How Much Do Pregnancy Tests Cost?

How Much Do Pregnancy Tests Cost?

When you’re shopping for pregnancy tests, your first questions might be: Why do they differ in price so much? Are you trading cost for accuracy? How much do pregnancy tests cost??
As if TTC (or trying not to) were not stressful enough, now you have to choose which test is best.

Phew! Don’t worry. We’ll take you through it.

So, how much do pregnancy tests cost? And is it worth opting for the more expensive options?

Here’s everything you need to know.

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  • How much should a pregnancy test cost?
  • Are $1 pregnancy tests reliable?
  • How much does a box of pregnancy tests cost?
  • How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?

How much should a pregnancy test cost?

So, how much is a pregnancy test? Well, it varies.

The good news is they’re pretty affordable and widely available.

A single pregnancy test can cost anywhere between $1 and $20.

They can be bought at almost any drugstore or pharmacy, and even at many dollar stores. Some health centers also offer free testing.

Store-bought options are generally very reliable (although false positives and negatives can happen).

Regardless of the price, these pregnancy tests all work in the same way — by testing if a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is present in your urine.

If it is, you’re likely pregnant.

You can also do a blood test to find out if you are pregnant, although for most pregnancies, you won’t need one.

They are done in a doctor’s office and are more expensive.

There are some instances where a blood test might be necessary to confirm a pregnancy.

While urine tests check to see if hCG is present, blood tests can tell you what your hCG levels are.

This is particularly useful info if you’re going through fertility treatment.

How much do blood pregnancy tests cost?

Blood tests may be covered by your insurance.

If you are paying upfront for a blood test, ask the lab for a quote, as prices vary.

Generally, you can expect to pay in the region of $50 for a blood pregnancy test.

Are $1 pregnancy tests reliable?

Yep, cheap pregnancy tests are reliable.

Whether $1 or $20, urine pregnancy tests use the same method to determine whether you’re pregnant.

The difference between cheaper and more expensive tests is usually how they display the results.

More expensive digital tests might show you a screen that reads “pregnant” or “not pregnant”.

Cheaper options will either display one or two lines, depending on the result, or a plus or minus sign.

Just because a test is more expensive, it doesn’t mean it’s more accurate.

There are many reasons you can get a false positive or negative on both cheaper and more expensive tests.

You might get a false positive if you:

  • Have experienced early pregnancy loss. (Loss is loss, no matter when it happens. Join us on Peanut. We’re having the conversation).
  • Have recently had a miscarriage or abortion.
  • Are on certain medications (such as some antianxiety treatments).
  • Are actually seeing an evaporation line.

And you might get a false negative if you:

  • Your hCG levels have not had enough time to build up.
  • Waited too long to read the result.
  • Took a faulty test.
  • Used an expired pregnancy test.

No matter what test you’ve bought, if it shows up as pregnant, the next step is to book an appointment with your doctor.

If your test is showing up negative, but you don’t have your period and/or you’re getting early pregnancy symptoms?

It’s probably a good idea to take another test in a few days or speak to your doctor to figure out what’s causing your symptoms.

How much does a box of pregnancy tests cost?

If you’re TTC, it might be more cost-effective to buy a multipack of pregnancy tests, as you might be taking them more regularly.

Pregnancy tests usually come in packs of two, but you can also get single packs or packs of five or ten.

A box of five can cost anywhere between a few dollars to $30, depending on the brand and type.

Again, more expensive doesn’t mean more accurate, so buy whichever test suits your budget best.

How soon will a pregnancy test read positive?

An at-home pregnancy can read as positive as early as ten days after you’ve conceived.

But pregnancy tests taken before your period is due can be a little unreliable, and you may get false negatives.

If you took an early test that was negative, and you’ve now skipped your period, it’s worth taking another test to be sure.

Whatever the result, Peanut’s community can help through the next steps. You’re not alone.

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