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121 Italian Baby Boy Names for Your Bambino

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Maybe you’ve got links to Italy through your family. Or perhaps you fell head over heels with the country on a visit. No matter your reasons, choosing a beautiful Italian name for your little bambino is a great way to honor this proud and passionate land.

Italian Baby Boy Names

Here, we share 121 Italian names for boys. Auguri, mama!

In this article 📝

  • What are the most common Italian male names?
  • What are good Italian names for boys?
  • Finally, get ahead of the curve with these unique Italian boy names
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What are the most common Italian male names?

According to this 2014 article, around one in five (19%) Italians found in the phonebook went by Giuseppe (the Italian for “Joseph”). Antonio followed in second place with 14%, while Giovanni was a close third with 12.5%.

Rounding out the common Italian boy’s names, we’ve got Francesco (9.8%), Mario (8%), Luigi (7.4%), Roberto (4.4%), Angelo (4%), and Vincenzo (3.4%).

But how does this compare to the babies being born today? In other words, what are the most popular Italian baby boy names? Let’s find out.

Popular Italian boy names (and their meanings)

According to the 2019 statistics (the most recent year available), these are the 15 most selected boy’s names in Italy.

Interestingly, where once Franceso reigned supreme, the top spot now goes to Leonardo…

  1. Leonardo: When you think of “Leonardo,” two probably spring to mind. The Italians, of course, lay claim to Da Vinci, the man behind the Mona Lisa (among many other masterpieces). Leonardo means “brave lion” and is the Italian form of the English name “Leonard.”

  2. Francesco: The Italian form of “Francis,” Franceso could be just the name for teeny tiny free spirit. It means “free one.”

  3. Alessandro: Meaning “defender of men,” Alessandro is the Italian version of “Alexander.” World Cup-winning footballer Alessandro Del Piero is a notable namesake in this soccer-mad country.

  4. Lorenzo: A classic Italian name, Lorenzo is similar to “Laurence” in English, which can mean “bright one” or “shining one.” Often shortened to Enzo or Renzo, it also has a diminutive Loris.

  5. Mattia: Most European countries have a version of this name. In Spain, it’s “Matias” or “Mattias,” and in English-speaking countries, it’s “Matthew.” They all mean roughly the same thing – “a gift from God.”

  6. Andrea: You might be more familiar with Andrea as a girl’s name, but it’s a trendy boy’s name in Italy – and with good reason. It derives from the Greek meaning “manly” or “masculine.” Beloved tenor Andrea Bocelli is a famous namesake.

  7. Gabriele: The Italian spelling of the name “Gabriel,” Gabriele is one of many Italian names with religious origins. It means “God’s warrior.”

  8. Riccardo: Meaning “powerful leader,” Riccardo with two ‘c’s is the Italian version of Richard. You might see it spelled Ricardo with one ‘c’ elsewhere (often Spanish-speaking countries). Can be shortened to Ricky.

  9. Tommaso: Italian for “Thomas,” “Tomas,” or “Toma,” this name means “a twin.” If you’ve got two to name, at least that’s one taken care of!

  10. Edoardo: Like the English name “Edward,” Edoardo can also be spelled “Eduardo.” The name derives from an Anglo-Saxon moniker meaning “wealthy guardian.”

  11. Matteo: Like “Mattia” above, Matteo is an Italian form of “Matthew.”

  12. Giuseppe: Pronounced “jeh-SEP-ee,” Giuseppe is the Italian version of “Joseph.” The name means “the Lord increases.” Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi is perhaps the country’s most famous namesake.

  13. Niccolò: Related to the Greek name “Nicholas,” Niccolò can also be spelled with one ‘c,’ a la Nicolò. The name means “victory of the people.”

  14. Antonio: The Latin version of the name “Anthony,” the meaning of this name remains a mystery. Still, it’s a strong choice for a baby boy and can be shortened to the super adorable “Toni.”

  15. Federico: A name of Spanish and Italian origin, Federico means “peaceful ruler.” It’s a form of “Frederick” and can be shortened to “Rico.” Federico Fellini was one of the most influential filmmakers of all time.

What are good Italian names for boys?

There are so many options when it comes to choosing an Italian name for your baby boy. To make things easier, we’ve grouped some of our favorites below by letter. Scroll on to add to your shortlist, mama.

Italian baby boy names: A - E

  1. Abramo
  2. Adalberto
  3. Ademaro
  4. Adriano
  5. Agatino
  6. Agosto
  7. Agostino
  8. Alfonso
  9. Amato
  10. Angelo
  11. Benvolio
  12. Bosco
  13. Brio
  14. Calvino
  15. Carlo
  16. Carmine
  17. Cedro
  18. Clemente
  19. Ciro
  20. Constantino
  21. Cosimo
  22. Dante
  23. Dario
  24. Dino
  25. Domenico
  26. Donato
  27. Edmundo
  28. Elio
  29. Elmo
  30. Elvio
  31. Emiliano
  32. Enrico
  33. Enzo
  34. Ermes
  35. Ezio

Italian baby boy names: F - N

  1. Fabio
  2. Fabrizio
  3. Faro
  4. Ferrando
  5. Filippo
  6. Fiore
  7. Fiorenzo
  8. Flavio
  9. Francesco
  10. Franco
  11. Fredo
  12. Gallo
  13. Gaspare
  14. Gavino
  15. Gennaro
  16. Gerardo
  17. Giacomo
  18. Giancarlo
  19. Gianni
  20. Gino
  21. Giorgio
  22. Giosue
  23. Giovanni
  24. Giuseppe
  25. Herberto
  26. Italo
  27. Lamberto
  28. Lazaro
  29. Leone
  30. Lorenzo
  31. Luca
  32. Luigi
  33. Mano
  34. Marcello
  35. Marco
  36. Mario
  37. Massimo
  38. Maximus
  39. Nino

Italian baby boy names: O - V

  1. Orlando
  2. Otello
  3. Ottavio
  4. Paolo
  5. Patrizio
  6. Pietro
  7. Primo
  8. Rafael
  9. Ricco
  10. Roberto
  11. Rocco
  12. Romeo
  13. Rosario
  14. Salvio
  15. Salvatore
  16. Sandro
  17. Santino
  18. Sergio
  19. Silvio
  20. Stefano
  21. Teodoro
  22. Tristano
  23. Ugo
  24. Valentino
  25. Vincenzo

Finally, get ahead of the curve with these unique Italian boy names

Italy boasts a long and illustrious history, with many of the names above rooted in religion and tradition. But modern Italian boy’s names are on the rise. The likes of Achille, Leone, and Manuel are expected to be among the most popular in years to come, thanks to a mix of trendy celebs and sports stars emerging with these names.

So, if you’re looking for an original Italian boys name, here are a few to pick from (and their meanings):

  1. Achille: This name means “Trojan war hero” after the Greek mythological warrior Achilles.

  2. Filadelfo: Say this one out loud. Does it sound like a certain American city? That’s because Filadelfo comes from the same Greek word as Philadelphia, which means “brotherly love.” Sweet.

  3. Leone: A name with Greek and Latin origins, Leone means “bold lion.”

  4. Noè: The Italian form of one of the most popular boys names around, “Noah.” It means “rest” or “repose.”

  5. Oreste: Do you live somewhere picturesque and hilly? Then Oreste could be just the name for your little boy. It means “of the mountains.”

  6. Paride: If you love Italian culture and the City of Light, Paride could be a great choice – it’s the Italian word for “Paris.”

  7. Zeno: Derived from the Greek “Zenon,” Zeno means “sky” or “to shine.”

Get more baby-naming inspiration with Peanut

There you have it! Some of the most familiar, popular, and unique Italian names for your little bambino.

Want a second, third, or fourth opinion? Share your favorites with your fellow mamas-to-be on Peanut.

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