141 Jamaican Baby Names With Meanings

141 Jamaican Baby Names With Meanings

Looking for beautiful and strong Jamaican baby names for your imminent arrival? Jessum peace (oh my gosh!), have we got you covered.

The beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica has a fascinating and difficult history, one that includes indigenous South American settlers, Spanish conquistadors, and English invaders.

It played a critical role in the Atlantic slave trade, and many Jamaicans today can trace their roots to West Africa.

Jamaican names often draw on this rich heritage, and you’re likely to come across some familiar Spanish, English, and African names in the list below.

Some names have emerged that are uniquely Jamaican, though. Take a look!

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  • What are some traditional Jamaican names?
  • What are Jamaican names for boys?
  • What are Jamaican names for girls?
  • What are common Jamaican names
  • Gender-neutral Jamaican first names

What are some traditional Jamaican names?

These 20 names have a very typically Jamaican lilt to them.

You can almost hear that unmistakable accent.

  1. Abigay: This Jamaican version of Abigail means “the joy or happiness of Yahweh”. Yahweh is the father of rejoicing. ♀️
  2. Abisai: Means “my father is a gift”. ♂️
  3. Amoy: Means “beautiful goddess”. ♀️
  4. Cedella: Means “beautiful princess”. ♀️
  5. Damerae: Means “boy of joy”. ♂️
  6. Dymond: A Jamaican version of the name Diamond. ♀️
  7. Femi: Means “God loves me”. ♀️
  8. Glenmore: One of the most popular baby names in Jamaica, Glenmore refers to a place in Jamaica. ♂️
  9. Ini: This beautiful, simple name means “time”. ♀️
  10. Irie: This popular Jamaican means “one who believes in spreading harmony”. ♀️
  11. Jevaun: The Jamaican form of Evan, this name means “young warrior”. ♂️
  12. Kaleisha: Means “woman who is strong-willed”. ♀️
  13. Karalana: Means “pure and peaceful”. ♀️
  14. Khenan: This Jamaican name means “rising sun”. ♂️
  15. Llanzo: The Jamaican form of Lance, Llanzo means “servant” or “God-like”. ♂️
  16. Roje: A typically Jamaican name, Roje means “guard or sentinel”. ♂️
  17. Sanka: Remember Sanka from the 1993 film Cool Runnings? The guy with the lucky egg? This Jamaican name means “soulful”. ♂️
  18. Trinika: Means “Holy Trinity”. ♀️
  19. Usain: Runners will be familiar with Usain Bolt, the world-record-holding sprinter. It means “beautiful”. ♂️
  20. Vittorio: An old Jamaican name that means “victor”. ♂️

What are Jamaican names for boys?

For your baby boy, choose from longer Jamaican names like Badrick and Zidane to short one-syllable names like Ife and Mao.

  1. Adio: A name of African origin, Adio means “righteous”.
  2. Agwe: This Native American name means “water”.
  3. Ajani: A Nigerian name meaning “victor”.
  4. Arley: An Old English name that means “hare’s meadow”.
  5. Badrick: This English name means “ax ruler”.
  6. Barkley: A Scottish name, meaning “birch tree meadow”.
  7. Baron: This Hebrew name means “son of strength”.
  8. Chilton: From the Old English, meaning “farm near the well”.
  9. Ghana: This name refers to the West African country, and also means “strong warrior king”.
  10. Ife: An African name, Ife means “love” in Yoruba, a language spoken in West Africa.
  11. Jaden: A Hebrew name that means “God heard”.
  12. Latent: This name of Jamaican origin means “victory” or “crown of laurel”.
  13. Mao: Mao is a shortened version of the African name Maocha, which means “flowering”.
  14. Zidane: A name from the Quran that means “increase, growth, and progress”.
  15. Ziggy: This German name means “victorious protector”.

What are Jamaican names for girls?

These Jamaican girl names strike a balance between being both lovely and lyrical, and strong and powerful.

  1. Alvita: This Latin name means “lively”.
  2. Amelia: An Islamic name, Amelia means “diligent and hardworking”.
  3. Brianna: A Celtic name that means “strong, ascending woman”.
  4. Chandice: Meaning “extremely talented and smart”.
  5. Eralia: The Spanish form of the Greek name, Eulalia, which means “well-spoken”.
  6. Jada: An Arabic name meaning “God’s gift”.
  7. Jalissa: Means “noble one”.
  8. Ladonya: Means “bread kneader”.
  9. Lakresha: An English name that means “gift of life”.
  10. Omnira: A Yoruba name that means “liberation”.
  11. Sabryna: An Arabic name that means “patient and endearing”.
  12. Taniyah: Taniyah means “joyful or beautiful”.
  13. Tashelle: Tashelle refers to girls born on Christmas day or having a likeness to God.
  14. Tianna: This historically Greek name means “princess”.
  15. Vea: A Spanish name that means “seen”.

What are common Jamaican names

This list includes quite a few names that might sound familiar to you, such as Bob (as in Marley!), Chloe, and Daniel.

But there are some interesting and unusual names too, like Ionie, Latoria, and Rohan.

  1. Aidan: Meaning “little fire” in Gaelic. ♂️
  2. Alton: Meaning “old town” in Old English. ♂️
  3. Amancia: Meaning “unconditional love” in Jamaican and Latin. ♀️
  4. Amoy: Meaning “beautiful goddess” in Jamaican and Chinese. ♀️
  5. Andrew: Meaning “manly” in Greek. ♂️
  6. Anthony: Meaning “priceless one” in Latin. ♂️
  7. Bob: Meaning “bright fame” in German. ♂️
  8. Bunny: Meaning “little rabbit” in English. ♂️
  9. Chloe: Meaning “blooming” in Greek. ♀️
  10. Christopher: Meaning “bearing Christ” in Greek. ♂️
  11. Clifton: Meaning “town by the cliff” in Old English. ♂️
  12. Clive: Meaning “cliff” in English. ♂️
  13. Courtney: Meaning “short nose” in French. ♂️
  14. Dajuan: Meaning “God is gracious” in Jamaican. ♂️
  15. Daniel: Meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew. ♂️
  16. Delroy: Meaning “king” in French. ♂️
  17. Delyse: Meaning “joy” in Jamaican and Latin. ♀️
  18. Deshane: Meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew and French. ♀️
  19. Desomond: Meaning “from south Munster” in Irish. ♂️
  20. Devon: Meaning “deep valley dwellers” in Old English. ♂️
  21. Donavan: Meaning “brown-haired chieftain” in Irish. ♂️
  22. Durene: Meaning “everlasting” in Latin and Jamaican. ♀️
  23. Eithan: Meaning “strength” in Hebrew. ♂️
  24. Fitzroy: Meaning “son of the king” in French. ♂️
  25. Gabrielle: Meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew and French. ♀️
  26. Garfield: Meaning “spear field” in Old English. ♂️
  27. Glenroy: After the place name in Scotland. ♂️
  28. Hopeton: Meaning “town of hope” in English. ♂️
  29. Horace: Meaning “time” in Latin. ♂️
  30. Ionie: Meaning “violet-colored stone” in Jamaican. ♀️
  31. Iriye: Meaning “harmony” in Jamaican. ♀️
  32. Jahmar: Meaning “handsome” in Jamaican. ♂️
  33. Jaqweshia: Meaning “half a queen” in Jamaican. ♀️
  34. Joshua: Meaning “Jehovah is salvation” in Hebrew. ♂️
  35. Junior: Meaning “younger one” in English. ♂️
  36. Kalisa: Meaning “one who has given herself to God” in Jamaican. ♀️
  37. Kenise: Meaning “beautiful” in Jamaican. ♀️
  38. Kenroy: Meaning “fire king” in French and Irish. ♂️
  39. Kingsley: Meaning “king’s meadow” in Old English. ♂️
  40. Kiyana: Meaning “light” in Jamaican and Persian. ♀️
  41. Latoria: Meaning “victorious one” in Spanish. ♀️
  42. Leroy: Meaning “the king” in French. ♂️
  43. Linford: Meaning “linden tree ford” in English. ♂️
  44. Livington: Meaning “Leving’s town” in Old English. ♂️
  45. Lloyd: Meaning “sacred” in Welsh. ♂️
  46. Louise: Meaning “renowned warrior” in French. ♀️
  47. Mark: Meaning “warlike” in Latin. ♂️
  48. Martisha: Meaning “martial” or “warlike” in Jamaican. ♀️
  49. Merlene: Meaning “falcon” in Old English. ♀️
  50. Nigel: Meaning “champion” in Celtic. ♂️
  51. Oniel: Meaning “descendent of Niall” in Irish Gaelic. ♂️
  52. Peta-Gay: Meaning “blessing” in Jamaican. ♀️
  53. Radcliff: Meaning “red cliff” in Old English. ♂️
  54. Raeni: Meaning “queenly” in Jamaican and Arabic. ♀️
  55. Renford: Meaning “raven ford” in Old English. ♂️
  56. Requiem: Meaning “rest” in Jamaican and English. ♀️
  57. Rita: Meaning “pearl” in Spanish and Greek. ♀️
  58. Rohan: Meaning “red-haired” in Irish. ♂️
  59. Ronica: Meaning “she who brings victory” in Greek and Latin. ♀️
  60. Shamar: Meaning “to guard” in Hebrew. ♂️
  61. Sharisha: Meaning “cherry” in Jamaican. ♀️
  62. Shanice: Meaning “God is merciful” in Old English. ♀️
  63. Sheldon: Meaning “steeped valley” in Old English. ♂️
  64. Shenice: Meaning “God is gracious and merciful” in Jamaican. ♀️
  65. Straleen: Meaning “star” in Jamaican. ♀️
  66. Tamila: Meaning “languishing” in Russian. ♀️
  67. Taniyah: Meaning “fairy queen” in Russian. ♀️
  68. Tarone: Meaning “courageous advisor of the king” in Jamaican. ♂️
  69. Teddy: Meaning “God’s gift” in Greek and French. ♂️
  70. Tiana: Meaning “princess” in Russian. ♀️
  71. Tiyanna: Meaning “joy” or “princess” in Jamaican and Latin. ♀️
  72. Tony: Meaning “priceless one” in Latin. ♂️
  73. Tyonna: Meaning “princess” in Jamaican. ♀️
  74. Usher: Meaning “river mouth” in Latin. ♂️
  75. Vegas: Meaning “meadow” in Spanish. ♀️
  76. Vinisha: Meaning “love” in Sanskrit and Hindi. ♀️
  77. Virtudes: Meaning “virtues” in Spanish. ♀️
  78. Winston: Meaning “joyful stone” in Old English. ♂️
  79. Xaviera: Meaning “new house” in Spanish and Basque. ♀️
  80. Yendi: Meaning “place” in Jamaican. ♀️
  81. Zade: Meaning “son of” in Persian. ♀️
  82. Zekia: Meaning “pure” in Arabic. ♀️
  83. Zhade: Meaning “precious stone” in Old English. ♀️

Gender-neutral Jamaican first names

Not sure if you’re having a girl or a boy, or would prefer your little one to have a gender-neutral name?

These names are used interchangeably for boys and girls in Jamaica.

  1. Bailey: An Old English name that means fortification.
  2. Dale: This German name means valley dweller.
  3. Jayden: Like Jaden, this is an alternative spelling of a Hebrew name that means God heard.
  4. Kimona: This Jamaican name means enchanting.
  5. Kingston: An Old English name that means ruler and also the capital city of Jamaica, of course.
  6. Kymani: An African name, Kymani means adventurous traveler.
  7. Maven: Maven is of Hebrew origin and means one who understands.
  8. Omario: This is the Jamaican version of Omar and means eloquent and articulate.

And there you have it, mama-to-be!

A plethora of Jamaican baby names to choose from for your babe.

Whether you’re looking for a Jamaican girl name that exudes strength and beauty or a Jamaican boy name that’s cool and charismatic, there’s something for everyone.

So don’t be afraid to spice up your baby name game with a touch of island flavor.

With these Jamaican names, your baby will be ready to take on the world, Jamaican style!

Now, go forth and pick the perfect name for your little one.

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