As the Spanish word for a mountain range, Sierra is a profound example of a nature-inspired baby name.

What are some girl hippie names?

Check out this list of our favorite hippie girl names.

  1. Autumn. Inspired by the changing seasons, the name Autumn makes us think of bright orange leaves, warm golden sunshine, and nature at its most beautiful—making it one of our top earthy hippie names.
  2. Cypress. This magnificent tree grows in warmer climes throughout the world, and is renowned for both its beauty and long life.
  3. Dahlia. Many of our hippie girl names take their inspiration from the beauty of nature, and there are few plants that are quite as extraordinary as dahlias. These mesmerizing flowers are native to Central America and Mexico, but today, grace gardens across the world.
  4. Harmony. The name Harmony speaks to the principles of unity, understanding, and kindness—everything that hippies stand for.
  5. Hope. Speaking of hippie beliefs, Hope embodies the beliefs of peace and love that characterize this way of life. Plus, the name also represents the positivity and possibility that your little girl will bring to your world.
  6. Kai. As the [Hawaiian]( word for “sea”, this majestic name is inspired by the sheer strength of nature.
  7. Karma. The belief in Karma is a core part of some eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the principle that doing good is rewarded with good things. This concept is also intrinsic to hippie beliefs, making it a wonderful source of inspiration here.
  8. Ocean. Ocean has, at once, connotations of strength and calmness, power and humility. Taking inspiration from one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creations, it’s an ideal example of an earthy hippie baby name.
  9. Saffron. One of the world’s most sought-after spices, Saffron comes from a type of crocus. It’s made from the red stigmas grown within the center of the flowers.
  10. Willow. These ancient trees hold symbolic meanings in many cultures throughout the world. From its Old English roots, this word may also mean “freedom”—perfect inspiration for a hippie baby name.

What are some hippie boy names?

And here are our top choices for hippie boy names.

  1. Arlo. This name takes its inspiration from Arlo Guthrie, who was a renowned musician throughout the ‘60s. To this day, his music is known for challenging injustice in society and standing up for hippie principles.
  2. Atlas. This strong and adventurous name has connotations of worldly wanderings and the desire to explore every corner of the Earth.
  3. August. Many hippie names come from the names of months or seasons—and August is one of our favorites. Reminding us of long, warm summer days, this gender-neutral name is at once unique and familiar.
  4. Bear. This name is not only tied to nature but also has charming connotations of cuddliness and warmth.
  5. Birch. As a celebration of the birch tree, this name possesses both the strength and beauty of nature.
  6. Bodhi. This powerful Sanskrit name means “awakened” or “enlightened.”
  7. Cedar. Cedars are grand, awe-inspiring evergreen trees. They are native to the Mediterranean and the Himalayas but can be found in country estates across the world.
  8. Orion. Taking inspiration from the stars, the name Orion comes from Orion’s belt—one of the brightest constellations in the night sky. The constellation itself was named after a giant hunter in Greek mythology who Zeus placed among the stars.
  9. River. Like so many of these hippie boy names, the name River has a sense of strength and timelessness.
  10. Ziggy. We mentioned Bob Marley earlier in the list—and here’s further inspiration from this great artist. Ziggy was the nickname that Bob gave to his son.

Whether you choose a name that embodies the majesty of nature, the power of music, or the beauty of hippie beliefs, we hope you’ve found the perfect fit for the free little spirit that’s about to enter your life.

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