The Best 99 Korean Baby Girl Names

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Looking for a beautiful Korean name for your baby girl? Good idea, because so many of them mean just that – “beautiful.” And that’s just scratching the surface.

korean baby girl names

These melodic baby names offer literally thousands of complex, deep, and meaningful combinations, from Eun-Kyung (“graceful gem”) to Heejin (“precious pearl”), Jin-Ae (“truth, love, treasure”), and Haneul (“heavenly sky”).

So, whether you want to honor your family’s Korean heritage, or you’re hunting for a truly unique baby name, our list of 99 Korean girls names has you covered.

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How are Korean baby girl names chosen?

Before we get to our list of unique Korean girl names, it’s important to understand the Korean naming process. If you’re already up to speed, you can skip this bit. If not, read on.

Essentially, Korean baby names are made up of two to three elements (often three syllables, sometimes up to five). The first part is for the family name, and the next part is the given name.

Here’s how it works:

  • The first syllable is the family name (similar to a Western surname).
  • The second syllable is typically the generational name or dolimja (돌림자). This part shows that the baby belongs to a certain generation in a specific family.
  • The third syllable is a unique name, often picked by the grandfather or a professional namer.

The given names are then usually hyphenated and made up of two elements, each with separate meanings. For example, this would result in a name like Lee Hyo-Ri(이효리), where “Lee” is the family name, and “Hyo-Ri” is the given name.

So, what are some of the best Korean female first names? Scroll on to find out!

Note: Korean names are often written in Hanja or the Hangul alphabet. Below, we’ve provided the more common translations.

Korean female names and meanings
Here’s our top 25 Korean girl names and their meanings:

  1. Ae-Cha: Meaning “loving daughter,” Ae-Cha can also read as “aecha” when written in Hangul (애차) – and that means “favorite car.” Maybe sit on that translation until she’s driving you crazy as a teenager!
  2. Ari: Pretty. Lovely. Beautiful. That’s what this bite-sized name means. Perfect.
  3. Binna: This sweet-sounding name means “to shine,” which is ideal for your little diamond.
  4. Bong-Cha: Most parents try to avoid playing favorites, but all bets are off with this name. Bong-Cha translates as “superior daughter.”
  5. Bo-Bae: Following a bit of a theme here, Bo-Bae translates as “precious treasure.” Yes, she is.
  6. Boram: “Valuable” or “worthwhile.” Naturally!
  7. Choon-Hee: This one means “spring girl.” Just what you need if she’s born when the flowers bloom.
  8. Da-Eun: Joining Da (“many”) with Eun (“charity,” “kindness,” or “mercy”) gives you a name overflowing with meaning.
  9. Dal-Rae: Derives from the verb “dalraeda,” which means to soothe.
  10. Dan-Bi: Meaning “sweet rain” or “long-awaited rain” Dan-Bi could be a beautiful rainbow baby name.
  11. Eun: As above, this short and sweet name means “kindness” or “charity.”
  12. Ga-Ram: Meaning “river,” this name flows with purpose.
  13. Gyeong-Ja: “Celebrate child.” And we just know you will.
  14. Hana: This name means “one” or “my favorite.” Sorry, siblings!
  15. Haneul: “Heavenly sky.” Does it get more beautiful than that?
  16. Hyun-Joo: Meaning “virtuous jewel,” this name is pure and special.
  17. Iseul: This one simply means “dew.” A lovely name for your little dewdrop.
  18. Jae: “Talent,” “ability,” or “wealth.” Take your pick, mama.
  19. Ji-Hye: The most common meaning of this Korean girl’s name is “bright” or “wisdom.”
  20. Ma-Ri: This one means simply “the best.” And to you, better than all the rest.
  21. Myeong: Meaning “bright,” “light,” or “clear,” this wonderful name sparkles.
  22. Nabi: As your little one leaves the cozy cocoon of the womb behind, this name rather fittingly means “butterfly.”
  23. Nari: This one means “lily” – every bit as lovely as the flower it’s named for.
  24. Sun-Young: All a parent really wants is for their child to be “kind-hearted” – which is what this name means.
  25. Yeong-Ja: If you want your daughter to grow up fearless and full of adventure (and who doesn’t?) then Yeong-Ja could be a winning choice. It means “brave child.”

How long can Korean names for girls be?

Most of the names on our list are short and snappy, and with good reason.

Since 1993, rules in South Korea have prevented given names from being registered if they’re longer than five-syllable blocks.

This regulation came in response to some parents giving their children extremely long names, like the 16-syllable Haneulbyeollimgureumhaennimbodasarangseureouri. This tongue-twister was accidentally given to a baby girl when her parents excitedly proclaimed her to be “more lovely than the sky, stars, and clouds” – and the registrar dutifully wrote it down.

Hey, we all get carried away sometimes!

What are some common Korean baby girl names?

These were the most common Korean girl names in 2019:

  1. Seo-Jun
  2. Ha-Joon
  3. Do-Yun
  4. Eun-Woo
  5. Si-Woo
  6. Ji-Ho
  7. Ye-Jun
  8. Yu-Jun
  9. Ju-Won
  10. Min-Jun

And what about cute Korean girl names?

Here are some truly adorable female Korean names worth considering:

  1. Aera
  2. Ara
  3. Areum
  4. Bong-Cha
  5. Chija
  6. Cho
  7. Cho-Hee
  8. Dallia
  9. Deji
  10. Eun-Kyung
  11. Haw
  12. Hea
  13. Hiah
  14. Jang-Mi
  15. Jia
  16. Jin-Ae
  17. Kyong
  18. Kyung-Mi
  19. Mee
  20. Mi-Cha
  21. Mi-Hi
  22. Mi-Kyong
  23. Mi-Ok
  24. Mi-Sun
  25. Mi-Young
  26. Molan
  27. Moon
  28. Myung-Hee
  29. Sang-Hee
  30. Sena
  31. Sun-Hee

Even more Korean baby girl names

Still searching for the perfect Korean name for your baby girl? We’ve got you. Add these delightful (and adaptable) names to your shortlist:

  1. Ahnjong
  2. Bora
  3. Chul
  4. Dasom
  5. Eun
  6. Hae
  7. Heejin
  8. Hiah
  9. Hwa-Young
  10. Hyo-Sonn
  11. Hyun-Ki
  12. Kyung-Hu
  13. Kyung-Soon
  14. Ja
  15. Myung
  16. Nam
  17. Paenji
  18. Sam
  19. Seohyun
  20. Sook
  21. Soomin
  22. Soon-Bok
  23. Soo-Gook
  24. Soo-Yun
  25. Sun-Hi
  26. Suseonhwa
  27. Yeo
  28. Yeona
  29. Yon
  30. Yoonah
  31. Yoon-Suh
  32. Young-Hee
  33. Young-Mi

Find more baby-naming inspiration with Peanut

The best thing about Korean names is that loads of them are unisex. If the names above haven’t grabbed you, don’t worry.

Check out our list of Korean baby boy names for more baby-naming ideas. Or if you’re simply searching for cool and rare baby names, you’ll find them on Peanut, too.

And if you need a second, third, or fourth opinion, the mamas and mamas-to-be in our community will be happy to help. Download the app today.

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