21 Indoor Activities for Kids

21 Indoor Activities for Kids

It’s a rainy day, and the kids need entertaining. When you’ve exhausted all your options, and everyone’s a bit cabin feverish, what’s the plan, mama? You may need a list of fun indoor activities for kids.
We’re here to help. Kids who are bored or who have a bucketload of energy to burn can be challenging to keep busy. But with these rainy-day activities for kids, they’ll wish it would pour down every day. Let’s take a look.

Which exercises can a child do indoors?

They say children should get about an hour of physical exercise every day, at least. But when the weather’s bad outside, that doesn’t always feel like it’s possible.
When you’re all in an enclosed space, remember a banged head can turn indoor fun into not-so-fun in a moment. And if you’re trying out some indoor exercise activities, it’s worth giving your breakables a wide berth.

Here are some exercises your child can do indoors:

  • Dance party. It’s exercise that doesn’t even feel like exercise. Cle bit of space, put on a playlist of your favorite songs, and dance the rainy afternoon away. If you’re feeling super energetic, you can even create and practise your own routine.

  • Balloon volleyball. The game’s easy: blow up a balloon and prevent it from touching the floor. You might want to just take delicate things from the room for this one.

  • Check out workout videos for kids. Yep, these exist! In sync with a fitness instructor, your little one might be tasked to jog on the spot, do star jumps, or shadowbox.

  • Activity stations. Go around the house and mark out zones where your little ones can do a specific “move”. 5 push-ups, 10 star jumps, bicycle legs. Moving to different zones around the house will keep things fresh and interesting.

  • Bed jumping. Every kid’s favorite. It’s best on days when the sheets need a wash already. And yep, it’s an activity that definitely needs your supervision.

  • Yoga. Add it to the list of inside activities for kids that are chill, relaxing, and even a little bit spiritual. Cosmic Kids Yoga is really popular.

  • Pillow fight! A few minutes of pillow fight is great indoor fun for kids to let off some steam. This is another one that needs adult supervision so things don’t get out of hand.

  • Hall soccer. If you have the space, make two goals at opposite ends of a hallway (or room). Using a tennis ball, see who can score and win!

More indoor activities for kids

When you want to chill things down and give the kids something a little quieter to do, try these rainy-day kids’ activities:

  • Jigsaw. Do it all in one sitting, or leave it out for use throughout the day. There’s a reason why jigsaws are still so popular. You can also design your own online.

  • Cookery. The kitchen is captivating for a curious kid. And on a rainy day inside, there is so much for a junior chef to try! It can be excellent indoor fun for kids:

    • Cake baking. Mix up a cake mix, lick the spoon, and decorate the top with a pretty design. Literally hours of fun – and then there’s a cake at the end. Magic!

    • Top the pizza. What’s your favorite pizza topping? Everybody’s fave will be different. One great thing to do with kids inside is experiment with all your favorites. Pineapple, fries, banana(!?) – anything goes.

    • Indoor picnic. Step out of the normal indoor routine and pretend you’re on a day out. Move the table, put down a picnic blanket, and eat all your favorite sandwiches and picnic treats.

  • Karaoke. If a dance party wasn’t enough, try belting out some hits on karaoke. If you don’t have a professional set, that’s okay. There are plenty of singalong opportunities on YouTube.

  • Movies. There’s nothing like a good old movie to while away a rainy afternoon. Pop some popcorn and get into your comfies to make everything feel like a sleepover.

  • Read together. Pick a favorite book and a snuggly corner and enjoy a great story together.

  • Play board games together. It’s days like these that board games were made for. Are you a Monopoly family, or is Clue more your thing? Maybe Scrabble or Pictionary? It could be time to branch out into something new!

  • Make a fort. Do you ever get too old to build a fort? One of the classic indoor activities for kids, you’ll need bedsheets, blankets, and as much furniture as you can get. A cozy space for a snuggle, or an architectural masterpiece? Up to you.

  • Science experiment. Ever added baking soda to vinegar? Ever grown crystals at home? Or played with static and balloons? These are things that children love – and it’s super educational at the same time.

  • A makeover. Get out your lipsticks, hair straighteners, and all the fanciest clothes and have a night on the town (read: in the house in the afternoon). Not just for girls!

The secret to a rainy day

Sometimes the best rainy day activity for kids is to go outside! Get on a jacket and some rainboots and go stomping around in puddles. When you’ve had enough and spent some energy, come back inside and have a lovely evening trying out some of these indoor activities.

By the way, you’ll find other mamas have loads of ideas for indoor activities for kids. Connect with them at Peanut!

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