254 Best Irish Baby Boy Names & Meanings

254 Best Irish Baby Boy Names & Meanings

Not only do Irish baby boy names sound musical; they also look great written down.

Irish names come with a long and deep history, with influences from the Celts, Vikings, and Anglo cultures.

Many of the names also carry very special meanings, often to do with nature or physical appearance.

Nowadays, male Irish names are popular around the world, especially so in the United States.

The long history of Irish immigration to the US means that many Irish names for boys are passed down through family generations.

However, you do not have to have an Irish family history to give your baby boy a beautiful Irish name.

In this article: 📝

  • What is the most popular Irish boy name?
  • What are some Celtic male names?
  • What are the top 10 Irish baby boy names?
  • What is the rarest Irish boy name?
  • What is a very Irish name?
  • What is a good Irish name for a boy?
  • Irish versions of English names
  • Irish boy names and meanings
  • What is the best Irish name for a boy?

What is the most popular Irish boy name?

Many of the popular Irish boys’ names can be found with slight variations in spelling, and the number one most popular name is no different.

  1. Conor: Found with several different spellings, Conor is a beautiful traditional Irish name. Its meaning comes from old Gaelic and roughly translates as “lover of hounds or wolves”. Conor is regularly one of the most popular Irish male names across the English-speaking world, and variations include Conner and Connor.

What are some Celtic male names?

Many of the top Irish boys’ names have Celtic roots, and these names can often be the most mysterious and attractive of all.

Many have even gone on to be popular across the world in various cultures.

  1. Cian: Pronounced ‘kee-an’, this name could be perfect for your little baby boy. Its Celtic meaning translates as “enduring” and is a wonderful traditional Irish name.
  2. Tadgh: Another Celtic name that looks beautiful when written down is Tadgh. It’s pronounced very similarly to ‘tiger’ and is perfect if your boy is going to be a writer, its Celtic meaning being “poet”.

What are the top 10 Irish baby boy names?

If you are looking for a beautiful Irish name for your baby boy, then consider any of these wonderful names from the top ten most popular.

  1. Sean: Meaning “God is gracious”. Pronounced ‘shawn’.
  2. Oisin: Meaning “little deer”. Pronounced ‘uh-sheen’.
  3. Callum: Meaning “dove”. 🕊️
  4. Michael: Meaning “Who is like God”.
  5. Aiden: Meaning “little fire”. Pronounced ‘ay-den’. 🔥
  6. Finn: Meaning “fair”.
  7. Shane: Meaning “graced by God”.
  8. Seamus: Meaning “supplanter”. Seamus is pronounced ‘shay-mus’.
  9. Rónán: Meaning “little seal”. 🦭
  10. Cormac: Meaning “little son of the charioteer”.

But if you’re looking for more unique Irish boy names, then consider our next candidate.

What is the rarest Irish boy name?

If you are looking for more unusual Irish boy names, then consider our next candidate.

Irish names come with a rich history and meaning to gift to your child, and there are many unique names with Irish roots you could choose from.

  1. Aodh: An ancient Irish name, this name is very rare indeed. However, it looks great and is a perfect fit for your strong little man, meaning “fire” or “flame”. Aodh is pronounced ‘Ayy.’
  2. Cianán: Not only is the name Cianán of ancient origin, but it also literally means “ancient”. This is one for the true traditionalists. Cianán is pronounced ‘keenan’.

What is a very Irish name?

If you want to truly honor your Irish heritage, Irish boy names rooted in ancient clans and high kings of old is the way to do it.

Old Irish surnames are steeped in tradition and myth, making them quite unique for Irish baby boy names.

  1. Sullivan: From the Irish surname Ó Súilleabháin, Sullivan means “hawk-eyed” or “dark-eyed”. Descending from the ancient dynasty of Eóganacht Chaisil, the Gaelic clan of O’Sullivan made their mark in southwest Ireland – becoming the third most popular surname in the country. Due to emigration, Sullivan is now one of the most recognized Irish names for boys in the US, Britain, and even Australia.
  2. Brian: Meaning “noble”, Brian is an enduring favorite amongst the Irish – thanks in large part to the famous 10th-century high king of Ireland, Brian Boru. As a surname, ‘O’Brien’ is among the top 10 most popular in Ireland but Brian has captured hearts across the oceans as a quintessential Irish boy’s name.
  3. Murphy: Meaning “sea-warrior”, Murphy first emerged as the ancient Irish surname O’Murchadha. The name comes from the Gaelic word muir (“sea”) and cath (“battle”), making it quite a striking nautical name. From Eddy Murphy to Ryan Murphy, Murphy has made quite the impression overseas but will always be a true Irish name at heart.

What is a good Irish name for a boy?

If you still need a bit more help, then check out this list of more Irish boys’ names:

  1. Adam: Meaning “red earth”.
  2. Aibhne: Meaning “just”.
  3. Ailin: Meaning “fair”.
  4. Alex: Meaning “defender of man”.
  5. Alfie: Meaning “elf counsel”.
  6. Angus: Meaning “choice”.
  7. Aodhan: Meaning “little fire”.
  8. Art: Meaning “bear”. 🐻
  9. Barra: Meaning “head”.
  10. Barry: Meaning “fair-haired”.
  11. Behan: Meaning “bee” or “descendant of Beachain”. 🐝
  12. Ben: Meaning “blessed one”.
  13. Blaine: Meaning “yellow”. 💛
  14. Bradan: Meaning “salmon”.
  15. Brandon: Meaning “prince”.
  16. Branigan: Meaning “little raven”.
  17. Brayden: Meaning “wise”.
  18. Brendan: Meaning “prince”.
  19. Brin: Meaning “salt-water”.
  20. Brion: Meaning “noble”.
  21. Brody: Meaning “muddy ditch”.
  22. Brogan: Meaning “sturdy shoe”. 👞
  23. Cahir: Meaning “soldier”.
  24. Calhoun: Meaning “narrow woods”.
  25. Callahan: Meaning “bright-headed”.
  26. Caoimhe: Meaning “noble”.
  27. Caolan: Meaning “slender”.
  28. Carbry: Meaning “charioteer”.
  29. Carson: Meaning “son of the marsh-dwellers”.
  30. Cashel: Meaning “castle”. 🏰
  31. Cathal: Meaning “ruler of battle”.
  32. Ciarán: Meaning “little dark one”.
  33. Cillian: Meaning “war” or “bright-headed”.
  34. Colin or Collin: Meaning “cub”.
  35. Colm: Meaning “dove”.
  36. Conchobhar: Meaning “lover of dogs”.
  37. Craig: Meaning “rock”.
  38. Daire: Meaning “fruitful”.
  39. Daley: Meaning “gathering”.
  40. Dara: Meaning “wise”.
  41. Darby: Meaning “free from envy”.
  42. Darcy: Meaning “dark-haired”.
  43. Darragh: Meaning “oak”. 🌳
  44. Darren: Meaning “great” or “oak tree”.
  45. Deaglan: Meaning “full of goodness”.
  46. Declan: Meaning “man of prayer”.
  47. Delaney: Meaning “black river”.
  48. Derry: Meaning “gifted ruler”.
  49. Desmond: Meaning “gracious defender”.
  50. Devin: Meaning “poet”.
  51. Devlin: Meaning “fierce courage”.
  52. Diarmaid: Meaning “free man”.
  53. Diarmuid: Meaning “free from envy”.
  54. Dillon: Meaning “like a lion”. 🦁
  55. Donahue: Meaning “brown-haired battle-chief”.
  56. Donal: Meaning “mighty in the world”.
  57. Donovan: Meaning “brown-haired man”.
  58. Doyle: Meaning “descendant of Dubhghall”.
  59. Duane: Meaning “dark”.
  60. Dublin: After the Irish capital.
  61. Eamon: Meaning “prosperous protector”.
  62. Egan: Meaning “little fire”.
  63. Ennis: Meaning “island”. 🏝️
  64. Eoghan: Meaning “born of yew”.
  65. Eunan: Meaning “fear”.
  66. Fallon: Meaning “leader”.
  67. Farrell: Meaning “hero”. 🦸
  68. Fearghal or Fergal: Meaning “brave”.
  69. Felim: Meaning “ever good”.
  70. Ferris: Meaning “rock”.
  71. Fiach: Meaning “raven”.
  72. Fiachra: Meaning “raven”.
  73. Finbar: Meaning “fair-headed”.
  74. Finian: Meaning “fair”.
  75. Finnegan: Meaning “son of the fair-haired”.
  76. Fintan: Meaning “little fair one”.
  77. Fionn: Meaning “white”. 🤍
  78. Fitzgerald: Meaning “child of Gerald”.
  79. Flynn: Meaning “descendent of ruddy people”.
  80. Gael: Meaning “joyful”.
  81. Gallagher: Meaning “descendant of a supportive foreigner”.
  82. Gannon: Meaning “fair-haired”.
  83. Garvan: Meaning “rough little one”.
  84. Grady: Meaning “noble”.
  85. Gulliver: Meaning “glutton”.
  86. Harry: Meaning “ruler of an enclosure”.
  87. Hartigan: Meaning “descendant of the bear-hero”.
  88. Hugh: Meaning “intellect”.
  89. Hugo: Meaning “mind”. 🧠
  90. Ian: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  91. Ivo: Meaning “archer”. 🏹
  92. Jake: Meaning “supplanter”.
  93. Jamie: Meaning “supplanter”.
  94. John: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  95. Jonathan: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  96. Jordan: Meaning “descendant”.
  97. Kai: Meaning “keeper of the keys”.
  98. Karl: Meaning “free man”.
  99. Kayden: Meaning “son of battle soldiers”.
  100. Keegan: Meaning “son of the fiery one”.
  101. Keenan: Meaning “ancient”.
  102. Keith: Meaning “forest”.
  103. Keir: Meaning “dark”.
  104. Kellen: Meaning “slender”.
  105. Kennedy: Meaning “chieftain’s helmet”.
  106. Kermit: Meaning “free man”.
  107. Kerry: Meaning “black-haired”.
  108. Kian: Meaning “ancient”.
  109. Kieran: Meaning “little dark one”.
  110. Kiernan: Meaning “son of a lord”.
  111. Kieve: Meaning “noble”.
  112. Killian: Meaning “little church”.
  113. Laoise: Meaning “light”.
  114. Larkin: Meaning “descendant of the fierce one”.
  115. Leo: Meaning “lion”.
  116. Lochlann: Meaning “land of lakes”.
  117. Lonan: Meaning “blackbird”.
  118. Lorcan: Meaning “little fierce one”.
  119. Mac: Meaning “child of”.
  120. Madden: Meaning “hound”.
  121. Madigan: Meaning “descendant of the little dog”.
  122. Maguire: Meaning “son of the dark one”.
  123. Malachy: Meaning “second”.
  124. Malone: Meaning “disciple of Saint John”.
  125. Maloney: Meaning “follower of the Lord”.
  126. Mannix: Meaning “little monk”.
  127. Marcus: Meaning “shining” or “hammer”.
  128. Mason: Meaning “stonemason”.
  129. Matthew: Meaning “bear”.
  130. Max: Meaning “greatest”. 🏆
  131. McCoy: Meaning “fire”.
  132. Naomhan: Meaning “holy”.
  133. Nathan: Meaning “gift from God”.
  134. Neil: Meaning “champion”.
  135. Nevin: Meaning “holy”.
  136. Niall: Meaning “champion”.
  137. Noah: Meaning “peaceful”.
  138. Nolan: Meaning “noble”.
  139. Odhrán: Meaning “little pale green one”. 💚
  140. Ollie: Meaning “peaceful”.
  141. Oran: Meaning “light”.
  142. Oscar: Meaning “friend of deer”. 🦌
  143. Owen: Meaning “noble”.
  144. Padraigh: Meaning “noble”.
  145. Páidí: Meaning “noble”.
  146. Patrick: Meaning “noble”.
  147. Paul: Meaning “small”.
  148. Pauric: Meaning “nobleman”.
  149. Peadar: Meaning “rock”.
  150. Phelan: Meaning “wolf”. 🐺
  151. Phelim: Meaning “forever good” or “like a wolf”.
  152. Phillip: Meaning “horse lover”. 🐎
  153. Phinean: Meaning “white”.
  154. Piran: Meaning “prayer”.
  155. Proinsias: Meaning “little French man”.
  156. Quill: Meaning “forest”.
  157. Quillen: Meaning “offspring”.
  158. Quinn: Meaning “head” or “leader”.
  159. Rafferty: Meaning “prosperity”.
  160. Raghnall: Meaning “powerful gods”.
  161. Reamon: Meaning “protecting hands”.
  162. Reilly: Meaning “courageous”.
  163. Riley: Meaning “valiant”.
  164. Riordan: Meaning “royal poet”.
  165. Roan: Meaning “red-haired”.
  166. Roark: Meaning “illustrious”.
  167. Rogan: Meaning “red-haired”.
  168. Rohan: Meaning “red-haired”.
  169. Ros: Meaning “rose”. 🌹
  170. Rowan: Meaning “red-haired”.
  171. Ruadhán: Meaning “red-haired”.
  172. Runyon: Meaning “son of a champion”.
  173. Saeran: Meaning “noble”.
  174. Senan: Meaning “wise person”.
  175. Seoras: Meaning “farmer”.
  176. Shanahan: Meaning “wise”.
  177. Shay: Meaning “hawk-like”. 🦅
  178. Sheehan: Meaning “peaceful one”.
  179. Sheridan: Meaning “wild”.
  180. Suibhne: Meaning “pleasant”.
  181. Teagan: Meaning “beautiful” or “creative”.
  182. Tiernan: Meaning “little lord”.
  183. Tierney: Meaning “lord”.
  184. Tigernach: Meaning “lord”.
  185. Torin: Meaning “chief”.
  186. Tristan: Meaning “melancholy”.
  187. Troy: Meaning “foot soldier”.
  188. Tully: Meaning “peaceful”.
  189. Turlough: Meaning “prompting”.
  190. Tynan: Meaning “dark”.
  191. Tyrone: Meaning “from the land of the yew tree”.
  192. Uaine: Meaning “green”.
  193. Uilliam: Meaning “protector”.
  194. Ultan: Meaning “from Ulster”.
  195. Veren: Meaning “made of feathers”.
  196. Verlin: Meaning “farthing”.
  197. Zach: Meaning “God remembers”.

Irish versions of English names

Some Irish names have roots in Anglicized names, with Latin, German, and French origins.

Here’s a breakdown of some popular English boy names in Irish form:

What is Irish for Michael?

There’s just one Irish boy name similar to the English Michael:

216: Micheál: Meaning “he who is like God”.

What is Dylan in Irish?

Dylan is actually an Irish name already:

  1. Dylan: Meaning “winner of the mind”.

What is Joshua in Irish?

The Irish version of Joshua is:

  1. Iósua: Meaning “Jehovah saves”.

What is Aaron in Irish?

The Irish version of the Hebrew name Aaron is:

  1. Árón: Meaning “high mountain”.

Is Luca an Irish name?

Not typically, no, but it is similar to another Irish boys’ name:

  1. Lucan: Meaning “light”.

What is Sam in Irish?

While the name Sam is pretty common as a modern Irish boys’ name, if you want to truly embrace your Irish heritage, how about one of the most unusual Irish boy names:

  1. Somhairlín: Meaning “Asked by God”.

What’s the Irish for John?

Like Sam, John is a popular modern boys name in Ireland, but the Irish version of John is:

  1. Eoin: Meaning “God is gracious”.

What is the Irish for James?

The Irish version of James is sure to be one of the Irish male names you’re already familiar with:

  1. Seamus: Meaning “supplanter”. Seamus is pronounced ‘shay-mus’.

What is Harry in Irish?

The Irish boys’ name version of Harry might not be one you’ve seen before:

  1. Ciardha: Meaning “black-haired”.

But there is also an Anglicized version of Ciardha:

  1. Carey: Meaning “dark”.

What is David in Irish?

The Irish version of David is a beautifully lilting Irish boys’ name:

  1. Daithi: Meaning “swiftness”.

What is the Irish for Alex?

Again, while Alex is pretty common in modern-day Ireland, the traditional Irish boys’ name version of Alex is:

  1. Alastar: Meaning “defender of men”.

Irish boy names and meanings

If you’re after some Irish boy names with specific meanings, take a peek at these poignant Irish male names:

What is the Irish name for handsome?

Perfect for your beautiful little boy:

  1. Alan: Meaning “handsome” or “cheerful”.
  2. Cullen: Meaning “handsome”.
  3. Kevin: Meaning “handsome”.

What name means king in Irish?

You’ll find lots of Irish boy names that begin with R in these kingly names:

  1. Reagan: Meaning “king’s child”.
  2. Rían: Meaning “king”.
  3. Rory: Meaning “red king”.
  4. Ruairí: Meaning “red king”.
  5. Ryan: Meaning “little king”.

What Irish name means love?

For your little love:

  1. Connelly: Meaning “fierce as a hound” or “love of Ireland”.
  2. Lennon: Meaning “lover” or “blackbird”.

What is little wolf in Irish?

Mac tíre may be the traditional Irish for wolf but a better fit is this Irish boy’s name rooted in the ancient myth of the Gaelic shapeshifters:

  1. Faolan: Meaning “little wolf”, Faolan stems from the mythological werewolves of ancient Ireland. Perhaps one of the coolest Irish baby boy names.

What Irish name means strength?

So your little one can grow up big and strong:

  1. Fergus: Meaning “strong one”.
  2. Garret or Garrett: Meaning “spear strength”.
  3. Gearoid: Meaning “strength of the spear”.
  4. Quinlan: Meaning “strong”.

What Irish name means warrior?

There are lots of badass Irish boy names that mean warrior to choose from, so take your pick:

  1. Caelin: Meaning “powerful warrior”.
  2. Clancy: Meaning “son of the red warrior”.
  3. Conan: Meaning “wolf” or “warrior”.
  4. Donnacha: Meaning “brown-haired warrior”.
  5. Doran: Meaning “warrior”.
  6. Duncan: Meaning “brown warrior”.
  7. Flannery: Meaning “descendant of the red warrior”.
  8. Liam: Meaning “strong-willed warrior”.
  9. Martin: Meaning “warrior”.
  10. Naoise: Meaning “warrior”.
  11. Sloan: Meaning “warrior”.

What is the best Irish name for a boy?

Well, there are so many to choose from, but we think this unusual Irish boy’s name just might take the prize:

  1. Éireann: Meaning “Ireland”. ☘️

That’s it! 254 powerful Irish names for boys.

Need help choosing your favorite Irish boy names? Why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

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