170+ Beautiful Italian Girl Names & Meanings

170+ Beautiful Italian Girl Names & Meanings

Searching for the perfect Italian baby girl name? Look no further! We’ve got 178 beautiful Italian girl names and their meanings. Plus, we’ve included some more unique Italian girl names you’ll love.
With a little baby girl on her way, it’s time to decide on a name.

And if you’re looking for some Italian girl names for your bambina, we can help give you a touch of inspiration.

We know that finding the right name can be a tricky business.

You’ve got to like it (obvs), and she’s got to carry it around for her whole life.

No pressure!

But knowing what’s out there can help you find a name with the perfect fit.

Maybe you’ll stumble on a name you love and suddenly realize, that’s it!

So, whether you’re honoring your family’s roots, or you’re after a name elegant or unconventional, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some Italian baby girl names – from traditional to trendy.

Andiamo, mama!

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  • What is the most common female name in Italy?
  • What is a popular Italian girl name?
  • Beautiful Italian girl names
  • What is a unique Italian name for a girl?

What is the most common female name in Italy?

In 2020, classics like Maria and Francesca are still the most common female names in Italy among all ages.

However, as with very traditional names in all countries, their popularity among new mamas – or mammas, as they say in Italy ­– is not what it once was.

Among the other most common women’s names in Italy you’ll spot:

  1. Anna: A classic name in many European countries. In Italy, it is timeless – and still incredibly popular today. Once the name for the Virgin Mary’s mother, it means “favor” or “grace”.
  2. Giuseppina: It’s the female version of Giuseppe, or the Italian form of Josephine. It’s not used so much these days, but it remains common among older generations.
  3. Rosa: Think Rose. A simple name that, to some ears, is as beautiful as the flower.
  4. Angela: Meaning “angel”, Angela was common in the US and UK for a while some decades ago. In Italy, too, it’s not a popular baby girl’s name so much anymore.
  5. Giovanna: Something like the English Joanne, Giovanna is the female form of Giovanni (or John). Often shortened to Gianna or Nina.

What is a popular Italian girl name?

Just as Susan is the most common woman’s name in Britain but no longer features in lists of popular baby names, in Italy the same applies.

Maria doesn’t feature in the top ten most popular Italian baby girl names at all.

According to ISTAT, the Italian agency for statistics, here are the official favorite Italian girl names.

Popular Italian baby names for girls

The most popular Italian girl baby names are as follows (you’ll have seen these over in our piece on Italian baby names, too).

Many of them have been gracing the top tens in Italy for years.

  1. Sofia: Meaning “wisdom”.
  2. Giulia: Meaning “youthful”.
  3. Aurora: Meaning “dawn”.
  4. Alice: Meaning “noble”.
  5. Ginevra: Meaning “white”.
  6. Emma: Meaning “whole”
  7. Giorgia: Meaning “farmer”.
  8. Greta: Meaning “pearl”.
  9. Beatrice: Meaning “she who brings happiness”.
  10. Anna: Meaning “grace”.
  11. Martina: It’s the 11th most popular girl’s name in Italy – but a couple of decades ago it was top. Saint Martina is the patron saint of Rome, and it’s the female form of Martino.
  12. Chiara: The Italian form of Claire, Chiara means “bright” or “luminous”. An ever-popular name for Italian baby girls.
  13. Vittoria: You’ll recognize this one. Like Victoria or Victor, it means “victory”.
  14. Sara: A popular name all over the world, Sara in Italian loses the ‘h’ that is more popular in the UK and US.
  15. Nicole: An interesting name to be included here, Nicole isn’t actually Italian. Nicola, with the emphasis on the ‘o’, is a boy’s name. But Nicoletta was once a popular Italian woman’s name.
  16. Matilde: Like in English Matilda, you pronounce the ‘e’ at the end of this in Italian. It means “mighty in battle”, which is a lovely name for a baby girl.
  17. Bianca: This arrived in the English-speaking world a long time ago. It means “white”.
  18. Ludovica: Perhaps the male Ludovico is more well-known in English, but both come from the German Ludwig (think Beethoven). She was also a saint – and a famous sculpture.
  19. Camilla: English speakers have a Camilla too. Popular throughout the century, it dates back to ancient Rome.
  20. Gaia: This one is of Greek origin, meaning “earth”, it’s been a popular name in Italy for a very long time.
  21. Noemi. This one comes from the Greek too. Watch out, though, it isn’t Naomi.
  22. Alessia. Alessia, like Alexa or the male Alessio, comes from the Latin meaning ‘defender’.
  23. Arianna. Like Ariana Grande, but with just the one ‘n’, it actually means “holiest”. It’s been a regular entry in the top 25 for decades.
  24. Rebecca. Not actually a traditional Italian name, Rebecca comes from the Hebrew Rivkah and became popular among the British from the 17th century. The Italians get it from there.
  25. Francesca. And we come back round to Francesca. While it’s one of the top two most common girl names in Italy, it is only the 25th most popular name for babies these days.

Beautiful Italian girl names

  1. Adele: Meaning “noble”.
  2. Adelina: Meaning “noble”.
  3. Angelica: Meaning “angel”.
  4. Alessandra: Meaning “defender of men”.
  5. Allegra: Meaning “joyful”.
  6. Angelina: Meaning “angel”.
  7. Anita: Meaning “grace”.
  8. Annabella: Meaning “grace and beauty”.
  9. Antonella: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  10. Antonia: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  11. Aria: Meaning “song”.
  12. Armani: Meaning “warrior”.
  13. Asia: Meaning “east”.
  14. Aurelia: Meaning “golden”.
  15. Avena: Meaning “oat-grower”.
  16. Azzurra: Meaning “sky blue”.
  17. Battista: Meaning “baptist”.
  18. Bella: Meaning “beautiful”.
  19. Benedetta: Meaning “blessed”.
  20. Beretta: Meaning “hat maker”.
  21. Bettina: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  22. Bria: Meaning “lively”.
  23. Cadenza: Meaning “rhythm”.
  24. Carina: Meaning “loved one”.
  25. Carlotta: Meaning “free man”.
  26. Caterina: Meaning “pure”.
  27. Cecilia: The Italian patron saint of music.
  28. Ciana: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  29. Claudia: Meaning “lame”.
  30. Cloe: Meaning “blooming”.
  31. Contessa: Meaning “royalty”.
  32. Daniella: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  33. Donatella: Meaning “gift of God”.
  34. Drusilla: Meaning “strong”.
  35. Dulce: Meaning “sweet”.
  36. Electra: Meaning “amber”.
  37. Elena: Meaning “bright light”.
  38. Eleonora: Meaning “merciful”.
  39. Elia: Meaning “she”.
  40. Elisa: Meaning “God’s promise”.
  41. Elisabetta: Meaning “God’s promise”.
  42. Eloisa: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  43. Emilia: Meaning “rival”.
  44. Enrica: Meaning “estate ruler”.
  45. Eva: Meaning “life”.
  46. Fernanda: Meaning “adventurous”.
  47. Fiorella: Meaning “flower”.
  48. Fiorentina: Meaning “flourishing”.
  49. Flavia: Meaning “golden”.
  50. Franca: Meaning “free”.
  51. Gabriella: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  52. Gaetana: Meaning “from Gaeta”.
  53. Gia: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  54. Giada: Meaning “jade”.
  55. Giana: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  56. Gianetta: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  57. Gioia: Meaning “jewel”.
  58. Giordana: Meaning “to descend”.
  59. Giulia: Meaning “young”.
  60. Giustina: Meaning “justice”.
  61. Graziana: Meaning “grace”.
  62. Guiliana: Meaning “youthful”.
  63. Ilina: Meaning “Yahweh is my God”.
  64. Imelda: Meaning “warrior”.
  65. Irene: Meaning “peace”.
  66. Isabel: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  67. Isabella: Meaning “God is my oath”.
  68. Jaquetta: Meaning “supplanter”.
  69. Leonora: Meaning “light”.
  70. Lia: Meaning “relaxed”.
  71. Lorenza: Meanign “laurel”.
  72. Lucia: Meaning “light”.
  73. Luciana: Meaning “light and grace”.
  74. Luisa: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  75. Luna: Meaning “moon”.
  76. Marca: Meaning “warrior”.
  77. Margherita: Meaning “daisy”.
  78. Maria: Meaning “of the sea”.
  79. Marta: Meaning “lady”.
  80. Massima: Meaning “greatest”.
  81. Maxima: Meaning “greatest”.
  82. Melissa: Meaning “lemon balm”.
  83. Mia: Meaning “mine”.
  84. Mirabella: Meaning “wondrous beauty”.
  85. Miriam: Meaning “princess”.
  86. Natalia: Meaning “Christmas”.
  87. Ottavia: Meaning “eight”.
  88. Paola: Meaning “small”.
  89. Pasquelina: Meaning “Easter”.
  90. Pazienza: Meaning “patient”.
  91. Petronilla: Meaning “yokel”.
  92. Pia: Meaning “pious”.
  93. Piera: Meaning “rock”.
  94. Raffaella: Meaning “God has healed”.
  95. Renata: Meaning “rebirth”.
  96. Rialta: Meaning “deep brook”.
  97. Ricciarda: Meaning “powerful ruler”.
  98. Rina: Meaning “queen”.
  99. Rosana: Meaning “graceful rose”.
  100. Serafina: Meaning “fiery”.
  101. Serena: Meaning “calm”.
  102. Sienna: Meaning “orange-red”.
  103. Stella: Meaning “star”.
  104. Tatiana: Meaning “fairy queen”.
  105. Teodora: Meaning “gift from God”.
  106. Teresa: Meaning “harvest”.
  107. Terina: Meaning “smooth”.
  108. Valentina: Meaning “healthy”.
  109. Valeria: Meaning “strong”.
  110. Vincenza: Meaning “conquering”.
  111. Viola: Meaning “purple flower”.
  112. Viviana: Meaning “life”.

What is a unique Italian name for a girl?

After something a little different?

You’ll love these unique Italian baby girl names:

  1. Abriana: Meaning “parent of many”.
  2. Aldina: Meaning “golden”.
  3. Amadea: Meaning “God’s beloved”.
  4. Armina: Meaning “army man”.
  5. Basilissa: Meaning “queen”.
  6. Campana: Meaning “bell-ringer”.
  7. Cinzia: Meaning “moon goddess”.
  8. Concetta: Meaning “pure”.
  9. Concettina: Meaning “pure”.
  10. Cosetto: Meaning “little one”.
  11. Delfina: Meaning “dolphin”.
  12. Fia: Meaning “flickering fire”.
  13. Fiammetta: Meaning “little fiery one”.
  14. Galilea: Meaning “from Galilee”.
  15. Gelsomina: Meaning “jasmine”.
  16. Giuditta: Meaning “praised”.
  17. Ilaria: Meaning “cheerful”.
  18. Jacobella: Meaning “beautiful supplanter”.
  19. Mabilia: Meaning “loved”.
  20. Mattea: Meaning “gift from God”.
  21. Meliora: Meaning “honey”.
  22. Milana: Meaning “favored”.
  23. Miuccia: Meaning “of the sea”.
  24. Nera: Meaning “black”.
  25. Ortensia: Meaning “of the garden”.
  26. Pierina: Meaning “rock”.
  27. Placida: Meaning “serene”.
  28. Primavera: Meaning “spring”.
  29. Pudentiana: Meaning “friend to apostles”.
  30. Ravenna: Meaning “raven”.
  31. Sancia: Meaning “holy”.
  32. Terza: Meaning “third”.
  33. Vallea: Meaning “valley”.
  34. Venezia: Meaning “Venice”.
  35. Verdiana: Meaning “young”.
  36. Zeta: Meaning “lost”.

Can you imagine your little baby Benedetta?

Or something a bit more familiar, like Elena?

Or are you still completely undecided?

Don’t worry, you can always rely on the mamas of Peanut to help you out.

Whatever your choice of Italian girl names, we’re sure it’ll be bellissima, a perfetta name for your piccola bambina.

Buona fortuna, mama!

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