How Having a Baby Changes Your Life

How Having a Baby Changes Your Life

Having a baby changes your life, that’s for sure. With a new little one on the scene, your perspectives may shift a bit – along with your routines, your likes and dislikes, and perhaps even the clothes or food you buy. And not to mention your sleep patterns!
You’ll have a whole new world to explore with your little one, and this might affect how you relate to other people and how you think about yourself. And there’ll be a lot of surprises along the way as you embrace these changes.

In this post, we want to shine a light on a few ways having a baby changes your life.

How having a baby changes your life (in practical ways)

Ah, the practicalities. While there are emotions, questions, uncertainties, and joys to having a baby, there are many ways your life will change that are a touch more… well, pedestrian.

For example:

  • You’ll adapt to a new pace. That’s a polite way of saying everything will take much longer. If it once took 5 minutes to get ready and out the house, times that by 10.

  • Planning will be more important. Spontaneity is more of a challenge with nappies to change, feedings to time, and naps to factor in.

  • Someone else will be central to your daily decisions. And they’re not shy about letting you know.

  • You’ll get less sleep. And even if you manage to get the hours in, they’ll be disrupted.

How your relationship changes after having a baby

If you have a partner, the ways you’ll interact and spend time together will change, and your communication patterns may shift too. At times, this won’t be easy. But it can also be a wonderful experience to grow your relationship in new and meaningful ways.

Here are some ways your relationship might change after having a baby:

(note: every relationship is different, so this might not affect you in the same ways)

  • Your partner isn’t necessarily “number one” anymore, which can take some getting used to for everyone involved.

  • There may be more conflicts, due to tiredness, the pressure of being a new parent, and all the tasks that need to be ticked off.

  • You’ll have less time for one another, because so much of your attention is going towards the little one – plus balancing this with work and other life stuff.

  • More things need to be intentional, because less will happen by accident. What we mentioned earlier about spontaneity being hard to come by. This means consciously building time for each other in ways you may not be used to.

  • Sex might become less regular. Whether it’s an interruption by the baby monitor, or the fact you’re not ready to have sex yet after giving birth, sex may become less regular. Again, being conscious and deliberate about making time for it might help.

Does having a baby ruin your relationship?

There’s no reason why having a baby should ruin your relationship. In fact, life with children can help you build it into something stronger and deeper. It’s a learning experience for everyone, and this definitely presents challenges. Communication is everything.

How becoming a mama might change you as a person

How a baby changes your life is very personal and specific to you. Some mamas have deep questions about their new identity, while others experience a rise in confidence and a stronger sense of purpose. Some experience exactly the opposite, or both at the same time.

Some mamas see their own mother in a new light, either positive, negative, or both at different times. And for some, the changes are subtle, gradual, or even non-existent. What we’re saying is all these experiences (and more) are uniquely personal, and nobody can tell you how to feel, or how having a baby should or shouldn’t impact you.

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