How to Enjoy Pregnancy: 9 Simple Tips

How to Enjoy Pregnancy: 9 Simple Tips

It’s normal to find pregnancy grueling, dull, or uncomfortable.

If you’re wondering how to enjoy pregnancy, we’ve got some judgment-free tips right here.

Some mamas look back on pregnancy as a magical time.

Others say it’s the worst nine months of their lives.

So there’s no right way to feel here.

Here, we’ll look at how to enjoy pregnancy — or at least find pockets of pregnancy happiness — as you wait to meet your little peanut.

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  • Is it normal to not enjoy pregnancy?
  • How can I be happy during pregnancy?

Is it normal to not enjoy pregnancy?

It’s totally normal to not enjoy — even to hate — certain things about being pregnant.

Even if people tell you that you’re glowing, there are lots of reasons why you, the person whose body and emotions are going through it, might not feel that way.

So many things can make pregnancy challenging, including:

  • Pregnancy sickness: It’s common, affecting the majority of pregnant women.
  • Pain: Back pain, joint pain, pain in your pelvis — all of it is par for the course as your body changes.
  • Rules and restrictions: You might miss some of your favorite treats, like an extra cup of strong coffee in the morning, drinks after work, or sushi dates.
  • Complications: Pregnancy can come with health problems like high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. Managing these conditions can take up a lot of your time and headspace.
  • Stress and anxiety: Planning for a baby might make it harder to manage other stressful situations in your life like money, relationships, or where you’re going to live.
  • Pregnancy after loss: As well as worrying about your baby’s health, being pregnant after a loss can bring up a lot of complicated feelings about the child that you didn’t get to know.

It’s important to remember that having some worries at some point in pregnancy doesn’t mean you’ll feel this way for the whole nine months.

Wherever you’re at, we see you, and you’re not alone.

How can I be happy during pregnancy?

If you want to know how to enjoy pregnancy and not worry, we have some good news: there are practical steps you can take which might improve how you’re feeling about being pregnant.

There might even be things on our list that you’re able to start today.

Let’s dive in.

1. Get informed

Your healthcare team is there to look after your baby and you.

But there can be times when your unpleasant pregnancy symptoms may not be given as much attention as you’d like.

Knowing what’s normal and what treatments are possible can help you get the answers you need during your medical appointments.

Take pregnancy joint pain, for example.

Although a lot of painkillers aren’t recommended during pregnancy, some are considered safe, and you can ask your doctor about your options.

Even if medication isn’t for you, there might be a support you can wear or an option for massage or physical therapy.

You might find it helpful to write down your questions before your appointments, so you don’t forget anything while you’re in there.

If your doctor allows it, you can also take someone with you for support.

And by the way, this is good advice as you prepare for the pregnancy finish line too.

Lots of mamas-to-be sign up for a birthing class at the hospital or online. Knowing more about what happens during labor, researching your options, and making a list of your preferences can help you to feel empowered and in control.

It might just help to reduce the anxiety that makes it difficult to enjoy pregnancy.

2. Rest when you can

Easy to say, harder to do, right?

But quality sleep improves your mood, and pregnancy is a great excuse to give yourself a break.

And speaking of sleep, a pregnancy pillow can make it a little easier to get comfy and catch your Zs, even if pregnancy insomnia is a challenge for you.

Our fave? This one by Sleepybelly, it’s adjustable, supports your bump, back, and hips, and is recommended by medical professionals.

3. Exercise

As long as your doctor says it’s OK, you can exercise while pregnant.

Exercise can help you sleep, keep your blood pressure and blood sugar stable, and give you a boost of endorphins which can help you feel better.

You might even be able to find a pregnancy yoga, swimming, or walking group so that you can meet other mamas-to-be.

Speaking of which…

4. Connect with future mama friends

Other mamas-to-be are right in the middle of the pregnancy journey with you.

These days, you have lots of options for finding mom friends — from apps (like Peanut — that’s us!) to local Facebook groups.

You can also ask the staff at your doctor’s office about resources in your area that bring together expectant families with each other before their babies are born.

5. Set boundaries

This might mean telling your family not to share your pregnancy news on social media, or telling your friends that you don’t want to hear any horror stories about labor.

You don’t lose your right to privacy once your pregnancy starts to show and, if you’re uncomfortable, you can change the subject or leave the conversation.

You might find that you enjoy pregnancy a little bit more if you only discuss the personal stuff on your own terms.

6. Embrace a project

On the days when you really don’t like being pregnant, it can be great to have a distraction.

  • Decorate the baby’s room or rearrange your home to get ready for the new arrival
  • Plan your baby shower, gender reveal, or a babymoon break for you and your partner to look forward to.
  • Start taking week-by-week pregnancy photos to track how your body is changing

We’re also fans of doing something just for you, like taking up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try while you still have two hands free to do it.

7. Find maternity clothes you like

Maternity clothes that don’t feel like they fit properly can bring down your mood and make it harder to feel like yourself, which is never fun.

You might feel more comfortable wearing a maternity tank top under a cardigan or shirt you already own.

You can also try this hair tie hack to help you wear your favorite jeans for a few more weeks.

Some dresses, especially flowy maxi dresses or anything with an empire waist, might have room for a baby bump too.

And how about these cute maternity overalls? 😍

8. Find pregnancy-friendly treats

Mamas-to-be have a lot more options for pregnancy-friendly treats than they used to:

  • A nice glass, some crushed ice, and your favorite garnish make a fruit juice mocktail feel fancy enough for a Friday night.
  • You can upgrade decaf coffee with syrups and a milk frother to recreate your favorite caffeine fix.
  • Loose leaf teas can taste amazing and even help with some pregnancy symptoms like sleeplessness and digestive problems.
  • Even if you have gestational diabetes and have to cut down on sugar, other delicious treats like olives and pasteurized cheeses are still on the menu.

Or you could put the money you would have spent on a night out towards a pregnancy massage, facial, or subscription to a fresh flower delivery service to lift your mood during pregnancy.

9. Journal

Keeping a pregnancy journal — even if it’s a few pages of the cravings you had and the milestones you hit — can give you something to look back on in a few years when all this is a distant memory.

And the most important thing about finding pregnancy happiness?

Whether you love it or loathe it, your pregnancy feelings don’t decide the kind of mama you’re going to be.

So hang in there.

The finish line will be here before you know it.

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