49 Bellissimi Italian Baby Names

49 Bellissimi Italian Baby Names

Picking a name is one of the first (and most special) decisions you’ll make as a parent. And, unless you’ve had a name in mind for ages, it’ll be something you discuss a lot during your pregnancy.

There are hundreds of lists on the internet full of ideas - like Peanut’s most popular baby names of 2020 - but here we’re focusing on Italian baby names.
Maybe you have Italian roots yourself. Or perhaps you fell in love with the country on a visit.

Whatever your reasons, you can find plenty of baby name inspiration from the land of sunshine and wine, ancient glory, and breath-taking natural beauty.

So, without further ado, here are 49 Italian baby names for you to choose from – from the most common to the classic, and the most on-trend right now.

What is the most common name in Italy?

So, to get your bearings, what are the most common names in Italy?

These would be Giuseppe and Maria, according to an Italian study from 2014 – or Joseph and Mary, as we would say in English.

Italy is largely a Catholic country, after all – and this heritage still appears to leave its mark on baby names.

A massive 19% of Italian men are believed to be called Giuseppe.

The same study put Antonio and Francesca as the two-second most common names for Italian men and women.

Other classic Italian baby names

After Giuseppe and Antonio, the most common names in Italy are classic names that come to mind when you think of the country.

However, they no longer seem to be favorites among Italian “mammas”.

According to La Stampa, the Italian newspaper, the rest of the most common Italian names are, for men:

  1. Giovanni
  2. Mario
  3. Luigi
  4. Francesco
  5. Angelo
  6. Vincenzo

And for women, after Maria and Francesca are taken off the top:

  1. Anna
  2. Giuseppina
  3. Rosa
  4. Angela
  5. Giovanna
  6. Teresa

The most popular Italian names for babies, right now

While Giuseppe and Antonio, Maria and Francesca might be the most common names among Italians of all ages, they are not the most popular names for Italian babies right now.

In fact, none of them make it into the top 10 lists for baby boys and baby girls in Italy.

So, which names do? According to ISTAT, the Italian statistics agency, the most common Italian baby names, by gender, are as follows.

The most popular Italian baby boy names

Let’s start with the boys. These days, Leonardo tops the list.

  1. Leonardo. The mind behind the Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci – is only the most famous of the Leonardos. It’s been an increasingly popular name for years, but it’s now the most popular baby boy name in Italy.
  2. Francesco. Having long held the top spot, Francesco is now Italy’s number 2. But where Leonardo is popular in the US, Francesco is not even in the top 1,000.
  3. Alessandro. The Italian ‘Alexander’, Alessandro apparently means ‘defender of humanity’. Always a popular choice.
  4. Lorenzo. Often shortened to Enzo or Renzo, Lorenzo is a classic name that has come back around. It’s like Laurence in English.
  5. Mattia. Like the Spanish ‘Matias’ or ‘Mattias’, or the English ‘Matthew’, most European countries have a version. Mattia is the Italian one.
  6. Andrea. While English speakers use it as a girl’s name, Andrea actually comes from the Greek word meaning ‘manly’ or ‘masculine’. It’s a baby boy’s name in Italy.
  7. Gabriele. Meaning ‘God’s warrior’, Gabriele is another name with religious origins. Gabriel is an alternative already popular in the US.
  8. Riccardo. Richard, Rick, or Ricardo elsewhere. The Italians spell it with two ‘c’s.
  9. Tommaso. The Italian version of Thomas, Tomas, or Toma.
  10. Edoardo. This one comes from the English name Edward.

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What are popular Italian girl names?

And for girls? Again, things have changed a little, with Maria and Francesca nowhere to be seen.

  1. Sofia. Meaning ‘wisdom’ or ‘skill’, Sofia is a popular name all over the western world. It was in fact the most popular name in the US a few times in the last decade. In Italian, note that it is spelt with an ‘f’, not a ‘ph’.
  2. Giulia. The Italian version of Julia, Giulia has been incredibly popular in Italy for decades.
  3. Aurora. Coming from the Latin word for ‘dawn’, Aurora has been fashionable in Italy for the last decade. You might have heard it in the US too.
  4. Alice. In Italian, it is pronounced ‘a-lee-cheh’ – not like the English ‘Alice’. It is related to alternatives like Alicia, Alecia, Alisha, and Alise.
  5. Ginevra. Of Welsh origin, Ginevra is the Italian translation of Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur.
  6. Emma. Universally popular, it means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.
  7. Giorgia. Spelt with an ‘i’ after the first ‘G’, Giorgia has been popular for decades in Italy. Variations include the more familiar Georgia, Giorgina, or just Gina.
  8. Greta. Greta is the shortened form of Margherita, but it has become more popular in its own right.
  9. Beatrice. Like Alice, this one is pronounced ‘be-a-tree-cheh’ in Italian, not the English Beatrice.
  10. Anna. Finally, a classic. Anna is the tenth most popular Italian baby girl name.

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Cool Italian baby names

Finally, these are the names predicted to be most popular in the years ahead.

Some move away from the more familiar Italian names – while others are returning to the classics.

Achille, Leone, Marcello, and Nicolò are all projected to be popular Italian baby boy names in coming years – thanks to a new mix of celebrities sporting these names.

Meanwhile, for girls, Olivia, Allegra, and Viola – alongside Marlena and Maddalenaare expected to make an appearance.

Italians also have a taste for foreign names. Daniel, Nathan, Isabel, and Emily have all appeared as popular names for Italian babies in recent years.

Which Italian baby name is right for you?

There you have it. Some of the most familiar and popular Italian names for your baby boys and girls.

Not sure which you like best? Why not ask the mamas on Peanut? 🥜

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