Is Orange Juice Good for Pregnancy?

Is Orange Juice Good for Pregnancy?

Is orange juice good for pregnancy? The short answer is yes.
But with so many different types of orange juice on the shelves, just how good it is depends on a few different factors.

Is it pasteurized? What about fortified? And how much of it will you drink?

Here’s what you need to know about drinking orange juice in pregnancy – and some other juices too.

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  • What are the benefits of orange juice while pregnant?
  • Which orange juice is good for pregnancy?
  • Which juice is good for pregnancy?
  • Orange juice in pregnancy: the last word

Can you drink orange juice while pregnant

Not only can you drink orange juice while pregnant, it can be great for your health. 🍊

It’s full of vitamin C and folic acid, and it’s a top source of potassium too.

When you’re pregnant, these are all super important nutrients both for your health and your growing peanut.

Plus, orange juice provides excellent support to the immune system since vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.

Which bodes well when you’re battling flu season with a lowered immune system.

But (yep, there’s always a but), experts recommend keeping it to pasteurized orange juice when pregnant.

Unfortunately, raw, freshly squeezed orange juice may contain harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning – a big no-no during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of orange juice while pregnant?

Once kept in moderation and pasteurized, orange juice boasts many great health benefits.

To better understand the OJ wow factor, let’s break it down by its nutritional content:

  • Folic acid helps your baby’s brain and spinal column to develop.
  • Potassium regulates your blood pressure.
  • Vitamin C helps you absorb iron. This is especially important during your third trimester.
  • Calcium isn’t naturally found in orange juice, but fruit juices are usually fortified with calcium. It’s very important when you’re growing a whole new person because you’re both going to need it to keep your bones strong.
  • Fiber helps with pregnancy bloating and constipation by keeping things moving.

Yep, orange juice has a lot of bragging rights.

But not every juice is made equal.

More on that below.

Which orange juice is good for pregnancy?

The best orange juice for pregnancy is one that ticks the following boxes:

1. Pasteurized

As with dairy products, it’s best to make sure the orange juice you buy is pasteurized.

Pasteurization heats foods and drinks until all the bacteria are killed.

This helps keep you safe from unfriendly bacteria, which is extra important while you’re pregnant and your immune system is having a tougher time.

2. Fortified

As we mentioned above, orange juices are often fortified (extra nutrients added) with calcium. However, this might be brand and location-specific.

Aim for these options when you’re buying.

3. No/low added sugar

Fruit juices are full of naturally occurring sugars.

These are okay (in moderation).

But is Sunny D orange juice good for pregnancy? Not really.

Juices like these are highly processed and have lots of added sugar.

4. Not fresh-squeezed

Juices branded as ‘fresh-squeezed’ are best avoided when you’re pregnant.

They won’t likely be pasteurized and may have been hanging around in their packaging for a while.

This increases the chances of contamination.

Oranges that you juice yourself, though, are just fine.

And you can always have too much of a good thing.

If you’re drinking orange juice, consider sticking to one 150ml glass a day.

You won’t get any extra nutritional benefit from drinking more, and you could experience some unwelcome side effects – including diarrhea, bad breath, and acid reflux.

You’ve got enough on your plate already!

Which juice is good for pregnancy?

So, that’s the lowdown on orange juice.

But the best juice overall for pregnancy?

Try some of these fruity drinks (the advice above still applies):

  • Banana juice: A top source of vitamin B6, which is great for tackling pregnancy nausea and ensuring a healthy birth weight. Also includes potassium. 🍌
  • Mango juice: Mango is a good source of iron and fiber – two things you need a lot of during pregnancy. 🥭
  • Pomegranate juice: High in vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium. 🧃
  • Apple juice: Apple juice is another great juice full of important vitamins like A and C. 🍎

There are lots of fruit juices out there that you can enjoy. Find out more about what to eat when pregnant here.

Orange juice in pregnancy: the last word

Orange juice is full of goodness that can benefit both you and your little one, and it makes a great healthy alternative to sugary sodas.

If you can, keep it pasteurized, fortified, and in moderate amounts.

And hey, why not mix it up with a few other fruit juices too? 🍊🍏🥭

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