Inner Arm Tattoos for Women: 30 Ideas

Inner Arm Tattoos for Women: 30 Ideas

For first-timers and longtime pros, we’ve got ink-spiration enough for every taste. Read on for our favorite inner arm tattoos for women.
There’s only one rule when it comes to inner arm tattoos for women: get something you love.

This is your body, and you get to decide how to decorate it.

The lines and curves of the inner arm make it an optimal landscape to add body art to.

Plus, the inner arm is a good starting point if you want to create a sleeve.

And if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered. From a whimsical floral design to a meaningful symbol, from minimalist to maxed out, it’s all on our list.

Let’s dive in.

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  • Inner forearm tattoos for women

Do inner arm tattoos hurt?

The short answer is, yes, inner arm tattoos hurt.

But not as much as other tattoos.

In comparison to a tattoo on your head or knee, for example, they’re lower on the pain scale.

And the pain levels also depend on where on your inner arm you get your tattoo.

While the outer bicep tends to be less painful, the inner bicep can hurt a bit.

That’s because the skin is a little softer and looser in this area.

Also, elbows and armpits are more fragile areas, so if you’re heading into those zones: beware.

Saniderm, makers of medical-grade tattoo bandages, gives the inner bicep a 6 out of 10 for pain.

The combination of the nerves running on the inside of your arm and the thin, sensitive skin in this area may mean you have a moderately more painful experience.

And what about the lower half of your arm? Well, there’s good news here.

With fewer nerve endings and thicker skin, the pain is likely to be less than in other places. (Saniderm gives it a 3 out of 10.)

Why do inner forearm tattoos hurt?

General rule of thumb? The fewer the nerve endings, the more the fat, and the thicker the skin, the less painful the tattoo.

Give yourself a pinch, and you will be able to feel that the outer forearm has more to protect it than the inner forearm does.

But the forearm in general is considered one of the easier places to get inked—so if this is your first tattoo, it’s one of the more pain-free options.

The other thing is that we all have different pain thresholds.

What may be excruciating to one person will be tolerable to another.

Also, tattoos are not without their risks.

Allergic reactions and skin infections happen.

Getting infected with a bloodborne disease like hepatitis B and C is also possible if your tattoo artist’s equipment is contaminated.

That’s why it’s really important to have your ink done at a professional parlor and to follow all the aftercare instructions your artist gives you.

These usually include:

  • Keeping your tattoo moist with a cream recommended by the artist
  • Only touching it with clean hands
  • Cleaning it with antibacterial soap
  • Avoiding too much sun exposure.

And if you’re pregnant, it’s probably a good idea to wait until after you give birth—just to play it safe.

With all that in mind, let’s explore our favorites.

Small inner arm tattoos for females

1. Just winging it

Courtesy of Yellowltattoos

2. Forget-me-not

Courtesy of

3. Sea shell. She shall. 🐚

Courtesy of ink.elyfer

4. Rose to the occasion

Courtesy of Al_bustillos

5. Jellyfish

Courtesy of ephemeraltattoo.artists

##Minimalist inner arm tattoos

6. Punctuate

Courtesy of

7. Youtensils

Courtesy of waterbeartattoo

8. Gratitude ❤️

Courtesy of

9. Lined lady

Courtesy of tattoosbyzipporah

10. Gingko leaves

Courtesy of tattoosbyzipporah

11. Playing koi

Courtesy of Krixi_kraxi_butterhaxi

12. In bloom

*Courtesy of her.artchive

13. More than enough

Courtesy of Miladmhram_tattoo

14.Fairy cat 🧚🐈

Courtesy of bobbiberry

15. Spot of tea?

Courtesy of

16. Daffodils, darling

Courtesy of

17. Golden ratio

Courtesy of syllesta

Upper inner arm tattoos for women

18. Garden of Eden

*Courtesy of 12 MONKEYS TATTOOS

19. Spied-her

Courtesy of inky_Iona

20. Bejeweled

Courtesy of leannefate

21. Fantasy fish

Courtesy of helloscoutie

22. Blossoming

Courtesy of iva_tattoos

23. Bee-utiful

Courtesy of halloweenink

24. Pet love

Courtesy of Kattanktka_tattoo_art

25. Witchy

Courtesy of _solaink

26. Going through phases

Courtesy of Inksanity Tattoo & Piercing

Inner forearm tattoos for women

27. Dreamer

Courtesy of Jadedrawsshit

28. Beauty ❤️

Courtesy of Tattoosbyzipporah

29. Mama

Courtesy of thiagotattooart_

30. Tree of life

Courtesy of Jailhouse_tattoo

And if you’re looking to go a little higher up, check out these irresistible shoulder tattoos for women.

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