48 Headstrong Hungarian Baby Names

48 Headstrong Hungarian Baby Names

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? We’ve got you covered. Draw inspiration from these gorgeous Hungarian baby names.
Nestled between Austria and Romania, almost smack dab in the center of Europe, is the fascinating country of Hungary.

From thermal baths to goulash to the sweet, peppery taste of paprika, the culture of Hungary has enchanted many a visitor.

With influences from all over Europe and its own native Magyar population, Hungarian baby names are a very interesting source of inspiration.

Whether you have Hungarian heritage or are simply enchanted by the country that is home to the “city of spas,” these names offer a world of inspiration.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go. And we’ll start with those that come out on top of the charts.

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What is the most common name in Hungary?

In 2020, the top baby names in Hungary were:

  1. Hanna: A common name globally, sometimes spelled Hannah, it means “favor” or “grace.” According to this Statista study, over 1.5 thousand newborn Hungarian girls were named Hannah in 2020.
  2. Bence: From this Statista study of most popular Hungarian boys’ names for 2020, Bence came out on top. Bence is a form of Vincent and means “to conquer” or “to win.”

Let’s check out what else is on the menu.

Hungarian girl names

Hungarian baby girl names include slightly different versions of English names, like Lilla instead of Lily or Gryta as the shortened form of Margaret.

And then some names on our list are uniquely Hungarian, like Mariska or Dorina.

  1. Aliz: The Hungarian form of “Alice” originates in the Old French language and means “noble” or “graceful.”
  2. Anna: Anna is another variation of Hannah that’s popular in Hungary. It means “favor” or “grace.” An alternative Hungarian version of the name is Anci.
  3. Anikó: This name is another interesting spin on Anna.
  4. Barbara: Common in many countries, including Hungary, this name has a Latin base and means “foreign woman.” The name has belonged to more than one Hungarian queen.
  5. Cili: The shortened version of Cecilia, Cili is more commonly used in Hungary. It means “blinded.”
  6. Csilla: This heavenly Hungarian name means “star.”
  7. Dorina: Originally of Latin and Greek origins, Dorina means “gift of God.”
  8. Emma: With its Germanic roots, this name continues its global popularity in Hungary. It means “universal.”
  9. Erzebet: A version of Elizabeth, this name means “God is my oath.”
  10. Gavrila: Meaning “God is my strength,” this is the feminine version of the name Gavril.
  11. Gryta: Meaning “a pearl,” this name is a version of Margaret.
  12. Ilona: There are a few theories about the meaning of this name. It could be the Hungarian version of Helena, meaning “shining light.” And it may also be connected to the Finnish word ilona, which means “as a joy to someone.” In traditional Magyar folklore, Ilona is the Queen of the Fairies.
  13. Ivett: The Hungarian equivalent name of French name Yvette, Ivett means “yew.”
  14. Julinka: The Hungarian version of Julia, Julinka means “supreme God” or “youthful.”
  15. Katalin: This sweet girl’s name means “pure.”
  16. Léna: And this is the Hungarian and French form of the English name Lena, which means “light” or “shining.”
  17. Lilla: This girl’s name is Latin in origin and a version of “Lily.” There are many famous Lillas in Hungary, including Lilla Barzó, a Hungarian tennis player, and Lilla Bodor, a Hungarian painter.
  18. Luca: While it’s often used as a boy’s name in other parts of the world, it’s common for Luca to be a girl’s name in Hungary. It’s a shortened version of the boy’s name Lucas, which means “bringer of light.”
  19. Magdolna: A version of Magdelena or Magdelene, the hometown of Mary Magdalene.
  20. Mariska: Somewhat linked to the more common name Mary, Mariska means “drop of the sea” or “beloved.”
  21. Mira: This name has a lot of different meanings in different languages. It’s related to the Latin words for “wonder” and “wonderful,” Sanskrit words for “ocean” and “sea,” and means “peace” in South Slavic languages.
  22. Nóra: A shortened version of Eleonóra, Nóra means “light.”
  23. Zita: A nickname for the Hungarian name Felitas (Felicity in English), Zita has become a girl’s name in its own right.
  24. Zoé: The Hungarian, French, and Portuguese version of this popular name of Greek origin means “life.”
  25. Zsófia: This popular name is a version of Sofia, which has Greek origins and means “wisdom.”

Hungarian boy names

Some of the most popular Hungarian baby boy names also have Norse and Latin influences. This leads to a great mix of options to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Agoston: A Hungarian version of Augustine or Augustus, which means “exalted.”
  2. Andras: With both Hungarian and Welsh origin, this version of the name Andrew means “strong, manly, and brave.”
  3. Áron: An alternative spelling of Aaron popular in Hungary, Áron means “exalted” or “strong.”
  4. Attila: Most often associated with the fifth-century hun, this name means “little father” or “father-like.”
  5. Balázs: The Hungarian equivalent of the French name Blaise, meaning “lisp” or “stutter.”
  6. Barnat: The Hungarian version of the Germanic Bernard. It means “strong as a bear.”
  7. Béla: Likely from the Old Hungarian word bél, meaning “heart” or “insides,” this name symbolizes bravery.
  8. Benedek: This sweet name means “blessed.”
  9. Bódi: Meaning “God protects the king.”
  10. Dominik: This is an alternative spelling for Dominic and means “our Lord” in Latin.
  11. Géza: This adorable name means “little prince.”
  12. Kristof: A version of Christopher, Kristof means “Christ-bearer.”
  13. Laszlo: This strong name means “glorious ruler.”
  14. Levente: A medieval Hungarian name that’s still incredibly popular today. It means “being.”
  15. Márk: The Hungarian spelling of Mark, this boy’s name means “warlike.”
  16. Máté: Though it originated as a nickname for the Hungarian name Mátyás, Máté has become very popular in its own right. It means “Gift of God.”
  17. Noel: This name is used in many countries for children born close to Christmas.
  18. Olivér: The Hungarian version of the English Oliver, this boy’s name comes from the Old Norse for “ancestor’s descendants” and the Latin and French words for olive tree.
  19. Sándor: A Hungarian variant of Alexander, Sándor name means “man’s defender.”
  20. Tibor: This name may be a version of the Roman Tiberius, or originate from old Slavic languages meaning “sacred place.”
  21. Zoltan: A very common Hungarian boy’s name, Zoltan means “life.”

We hope this deep dive into Hungarian names has given you plenty of inspiration!

All the best with your choice.

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