332 Inspiring Indian Baby Names And Meanings

332 Inspiring Indian Baby Names And Meanings

If you’re looking for a name steeped in nature or want to pay tribute to your heritage, Indian baby names are a great place to start.
While many cultures tend to favor pretty timid names for women and strong, war-like names for men, this is not the case with Indian names.

Instead, both Indian girl names and boy names focus on common themes such as beauty, divinity, and nature – with some religious references as well.

We’ve gathered the coolest, rarest, most unique Indian first names to inspire all manners of destinies for your little one.

And we’ve come to find that even the common Indian names are far from.

To celebrate the birth of your beautiful baby boy or girl, take your pick from our list of Indian baby names below.

In this article: 📝

  • What are some cool Indian names?
  • What are some common Indian names for a boy?
  • What are the top 10 prettiest Indian girl names?
  • What is a good Indian name for a girl?
  • Which is the rarest name in India?
  • Rare Indian names for girls
  • What are unique Indian names?
  • What is the best Indian baby name?
  • More Indian baby names

What are some cool Indian names?

As cultural delights like Bollywood and Bhangra music continue to grow in popularity, Indian names have begun to develop a pretty ‘cool’ reputation.

But how can your little one be the coolest kid on the block? Choose from one of these en vogue monikers:

Cool Indian names for girls

When picking your little one’s name, its degree of awesomeness has to rank high.

We get it.

We’ve got the some of the coolest Indian first names and meanings to help you pick a worthy title for your rising queen.

  1. Anala: Meaning “fire”. 🔥
  2. Adah: Meaning “decorated”.
  3. Anaisha: Meaning “special”.
  4. Ananya: Meaning “unique” as well as a reference to the goddess Parvati.
  5. Asmee: Meaning “self-confident”.
  6. Ishana: Meaning “rich”.
  7. Ishita: Meaning “desire” or “greatness”.
  8. Kaia: Meaning “stability” or “from the ”earth](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/baby-names-that-mean-earth)”.
  9. Kashvi: Meaning “shining”.
  10. Kimaya: Meaning “divine”.
  11. Krisha: Also meaning “divine”.
  12. Larisa: Meaning “cheerful”.
  13. Mahika: Meaning “dewdrops”.
  14. Mirai: Meaning “miracle”.
  15. Navya: Meaning “young”.
  16. Rebecca: Meaning “captivating”.
  17. Shanaya: Meaning “first ray of the sun”.
  18. Shrishti: Meaning “universe”.
  19. Taara: Meaning “star”. ⭐

Cool Indian names for boys

From the traditional to the modern, there are plenty of Indian boy names to choose from – you can thank their brag-worthy meanings.

As for what is the coolest Indian name? We’ll let you be the judge:

  1. Aarav: Meaning “wisdom”.
  2. Akanksh: Meaning “desire”.
  3. Alex: Meaning “to protect”.
  4. Anant: Meaning “infinite”.
  5. Bhuv: Meaning “heaven”.
  6. Dasya: Meaning “a gift from God”.
  7. Gian: Meaning “master of knowledge” for your little future genius.
  8. Hem: Meaning “gold”.
  9. Idhant: Meaning “luminous”.
  10. Ishank: Meaning “peak of the Himalayas.”
  11. Jash: Meaning “fame”.
  12. Jay: Meaning “victory”. 🏆
  13. Kahaan: Meaning “universe”.
  14. Kevin: Meaning “handsome”.
  15. Laksh: Meaning “destination”.
  16. Mohammad: Meaning “the praised one”.
  17. Nimit: Meaning “destiny”.
  18. Raj: Meaning “king”.
  19. Ranbir: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  20. Raunak: Meaning “shining”.
  21. Rishit: Meaning “the best”.
  22. Sadhil: Meaning “perfect”.
  23. Taarush: Meaning “conqueror”.
  24. Taksh: Meaning “Lord Ganesha”.
  25. Vivaan: Meaning “full of life”.
  26. Yash: Meaning “fame”.
  27. Zuber: Meaning “pure”.

What are some common Indian names for a boy?

If you prefer the traditional, here are some of the most common Indian names for boys:

  1. Anang: Meaning “cupid”.
  2. Ananta: Meaning “infinite” or “endless” for your boundless wonder.
  3. Anbu: Meaning “love” and kindness”.
  4. Balabhadra: Meaning “fortunate” or “lucky”.
  5. Balakrishna: Meaning “Divine Child Krishna”.
  6. Brahma: Meaning “the creator god”.
  7. Chaitali: Meaning “Born in the Month of Chaitra” for babies born in the first month of the Hindu calendar.
  8. Chaitanya: From the Sanskrit चैतन्य, Chaitanya means “consciousness” or “awareness”.
  9. Deshan: Meaning “of the nation”.
  10. Durga: A formidable little name that means “invincible” or “impassable”.
  11. Gambhira: Meaning “well-born”.
  12. Gulshan: Meaning “rose garden” or “land of flowers”. 🌼
  13. Hanita: Meaning “divine grace”.
  14. Harsha: Meaning “joy” or “happiness”.
  15. Harshad: A cute name for your newborn boy that means “bringer of joy”.
  16. Himesh: Meaning “lord of the snow”. What a name for a winter baby! ❄️
  17. Jivan: Meaning “life”.
  18. Johar: Meaning “salute”.
  19. Kalinda: Meaning “sun”. ☀️
  20. Kalindi: Also meaning “sun”.
  21. Kalynda: Another shining example of Indian names meaning “sun”.
  22. Lakshman: Attract abundance with this name that means “good fortune”.
  23. Mahavir: An inspiring Indian baby name that means “little hero”. 🦸
  24. Mahavira: Another heroic name formed from the Sanskrit words maha meaning “great” and vira meaning “hero”.
  25. Mahesh: A short form of Indian name Maheswara meaning “great ruler”.
  26. Nalin: Inspired by the Hindu symbol for enlightenment, Nalin means “lotus”.
  27. Naman: Meaning “salutations”.
  28. Nameen: A variation of Nailin that means “lotus”.
  29. Sareek: Meaning “thrush” – a sweet choice for your little songbird.
  30. Sareeq: A variation of Sareek that also means “thrush”.
  31. Sariq: Meaning “a small songbird”.
  32. Shashi: A beautiful gender-neutral Sanskrit name for your midnight baby that means “moonlight”. 🌕
  33. Soma: Inspired by the Hindu god Chandra, Soma is a gender-neutral name that means “moon”.
  34. Tippoo: Both elegant and fierce, Tippoo means “tiger”. 🐯
  35. Tipu: Another playful boy’s name meaning “tiger”.
  36. Udayan: Meaning “rising”.
  37. Umed: Meaning “hope”.
  38. Varoun: A striking name for your growing water baby that means “water god”. 🧜‍♂️

What are the top 10 prettiest Indian girl names?

Whether your newborn daughter fills with you joy or exudes a grace, here 10 of the prettiest Indian first names:

  1. Anandita: Meaning “happy” or “full of joy”.
  2. Anbarasi: Meaning “queen of love”.
  3. Chahna: Meaning “renowned” or “light”.
  4. Diva: Meaning “powerful woman” or “goddess”.
  5. Hrida: Meaning “pure” or “of the heart”.
  6. Kavya: Meaning “poem” or “poetry in motion”.
  7. Lavanya: Meaning “grace”.
  8. Samaira: Meaning “enchanting”.
  9. Tanya: Meaning “fairy princess”.
  10. Nayantara: Meaning “star of the eyes”.

What is a good Indian name for a girl?

Can you see that we’re pretty spoiled for choice in both boys and girls?

Similarly, you’ll find more common Indian names for girls here:

  1. Anaka: A pretty girl’s name meaning “sweet-faced”.
  2. Aditi: Remind your little one that the sky’s the limit with this melodic Indian name that means “boundless.”
  3. Ahalya: Meaning “without ugliness” for beauty that shines from the inside out.
  4. Aja: Meaning “goat”.
  5. Alka: Meaning “girl with lovely hair”.
  6. Amar: Meaning “immortal one”.
  7. Amata: Meaning “beloved one”. ❤️
  8. Ambar: Meaning “sky”.
  9. Anala: Meaning “fire”.
  10. Angee: Another Indian name meaning “fire”.
  11. Anila: Meaning “wind” or “air”. 🌬️
  12. Anjali: A touching girl’s name that means “divine offering”
  13. Anju: Meaning “one who lives in the heart”. It captures it all really.
  14. Anjuli: Meaning “blessing”.
  15. Anuradha: Meaning “goddess of good luck”.
  16. Artha: Meaning “wealth”.
  17. Candy: Meaning “sweet”. 🍬
  18. Charu: Meaning “radiant and graceful”.
  19. Damayanti: Meaning “soothing”.
  20. Devi: Inspired by the Sanskrit word for “goddess”, Devī.
  21. Divya: From the Sanskrit word dhivyá, meaning “divine brilliance”.
  22. Drisana: Meaning “daughter of the sun”.
  23. Eshana: Meaning “wish” or “desire”.
  24. Hansika: An elegant Indian girl’s name that means “swan”. 🦢
  25. Indu: Meaning “moon”.
  26. Ishani: Meaning “desire”.
  27. Jaya: Sounding like a joyous cry, no surprise that Jaya means “victorious”.
  28. Kaeya: Meaning “monsoon flower”.
  29. Lalika: Meaning “a graceful woman”.
  30. Lata: A beautiful nature name that means “vine”.
  31. Monisha: An encouraging Indian girl’s name that means “intellectual”. 🧠
  32. Neesha: A softly melodic name that means “night”.
  33. Nisha: Another beautiful name that means “night”.
  34. Rashana: Meaning “a creation”.
  35. Rashanda: Also means “creation”.
  36. Salena: Meaning “moon”.
  37. Salina: A name of Greek, Hebrew, and Hindi roots that means “moon”.
  38. Sana: A name of Hindi and Arabic origin that means “brilliance.”
  39. Shaila: Meaning “river” or “mountain” for a true nature’s child.
  40. Shaili: From the Sanskrit śailī, Shaili is a name that means “style”. Definitely not one to fall out of fashion.
  41. Shalee: Meaning “river”.
  42. Shaleena: A variation of the Hindi Shalini meaning “sensible”.
  43. Shalena: Meaning “modest”.
  44. Shalene: Another variation meaning “modest”.
  45. Shanta: Meaning “serenity” or “calm”.
  46. Shantai: Meaning “peaceful”.
  47. Shanti: A zen girl’s name that means “peace”.
  48. Shyla: Inspired by the Hindu goddess Parvati, Shyla means “daughter of the mountain”.
  49. Shylah: Meaning “goddess”.
  50. Tanaia: Meaning “daughter”.
  51. Tenaya: Another name meaning “daughter”. In Native American, Tenaya also means “great [leader]”.
  52. Tanea: A variation of Tenaya that also means “daughter”.

Which is the rarest name in India?

Some of the rarer Indian names may have religious connotations but are no less beautiful and the perfect choice for your baby.

Rare Indian names for boys

For your one-of-a-kind son, consider names such as:

  1. Aaban: Meaning “name of the angel”.
  2. Balakrishnan: Meaning “young Krishna”.
  3. Calvert: Meaning “shepherd”.
  4. Devesh: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  5. Eashan: Meaning “Shiva”.
  6. Fakir: Meaning “a saintly person”
  7. Gangesh: Meaning “Lord of the Ganges River”.
  8. Hardeep: Meaning “light of God”.
  9. Ishan: Meaning “Lord of wealth” or “sun”.

Rare Indian names for girls

Unique Indian girl names for your little queen include:

  1. Arshia: Meaning “heavenly divine”.
  2. Baldev: Meaning “the mighty God”.
  3. Christine: A Latin name meaning ‘Christian faith’
  4. Dharmini: Meaning ‘religious’
  5. Gurinder: Meaning ‘Lord’
  6. Harbhajan: Meaning ‘a devotee absorbed in the Lord’
  7. Ishwin: Meaning ‘one who praises the Lord.’

What are unique Indian names?

Alluring, enchanting, unforgettable – we’ve gathered the Indian names that reflect your newborn’s unique qualities best:

Unique Indian names for boys

Explore our list and see if you find the perfect meaning for your exceptional baby boy:

  1. Advik: Meaning “unique”, Advik captures baby’s individuality in an instant.
  2. Akarsh: Meaning “attraction” or “fascination”.
  3. Anay: Said to be one of the names for Lord Krishna that means “one who has no leader” – fitting for a trailblazer.
  4. Ehsaan: Meaning “favor” or “perfection”.
  5. Faiyaz: Meaning “artistic”. 🎨
  6. Jaiyush: Thought to mean “victorous, long life” from the Indian names Jai and ayush.
  7. Lauhit: Meaning “The trident of Lord Shiva”.
  8. Nimit: Meaning “destiny”.
  9. Samar: A lovely name meaning “evening conversation”.
  10. Shayak: Ensure baby never loses focus with this striking name meaning “arrow”.
  11. Viraj: Meaning “most significant in the universe” for your one and only solo son.

Unique Indian names for girls

You know there’s more to your little one than meets the eye so why not pick one of these rare gems:

  1. Akshara: Meaning “unalterable”.
  2. Anaisha: Meaning “special”.
  3. Arushi: Meaning “red sky in the early morning”.
  4. Parinaaz: Meaning “queen of fairies”.
  5. Eenakshi: Meaning “deer-eyed”.
  6. Khanak: An expressive Indian girl’s name meaning “ sweet sound of the bangles” – talk about distinctive!
  7. Lasya: Meaning “dance performed by the goddess Parvati”.
  8. Medhasvini: A variation of Medhavini meaning “wise woman”.
  9. Nakshatra: A precious name meaning “star” or “pearl” – for a rare gem.
  10. Oorja: Meaning “energy”.
  11. Urvi: Meaning “both heaven and earth”.

What is the best Indian baby name?

It can be difficult to pin down the best Indian name for your baby, but we can provide the most outstanding:

Best Indian baby names for boys

Some standout Indian names for boys include:

  1. Aayush: Meaning “long life” or “vigor”.
  2. Adhrit: Meaning “one worthy of respect” – says it all really.
  3. Aryaman: An endearing Indian boy’s name that means “close friend”.
  4. Divit: An encouraging name meaning “reaching for the sky”.
  5. Gatik: Meaning “progressive” – for a forward-thinking future leader perhaps?
  6. Hridaan: Meaning “a generous heart”.
  7. Hunar: Meaning “good qualities” which we are sure your little one has in abundance.
  8. Medhansh: Meaning “born with intelligence”.
  9. Ojas: Meaning “strength” or “luster”.
  10. Ranbir: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  11. Yuvraj: Meaning “prince” or “young king”.
  12. Virat: Meaning “majestic”.

Best Indian baby names for girls

Some formidable Indian names for girls include:

  1. Aradhya: Meaning “worshipped” – set those standards high for your little one.
  2. Charvi: Meaning “beautiful woman”.
  3. Dhriti: Meaning “determination”.
  4. Jaisvi: Meaning “victory”.
  5. Jivika: Meaning “water” or “source of life”.
  6. Maitreyi: A name exuding wisdom, Maitrey means “a learned woman of the past”.
  7. Mishika: Meaning “gift of love”.
  8. Naira: Meaning “shining” or “glittering”.
  9. Neena: An adorable Indian girl’s name that means “pretty eyes”.
  10. Nitya: Meaning “constant” or “eternal”.
  11. Ojasvini: Meaning “full of brightness”.
  12. Vedika: Meaning “full of knowledge”.
  13. Yasha: Meaning “fame” or “success”.

More Indian baby names

Still not convinced? Try some of these on for size:

Indian first names for boys

A rich mix of timeless favorites and uncommon titles for your fresh-faced youth:

  1. Aarush: Meaning “first ray of sun”.
  2. Avyaan: Meaning “new beginnings”.
  3. Atharva: Meaning “knower of Vedas”.
  4. Arhaan: Meaning “ruler”.
  5. Ahaan: Meaning “dawn”.
  6. Arnav: A nautical name meaning “ocean”. 🌊
  7. Bhaavik: Meaning “prosperity and happiness”.
  8. Bhavin: Meaning “beautiful” and “blessing”.
  9. Chitaksh: Thought to come from the Hindi word cītā meaning “cheetah”.
  10. Daksh: Meaning “capable”.
  11. Darshit: Meaning “vision”.
  12. Devansh: Meaning “part of God”.
  13. Dhanuk: A variation of Dhanushka meaning “wealth”.
  14. Dhairya: Meaning “patience”.
  15. Divij: Meaning “born in heaven”.
  16. Divyansh: Meaning “part of the divine light”.
  17. Eeshan: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  18. Farhan: Meaning “happy” or “joyful”.
  19. Gauransh: Meaning “a part of Gauri parwati”.
  20. Hardik: Meaning “from the heart”.
  21. Himmat: Meaning “courage”.
  22. Hriday: Meaning “part of the heart”.
  23. Ishir: Meaning “the Indian God of fire”.
  24. Ikshit: Meaning “desired”.
  25. Ishaan: Meaning “the sun”.
  26. Ivaan: Meaning “glorious gift”.
  27. Izaan: Meaning “obedience”.
  28. Jivin: Meaning “to give life”.
  29. Kanav: Meaning “sage” or “wise”.
  30. Krishiv: Meaning “Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva”.
  31. Kiaan: Meaning “king”.
  32. Kushagra: Meaning “intelligent”.
  33. Krish: Meaning “Lord Krishna”.
  34. Lakshay: A name meaning “target” or “goal” to keep baby’s eyes on the prize.
  35. Lakshit: Meaning “target”.
  36. Manan: Meaning “thought” or “reflection”.
  37. Manav: Meaning “human”.
  38. Moksh: Meaning “salvation”.
  39. Navodit: Meaning “newlyborn” – it doesn’t get more fitting than that.
  40. Nirvaan: Meaning “bliss” or “liberation”.
  41. Nishith: Meaning “night”.
  42. Ohas: Meaning “admired”.
  43. Parv: Meaning “festival” or “strong”.
  44. Pranay: Fill your boy’s world with love with this sweet Indian name meaning “affection” or “romance”.
  45. Pratham: Meaning “first”.
  46. Purab: Meaning “east”.
  47. Raghav: Meaning “Lord Rama”.
  48. Reyansh: Meaning “part of a stream”.
  49. Ritvik: Meaning “priest”.
  50. Rudransh: Meaning “part of Lord Shiva”.
  51. Saatvik: Meaning “virtuous”.
  52. Savar: Meaning “water”.
  53. Sahil: Meaning “leader”.
  54. Saksham: Meaning “capable”.
  55. Samarth: Meaning “powerful”.
  56. Shaan: Meaning “glory” or “pride”.
  57. Saihaj: Meaning “peaceful”.
  58. Shlok: Meaning “prayer”.
  59. Shray: Meaning “credit”.
  60. Stuvan: Meaning “to praise”.
  61. Suveer: Meaning “well-built” and “courageous”.
  62. Tanvik: Meaning “king”.
  63. Tanmay: Meaning “absorbed”.
  64. Tejas: Meaning “splendor”.
  65. Ujjwal: Meaning “bright” or “clear”.
  66. Umang: Meaning “enthusiasm” or “happiness”.
  67. Uthkarsh: Meaning “prosperity” or “awakening”.
  68. Vaibhav: Meaning “richness”.
  69. Vihaan: Meaning “dawn”.
  70. Yug: Meaning “age” or “generation”.
  71. Yuvaan: Meaning “youthful”.
  72. Zain: Meaning “beauty” or “grace”.

Indian first names for girls

A collection of enchanting Indian names befitting your beautiful little girl:

  1. Aadrika: Meaning “mountain”.
  2. Aarya: Meaning “noble”.
  3. Andal: Meaning “wife of Vishnu”.
  4. Anika: Meaning “sweet-faced”.
  5. Anvi: Meaning “goddess”.
  6. Bhamini: Meaning “woman” or “beautiful”.
  7. Disha: Meaning “direction”.
  8. Drishya: Meaning “sight”.
  9. Ela: Meaning “the earth”.
  10. Hamsika: Meaning “goddess Saraswati”.
  11. Hrishita: Meaning “joyful”.
  12. Inaaya: Meaning “gift of God”.
  13. Inayat: Meaning “kindness”.
  14. Ira: Meaning “earth”.
  15. Jhanvi: Meaning “Ganga river”.
  16. Jiya: Meaning “heart”.
  17. Keya: Meaning “a monsoon flower”.
  18. Khushi: Meaning “happiness”.
  19. Kiara: Variation of Chiara meaning “light”.
  20. Mannat: Meaning “wish” or “vow to a deity”.
  21. Miraya: Meaning “devotee of Lord Krishna”.
  22. Myra: Meaning “beloved”.
  23. Naisha: Meaning “special”.
  24. Nehmat: Meaning “grace” or blessing”.
  25. Nitara: Meaning “deeply rooted”.
  26. Pari: Meaning “beauty” or “fairy”. 🧚
  27. Pihu: Meaning “sweet sound”.
  28. Pranavi: Meaning “the goddess Parvati”.
  29. Prisha: Meaning “God’s gift”.
  30. Renee: Meaning “to be reborn”.
  31. Rhea: Meaning “of the flowing stream”.
  32. Riya: Meaning “singer”.
  33. Rudrani: Meaning “the goddess Parvati”.
  34. Saanvi: Meaning “the goddess Lakshmi”.
  35. Sara: Meaning “princess”.
  36. Seher: Meaning “dawn”.
  37. Shakeela: Meaning “beautiful”.
  38. Sharanya: Meaning “giver of refuge” or “surrender”.
  39. Siya: A name related to the goddess Sita, Siya means “white moonlight”.
  40. Suhana: Meaning “pleasant”.
  41. Tarini: Meaning “the saving goddess”.
  42. Tiya: Meaning “bird”.
  43. Vanya: Meaning “gracious gift of god.”
  44. Vanita: Meaning “graceful lady”.
  45. Vaidehi: Meaning “the goddess Sita”.
  46. Vardaniya: Meaning “a giver of good fortune”. 💸
  47. Zaina: Meaning “beautiful”.
  48. Zaira: Meaning “flower”.
  49. Zara: A form of the Hebrew name Sarah, meaning “princess”.
  50. Zoya: From the Greek Zoe, meaning “life”.

Looking for more unusual ideas on the best Indian baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

Best of luck with your choice!

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