The Top 97 Irish Baby Girl Names and Meanings

The Top 97 Irish Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Seeking mythical Irish baby girl names for your little legend in the making? We’ve picked the 97 most promising names for your new baby cailín, from the rare to the globally adored.
Traditional Irish names have been popular choices for many centuries across the English-speaking world.

And with good reason!

Rooted in the ancient cultures of the Vikings and Celts, Irish female names are bursting with magic and lore.

But the history of Irish girl names is not all that makes them special; they are also beautiful to look at.

Nothing embodies the ancient and mystical land of Ireland quite like the distinctive spellings of traditional Gaelic names.


You’re in the right place!

Read on and uncover 97 unique Irish girl names to honor the heritage of your babóg nua.

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  • What is a popular Irish girl’s name?
  • What are some rare Irish girl names?
  • What is the prettiest Irish girl name?
  • What is the most beautiful Irish girl name?
  • What Irish girl’s names mean princess?
  • What is the most common Irish girl name?
  • What are more Irish names for girls?

What is a popular Irish girl’s name?

So, which is the most popular?

There are many candidates for this title.

Most of these names gain their meaning from beauty or nature, including the most popular:

  1. Fiona: A beautiful, traditional name, Fiona comes from Gaelic and is the female equivalent of the male name Fionn. Meaning “fair”, Fiona prizes Irish beauty. When looking for a name for your beautiful baby girl, Fiona would be an excellent choice.

What are some rare Irish girl names?

But what if you are searching for a more unique Irish name for your special one?

Irish girl names may be popular all over the world, but Ireland has some rare titles kept hidden in the native tongue.

Here are some of the most unusual:

  1. Blathnaid: Another gorgeous Gaelic Irish girls’ name, Blathnaid means “flower in bloom” and is pronounced ‘bla-nid’. A lovely and mysterious name, Blathnaid would suit any beautiful baby girl. A spelling variation of this name is Blanaid.
  2. Líadan: This Old Irish name means “gray lady” and belonged to a 7th century traveling Irish poetess. Rejecting the love of fellow poet Cuirithir in pursuit of her craft, Líadan became a nun before eventually dying of a broken heart. This rare name beautifully celebrates Ireland’s enduring tradition of storytelling.
  3. Sheelin: This gender-neutral place name means “lake of the fairies”. Naming baby for the magical waters of Lough Sheelin is a wonderful way of fostering inventiveness and an open mind. An even better choice if you have roots in Co. Cavan.
  4. Clíodhna: Meaning “shapely”, Clíodhna is steeped in Irish mythology. The name is inspired by the queen of the banshees who reigns over the fairy women of South Munster. Other myths remember Clíodhna as the goddess of love and beauty.

What is the most rare Irish girl name?

Looking for an Irish name that has stayed outside of the spotlight and closer to its roots?

How about:

  1. Aoibheann: A unique Irish girls’ name, Aoibheann looks stunning when written down and will ensure baby has a name that makes her proud. Pronounced ‘eev-een,’ the name comes from Gaelic and means “fairness and beauty”.

What is the prettiest Irish girl name?

Ireland may be small but its rich in beauty.

Between the landscape, stories, and mythology, there is plenty of inspo for some pretty gorgeous Irish girl’s names.

Here are some that caught our eye:

  1. Áine : Meaning “radiance”. How sweet to be named after the Irish goddess of summer and sovereignty.
  2. Dearbhla: Meaning “daughter of the poet”.
  3. Kayleigh: Meaning “beautiful figure”.
  4. Seoidín: Meaning “little jewel”.
  5. Tara: Forever linked to the historic seat of the High King of Ireland, Tara means “elevated place” or “star” in Sanskrit. Tara is also connected to several goddesses across Asia. So, if you’re looking to inspire self-assurance in baby and high aspirations, Tara is a solid pick.

What is the most beautiful Irish girl name?

Irish female names are among the most beautiful in the world.

With names like Saoirse, Riona, and Enya it can be hard to pick the most beautiful.

But how about a girl’s name that embodies love, courage, and beauty?

There’s no dulling this one’s radiance:

  1. Gráinne: A mythological Irish female name connected to the word ghrian meaning “sun”. May also stem from the Irish word grá meaning “love”. Many fearless and legendary Irish women have worn the title Gráinne, from the daughter of a high king (and romantic heroine) to the famous pirate queen Gráinne Ní Mháille. The title is also rooted in the Celtic sun goddess Grian. Who says a woman’s beauty is measured in appearance alone!

What Irish girl’s names mean princess?

Once the land of high kings, Ireland has plenty of legendary Irish names for girls befitting your little princess:

  1. Gormlaith: Meaning “illustrious princess” or “illustrious ruler”. This was also the name of Brian Boru’s wife – the famous 11th century High King of Ireland.
  2. Orla: Meaning “golden princess”. Related to Orlaith.
  3. Talulah: Meaning “princess of abundance”. Also means “leaping water” in Native American.
  4. Riona: Meaning “queenly”.

What is the most common Irish girl name?

If you are not sold on the unique names then perhaps one of the more well-known Irish baby girl names will be your favorite.

Once again, these Irish names celebrate beauty and nature.

Here are the top 10 and their historical meanings:

  1. Aisling: Meaning “imagination”. Pronounced Ash-lin.
  2. Aoife: Meaning “charming”. Pronounced Ee-fah.
  3. Brianna: Meaning “noble”.
  4. Kiara: Meaning “girl with beautiful dark hair”.
  5. Maeve: Meaning “happiness”.
  6. Niamh: Meaning “shining’”.
  7. Roisin: Meaning “rose”.
  8. Saoirse: Meaning “independence”.
  9. Shannon: Meaning “mystical river”.

What are more Irish names for girls?

If you still haven’t made up your mind, here are more gorgeous female Irish names:

  1. Aednat: Meaning “little fire”. Related to the Irish boy’s name Aidan. 🔥
  2. Aibreann: Meaning “April”. A unique girl’s name for an Aries or Taurus baby.
  3. Ailbhe: Meaning “bright” or “noble”.
  4. Arlene: Meaning “oath” or “pledge”.
  5. Alannah: Meaning “little child” from the Gaelic word a leanbh.
  6. Bebhinn: Meaning “fair lady”.
  7. Betha: Of Celtic origin, Betha means “life”.
  8. Brighid: Meaning “strength” or “exalted”.
  9. Cadhla: Meaning “graceful”, this unusual girl’s name is pronounce ‘ky-la’.
  10. Caireann: Meaning “little friend” or “little beloved”.
  11. Caitlin: The Gaelic variation of the Old French name Cateline.
  12. Caoimhe: Meaning “dear” or “beautiful”.
  13. Cara: Meaning “friend”.
  14. Claire: Meaning “clear”.
  15. Clodagh: Meaning “river” after the River Clodaigh in Tipperary.
  16. Cordelia: A sweet water baby name meaning “daughter of the sea”.
  17. Daimhin: An Old Irish surname meaning “little stag”.
  18. Daire: A sweet tree name meaning “fertile” or “oak tree”.
  19. Deirdre: Meaning “sorrowful” or “broken-hearted” – named for the legendary Irish heroine Deirdre of Sorrows.
  20. Delaney: Meaning “dark challenger”.
  21. Eabha: An Irish take of the Hebrew Eve meaning “life”.
  22. Ealga: Meaning “noble”.
  23. Eileen: Meaning “little bird”.
  24. Eimear: Meaning “swift”.
  25. Eireann: Meaning “Ireland”.
  26. Eithne: Meaning “kernel”.
  27. Emlyn: A Celtic variation of Emily meaning “rival”.
  28. Enya: Meaning “fire”.
  29. Fiadh: Meaning “wild”.
  30. Finley: Meaning “fair-haired warrior”. A great pick for a little blonde baby.
  31. Gael: Meaning “Irish person” or “of Ireland” from the ancient Gaelic word Goídel. It originated as a way of describing those descended from Celtic tribes. A great heritage name.
  32. Geileis: An old Celtic name of Irish and Scottish origin that means “shining” or “bright”.
  33. Haisley: Meaning “hazelnut clearing”.
  34. Hiolair: Meaning “happy” or “cheerful” from the Greek hilaros. You may know it best as Hilary.
  35. Ite: Meaning “thirst for knowledge”. 🤓
  36. Jilleen: Inspired by the Latin name Julianne meaning “youthful”.
  37. Kayleigh: Meaning “slender and fair”.
  38. Keela: Meaning “beautiful”.
  39. Kelly: Meaning “warrior”.
  40. Kira: Meaning “black” or “lord” from the Irish surname Kiernan.
  41. Laoise: Meaning “radiance”.
  42. Leah: Meaning “delicate”, this Hebrew feminine name is a popular choice in Ireland.
  43. Leianne: Meaning “graceful meadow”.
  44. Logan: A Scottish name meaning “small hollow”.
  45. Lorna: Meaning “fox”. 🦊
  46. Maire: Meaning “star of the sea”, “bitter”, or “beloved” if looking at its Egyptian root.
  47. Maoliosa: Meaning “follower of Jesus”.
  48. Maureen: Meaning “of the sea”.
  49. McKenna: Meaning “fiery love”.
  50. Meghan: Meaning “pearl”.
  51. Muireann: An Irish mermaid name meaning “sea fair”. 🧜‍♀️
  52. Neala: Meaning “champion”.
  53. Nora: Meaning “honor”.
  54. Nuala: A short form of Fionnuala meaning “fair shoulder”.
  55. Oonagh: Meaning “lamb”.
  56. Quinn: Meaning “wise”.
  57. Raicheal: The Irish form of Rachel meaning “ewe”.
  58. Riegan: Meaning “little ruler”.
  59. Rowan: From the Irish Ruadhán meaning “red-haired”.
  60. Sarah: Meaning “princess”.
  61. Shalene: Meaning “modest”.
  62. Shay: Meaning “fortunate” or “admirable”.
  63. Sile: Meaning “blind”.
  64. Sinead: Related to the English name Janet meaning “God is gracious”.
  65. Siobhan: Meaning “God’s grace”.
  66. Siomha: Meaning “good peace”.
  67. Tierney: Meaning “lord”.
  68. Teagan: A female variation of the boy’s name Tadhg meaning “poet” or “philosopher”.
  69. Toireasa: Meaning “strong”.
  70. Tracy: Meaning “war-like” or “more powerful”.
  71. Trevina: Meaning “prudent”.
  72. Ula: A unique nautical name meaning “gem of the sea”.

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