12 Inspiring Black Women You Should Follow on Instagram

12 Inspiring Black Women You Should Follow on Instagram

We believe It’s more important than ever to continue to elevate Black voices and educate ourselves on different cultures, perspectives, and interests.

That’s why, on the first day of Black History Month, we’re sharing some talented and inspiring Black women who you should add to your feed, pronto.

Not only are these women sharing amazing, relatable content, but they’re telling incredibly important stories that deserve to be heard.

1. Zoe Chin Loy ➡️ @zoechinloy

If you could do with a reminder of the importance of self-love, head to Zoe’s account. Keeping it real about postpartum bodies, confidence, and motherhood, the mama-of-three empowers women to love the skin they’re in, and we’re here for it.

2. Bri ➡️ @moonandcheeze

Bri’s bio, that read ‘Images of Empowered Motherhood’ sums up her feed. You’ll find incredible snaps of her breastfeeding journey, her experience of motherhood, and much more, as well as thought-provoking conversations on mental health and racism.

3. Tia Mowry ➡️ @tiamowry

Tia is someone we all know and love, but her Instagram account is a rare insight into her personal life, and we can’t get enough. Alongside the adorable snapshots of her family, she’s previously opened up about her experiences with endometriosis and infertility.

4. Christina Abiola ➡️ @christinaabiola

Beauty influencer and mama, Christina, is passionate about promoting self-love and encouraging women to embrace their postpartum bodies. Tap follow if you need to add a refreshingly honest voice to your feed (plus some seriously impressive makeup looks, too).

5. Jamilla ➡️ @millla.jay

With a seriously enviable home and a gorgeous family, everything on Jamilla’s feed is worthy of a double tap. We particularly love her refreshingly honest stories on mental health, LGBTQ+ families, and supporting Black voices.

6. Temeka Zore, MD ➡️ @temekazoremd

If you’re trying for a baby, Temeka deserves a place on your feed. As a fertility specialist and OB-GYN, her content includes fertility affirmations, reproductive education, and outpourings of support for women who are struggling to conceive.

7. Ava DuVernay ➡️ @ava

It’s obvious from Ava DuVernay’s account that she has been making moves in the TV & film industry for years. But her passionate posts about racism, justice, and activism really make her worth following. How she even has time for IG, we do not know.

8. Tash Haynes ➡️ @itstashhaynes

Follow mama-of-three and small business owner, Tash, for a raw and honest insight into the busy life of a working mom. You’ll find nuggets of wisdom, candid personal stories, and an insight into the lessons she’s learnt through motherhood, too.

9. Erica M. McAfee ➡️ @ericammcafee

Erica is the brains behind Sisters in Loss, a platform that encourages women to speak out about pregnancy and infant loss, as well as infertility. She takes on Instagram one powerful post at a time, where she shares her advocacy and highlights Black women’s stories and experiences.

10. Erica Alayne ➡️ @mamaincolour

Erica’s Instagram bio, that reads ‘come for the fashion & family, stay for the activism & anti-racism’ sums up her account better than we ever could. Whether you’re planning a family, pregnant, or already a mama, you’ll want to follow Erica for major anti-racist parenting inspo.

11. Filipa Jackson ➡️ @filipajackson

Filipa’s honest and unfiltered approach to life - and Instagram - is a breath of fresh air. Her account is a candid look at her everyday life, from emotional posts about her journey to conceive, to the ups-and-downs and difficulties of motherhood.

12. Nicole Sparks, MD ➡️ @nicolealiciamd

Nicole’s inspiring approach to life will make you laugh, cry, and feel more motivated than ever. While balancing medicine with motherhood, she uses her platform to encourage other women to achieve their goals, and raise awareness of the racial inequalities in health care.

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