226 Inuit Baby Names & Their Meanings

226 Inuit Baby Names & Their Meanings

Inuit baby names evoke power and poignance ‒ the majesty of Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.

On the hunt for the perfect Alaskan names for your babe in Iñupiaq or Qawiaraq?

Or maybe names to honor your Greenlandic Inuit side with some Kalaallisut names?

Or perhaps you’re after Canadian Inuit names from the Inuktitut, Inuvialuktun, or Inuinnaqtun dialects?

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve put together a mega-list of Inuit baby names and meanings for you to peruse.

A quick word before we start: In this article, you’ll find that we don’t refer to “Eskimo baby names”, because this is a word that the Inuit people don’t use to describe themselves. Instead, the term “eskimo” was used as a derogatory term to describe Inuit people by non-native colonizers. Initially, the Algonquian word “eskimo” wasn’t a slur ‒ the word describes someone who eats raw meat ‒ an implicit way of (wrongfully) calling Inuits barbarians.

And another one: There are lots of different dialects in Inuit languages, while some may sound similar, they’re not quite the same. Some pronunciations and writing styles are also different, so if you are keen to honor your Inuit heritage, it’s worth reaching out to confirm meanings, spellings, and pronunciations, to avoid any confusion.

In this article: 📝

  • What are some Inuit girl names?
  • What are some Inuit boy names?
  • What are some gender-neutral Inuit names?
  • What are some badass Inuit baby names?
  • What are some Iñupiaq names?
  • What are some Kalaallisut names?

What are some Inuit girl names?

When it comes to Native Alaskan baby girl names, Inuktitut certainly doesn’t disappoint!

From Inuit girl names after goddesses to common Inuit names for girls like Kaya, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your babe here:

  1. A’akuluujjusi: The Inuit goddess who gave life to animals using her clothing.
  2. Ahnah: Meaning “wise woman”.
  3. Akinitsivuk: Meaning “echo”.
  4. Akna: The Inuit goddess of fertility and childbirth.
  5. Alasie: Meaning “honest and noble”.
  6. Amka: Meaning “friendly spirit”.
  7. Angajuk: Meaning “girl’s older sister”.
  8. Anguak: Meaning “amulet”.
  9. Anjij: Meaning “grace”, the Inuit version of Anne.
  10. Anniagruk: Meaning “asked for”.
  11. Aninnik: Meaning “breath”.
  12. Apaay: Meaning “sweet”.
  13. Aqakuktuq: Meaning “fish catcher”.
  14. Arnaaluk: Meaning “female sea spirit”.
  15. Arnakuagsak: The Inuit goddess of the sea hunters.
  16. Arnaq: Meaning “girl”.
  17. Asiaq: The Inuit goddess of weather.
  18. Ataksak: The Inuit goddess of the sky.
  19. Atiqtalik: Meaning “polar bear mother”.
  20. Atuat: Meaning “clear sky”.
  21. Availuk: Meaning “sweet”.
  22. Elisapee or Elisapie: Meaning “my God is an oath”.
  23. Higalik: Meaning “ice house”.
  24. Hitty or Hiti: Meaning “hyena”.
  25. Ijaujak: Meaning “diamond”. 💎
  26. Ila: Meaning “companion”.
  27. Ilannaq: Meaning “friend”
  28. Iqaluk: Meaning “fish”. 🐟
  29. Isapoinhkyaki: Meaning “singing crow woman”.
  30. Jissika: Meaning “rich”. The Inuit version of Jessica.
  31. Katsitsanóron: Meaning “precious flower”.
  32. Kaya: Meaning “mountain”. ⛰️
  33. Kireama or Kirima: Meaning “hill”.
  34. Liuna: Meaning “lion”. The Inuit version of Leona.
  35. Lusa: Meaning “midnight”.
  36. Malina: The Inuit goddess of the sun.
  37. Meriwa: Meaning “thorn”.
  38. Najak: Meaning “sister of a boy”.
  39. Nauja: Meaning “seagull”.
  40. Niviatsiak: Meaning “girl”.
  41. Nuliajuk: Meaning “woman with a fin”.
  42. Ookpik: Meaning “snowy owl”.
  43. Panik: Meaning “daughter”.
  44. Panikpak: Meaning “youngest daughter”.
  45. Piguttuk: Meaning “flower”. 🌼
  46. Pinga: The Inuit goddess of the hunt, fertility, and medicine.
  47. Pukkeenegak: The Inuit goddess of domesticity.
  48. Qailertetang: The Inuit weather spirit and guardian of animals.
  49. Sagalikitak: Meaning “butterfly”. 🦋
  50. Sakari: Meaning “sweet”.
  51. Sedna: The Inuit goddess of sea animals.
  52. Sinnatomak: Meaning “dream” or “dreaming”.
  53. Siuppuk: Meaning “singing bird”.
  54. Suluk: Meaning “feather”.
  55. Suusan: Meaning “lily”. The Inuit version of Susanna.
  56. Tapeesa: Meaning “Arctic flower”.
  57. Taqqiq: The Inuit word for “moon”. 🌙
  58. Taupek: Meaning “dove”.
  59. Tonngaviak: Meaning “butterfly”.
  60. Tootega: The Inuit goddess who walked on water.
  61. Uki: Meaning “survivor”.
  62. Ulu: Meaning “woman’s knife”.

What are some Inuit boy names?

Now for some steadfast, strong Inuit boy names and their meanings, once again from the Inuktitut language of Canada:

  1. Amaqjuaq: Meaning “strong one”.
  2. Anik: Meaning “brother of a girl”.
  3. Apaata: Meaning “father”.
  4. Atuqtuaq: Meaning “singer”. 🎵
  5. Hanta: Meaning “hunter”.
  6. Igaluk: The Inuit god of the moon.
  7. Innik: Meaning “son”.
  8. Inuksuk: Meaning “on the right path”.
  9. Juatan: Meaning “to flow down”. The Inuit version of Jordan.
  10. Katjuk: Meaning “arrow”.
  11. Kitunngak: Meaning “child”.
  12. Muktuk: Meaning “whale blubber”.
  13. Nanook: The Inuit god of the polar bears
  14. Nootaikok: The Inuit god of icebergs.
  15. Nukak: Meaning “younger brother of a boy”.
  16. Nukappiak: Meaning “boy”.
  17. Pana: The Inuit god of the underworld.
  18. Panuk: Meaning “island”.
  19. Petuwaq: Meaning “perfect”.
  20. Pilip: Meaning “lover of horses”. The Inuit version of Philip.
  21. Siku: Meaning “ice”.
  22. Silla: The Inuit god of the sky.
  23. Sugusik: Meaning “child”.
  24. Tarkik: Meaning “moon”.
  25. Tekkeitsertok: The Inuit god of hunting and caribou.
  26. Tiguaak or Tiguak: Meaning “adopted child”.
  27. Tiqriganiannig: Meaning “Arctic fox”.
  28. Toklo: Meaning “spontaneous” and “versatile”.
  29. Tonraq: Meaning “tiny man”.
  30. Torngarsuk: The Inuit god of the sky.
  31. Tsarlis: Meaning “free man”. The Inuit version of Charles.
  32. Tulimaq: Meaning “rib”.
  33. Tulugaak: Meaning “like a raven” or “creator of light”.
  34. Ujurak: Meaning “rock”.
  35. Yoskolo: Meaning “breaking off sugar-pine cones”.
  36. Yotimo: Meaning “jacket used to carry meat from the house to the nest”.
  37. Yutu: meaning “to claw”.

What are some gender-neutral Inuit names?

Traditionally speaking, the Inuit people of Alaska, Greenland, and Canada don’t view gender in the same way as we typically do in the English-speaking world.

In fact, most Inuit first names don’t have assigned genders.

Whether you’re after the Inuit name for “bear”, Inuit word for “moon”, or more common Inuit names, we’ve got you covered with these powerful, inspiring gender-neutral Inuit names from the Inuktitut language:

  1. Adlartok: Meaning “clear sky”.
  2. Aguta: Meaning “gatherer of the dead”.
  3. Akiak: The Inuit word for “brave”.
  4. Aklaq: The Inuit name for “bear”. 🐻
  5. AKumik or UKumik: Meaning “go with the wind”.
  6. Alornerk: Meaning “under-feet”.
  7. Amaruq: One of the Inuit names for “wolf” ‒ specifically, “giant wolf”.
  8. Angakkuk: Meaning “sorcerer”.
  9. Aput: Meaning “snow”.
  10. Aqillutaq: Meaning “new snow”.
  11. Atanarjuat: Meaning “strong one”.
  12. Atiqtalaaq: The Inuit name for “polar bear cub”.
  13. Atka: Meaning “guardian spirit”.
  14. Aupaluttak: Meaning “red”.
  15. Cupun: Meaning “coal”.
  16. Igutsak: Meaning “bee”. 🐝
  17. Ikiaq: Meaning “red spruce”.
  18. Imiq: Meaning “water”.
  19. Iñuk: Meaning “human being”.
  20. Irdlirvirisissong: Meaning “demon cousin of the moon”.
  21. Kajuk: Meaning “red fox”.
  22. Kanaaq: Meaning “lower part of the leg”.
  23. Kanguq: Meaning “snow goose”.
  24. Kanut: Meaning “white goose”.
  25. Kayuqtuq: Meaning “red fox”. 🦊
  26. Kinngap: Meaning “mountain”.
  27. Kissimi: Meaning “alone”.
  28. Koko: Meaning “night”.
  29. Kuak: Meaning “frozen”.
  30. Kuvianak: Meaning “joy”.
  31. Magguliak: Meaning “twin”.
  32. Makoktok: Meaning “young”.
  33. Miki: Meaning “small”.
  34. Nalligik: Meaning “love”.
  35. NâmmaKik: Meaning “come at the right time”.
  36. Nanouk: The Inuit name for “polar bear”.
  37. Nanurjuk: Meaning “star”. ⭐
  38. Napâttuk: Meaning “tree”.
  39. Natsiq: Meaning “seal”.
  40. Nukadlipâk: Meaning “youngest child”.
  41. Nunatsuak: Meaning “world”.
  42. Nungusuittuk: Meaning “everlasting”.
  43. Nukilik: Meaning “one who is strong”.
  44. Okauyak: Meaning “shrub”.
  45. Pakak: Meaning “one who gets into everything”.
  46. Pamiuq: Meaning “dog with no tail”.
  47. Pesi: Meaning “bean”.
  48. Pinngutitsinik: Meaning “creation”.
  49. Pitseolak: Meaning “sea pigeon”.
  50. Pittusigak: Meaning “lynx”.
  51. Putjuk: Meaning “rise”.
  52. Qannik: Meaning “snowflake”. ❄️
  53. Qaumaniq: Meaning “enlightening knowledge”.
  54. Qimmiq: Meaning “dog”.
  55. Saunâk: Meaning “peanut” (of course!). 🥜
  56. Sesi: Meaning “snow”.
  57. Siqiniq: Meaning “sun”.
  58. Sila: The Inuit spirit of the air.
  59. Silatsuak: Meaning “universe”.
  60. Silatujuk: Meaning “wise”.
  61. Sivullik: Meaning “first”.
  62. Suagutak: Meaning “rain shower”. 🌧️
  63. Sumâvuk: Meaning “constant”.
  64. Tagiuk: Meaning “sea”.
  65. Taktuq: Meaning “mist” or “fog”.
  66. Takutsuapuk: Meaning “kind”.
  67. Taliriktug: Meaning “strong arm”. 💪
  68. Tamât: Meaning “always”.
  69. Tamannuk: Meaning “both of us”.
  70. Taqtu: Meaning “kidney”.
  71. Tarniq: The Inuit word for “spirit”.
  72. Tatik: Meaning “love”.
  73. Tâttuk: Meaning “dark”.
  74. Tehoronianhen: Meaning “covered in clouds”.
  75. Tigiganniak: Meaning “fox”.
  76. Tillirnannqittuq: Meaning “unexpected”.
  77. Tukkuttok: Meaning “generous”.
  78. Tuktu: Meaning “caribou”.
  79. Tulugaq: Meaning “raven”.
  80. Tutsiak: Meaning “sing”.
  81. Tuumaq: The Inuit word for “spirit” or “soul”.
  82. Ukiatsâk: Meaning “autumn”.
  83. Ukiuk: Meaning “winter”.
  84. Ullugiak: Meaning “star”.
  85. Umiaktorvi: Meaning “river”.
  86. Unnuaq: Meaning “night”.
  87. Upinngasâk: Meaning “spring”.
  88. Uukkarnit: Meaning “carved ice”.
  89. Yuka: Meaning “bright star”.
  90. Yura: Meaning “beautiful one”.

What are some badass Inuit baby names?

How about edgier Inuit baby names for your little warrior?

Here are a few top picks for strong, powerful Inuktitut baby names:

  1. Ikumak: Meaning “fire”. 🔥
  2. Kallik: Meaning “lightning”. 🌩️
  3. Kallu: Meaning “thunder”.
  4. Katjiktuk: Meaning “bald eagle”. 🦅
  5. Nattugalik: Meaning “golden eagle”.
  6. Pâkuk: Meaning “fighter”.
  7. Sunnguvuk: Meaning “becomes strong”.
  8. Tikaani: One of the Inuit names for “wolf”. 🐺
  9. Tulok: Meaning “warrior”. Also the Inuit god of the stars.
  10. Unatattik: Meaning “soldier”.

What are some Iñupiaq names?

Some Inuit names from Alaska, in the Iñupiaq language:

  1. Ilannâk: Meaning “friendly person”.
  2. Ilitkusik: Meaning “ghost”.
  3. Iriqtaq: Meaning “hidden object”.
  4. Kilak: Meaning “heaven”.
  5. Patuk: Possibly meaning “responsible”.
  6. Pikpaksriruk: Meaning “loves” or “precious”.
  7. Nagliktak: Meaning “grace”.
  8. Navagiaq: Meaning “traveler”.
  9. Sinnaktuk: Meaning “dreams”.
  10. Ticasuk: Meaning “one with treasure” or “wise one”.
  11. Tutkiun: Meaning “peace”.

What are some Kalaallisut names?

Now we’re headed over to Greenland for Kalaallisut Inuit names:

  1. Aputsiaq: Meaning “snowflake”.
  2. Aqissiaq: Meaning “young bird (specifically a ptarmigan)”.
  3. Aviaaja: Meaning “cousin”.
  4. Malik: Meaning “wave” or “sea”.
  5. Miillaaraq: Meaning “insect drone”.
  6. Naja: Meaning “younger sister of a boy”.
  7. Niviarsiaq: Meaning “young girl”.
  8. Nuka: Meaning “younger sibling”.
  9. Piloqutinnguaq: Meaning “little leaf”.
  10. Pipaluk: Meaning “my sweet little thing”.
  11. Qillaq: Meaning “seal hide”.
  12. Sissinnguaq: Meaning “squirrel”.
  13. Tupaarnaq: Meaning “wild thyme”.
  14. Ujarak: Meaning “stone”.
  15. Ukaleq: Meaning “hare”.
  16. Ulloriaq: Meaning “star”.

That’s it ‒ over lots of beautiful and bold Inuit baby names for your iñuk!

Share your favorites with the rest of our mamas-to-be on Peanut!

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