187 Awe-Inspiring Korean Baby Boy Names and Meanings

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Searching for Korean baby boy names to honor your culture or heritage? We’ve got 180+ of the best Korean boy names, all in one place.

Korean baby boy names

Korean boy names are a little bit special.

They’re full of meaning, and deeply rooted in tradition.

And yet, thanks to modern trends and multicultural settings (for example, Korean-American communities), these names continue to evolve, offering a world of choice for new and expectant parents.

So, if you’re looking to honor your family’s Korean heritage, or you want to give a loving nod to Korean culture in general, we’ve got just the selection of names to help.

In this article: 📝

  • How do you choose a Korean name?
  • What are common Korean male names?
  • What is a popular Korean name?
  • Cute Korean boy names
  • What is good Korean boy name?
  • What are some unique Korean boy names?

How do you choose a Korean name?

Before we dive into our list of Korean baby boy names, it’s handy to understand the basics of the Korean naming process.

If you’re already familiar, you can skip this bit. If not, read on.

Essentially, Korean baby names are made up of two to three elements (often three syllables).

The first part is for the family name, and the next part is their given name.

Here’s how it works:

  • The first syllable is the family name (similar to a Western surname).
  • The second syllable is typically the generational name or dolimja (돌림자). This shows that the baby belongs to a particular generation in a specific family.
  • The third syllable is a unique name, often picked by the grandfather or a professional name.

For example, this would result in a name like Lee Min-Ho (이민호), where “Lee” is the family name, and “Min-Ho” is the given name.

The given names are then usually hyphenated and made up of two elements, each with separate meanings.

This has led to a variety of contemporary Korean boy names, with multicultural families often opting for a hybrid name that pays homage to the traditions of old while still retaining a bit of modern flair.

So, what are some of the best Korean first names for boys? Let’s take a look.

Note: Korean names are traditionally written in Hanja or the Hangul alphabet.

Here, we’ve provided the more common translations.

Heads up: If you want to put your own spin on any of the names on this list, it’s common for Korean-American versions to drop the hyphen or switch up the spelling, changing a “u” for “oo” or vice-versa.

What are common Korean male names?

These are among the most common Korean boy names and meanings:

  1. Bae: Loosely translated as “inspiration,” Bae can be used alone or as part of a longer name.
  2. Baek-Hyun: The first part of the name (Baek) means “white,” and the second part (Hyun) can mean “clever.”
  3. Bitgaram: Meaning “shining river,” this name flows with vibrancy and purpose.
  4. Bon-Hwa: A simply majestic name, Bon-Hwa means “glorious.”
  5. Chan-Yeol: A name that can mean “bright” and “fiery.” A passionate combo.
  6. Chin-Mae: Meaning “truth,” this is a pure, sweet-sounding name.
  7. Chung-Hee: A solid and powerful choice, Chung-Hee means “righteous.”
  8. Dae-Hyun: This name can translate as “big show-off,” so you could have your hands full!
  9. Dong-Hyun: Meaning “virtuous shine”.
  10. Gi: Meaning “brave,” Gi is a mighty, courageous name for a fearless little boy.
  11. Hak-Kun: This name means “rooted in intelligence.” Perfect if you want to encourage a bright spark.
  12. Han-Gyeol: Meaning “uniformity”.
  13. Hyun-Woo: Meaning “divine intervention”.
  14. In-Su: This melodical name means “preserving wisdom.” Ideal for a little one wise beyond their years.
  15. Jeong-Hoon: Meaning “correct rank”.
  16. Ji-Hoon: Meaning “wisdom rank”.
  17. Jung-Hoon: Meaning “correct rank”.
  18. Kija: This regal name is shared by a legendary king who brought Chinese culture to the Korean people millennia ago.
  19. Kwang-Sun: This one means “wide goodness.” Appropriate for a little bundle bringing so much joy.
  20. Kyong: Another name that means “brightness,” Kyong simply rolls off the tongue.
  21. Man-Shik: Meaning “deep rootedness,” this name gives a nod to the tradition of old.
  22. Saem: Meaning “fountain” or “spring,” this short name is as pure as it is lovely.
  23. Sang-Hoon: Meaning “meritorious”.
  24. So: Short and sweet, So means “smile.” And we’re betting you will, every time you look at your son.
  25. Sung-Ho: Meaning “bright”.
  26. Sung-Hoon: Meaning “ice prince”.
  27. Sung-Min: Meaning “quick character”.
  28. Tae-Hyun: A name with presence, this one can mean “large” or “highest” and “good” or “virtuous.”
  29. U-Jin: This name can mean “universe” and “genuine.” Popular with mixed-heritage families, it sounds familiar in both Korean and English.
  30. Yong: Meaning simply “dragon,” there are very few names as symbolic and powerful as Yong.
  31. Young-Chul: Meaning “eternal wisdom”.
  32. Young-Ho: Meaning “dragon”.
  33. Young-Jae: This one means “mountains of prosperity.” A fitting name for a life-changing, joyous momen
  34. Young-Soo: Meaning “prosperous”.

Is Moon a Korean name?

Yes, it certainly is:

  1. Moon: In Korean, the name moon means “learned” or “literate.” One small step towards a baby bookworm, mama.

Or, if you’re after Korean boy names that mean “moon”, how about:

  1. Dal: A cute, short name, Dal means “moon”. Fun fact: The moon is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity for Korean people.

Is Sun a Korean name?

Yes, Sun is a gender-neutral Korean name, although it’s often added as a hyphenated Korean boy name, it can also be used solo:

  1. Sun: Meaning “goodness”.

And here are a few Korean boy names that mean “sun” to shine a light on your baby name:

  1. Ha-Ru: Meaning “sunlight”.
  2. Ha-Yoon: Meaning “summer sunlight”.
  3. Sank-Ook: Meaning “with the morning sun”.

What Korean name means sun and moon?

How about a Korean boy name with the majesty and inspiration of the sun and the moon?

  1. Gyeong-Shin: Meaning “sun and moon”.
  2. Myeon-Jin: Meaning “sun and moon”.
  3. Myeong-Shin: Meaning “sun and moon”.
  4. Yang-Jin: Meaning “sun and moon”.

What Korean boy name means handsome?

There are a few Korean boy names that mean “handsome” for you to choose from:

  1. Minjun: A popular and enduring name, Minjun has a variety of meanings, from “likable” to “handsome” and “intelligent.” No pressure, kid!
  2. Mos-Issneun: Meaning “handsome”.
  3. Seo-Jun: Meaning “comfortable and handsome”.
  4. Ye-Jun: Meaning “talented and handsome”.

What Korean name means God?

Well, Hana-nim is the traditional Korean name for God, but it’s not commonly used as a Korean boy’s name.

Instead, how about:

  1. Ha-Eun: Meaning “God’s grace”.

What Korean name means angel?

There aren’t any traditional Korean boy names that mean “angel”, but you could always go for a truly unique boy’s name with:

  1. Cheon-Sa: Meaning “angel”.

What Korean name means star?

The Korean name for “star” is typically for girls, but we love it as a gender-neutral Korean name:

  1. Byeol: Meaning “star”.

What Korean name means tiger?

There are a few options for Korean boy names meaning “tiger”, but they’re usually part of a hyphenated name, although you can use them by themselves if you prefer:

  1. Beom: Meaning “tiger”.
  2. Holangi: Meaning “tiger”.

What Korean name means lion?

Prefer a Korean boy name that evokes the power of the king of the jungle?

  1. Saja: Meaning “lion”.

What Korean name means sky?

For the baby boy who lights up your sky, how about:

  1. Haneul: Meaning “heaven and sky,” this is one for that little blessing in your life.

What Korean name means dark?

There are a few meanings to this Korean name, but one of them is perfect for your little dark-haired or dark-eyed baby boy:

  1. Eoduun: Meaning “dark”.
  2. Hyun: Meaning “dark” or “mysterious”.

What Korean name means joy?

We love this Korean name for your bundle of joy, although again, it’s traditionally a Korean girl name:

  1. Areum: Meaning “joy”.

Or how about the Korean word for “joy”?

  1. Gippeum: Meaning “joy”.

What Korean name means snow?

There aren’t any traditional Korean names for boys that mean “snow”, but how about working this Korean word meaning snow into your little one’s name?

  1. Nun: Meaning “snow”. Perfect if they were born during snowfall!

What Korean name means ocean?

If your little one was born by the ocean, or you have ties to the sea, you’ll love these Korean boy names:

  1. Bada: Meaning “ocean”.
  2. Daeyang: Meaning “ocean”.
  3. Hae: Meaning “ocean”.

What is a popular Korean name?

After some of the more popular Korean boy names?

These Korean male names are popular in Korea and beyond:

  1. Do-Yun: Meaning “correct path”.
  2. Eun-Woo: Meaning “merciful and outstanding”.
  3. Ha-Jun: Meaning “summer”.
  4. Ji-Ho: Meaning “bright wisdom”.
  5. Ji-Hu: Meaning “thick wisdom”.
  6. Ji-Yoo: Meaning “rich wisdom”.
  7. Joon-Woo: Meaning “divine protection”.
  8. Jun-Seo: Meaning “easy felicitations”.
  9. Ju-Won: Meaning “origin of circumference”.
  10. Seo-Joon: Meaning “comfortable and talented”.
  11. Seo-Yun: Meaning “auspicious softness”.
  12. Shi-Woo: Meaning “protected by rain”.
  13. Si-Woo: Meaning “the start of the rain”.
  14. Soo-Ho: Meaning “protect your loved one”.
  15. Yae-Joon: Meaning “talented”.
  16. Yoo-Joon: Meaning “courageous friend”.

What is the most popular male name in Korea?

According to Haps Korea, the most popular Korean boy name in 2021 was:

  1. Yi-Joon: Meaning “harmony”.

Cute Korean boy names

We think these Korean names for boys are super-cute, either in meaning or the way they sound:

  1. Byeong-Ho: Meaning “bright”.
  2. Chin-Hae: Meaning “truth”.
  3. Chul: Meaning “bright”.
  4. Duri: Meaning “two”.
  5. Hye: Meaning “bright”.
  6. Hyeon: Meaning “virtuous”.
  7. Il-Seong: Meaning “end of the day”.
  8. Kwan: Meaning “strong”.
  9. Seok: Meaning “stone”.
  10. U-Ri: Meaning “we”.
  11. Yong-Rae: Meaning “clever”.

What Korean name means love?

There aren’t any common Korean boy names that mean “love”, so how about taking these Korean words for “love” and working it into your little treasure’s name?

  1. Dasom: Meaning “love”.
  2. Salang: Meaning “love”.

What is good Korean boy name?

Still searching for the perfect Korean name for your baby boy?

Here are a few more of our favorite powerful Korean boy names and cool Korean boy names:

  1. Chin-Hwa: Meaning “wealthy”.
  2. Cho: Meaning “beautiful”.
  3. Dak-Ho: Meaning “deep lake”.
  4. Do-Yun: Meaning “correct way”.
  5. Dong-Sun: Meaning “Eastern integrity”.
  6. Duck-Hwan: Meaning “integrity returns”.
  7. Eun: Meaning “silver”.
  8. Ga-Ram: Meaning “river”.
  9. Ha-Da: Meaning “admire”.
  10. Han-Wool: Meaning “heavenly”.
  11. Him-Chan: Meaning “powerful”.
  12. Ho-Seok: Meaning “bestowed sign”.
  13. Ho: Meaning “entourage”.
  14. Hwan: Meaning “bright”.
  15. Jae-Hwa: Meaning “rich”.
  16. Jun: Meaning “talented”.
  17. Jung-Ho: Meaning “right and good”.
  18. Jung: Meaning “gentle”.
  19. Kang-Ae: Meaning “Ginger child”.
  20. Ki: Meaning “strong”.
  21. Min: Meaning “clever”.
  22. Mun-Hee: Meaning “educated”.
  23. Sam: Meaning “third child”.
  24. Seo-Jin: Meaning “lucky town”.
  25. Seong-Su: Meaning “success” or “sacred”.
  26. Seung: Meaning “inherit”.
  27. Shik: Meaning “planting”.
  28. Soo: Meaning “excellence”.
  29. Suck-Chin: Meaning “unshakable rock”.
  30. Whan: Meaning “enlarging”.
  31. Woong: Meaning “magnificence”.
  32. Yon: Meaning “lotus blossom”.
  33. Yong-Sun: Meaning “dragon in first position”.
  34. Yoon-Gi: Meaning “shine”.
  35. Yun-Seo: Meaning “allow”.

What are some unique Korean boy names?

If you’re after a Korean name for boys that’s every bit as unique as your little one, you’re in the right place!

Combine your favorites for truly rare Korean boy names:

  1. Ahn: Meaning “tranquility”.
  2. Bai: Meaning “pure”.
  3. Bong: Meaning “phoenix”.
  4. Byun: Meaning “excitable”.
  5. Chaewon: Meaning “beginnings”.
  6. Cheong: Meaning “gentle”.
  7. Chung-Ae: Meaning “noble love”.
  8. Dea: Meaning “great one”.
  9. Doh: Meaning “achievement”.
  10. Dohyun: Meaning “virtuous”.
  11. Duri: Meaning “two people”.
  12. Eun-Ae: Meaning “grace with love”.
  13. Eunji: Meaning “mercy”.
  14. Geon: Meaning “construct”.
  15. Gyeong: Meaning “scenery”.
  16. Gyunghui: Meaning “beautiful”.
  17. Ho: Meaning “summer” or “sky”.
  18. Hwan: Meaning “brilliant”.
  19. Hye: Meaning “knowledgable”.
  20. Hyejin: Meaning “bright”.
  21. Hyeon: Meaning “worthy” and “dark”.
  22. Hyung: Meaning “older brother”.
  23. Hyun-Ki: Meaning “wise”.
  24. Iseul: Meaning “morning dew”.
  25. Ja: Meaning “child”.
  26. Ji-Hyun: Meaning “ambition”.
  27. Ji-Seok: Meaning “like a rock”.
  28. Jieun: Meaning “hidden”.
  29. Jimin: Meaning “quick”.
  30. Jisoo: Meaning “wise”.
  31. Jiwoo: Meaning “mercy”.
  32. Kang: Meaning “ginger”.
  33. Ki: Meaning “strong”.
  34. Kil: Meaning “cool”.
  35. Kim: Meaning “gold”.
  36. Kyung-Hu: Meaning “just”.
  37. Min: Meaning “clever”.
  38. Minji: Meaning “quick wit”.
  39. Minseo: Meaning “calm”.
  40. Nam-Gil: Meaning “my way”.
  41. Nam: Meaning “south”.
  42. Namjoo: Meaning “wooden marble”.
  43. Ryung: Meaning “shiny”.
  44. Seo-Jin: Meaning “lucky town”.
  45. Seo-Yoon: Meaning “auspicious”.
  46. Seong: Meaning “accomplish”.
  47. Soo: Meaning “excellence”.
  48. Sook: Meaning “pure”.
  49. Soon-Bok: Meaning “gentle and blessed”.
  50. Sun-Hi: Meaning “goodness”.
  51. Sun: Meaning “goodness”.
  52. Tae: Meaning “incredible person”.
  53. Taeyang: Meaning “sun”.
  54. When-Yeong: Meaning “reflective shadow”.
  55. Won-Shik: Meaning “head of the family”.
  56. Yeo: Meaning “rule”.
  57. Yeona: Meaning “heart of gold”.
  58. Yoobin: Meaning “charming”.
  59. Yoon-Suh: Meaning “thank you”.

The beauty of Korean names is that so many of them are gender-neutral.

If the names above haven’t grabbed you, don’t despair, eomma.

Check out our list of Korean baby names (and the Korean girl names in particular) for even more ideas.

Or if you’re in the market for cool and rare baby names, we’ve got you covered there too.

And if you need a second, third, or fourth opinion, the mamas and moms-to-be on Peanut will be glad to lend an ear and some helpful baby-naming advice.

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