11 Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

11 Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

They’re another year older (congrats!) – so there’s another party to organize. It can feel like a mammoth task to keep the annual bash original, we know. But with these fun kids’ birthday party ideas, you’ll be all set for years. Bring it on!
Mostly, kids just love hanging out, playing, and doing new things with their friends outside of school. That’s why birthdays can be special times. So, here are some kids birthday party ideas to make the special day unforgettable (and manageable, too!).

Things to think about when organizing a kid’s birthday party

How do I plan a kid’s birthday party at home?* Whether you’re hosting the party at home, or going out into the big wide world, there’s some important stuff to think about:

  • How many kids are coming? This will determine a lot: costs, food supplies, where you’ll host the party. The more the merrier… but also, the more the messier.
  • Will you need extra adult help? Depending on how many kids are invited, you might need an extra pair of hands (or two!). Can a mama friend come along to help? This is especially useful if you’re doing things like a barbecue or an outdoor activity, when safety matters even more.
  • What’s on the menu? Food will be close to the top of the list for things to organize. Will chips, soda, and the birthday cake be enough? Or are you planning a proper meal? Take stock of the numbers – and don’t forget the adults also need a bite.
  • What’s the budget? Natrautelly, budget will always be something to keep an eye on. How do you celebrate a low budget birthday party? There are ways to make it just as special as any other birthday parties for kids:
    • Keep it intimate. The fewer kids that come, the less you have to spend. It can be just as memorable a day with only the besties.
    • Use nature. Some of the best birthday parties are not in soft play areas or bowling alleys. You can have fun with a walk in nature and a picnic – and, besides the food costs, it’s totally free.
    • Don’t party at mealtimes. A good idea for kids birthday parties on a budget is to avoid mealtimes. That means you won’t have to supply a lot of food. Smart!
  • Will you give party favors and goodie bags? Every guest likes to go home with a little something. This can be as small as a slice of birthday cake and a thank you note. While not absolutely necessary, it can be a nice gesture.
  • What does your little one want to do? Is there a particular activity they want to do on their birthday? Do they want the biggest party ever? Or would they prefer something smaller? When it’s their birthday, they’re the boss (sort of).
  • When’s it over? Other mamas (and you, probably!) will want to know when it’s a wrap. If you’re going out and about, something like a timetable will be crucial.
    With this in mind, here are 11 ideas for the best kid birthday party your little one and their friends have ever seen.

11 kids’ birthday party ideas

Your kid’s birthday party can be at home or somewhere else. And what you want to do might depend on what you did last year, what your budget is, how old your little one is, and what kind of activities they’re into. So here are a few ideas for inspiration:

What can you do for a birthday party at home?

Your home offers loads of benefits as a birthday party location. It’s free, it’s much easier to organize, and you don’t need to factor transport into the mix. But with a herd of excited kids running around, it could also be a recipe for a big mess and a mucky carpet.

So, pros and cons. But don’t rule it out. Here’s what they can get up to.

Birthday ideas for kids at home

  • Sleepover. An eternal classic. A sleepover’s one of the most exciting things a little one can do. Order some pizza, tell spooky stories, and stay up way past bedtime.

  • Movie night. Get the popcorn popping! Movie nights are nice because you don’t have to worry too much about entertainment. If it’s happening in your front room, you’ll need to keep invites to a manageable number. But, if you have a big wall and a projector, you can do it outside for a movie under the stars.

  • Cookout. You’ll probably need an extra pair of hands for this one, but what’s lovelier than an outdoor party with barbecue? This party can include other birthday ideas for kids (check out the games we mention below), alongside some lovely snacks.

  • Arts and crafts. Prepared to get messy? A wonderfully original, creative, and fun birthday party activity at home is to propose a theme, bring out the paintbrushes, and let everyone express themselves. A confined space is a good idea here; one which is hopefully covered with butcher paper or a messy mat.

  • Games. A party game will always liven things up. Try some of these:

    • Garden races. 100m sprints might be a bit too hectic. But if you have space, a three-legged race, a wheelbarrow race, or an egg-and-spoon are all favorites.

    • Duck duck goose. Kids sit in a circle. One walks around the back, tapping the other kids on the head and saying “duck.” At random, they pick a “goose” who has to chase them around the circle and catch them before they reach their spot.

    • Musical chairs. A game that involves dancing. All round fun.

Birthday party ideas for out of the house

Just a few ideas if you’d rather get out and about for your kid’s birthday party:

  • A trip into nature. Take your child and their friends into the hills, to a rural meadow, or for a walk and picnic by a lake. They’ll have so much space to run around in – and if the weather’s good, it may be a day to remember.

  • Laser tag. Another birthday classic. Kids pretending to be futuristic warriors as they zap each other for an afternoon.

  • Bowling. A trip to the bowling alley can be a great way to spend a birthday afternoon.

  • Rock climbing. A potentially pricey but thrilling birthday activity. Under specialist supervision (obviously!), your kids will learn how to climb.

  • A kid’s spa day. For the luxury-loving little ones among us, a spa day may be a lovely experience. And you can bring along some of your besties to get pampered.

  • Sports or an event. Does your little one have a favorite football, soccer, or baseball team? Tickets to a game can be the experience of a lifetime.

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