273 Inspiring Indian Baby Boy Names

273 Inspiring Indian Baby Boy Names

From the divine to the nature-inspired, our 273 Indian baby boy names run deep.

Beautiful titles matched by inspiring meanings? You’ll find it all right here.

Whether you’re looking to follow the Bollywood trend or have Indian heritage, there is a huge choice of Indian boy’s names to give your little one.

Unlike many other cultures, male Indian names aren’t necessarily strong, masculine monikers.

For example, you might expect to see this in Japanese or Norse cultures.

Rather, Indian names for boys have some parity with girls – focusing on beauty, divinity, and nature.

Let’s take a dive into some traditional and modern Indian male names for your little shishu.

In this article: 📝

  • How are Indian babies named?
  • What name is best for Hindu boys?
  • What is the coolest name in India?
  • What is a popular Indian boy name?
  • What is the best Indian name for a boy?
  • What are unique Indian boys’ names?

How are Indian babies named?

First off, a brief lesson on the traditional way to name a baby in Indian culture.

Naming babies is a big deal in India ‒ research can start at the point of conception and continue until either 11 or 21 days after baby has been born, in the Hindu customs.

Numerology and astrology also play a big part in the naming ceremony, known as Naamkaran (which translates as “create name”) or Palanarohan (meaning “onboard the cradle”).

What name is best for Hindu boys?

While nature is a huge inspiration for male Indian names, we can’t discount religion, either.

Just as other cultures pay tribute to their deities, for example by using the name Jehovah or Jesús, many Indian names also take inspiration from the gods.

Some of the most popular Hindu baby boy names include:

  1. Aakesh: For the little boy who’s a gift from God, Aakesh means “Lord of the sky”.
  2. Ishaan: Paying tribute to the gods, Ishaan means “Lord Shiva”.
  3. Mayan: If you think your little one will have a lot of love in his heart, you can’t go wrong with this one, which means “god of love”.
  4. Rayaan: Similar to the Westernized Ryan, this means “gates of heaven”.
  5. Vedant: Just as God is all-knowing, so too will your little boy be if you name him this – meaning “ultimate wisdom”.

What is the coolest name in India?

But perhaps you’re looking for something a little more hip or ‘out there’.

These modern Indian baby boy names will be a real conversation starter and may stand the test of time in the classroom.

Why not try these cool and unique male Indian names?

  1. Aanan: Meaning “appearance”.
  2. Charun: Meaning “one with beautiful eyes”.
  3. Devaj: Meaning “born of the gods”.
  4. Harsith: Meaning “joy”.
  5. Ishir: Meaning “powerful” or “refreshing”.
  6. Kanan: Meaning “forest”.
  7. Mahit: Meaning “honored”.
  8. Ojasvat: Meaning “energetic”.
  9. Purnit: Meaning “complete”.
  10. Rodas: Meaning “heaven and earth”.

What is a popular Indian boy name?

If you’re looking for something you can be sure will be a hit, you can always turn to the statistics.

The Indian Express regularly takes polls of the most popular Indian boy names, and the latest results include:

  1. Ekansh: A popular Indian boy’s name meaning “whole”.
  2. Hredhaan: For the little boy who’s always in your heart, Hredhaan means “heart”.
  3. Jairaj: A brilliant Indian baby boy name meaning “lord of victory”.
  4. Onkar: An interesting religious Indian boy’s name meaning “there is one God”.
  5. Reyansh: For the baby boy who’s shining in your life, Reyansh means “ray of light”.
  6. Samesh: Meaning “lord of equality”, Samesh can also be shortened to Sam.
  7. Viraj: For the boy who will rise above, Viraj means “excellence”.
  8. Yash: Give your baby boy an edge to succeed ‒ Yash is an Indian boy name meaning “majesty”.

What is the best Indian name for a boy?

Feeling spoilt for choice?

Wait until you cast your eyes over these classic Indian baby boy names:

  1. Ahaan: Meaning “sunrise”.
  2. Ansh: Meaning “honesty”.
  3. Arhaan: Meaning “ruler”.
  4. Arin: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
  5. Arjun: Meaning “white”.
  6. Arnav: Meaning “ocean”.
  7. Aryaman: Meaning “close friend”.
  8. Aryan: Meaning “noble”.
  9. Atharv: Meaning “knowledge”.
  10. Avi: Meaning “sun and air”.
  11. Avyaan: Meaning “beginning”.
  12. Ayaan: Meaning “gift of God”.
  13. Ayush: Meaning “vigor”.
  14. Ayushman: Meaning “blessed with a long life”.
  15. Azaan: Meaning “call for prayer”.
  16. Bachittar: Meaning “wondrous merits”.
  17. Bahadurjit: Meaning “victory of the brave”.
  18. Bakhshi: Meaning “paymaster”.
  19. Balendra: Meaning “Lord Krishna”.
  20. Balhaar: Meaning “surrounded by strength”.
  21. Balvan: Meaning “powerful”.
  22. Balveer: Meaning “strong soldier”.
  23. Banjeet: Meaning “victory of the forest”.
  24. Bhavin: Meaning “beautiful blessing”.
  25. Brijesh: Meaning “king of Braj”.
  26. Chakradev: Meaning “one with chakra”.
  27. Chakradhar: Meaning “one who bears chakra”.
  28. Champak: Meaning “flower”.
  29. Chanakya: Meaning “bright”.
  30. Chandran: Meaning “shining”.
  31. Chandresh: Meaning “moon leader”.
  32. Charan: Meaning “God’s feet”.
  33. Chatresh: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  34. Chatura: Meaning “wise”.
  35. Daksh: Meaning “capable”.
  36. Dakshesh: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  37. Dalbir: Meaning “brave soldier”.
  38. Darpan: Meaning “mirror”.
  39. Darsh: Meaning “handsome”.
  40. Darshit: Meaning “one with a vision”.
  41. Dev: Meaning “divine”.
  42. Devansh: Meaning “part of the divine”.
  43. Dhairya: Meaning “patience”.
  44. Dhanuk: Meaning “rainbow”.
  45. Dhruv: Meaning “pole star”.
  46. Divit: Meaning “immortal”.
  47. Divyansh: Meaning “part of the divine”.
  48. Eeshan: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  49. Ekalinga: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  50. Ekapad: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  51. Faiyaz: Meaning “leader”.
  52. Faraj: Meaning “happiness”.
  53. Faras: Meaning “tiger”.
  54. Farhan: Meaning “happy”.
  55. Fariq: Meaning “comparing”.
  56. Faris: Meaning “knight”.
  57. Fitan: Meaning “intelligent”.
  58. Fiyaz: Meaning “artistic”.
  59. Gatik: Meaning “progressive”.
  60. Gaurang: Meaning “fair complexion”.
  61. Gauransh: Meaning “white and shining”.
  62. Gaurav: Meaning “pride”.
  63. Gautam: Meaning “darkness and light”.
  64. Girik: Meaning “lord of the mountains”.
  65. Girindra: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  66. Girish: Meaning “lord of the mountain”.
  67. Gopal: Meaning “cow protector”.
  68. Guneet: Meaning “virtuous”.
  69. Harish: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  70. Harsh: Meaning “joy”.
  71. Harshil: Meaning “joyful”.
  72. Hemang: Meaning “shining body”.
  73. Hitesh: Meaning “lord of goodness”.
  74. Hridaan: Meaning “generous heart”.
  75. Hriday: Meaning “of the heart”.
  76. Hritik: Meaning “sage”.
  77. Hunar: Meaning “art”.
  78. Ikbal: Meaning “prosperous”.
  79. Imaran: Meaning “strong”.
  80. Isaac: Meaning “joyful”.
  81. Ishwar: Meaning “powerful”.
  82. Jagat: Meaning “world”.
  83. Jagdish: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  84. Jai: Meaning “victory”.
  85. Jason: Meaning “healing”.
  86. Jatin: Meaning “auspicious one”.
  87. Jeet: Meaning “victorious”.
  88. Jivin: Meaning “life-giver”.
  89. Kabir: Meaning “great”.
  90. Karan: Meaning “skilled”.
  91. Kiaan: Meaning “grace of God”.
  92. Krish: Meaning “harvest”.
  93. Krishiv: Meaning “Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva”.
  94. Krishna: Meaning “dark”.
  95. Laban: Meaning “white”.
  96. Laksh: Meaning “destination”.
  97. Lakshay: Meaning “goal”.
  98. Lakshit: Meaning “aspiration”.
  99. Lavish: Meaning “loveable”.
  100. Lohit: Meaning “red”.
  101. Lucky: Meaning “sage”.
  102. Manan: Meaning “thought”.
  103. Manav: Meaning “humankind”.
  104. Manbir: Meaning “brave heart”.
  105. Manthan: Meaning “reflection through study”.
  106. Mohammed: Meaning “praised”.
  107. Moksh: Meaning “salvation”.
  108. Naksh: Meaning “moon”.
  109. Nakul: Meaning “sharp-minded”.
  110. Naveen: Meaning “new”.
  111. Neel: Meaning “champion”.
  112. Nihal: Meaning “romantic”.
  113. Nimit: Meaning “destiny”.
  114. Nirvaan: Meaning “bliss”.
  115. Nitesh: Meaning “follower of the right way”.
  116. Om: Meaning “Atman and Brahman”.
  117. Omkaar: Meaning “supreme god”.
  118. Onveer: Meaning “knowledge”.
  119. Orinder: Meaning “immortal”.
  120. Parth: Meaning “never misses his target”.
  121. Parv: Meaning “strong”.
  122. Pranav: Meaning “Om”.
  123. Pranay: Meaning “love”.
  124. Praneel: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  125. Pranit: Meaning “wished”.
  126. Pratham: Meaning “first”.
  127. Pratyush: Meaning “sunrise”.
  128. Qadim: Meaning “ancient”.
  129. Qarin: Meaning “friend”.
  130. Qasim: Meaning “distributor”.
  131. Rachit: Meaning “written”.
  132. Raghav: Meaning “Lord Rama”.
  133. Ranbir: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  134. Riaan: Meaning “little king”.
  135. Rishi: Meaning “enlightened person”.
  136. Ritvik: Meaning “sage”.
  137. Rohan: Meaning “ascending”.
  138. Romesh: Meaning “Lord Vishnu”.
  139. Ronith: Meaning “song”.
  140. Ryan: Meaning “little king”.
  141. Saatvik: Meaning “pure”.
  142. Saihaj: Meaning “peaceful”.
  143. Saksham: Meaning “skillful”.
  144. Samaksh: Meaning “in front”.
  145. Samar: Meaning “war”.
  146. Samarth: Meaning “powerful”.
  147. Sarthak: Meaning “importance”.
  148. Shaan: Meaning “pride”.
  149. Shaurya: Meaning “courage”.
  150. Siddharth: Meaning “accomplished”.
  151. Sohail: Meaning “moonlight”.
  152. Stuvan: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  153. Suveer: Meaning “courageous”.
  154. Taksh: Meaning “creation”.
  155. Tanay: Meaning “son”.
  156. Tanish: Meaning “ambition”.
  157. Tanmay: Meaning “absorbed in God”.
  158. Tarak: Meaning “protector”.
  159. Udarsh: Meaning “full”.
  160. Ujjwal: Meaning “bright”.
  161. Utkarsh: Meaning “awakening”.
  162. Vaibhav: Meaning “richness”.
  163. Veer: Meaning “brave”.
  164. Viaannew: Meaning “energetic”.
  165. Vihaan: Meaning “dawn”.
  166. Vivaan: Meaning “full of life”.
  167. Wahab: Meaning “one with a large heart”.
  168. Warinder: Meaning “lord of the ocean”.
  169. Wridesh: Meaning “blessed”.
  170. Yagnesh: Meaning “religious leader”.
  171. Yatan: Meaning “devotee”.
  172. Yatin: Meaning “religious devotion”.
  173. Yuvraj: Meaning “young king”.
  174. Zaid: Meaning “master”.
  175. Zain: Meaning “happy”.
  176. Zashil: Meaning “enthusiastic”.
  177. Zayan: Meaning “grace”.
  178. Zehaan: Meaning “prosperous”.

What are unique Indian boys’ names?

If you’re after a rare Indian boy’s name, you’re in the right place.

From modern Indian baby boy names to classically cool Indian boy names, these are all unusual and rare:

  1. Atharva: Meaning “knowledgeable one”.
  2. Azad: Meaning “free”.
  3. Baljiwan: Meaning “power”.
  4. Bhaavik: Meaning “righteous”.
  5. Chaitanya: Meaning “knowledge”.
  6. Chitaksh: Meaning “knowledgeable”.
  7. Divij: Meaning “from heaven”.
  8. Ehsaan: Meaning “excellence”.
  9. Ekaraj: Meaning “emperor”.
  10. Ekavir: Meaning “brave leader”.
  11. Ekbal: Meaning “good fortune”.
  12. Falan: Meaning “fertile”.
  13. Faqid: Meaning “divine judge”.
  14. Frado: Meaning “first”.
  15. Gagan: Meaning “heavenly sky”.
  16. Gunbir: Meaning “brave”.
  17. Hardik: Meaning “from the heart”.
  18. Himmat: Meaning “ambition”.
  19. Ikshit: Meaning “desired”.
  20. Indrajit: Meaning “victory over Lord Indra”.
  21. Ivaan: Meaning “sun”.
  22. Izaan: Meaning “obedience”.
  23. Jainew: Meaning “sun”.
  24. Jaiyush: Meaning “long life”.
  25. Jowar: Meaning “high tide”.
  26. Kalpit: Meaning “imaginative”.
  27. Kanav: Meaning “compassion”.
  28. Kushagra: Meaning “intelligent”.
  29. Lauhit: Meaning “trident of Lord Shiva”.
  30. Maanas: Meaning “powerful mind”.
  31. Maanav: Meaning “youth”.
  32. Madhav: Meaning “honey”.
  33. Medhansh: Meaning “born with intelligence”.
  34. Mitesh: Meaning “few desires”.
  35. Nachiket: Meaning “fire”.
  36. Navneet: Meaning “butter”.
  37. Navodit: Meaning “newly born”.
  38. Nishith: Meaning “midnight”.
  39. Ohas: Meaning “admired”.
  40. Parthsarathy: Meaning “charioteer”.
  41. Purab: Meaning “east”.
  42. Qabil: Meaning “scholar”.
  43. Ranveer: Meaning “hero of battle”.
  44. Rehaannew: Meaning “king”.
  45. Rudranew: Meaning “storm”.
  46. Rudransh: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  47. Rushil: Meaning “charming”.
  48. Sahil: Meaning “leader”.
  49. Sai: Meaning “divine”.
  50. Sathviknew: Meaning “pure”.
  51. Savar: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  52. Shayak: Meaning “arrow-wielder”.
  53. Shivansh: Meaning “part of Lord Shiva”.
  54. Shlok: Meaning “prayer”.
  55. Shray: Meaning “marvelous”.
  56. Tanveer: Meaning “brave and strong”.
  57. Tanvik: Meaning “king”.
  58. Teerth: Meaning “holy place”.
  59. Tejas: Meaning “strength”.
  60. Udant: Meaning “correct message”.
  61. Umang: Meaning “enthusiastic”.
  62. Upkaar: Meaning “kindness”.
  63. Uthkarsh: Meaning “prosperity”.
  64. Virat: Meaning “hero of valor”.
  65. Warjas: Meaning “honest”.
  66. Wazir: Meaning “helper”.
  67. Wriddhish: Meaning “lord of good fortune”.
  68. Yayati: Meaning “sage”.
  69. Yug: Meaning “generation”.
  70. Yuvaan: Meaning “youthful”.
  71. Zayyan: Meaning “radiance”.
  72. Zeeshan: Meaning “peaceful”.

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