174 Indian Baby Girl Names and Meanings

174 Indian Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Discover the meaning behind some of the most beautiful, unique, and popular Indian girl names. Perfect for your little goddess.
We really are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing Indian girl names.

As a vast country with a huge population and centuries of diverse culture, Indian names for girls are bursting with color and wonder.

Not to mention the vast themes at play.

You can pay homage to powerful deities through Hindu girl names, or take it back to basics by giving a simple nod to your newborn’s unique qualities.

Whether she’s a ray of sunshine or beautiful like the stars (yes, there is a name for that), here are some of the best Indian girl names for your gorgeous daughter.

In this article: 📝

  • What are some Indian girl names?
  • What are the top 10 girl names in India?
  • What is a unique Indian girl’s name?
  • What is the rarest Indian girl’s name?
  • What is the prettiest Indian name for a girl?
  • What is a cute girl name Hindu?
  • What is the luckiest name for a girl in india
  • What are some common Indian girl names?

What are some Indian girl names?

If you want your little girl to exude certain qualities, you might want to choose a name that refers to just that.

Consider Indian baby girl names such as:

  1. Aadhila: Meaning “honesty”.
  2. Bhakti: Meaning “faithfulness”.
  3. Chetana: Meaning “intelligence”.
  4. Dayamai: Meaning “compassionate”.
  5. Eesha: Meaning “powerful”.
  6. Harshita: Meaning “always happy”.
  7. Iniya: Meaning “sweet”.
  8. Kaira: Meaning “peaceful” or “unique”.
  9. Laboni: Meaning “grace”.
  10. Manya: Meaning “respectable”.
  11. Nitara: Meaning “deeply rooted”.
  12. Parul: Meaning “graceful”.
  13. Ranya: Meaning “joyful”.
  14. Saachi: Meaning “beloved”.
  15. Trayi: Meaning “clever”.
  16. Vineeta: Meaning “modesty”.
  17. Yukta: Meaning”attentive”.
  18. Zoya: Meaning “sharing”.

What are the top 10 girl names in India?

Curious what Indian names for girls are captivating other mamas?

Thankfully, there are annual surveys assessing the most common Indian baby girl names each year.

The latest results show these big hitters:

  1. Aarya: From the Sanskrit word āryā* meaning “noble”.
  2. Anika: Meaning “graceful” or “brilliant”.
  3. Fatima: Meaning “captivating” or, even better, “one who is beautiful like the stars”.
  4. Ira: Meaning “watchful” in Hebrew or “the earth” in Sanskrit. Ira is also an alternative name for the Hindu goddess of wisdom and knowledge, Saraswati. Keeping with the goddess theme, in Finnish Ira represents the Greek deity Hera.
  5. Kiara: Meaning “little dark one”. Related to the Irish girl’s name Ciara.
  6. Maryam: Meaning “rebellious” or “bitter” but “beloved” in its Egyptian root, Maryam is great for embracing baby’s every whim.
  7. Pari: Meaning “fairy” or “angel”.
  8. Saanvi: A mysterious Hindu name thought to be a synonym for the goddess Lakshmi. Meaning “guided by Lakshimi”, Saanvi honors all associated with the supreme mother goddess, not least of all fortune, love, and beauty.
  9. Rose: Meaning “rose flower”. 🌹
  10. Rea: Meaning “flowing”.

What is a unique Indian girl’s name?

The beauty of Indian girl names is their unique sound and illuminating meanings.

If you want to celebrate your new daughter’s irreplaceable qualities, maybe choose from one of these:

  1. Aarohi: This melodic Bengali name means “a musical note”. That’s one way to celebrate baby’s easy, flowing nature. 🎶
  2. Anaisha: Meaning “special”. Captures your sentiments beautifully.
  3. Garimai: Meaning “prowess”, “warmth”, “strength” or “honor” – for when there’s not enough words, Garimai sums it up nicely.
  4. Khushi: Unique and cute, Khushi of course means “happiness” or “delight”. How could it not?
  5. Tripti: Meaning “satisfaction” or “spiritual delight”. Only good things for little Tripti.

What is the rarest Indian girl’s name?

Even the most popular Indian names for girls boast a distinctive quality.

If you’d sooner stay away from the more common Indian girl names, you can try these unique alternatives instead:

  1. Azarin: Meaning “Chamomile Flower”.
  2. Bahraman: Meaning “ruby”.
  3. Chiti: Meaning “love”.
  4. Dolkar: Meaning “Buddhist goddess”.
  5. Eshana: Meaning “wish”.
  6. Gurnoor: Meaning “Heavenly light of the Guru”.
  7. Jannat: Meaning “paradise” or “heaven”.
  8. Kakoli: Meaning “Preaching of a bird”.
  9. Mrinal: Meaning “lotus stalk”.
  10. Priyala: Meaning “one who gives love”.
  11. Sangmu: Meaning “ the kind-hearted one.”
  12. Vedha: Meaning “faithful” or “devoted”.

What is the prettiest Indian name for a girl?

It’s not easy to select the prettiest Indian girl’s name when they all flow so beautifully.

We’ve gotten pretty close though.

Which one stands out to you:

  1. Amoli: Meaning “precious”.
  2. Amulya: Meaning “of inestimable worth”.
  3. Anganaa: Meaning “beautiful woman”.
  4. Angayarkanni: Meaning “woman with beautiful eyes”.
  5. Anusha: Meaning “dawn” or “beautiful morning”. In Persian, Anusha also carries the meaning “immortal”.
  6. Apsara: Meaning “celestial nymph”. In hinduism, Apsaras are the female spirits of the clouds and water known for their captivating dancing.
  7. Charita: A variation of the English name Charity meaning “of pleasant character”.
  8. Charu: Meaning “attractive”.
  9. Chandani: Meaning “moonlight”.
  10. Devika: Meaning “little goddess”.
  11. Zulika: Meaning “brilliant beauty”.
  12. Amirthini: Meaning “nectar”. 🐝
  13. Bhamini: Meaning “beautiful” or “glorious”. We’ll gladly take both.
  14. Soma: Meaning “lunar nectar”.
  15. Rani: Meaning “queen”. 👑

What is a cute girl name Hindu?

Here’s our top picks of adorable Hindi girl names and their meanings:

  1. Anaka: Meaning “sweet-faced”.
  2. Anbarasi: Meaning “queen of love”.
  3. Suhasini: Meaning “ever smiling”.
  4. Anju: Meaning “one who lives in the heart”. In Japanese, Anju also means “apricot tree”.
  5. Lalika: Meaning “lovely one”.
  6. Shanti: Meaning “peace”.
  7. Dularee: Meaning “loveable”.
  8. Ritika: Meaning “movement” or “joy”.
  9. Neena: Meaning “mighty”. A cute name with big ambitions.
  10. Anusheela: Meaning “full of goodness”.

What is the luckiest name for a girl in india

If you’re looking to get a head start on manifesting for your baby girl, these names may just do the trick:

  1. Anuradha: Meaning “goddess of good luck”. Anu makes for a playful variation.
  2. Artha: Named for one of the four aims of human life, Artha means “goal”, “purpose”, or “meaning”. In Indian philosophy, Artha can mean many things depending on the individual. From wealth to worldly affairs, this name encourages one to thrive.
  3. Ishana: Meaning “prosperous”.

What are some common Indian girl names?

We told you there was a lot of variety in Indian baby names!

Long or short, modern, or celestial, you’ll find a comprehensive list right here.

If you still can’t find the perfect moniker for your little girl, why not reach out to other moms on the platform or check out our blog?

  1. Amar: Meaning “immortal one”.
  2. Amarjaa: Meaning “river”.
  3. Amata: Meaning “beloved”. Latin in origin.
  4. Ambar: Meaning “sky”.
  5. Amberlie: Meaning “amber”.
  6. Amisha: A beautiful virtue name meaning “truthful”.
  7. Amutha: Meaning “lively”.
  8. Anala: Meaning “fire”.
  9. Anandita: Meaning “full of joy”.
  10. Angee: Meaning “fire”. 🔥
  11. Anila: Meaning “wind”.
  12. Anjali: Meaning “divine offering”.
  13. Anjuli: Meaning “blessing”.
  14. Anuka: A gender-neutral baby name meaning “wishful”.
  15. Anupa: Meaning “one of a kind” or “pond”.
  16. Anupriyaa: Meaning “beloved daughter”.
  17. Anura: Meaning “knowledgeable”.
  18. Aradhana: Meaning “worship”.
  19. Arivazhagi: Meaning “intelligent”.
  20. Arpana: Meaning “dedicated”.
  21. Arvindaa: Meaning “lotus”.
  22. Asmee: Meaning “self-confident”.
  23. Azha: Meaning “star”. 🌟
  24. Bakul: Meaning “flower”.
  25. Banhi: Meaning “fire”.
  26. Banita: Meaning “lady”.
  27. Beeja: Meaning “origin of the soul”.
  28. Bhanumati: Meaning “luminous”.
  29. Bharati: Meaning “goddess saraswati”.
  30. Bhavika: Meaning “well-meaning”.
  31. Bhuma: Meaning “earth”.
  32. Bhumika: Another nature name meaning “earth”.
  33. Candy: Meaning “sweet”.
  34. Chahna: Meaning “light” or “luster”.
  35. Chaitali: Meaning “Born in the Chaitra month”.
  36. Chameli: Meaning “Jasmine flower”.
  37. Chandaa: Meaning “moonlight”.
  38. Chandrakanta: Meaning “beloved of the moon”.
  39. Chandrima: Meaning “moon”.
  40. Charumati: Meaning “wise” or “beautiful lady”.
  41. Chella: Meaning “liking for all”.
  42. Damayanti: Meaning “soothing”.
  43. Darpitaa: Meaning “proud”.
  44. Darsha: Meaning “to have vision”.
  45. Dayanita: Meaning “tender”.
  46. Deva: Meaning “divine one”.
  47. Devahuti: Meaning “daughter of Manu”.
  48. Devaki: Meaning “mother of Krishna”.
  49. Devi: Meaning “goddess”.
  50. Deepali: Meaning “row of lamps”.
  51. Dhanadaa: Meaning “bestows treasures”.
  52. Dhara: Meaning “constant flow”.
  53. Dharinee: Meaning “the earth”.
  54. Dharitri: Meaning “the earth”.
  55. Dhavala: Meaning “pure white”.
  56. Divya: Meaning “divine brilliance”.
  57. Draupadi: Meaning “daughter of Drupada”.
  58. Drisana: Meaning “d​​aughter of the sun”. ☀️
  59. Durga: Meaning “the invincible one”.
  60. Gambhira: Meaning “well-born” or “of great dignity”.
  61. Hanita: Meaning “divine grace”.
  62. Hansika: Meaning “swan”. 🦢
  63. Indu: Meaning “moon”.
  64. Ishani: Meaning “impassable”. Associated with the goddess Durga, this strong Indian girl’s name embodies strength, protection, and motherhood.
  65. Jaya: Meaning “victory”.
  66. Kaeya: Meaning “monsoon flower”.
  67. Kalinda: Meaning “the sun”. Kalynda is a creative alternative.
  68. Kalindi: Meaning “the sun”.
  69. Kamala: Meaning “exceptional one”.
  70. Lata: Meaning “vine”.
  71. Monisha: Meaning “intelligent”.
  72. Neesha: Meaning “night”. Related to Nisha.
  73. Niesha: Meaning “full of life”.
  74. Naira: Meaning “shining”.
  75. Rachana: Meaning “creation”.
  76. Rashana: A variation of Rashanda meaning “creation”.
  77. Sagara: A nautical baby name meaning “the sea”.
  78. Saleena: Meaning “the moon”.
  79. Salena: Meaning “moon goddess”.
  80. Sadhika: Meaning “achiever”.
  81. Sana: From the Arabic sana meaning “brilliant” or “radiance”.
  82. Shaila: Meaning “mountain”.
  83. Shaili: Meaning “style” or “my gift” from the Sanskrit word śailī.
  84. Shakeela: Meaning “beautiful”. A variation of Shakila.
  85. Shalee: Meaning “river”.
  86. Shaleena: Meaning “modest”.
  87. Shalene: Meaning “sensible”.
  88. Shalini: Meaning “humble”.
  89. Shanta: Meaning “peace”.
  90. Shantae: Meaning “place of stones”.
  91. Shantai: Meaning “peaceful”.
  92. Sheetal: Meaning “cool”.
  93. Shyla: Meaning “daughter of the mountain”.
  94. Sonia: Meaning “lovely”.
  95. Tamanna: Meaning “wish”.
  96. Tanaia: Meaning “daughter”.
  97. Tanaya: Meaning “born of the body”.
  98. Turvi: Meaning “superior”.
  99. Uma: Meaning “splendor”.
  100. Yashika: Meaning “success”.
  101. Ziya: Meaning “light”.

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