401 Inspiring Irish Baby Names & Meanings

401 Inspiring Irish Baby Names & Meanings

Irish baby names are the perfect combo of uniqueness, musicality, and meaning.

Whether you’re looking to honor your cultural heritage or to bless your child with some good, green luck, choosing a name from a culture that mixes poetry, strength, beauty, and humor sound pretty good to us.

From traditional Irish names to the more common Irish baby names with a modern twist, the unique to the utterly cute, we’ve got all you need to name your little wean!

So let’s head to the land of Éire for our list of the 401 top Irish baby names and meanings.

In this article: 📝

  • Baby girl names in Irish
  • Baby boy names in Irish
  • Are there gender-neutral Irish names?
  • What is the most popular Irish name?
  • What are cute Irish names?
  • What is the most Irish name ever?

Baby girl names in Irish

Got a wee cailín (little girl) on the way?

Read on for our top Irish baby girl names!

What’s a good Irish first name for a girl?

Not found quite the right Irish name for your little girl?

Never fear, we’ve got lots more Irish baby names for girls and their meanings:

  1. Aideen: Meaning “little fire”. 🔥
  2. Ailbhe: Meaning “white” or “noble”. Pronounced “al-va”
  3. Aileen: Meaning “bright light”.
  4. Áine: Meaning “radiance”. Pronounced “awn-ya”.
  5. Alana or Alanna: Meaning “child”.
  6. Ardara: Meaning “fort on the hill”.
  7. Aven: Meaning “fair radiance”.
  8. Bidelia: Meaning “exalted”.
  9. Breeda: Meaning “strong”.
  10. Briana or Brianna: Meaning “noble”.
  11. Bridget or Bridgit: Meaning “virtue”.
  12. Bridie: Meaning “exalted”. Pronounced “bry-dee”.
  13. Brighid or Brigid: Meaning “virtue” or “strength”. Pronounced “breed”.
  14. Bryna: Meaning “strong one”. 💪
  15. Cadhla: Meaning “beautiful”. Pronounced “kay-lah”.
  16. Cait, Caitlin, or Caitlyn: Meaning “pure”.
  17. Caitríona: Meaning “pure one”.
  18. Cathleen: Meaning “pure”.
  19. Cayleen: Meaning “fair”.
  20. Ceara or Ciara: Meaning “black”. Pronounced “keera”, “kee-ara”, or “kye-arah”.
  21. Cianna: Meaning “ancient”. Pronounced “kee-anna”.
  22. Clidhna or Cliona: Meaning “shapely”. Pronounced “klee-nah”.
  23. Clodagh: Meaning “river”. Pronounced “klo-dah”.
  24. Deidra, Deirdra, or Deirdre: Meaning “sorrowful”.
  25. Deirbhile: Meaning “daughter of a poet”. Pronounced “der-vill”.
  26. Delma: Meaning “famous”.
  27. Dervla: Meaning “daughter”.
  28. Doreen: Meaning “gift”. 🎁
  29. Duffy: Meaning “black”.
  30. Dympna: Meaning “little fawn”. Pronounced “dimp-nah”.
  31. Eachna: Meaning “horse”. Pronounced “ahk-nah”.
  32. Eadoin: Meaning “jealousy”. Pronounced “ay-dun”.
  33. Èala: Meaning “swan”. Pronounced “ee-lah”.
  34. Eileen: Meaning “shining one”.
  35. Eilley: Meaning “beautiful bird”. Pronounced “ee-lee”.
  36. Eimear: Meaning “swift”. Pronounced “ee-mer”.
  37. Eithne: Meaning “kernel” or “grain”. Pronounced “eth-ne” or “een-ya”.
  38. Elish: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  39. Ena: Meaning “graceful”.
  40. Enya or Enye: Meaning “seed”.
  41. Epona: Meaning “horse”. The Celtic goddess of horses.
  42. Erin: Meaning “peace”.
  43. Faylinn: Meaning “graceful woman”.
  44. Fíadh: Meaning “deer”. Pronounced “fee-ah”.
  45. Fiana or Fianna: Meaning “vine”.
  46. Fidelma: Meaning “faithful”.
  47. Finna: Meaning “fair”.
  48. Finola, Fionnuala, or Fionnula: Meaning “white shoulder”. Pronounced “fin-yew-oh-lah”.
  49. Ide: Meaning “thirst”. Pronounced “ee-dah”.
  50. Isleen: Meaning “dream” or “vision”. Pronounced “ee-sleen”.
  51. Kaitlin or Kaitlyn: Meaning “pure”.
  52. Katell: Meaning “pure one”.
  53. Kathleen: Meaning “innocent”.
  54. Keaira: Meaning “small” or “dark-haired”. Pronounced “kee-ah-rah”.
  55. Keelty: Meaning “daughter of the slim one”.
  56. Keely: Meaning “beautiful”.
  57. Keira: Meaning “dark”.
  58. Kella: Meaning “warrior”.
  59. Kellyn: Meaning “bright-headed”.
  60. Kelsea: Meaning “victorious ship”.
  61. Kerra: Meaning “dark”.
  62. Kevine: Meaning “handsome”.
  63. Kiandra: Meaning “ancient” or “magical water”.
  64. Kiara: Meaning “dark”.
  65. Laoghaire: Meaning “herding calf”. Pronounced “lee-ree”.
  66. Laoise: Meaning “famous warrior”. Pronounced “lee-sha”.
  67. Líadáin or Liandan: Meaning “grey lady”. Pronounced “lee-dun”.
  68. Lynn: Meaning “pool of water”.
  69. Maeve, Mebd, Meabh, Meadhbh or Mave: Meaning “she who rules”. Pronounced “mayv”.
  70. Maili: Meaning “bitter sea”. Pronounced “mer-lee”.
  71. Maire or Moira: Meaning “sea”. Pronounced “mer-uh”.
  72. Maireréad: Meaning “pearl”. Pronounced “mer-ee-ud”.
  73. Majella: Meaning “great”.
  74. Maura: Meaning “star of the sea”.
  75. Maureen: Meaning “bitter sea”.
  76. Meara: Meaning “jolly”.
  77. Melva: Meaning “gentle one”.
  78. Morrigan: Meaning “great queen”. Also the name of the Celtic goddess of war and fate.
  79. Muireann: Meaning “fair sea”. Pronounced “mweer-ee-ann”.
  80. Muirne: Meaning “high-spirited”. Pronounced “mweern”.
  81. Muriel: Meaning “bright sea”.
  82. Myrna: Meaning “beloved”.
  83. Neve: Meaning “bright”. Pronounced “neev”.
  84. Nevina: Meaning “saint”.
  85. Nola: Meaning “fair shoulder”.
  86. Nolwenn: Meaning “fair one”.
  87. Nora: Meaning “honor”.
  88. Noreen: Meaning “honor”.
  89. Nuala: Meaning “fair shoulder”. Pronounced “noo-lah”.
  90. Oran: Meaning “light”.
  91. Orla or Orlaith: Meaning “golden princess”.
  92. Ormanda: Meaning “descendent of the red one”.
  93. Ownah: Meaning “unity”. Pronounced “oh-nah”.
  94. Pegeen or Peigi: Meaning “pearl”.
  95. Phiala: Meaning “saint”. Pronounced “fay-ah-lah”.
  96. Rihanna: Meaning “great queen”.
  97. Riona: Meaning “queen”. Pronounced “ree-oh-nah”.
  98. Ronat: Meaning “seal”. Pronounced “rah-naht”.
  99. Rosaleen: Meaning “little rose”. 🌹
  100. Saoirse: Meaning “freedom”. Pronounced “sur-shuh”.
  101. Saraid: Meaning “excellent”. Pronounced “shuh-ray”.
  102. Seana: Meaning “gift from God”. Pronounced “shee-ah-nah”.
  103. Shannan or Shannon: Meaning “old”.
  104. Sheehan: Meaning “peaceful”. Pronounced “shee-un”.
  105. Sheila or Shelagh: Meaning “heavenly”. 😇
  106. Síle: Meaning “heavenly”. Pronounced “shee-lah”.
  107. Sinead: Meaning “God is gracious”. Pronounced “shih-nayd”.
  108. Siusan: Meaning “lily”. Pronounced “shu-san”.
  109. Sorcha: Meaning “brightness”. Pronounced “sor-ka”.
  110. Tara: Meaning “where the kings meet”.
  111. Tierna: Meaning “lord”.
  112. Tieve: Meaning “hillside”.

Baby boy names in Irish

Now onto Irish baby boy names!

If you’re keen to honor your Irish heritage with an Irish boy’s name, or you just want something musical and strong for your little gasúr (boy), then, boy, oh, boy, do we have the list for you!

What’s a good Irish first name for a boy?

Looking for a little more choice for your Irish baby name for your little boy?

We’re not done yet!

  1. Aden, Aidan, or Aiden: Meaning “little fire”.
  2. Áed: Meaning “fire”. Pronounced “ay”.
  3. Ainmuire: Meaning “great lord”. Pronounced “en-mweer”.
  4. Airell: Meaning “nobleman”. Pronounced “er-ell”.
  5. Amergin: Meaning “born of song”.
  6. Ardal: Meaning “bear-like honor”.
  7. Athair: The Irish name for “father”.
  8. Awnan: Meaning “little Adam” or “son of Adam”. Pronounced “or-nun”.
  9. Banagher: Meaning “pointed hill” or “mountain”. Pronounced “ban-a-ger”.
  10. Barry or Bary: Meaning “plunderer” or “spear-like”.
  11. Belenus: Meaning “bright”.
  12. Boyd: Meaning “blond”.
  13. Boyle: Meaning “danger”.
  14. Bradan: Meaning “salmon”. 🎣
  15. Brady: Meaning “spirited”.
  16. Brawley: Meaning “beast”.
  17. Brennan: Meaning “sorrow”.
  18. Brian: Meaning “high”.
  19. Brónach or Bronagh: Meaning “sorrowful”. Pronounced “bro-nah”.
  20. Bryant: Meaning “noble”.
  21. Caine: Meaning “to receive”.
  22. Cairbre: Meaning “chariot driver”. Pronounced “ker-bruh”.
  23. Calbhach or Calvagh: Meaning “bald”. Pronounced “col-vak”.
  24. Callahan: Meaning “lover of churches” or “bright-headed leader”.
  25. Caoimhín: Meaning “noble”. Pronounced “kevin”.
  26. Caolan: Meaning “slender”. Pronounced “kee-lun”.
  27. Cargan: Meaning “little rock”.
  28. Carlow: Meaning “city on the lakes”.
  29. Carr: Meaning “short”.
  30. Carrigan: Meaning “spear”.
  31. Cashel: Meaning “fortress”.
  32. Cathair: Meaning “soldier”.
  33. Cathal: Meaning “battle”.
  34. Cavan: Meaning “handsome”.
  35. Ceallach: Meaning “bright-headed”. Pronounced “kel-ah”.
  36. Cian: Meaning “ancient”. Pronounced “kee-un”.
  37. Ciar: Meaning “dark one”. Pronounced “kee-ur”.
  38. Ciaran: Meaning “little dark one”. Pronounced “keer-uhn”.
  39. Cillian: Meaning “little church”. Pronounced “kill-ee-uhn”.
  40. Ciniod: Meaning “born of fire”. Pronounced “chee-nud”.
  41. Clancy: Meaning “son of the red warrior”.
  42. Coffey: Meaning “victorious”.
  43. Colm or Colum: Meaning “dove”. 🕊️
  44. Comiskey: Meaning “confuser”.
  45. Conary or Connery: Meaning “warrior lord”.
  46. Conlan: Meaning “hero”.
  47. Conleth: Meaning “chaste fire”.
  48. Conley or Connley: Meaning “great chief”.
  49. Conner, Connor, or Conor: Meaning “lover of wolves” or “hunter”.
  50. Conway: Meaning “yellow hound”.
  51. Corcoran: Meaning “purple”. 💜
  52. Cormac: Meaning “destroying son”.
  53. Corrigan: Meaning “spear”.
  54. Corwin: Meaning “from being the hill” or “companion”.
  55. Crevan: Meaning “fox”. 🦊
  56. Cunningham: Meaning “leader”.
  57. Curran: Meaning “spear”.
  58. Dáire: Meaning “fertile”. Pronounced “dah-ruh”.
  59. Daithí: Meaning “swiftness”. Pronounced “daw-hee”.
  60. Darren: Meaning “oak tree”. 🌳
  61. Declan: Meaning “full of goodness” or “man of prayer”.
  62. Dempsey: Meaning “proud”.
  63. Dermot: Meaning “free from envy”.
  64. Devlin: Meaning “fierce courage”.
  65. Diarmuid: Meaning “without enemy”. Pronounced “der-mud”.
  66. Doherty: Meaning “unlucky”.
  67. Dolan: Meaning “black challenge”.
  68. Donahue, Donagh, Donnan, or Donnacha: Meaning “dark-haired soldier”.
  69. Donnel: Meaning “world leader”.
  70. Donnelly, Donovan, or Donnigan: Meaning “dark-haired leader”.
  71. Dooley: Meaning “dark hero”.
  72. Doyle: Meaning “dark stranger”.
  73. Duane: Meaning “dark”. Pronounced “dwayn”.
  74. Duff: Meaning “dark”.
  75. Dugan: Meaning “dark”.
  76. Eamon: Meaning “rich protector”. Pronounced “ay-mun”.
  77. Enan: Meaning “saint”.
  78. Ennis: Meaning “island”.
  79. Enright: Meaning “attacker”.
  80. Eoghan: Meaning “born of yew”. Pronounced “yew-uhn”.
  81. Eoin: Meaning “God is gracious”. Pronounced “oh-uhn”.
  82. Errigal: Meaning “oratory”.
  83. Fallon: Meaning “descended from a ruler”.
  84. Faraday: Meaning “man’s woods”.
  85. Farrell: Meaning “hero”.
  86. Fearchar: Meaning “beloved man”. Pronounced “fur-hur”.
  87. Feardorcha: Meaning “dark complexion”. Pronounced “fur-dor-kuh”.
  88. Fearghus: Meaning “strong one”. Pronounced “fur-gus”.
  89. Feoras: Meaning “rock”. Pronounced “fer-iss”.
  90. Fergal: Meaning “valor”.
  91. Fews: Meaning “woods”.
  92. Fiachra: Meaning “raven”. Pronounced “fee-uh-kra”.
  93. Finn or Fynn: Meaning “white”. 🤍
  94. Finneas: Meaning “oracle”.
  95. Finnegan: Meaning “son of fair-haired”.
  96. Finnian: Meaning “white”.
  97. Fionan: Meaning “fair”. Pronounced “fee-oh-nan”.
  98. Flan or Flann: Meaning “red”. ❤️
  99. Flannery: Meaning “red brows”.
  100. Flynn: Meaning “red”.
  101. Gallagher: Meaning “stranger’s help”.
  102. Galvin: Meaning “bright white”.
  103. Gannon: Meaning “fair”.
  104. Garvey: Meaning “rough peace”.
  105. Gavan: Meaning “danger”.
  106. Gilmore: Meaning “servant of the virgin Mary”.
  107. Gilroy: Meaning “son of the red-haired”.
  108. Giolla: Meaning “servant”. Pronounced “gyo-lah”.
  109. Gleason: Meaning “grey”.
  110. Grady: Meaning “noble”.
  111. Gráinne or Grian: Meaning “the sun”. Pronounced “grah-nyuh”.
  112. Heremon: Meaning “green water”.
  113. Herne: Meaning “descendent of the horse lord”.
  114. Hogan: Meaning “young warrior”.
  115. Innis: Meaning “island”. 🏝️
  116. Kael: Meaning “slender”. Pronounced “keel”.
  117. Kane: Meaning “war-like”.
  118. Kathan: Meaning “little warrior”.
  119. Keefe: Meaning “handsome”.
  120. Keenan: Meaning “distant”.
  121. Kellan or Kellen: Meaning “slender”.
  122. Kennan: Meaning “descendant of the fair one”.
  123. Kevin: Meaning “handsome”.
  124. Kian: Meaning “ancient”.
  125. Liam: Meaning “strong-willed warrior”.
  126. Lir: Meaning “sea”. 🌊
  127. Lorcan: Meaning “little fierce one”.
  128. Lugh: Meaning “shining light”. Pronounced “loo”.
  129. Mahon: Meaning “son of a bear”. 🐻
  130. Miach: Meaning “proud”. Pronounced “mee-ah”.
  131. Neal or Neil: Meaning “cloud” or “passionate”.
  132. Neilan: Meaning “champion”.
  133. Niall: Meaning “champion”. Pronounced “nye-ahl”.
  134. Nolan or Nolen: Meaning “descendant of a champion”.
  135. Noland: Meaning “famous”.
  136. Oisin: Meaning “small deer”. Pronounced “oh-sheen”.
  137. Oistin: Meaning “venerable”. Pronounced “oh-stin”.
  138. Oran: Meaning “light”.
  139. Ormond: Meaning “descendent of the red one”.
  140. Orrin: Meaning “green”.
  141. Oscar: Meaning “deer friend”.
  142. Ossian: Meaning “deer”. 🦌
  143. Owen: Meaning “well-born”.
  144. Paddy: Meaning “noble”.
  145. Padraic, Pauric, or Patrick: Meaning “patrician” or “noble”.
  146. Páidí: Meaning “nobleman”. Pronounced “paw-dee”.
  147. Parlan: Meaning “noble”.
  148. Quin or Quinn: Meaning “wise”.
  149. Quinlan: Meaning “strong”.
  150. Rafferty: Meaning “prosperity”.
  151. Raghnall: Meaning “wise ruler”. Pronounced “row-nahl”.
  152. Reagan or Regan: Meaning “little ruler”.
  153. Redmond: Meaning “advisor”.
  154. Riordan: Meaning “royal poet”. Pronounced “ree-or-duhn”.
  155. Ruaidhr: Meaning “red king”. Pronounced “roar-ree”.
  156. Ruairí: Meaning “red-haired king”. Pronounced “roar-ree”.
  157. Saeran: Meaning “noble”. Pronounced “say-ruhn”.
  158. Seamus or Shamus: Meaning “he who supplants”.
  159. Sean: Meaning “God is gracious”. Pronounced “shorn”.
  160. Senán: Meaning “old” or “wise”. Pronounced “seh-nuhn”.
  161. Seoras: Meaning “farmer”. Pronounced “sho-ruhs”.
  162. Shane: Meaning “graced by God”.
  163. Shaughnessy: Meaning “elusive”.
  164. Sionn: Meaning “fox”. Pronounced “shon”.
  165. Suibhne: Meaning “pleasant”. Pronounced “swee-nee”.
  166. Sullivan: Meaning “hawk-eyed”.
  167. Tadhg: Meaning “poet”. Pronounced “tie-guh”.
  168. Tarmon: Meaning “church land”.
  169. Tavis: Meaning “hillside”.
  170. Teague or Teige: Meaning “beautiful”.
  171. Tiergan: Meaning “strong-willed”.
  172. Tiernan: Meaning “master”.
  173. Tigernach or Tighearnach: Meaning “lord”. Pronounced “teer-nahk”.
  174. Torin or Torrin: Meaning “chief”
  175. Trory: Meaning “red one”.
  176. Tully: Meaning “quiet”.
  177. Turlough: Meaning “helper”. Pronounced “tur-low”.
  178. Tynan: Meaning “dark” or “dusty”.
  179. Tyran: Meaning “dark”.
  180. Tyrone: Meaning “land of the yew tree”.
  181. Uaine: Meaning “green”. Pronounced “wain”.
  182. Verlin: Meaning “farthing coin”.

Are there gender-neutral Irish names?

What about unisex Irish names?

If you’re not sure what gender name you’re after, or you want something a bit more fluid, then read on for our Irish unisex names:

  1. Aibhne: Meaning “just”. Pronounced “eev-nee”.
  2. Aindrea: Meaning “man”. Pronounced “een-dree-ah”.
  3. Asthore: Meaning “treasure”. Pronounced “uh-zoor”.
  4. Brede: Meaning “exalted”. Pronounced “bree-duh”.
  5. Briley: Meaning “noble”.
  6. Brogan: Meaning “sturdy shoe”. 👞
  7. Cael: Meaning “slender”. Pronounced “keel”.
  8. Caelan: Meaning “eternal warrior” or “holy water”. Pronounced “keel-uhn”.
  9. Cagney: Meaning “pleader”.
  10. Callan or Callen: Meaning “battle” or “rock”.
  11. Carey: Meaning “dark”.
  12. Carlin: Meaning “little champion”.
  13. Casey: Meaning “vigilant”.
  14. Cassidy: Meaning “clever” or “curly-haired”.
  15. Conary: Meaning “wise one”.
  16. Corey or Cory: Meaning “hollow”.
  17. Daley: Meaning “assembly hall”.
  18. Delaney: Meaning “dark river”.
  19. Darra, Darragh, or Darrah: Meaning “oak”.
  20. Derry: Meaning “oak grove”.
  21. Devan or Devin: Meaning “poet”.
  22. Dublin: Meaning “black pool”.
  23. Ea: Meaning “fire”.
  24. Gael: Meaning “Irishman” or “blessed and generous”. Pronounced “gale”.
  25. Hennessy: Meaning “strength”.
  26. Kassidy: Meaning “clever” or “curly-haired”.
  27. Keelan or Keelin: Meaning “small”.
  28. Keeran or Kieran: Meaning “little dark one”.
  29. Keir: Meaning “dark”. Pronounced “keer”.
  30. Kelley or Kelly: Meaning “war” or “lively”.
  31. Kenadie or Kennedy: Meaning “ugly head”.
  32. Kerry: Meaning “black”. 🖤
  33. Kieve: Meaning “myth”.
  34. Kiley: Meaning “graceful”.
  35. Killian: Meaning “little church”.
  36. Kinley: Meaning “warrior”.
  37. Kody: Meaning “helper”.
  38. Lochlyn: Meaning “from the land of lakes”. Pronounced “lokh-lin”.
  39. Madden Meaning “little dog”. 🐕
  40. Madigan: Meaning “little dog”.
  41. Moran: Meaning “great”.
  42. Morey: Meaning “proud”.
  43. Murphy: Meaning “sea-warrior”.
  44. Murron: Meaning “sea”.
  45. Neely: Meaning “son of the champion”.
  46. Rooney: Meaning “champion”.
  47. Rory: Meaning “red king”.
  48. Ryan or Ryane: Meaning “royalty”.
  49. Reilly, Riley, Rylee, or Rylie: Meaning “grandson”.
  50. Shay or Shea: Meaning “fortunate”.
  51. Sheridan: Meaning “wild” or “untamed”.
  52. Shoney: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  53. Slaine: Meaning “health”. Pronounced “slaw-nyuh”.
  54. Sloan or Slone: Meaning “expedition”.
  55. Sonnagh: Meaning “mound” or “hill”. Pronounced “sun-uh”.
  56. Taisce: Meaning “treasure”. Pronounced “tash-kuh”.
  57. Teagan: Meaning “poet”.
  58. Tierney: Meaning “lord”.

What’s the Irish name for “wolf”?

Imagine baby to be fierce and strong, but still just a softie at heart?

Irish names meaning wolf capture the strength and ferocity to give your little one the edge:

  1. Connell: Meaning “wolf-honor”.
  2. Faolan: Meaning “little wolf”. Pronounced “fay-luhn”.
  3. Madadh: Meaning “wolf”. Pronounced “mah-dah”.
  4. Phalen: Meaning “wolf”. Pronounced “fay-lin”.
  5. Seath: Meaning “wolf”. Pronounced “sheeth”.

What is the most popular Irish name?

Curious about the most popular names in Ireland?

Jack and Emily may hold the top spot but how about these other popular Irish names in Ireland:

Most popular names in Ireland for girls

Wondering what the most popular female names in Ireland are?

Here are the five most popular Irish girl names and their meanings:

  1. Aisling or Aislin: This top Irish name is filled with poetry. Wondering how to pronounce Aisling? It’s pronounced “ash-ling” and it means “vision” or “dream” – refering back to a poetic genre from the 17th and 18th centuries.
  2. Siobhan: While the origin of this popular name is hard to pin down, there’s no doubt that it exudes power and meaning. It’s pronounced “shiv-awn” and comes with all sorts of associations, ranging from Irish queens to Siobhan McKenna – the actress that starred in Doctor Zhivago.
  3. Aoife or Aoibhe: “Ee-fa” is the pronunciation of this name, and it comes with the perfect mix of charm and strength. Not only does the name mean “beautiful”, but it also belonged to the strongest female warrior in the world. Now that’s a pretty amazing combo.
  4. Niamh: Pronounced “neeve”, this name is the stuff legends are made of. What does the name Niahm mean? Niamh means “bright”, and Niamh of the Golden Hair was the daughter of a sea god. The name has come into popularity through actresses like Niamh Cusack.
  5. Éabha: Meaning “life”, the Eabha pronunciation is “ava” (it’s really that simple!), and is the Irish form of the name Eve.

Most popular names in Ireland for boys

And what of the popular Irish boy names?

Get a load of these charming fellows:

  1. Fionn: Name meaning “white”. Pronounced “fee-un”, this is the name of Ireland’s most well-known mythological hero, Fionn MacCumhaill. He did awesome things like getting super smart from eating a giant salmon (long story) and creating the Giant’s Causeway (great story). All in a day’s work.
  2. Brendan: If you want a little saint, this popular option for Irish boy names might just be the right one for you. Saint Brendan was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland and also a mad adventurer who went on a seven-year-long journey to find the Garden of Eden. Nice.
  3. Conan: Meaning “little wolf”, this name has been worn by all sorts of stars through the ages. With Conan the Adventurer, Arthur Conan Doyle, and, of course, the popular late-night host Conan O’Brien, your baby will be in pretty good company.
  4. Oison: In Irish legend, Oison was regarded as the greatest poet of all time – and in a culture that reveres poetry as much as the Irish too, this is no small feat. If you’re looking to grow a little wordsmith, this may be the perfect choice of Irish boy names for you.
  5. Rian: “Little king” is the meaning of this name and, no doubt will be quite suited to the small human who is about to run your household. With its English variation Ryan, it is becoming more and more popular as a gender-neutral name, so it’s a great option for a baby girl too. Not sure about the Rian name pronunciation? It’s “ree-on”.

What are cute Irish names?

Let’s face it: babies are cute.

So choosing a cute Irish name for them is only natural.

Our 27 favorites will make the choice all the more seamless:

  1. Afric: Meaning “pleasant”.
  2. Artan: Meaning “little bear”.
  3. Aoibheann or Aoibhín: Meaning “pleasant”. Pronounced “ee-van”.
  4. Bláthnaid: Meaning “flower”. Pronounced “bloor-nid”.
  5. Breena: Meaning “fairy palace”.
  6. Caoimhe: Meaning “gentle”. Pronounced “kee-vah”.
  7. Ceannbeag: “Little one” in Irish. Pronounced “kayn-big”.
  8. Edan or Egan: Meaning “little fire”.
  9. Fae: Meaning “fairy”.
  10. Findlay: Meaning “fair-haired courageous one”.
  11. Fineen: Meaning “little fair one”.
  12. Keagan, Kegan, or Keegan: Meaning “small flame”.
  13. Keeva: Meaning “dear one”.
  14. Kiva: Meaning “gentle” or “kind”.
  15. Lennon: Meaning “lover”.
  16. Mab: Meaning “baby” or “joy”. Also the Celtic queen of fairies.
  17. Mahoney: Meaning “good calf”.
  18. Nevan or Nevin: Meaning “little saint”.
  19. Oona or Oonagh: Meaning “lamb”.
  20. Quillan: Meaning “cub”.
  21. Renny: Meaning “small but mighty”.
  22. Róisín: Meaning “little rose”. Pronounced “roh-sheen”.
  23. Ronan: Meaning “little seal”.
  24. Ryan: “Little king” in Gaelic.
  25. Sabia: Meaning “sweet”.
  26. Sadb or Sadhbh: Meaning “sweet”. Pronounced “seev”.
  27. Síofra: Meaning “fairy folk”. Pronounced “sho-fra”.

What are rare Irish names?

Straying from the mainstream is always a solid move if you’re looking for cool baby names.

From the wild Atlantic way to Dublin’s doorstep, here are the most unusual Irish names plucked from Ireland’s heritage:

  1. Coventina: Meaning “fading memory”.
  2. Odhran: Meaning “dark-haired”. Pronounced “oh-ruhn”.
  3. Ailill: Meaning “elf” in Gaelic. Pronounced, “ah-lil”.
  4. Corentine: Meaning “hurricane”. 🌀
  5. Étaín: Meaning “passionate”. Named for the famous heroine of the Irish myth Tochmarc Étaíne.

What is the most Irish name ever?

It’s tough to think of the most Irish baby name.

But we think we’ve made a pretty good choice…

  1. Éire: The Irish name for “Ireland”. Pronounced “air”. We don’t think it gets any more Irish than that!

So that’s our ultimate list of 400 of the best Irish baby names for your lucky little clover! 🍀

May the luck of the Irish be with you (sorry) as you search for the perfect name for your little one!

And hey, if you need a little more inspo, check in with the Peanut community – they’re not just experts on TTC you know.

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