200+ Korean Baby Names and Meanings

200+ Korean Baby Names and Meanings

Looking for the best Korean baby names for your little kimchi?

We’ve got common Korean names, cute Korean names, and unique Korean names.
Korean baby names are more than something to answer to.

Packed with meaning, steeped in tradition, and fashioned from the sweetest sounds, Korean baby names offer a whole universe to be explored.

So let’s take a peek at some of the best Korean names to see what’s the best fit for your babe.

In this article 📝

  • How do Korean names work?
  • What is a typical Korean name?
  • What is a good Korean name for a girl?
  • What are boy Korean names?
  • What is the cutest Korean name?
  • What are some cool Korean names
  • What are rare Korean names?
  • What are some unisex Korean names?

How do Korean names work?

To answer that question, it’s important to understand a little bit about the fundamentals of the naming process that goes into Korean baby names.

Korean baby names are generally three syllables: one syllable for the family name and two syllables for the given name:

  • The first syllable is typically the family name ‒ like surnames in the West.
  • The second syllable is often the generational name. If you’re not familiar with the concept, it works a little something like this: each generation of a Korean family has a dolimja (돌림자) or generational name. This name shows that a baby belongs to a particular generation in a particular family.
  • The third syllable will be a unique name picked specifically for the baby and is often chosen by the grandfather.

Korean baby names have all sorts of contemporary variations.

Many multicultural families, for example, have created wonderful hybrid options that still pay homage to the traditional naming process.

How to pronounce Korean names

Well, in Korea, names are written in Korean, but English-speaking countries anglicize the words by writing them in English, so we can pronounce them more easily.

For this list, we’ll refer to the English spellings of Korean baby names.

Most of the Korean names in this list are spelled pretty close to how they should be pronounced, but here are a few common letters and pronunciations that are worth knowing:

  • -ae ‒ should be pronounced “ay”, like in “aid”.
  • -eong ‒ should be pronounced close to “ong” like in “song”, but with your tongue a little further back in your mouth.
  • -eul or -eoul ‒ should be pronounced “ool”, close to “fool”. Think of how you pronounce Seoul.

So what are some Korean first names? Let’s take a look.

What is a typical Korean name?

So what are common Korean names?

Well, for family names (ones that are passed down each generation, Kim, Park, Choi, Chung, and Lee take the prize for the most common.

In fact, according to Holt International, 21.5% of the Korean population have the surname Kim!

Let’s dive in!

What is a good Korean name for a girl?

Take your pick from these inspiring popular Korean names for girls:

  1. Ae-Cha: This name, meaning “love and laughter” is the perfect tribute to the tiny human who is about to bring so much love into your home.
  2. Bo-Bae: “Precious treasure” is the meaning of this name ‒ a perfect title for the little one in your life.
  3. Bitna: A name that truly beams, Bitna means “shining”.
  4. Bong Cha: The “ultimate girl”. Enough said.
  5. Choon-Hee: “Spring girl”! The perfect name for a blooming blossom.
  6. Chun: Meaning “justice” or “spring”, a tiny Chun is all that is good and fair in the world.
  7. Dae: “Greatness” is what this inspiring name means ‒ a magnificent start to a life packed with meaning.
  8. Hae-Won: “Graceful garden” is the meaning of this melodic name. Think of all the growing this little being is going to do.
  9. Hana: This name means “my favorite” and will give your child full bragging rights.
  10. Hei-Ran: The combination of these two syllables means “grace” and “orchid” ‒ a name as beautiful in sound as it is in meaning.
  11. Hyun-Ki: Meaning “wise pearl”, this name combines brains and beauty into one sweet-sounding celebration.
  12. Goo: “The one who completes you”. Feeling a little teary? Us too.
  13. Jin: Meaning both “jewel” and “truth”, this is a name that is a combination of strength and sparkle.
  14. Joo: Your precious little bundle will get a precious little name with this one ‒ because that’s exactly what it means: “precious”.
  15. Mee: A beautiful name for a beautiful child, Mee means “beautiful”.
  16. Mi-Hi: This name means “beautiful joy”. Can you think of a better description of your baby bundle?
  17. Nari: Adorn your baby with this sweet-sounding name. Meaning “lily flower”, it’s top of the charm charts when it comes to Korean baby names.
  18. Sang: Meaning “always” and “mutual”, this charming name is a tribute to steadfastness and care.
  19. Yeong: Yeong is a name for the kind of person we need in our world right now ‒ “one with courage”.
  20. Yon: Meaning “lotus blossoming”, this glorious name is a gift that keeps on giving.

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What are boy Korean names?

And now let’s hear it for the boys with the most popular Korean names for your little guy:

  1. Bae: This name means “inspiration” ‒ and what could be more inspiring than seeing that little face every day?
  2. Bon-Hwa: A name filled with majesty, Bon-Hwa means “glorious”.
  3. Chin-Mae: Not only does this name have a dignified ring to it, but it also means “truth”.
  4. Chung-Hee: Meaning “righteous”, this strong name is firm ground for your tiny human to build upon.
  5. Gi: This mightiest of Korean baby names means “brave” ‒ a solid foundation to build a life lived with courage.
  6. Hak-Kun: Meaning “rooted in intelligence”, Hak-Kun is the perfect name for a baby bright spark.
  7. Haneul: A name that means “heaven” and “sky”, this is one way to thank your lucky stars for the little blessing in your life.
  8. In-Su: Meaning “preserving wisdom”, what better inheritance to give your child than that of ancestral intelligence?
  9. Kija: A name of historical and cultural significance, Kija was a legendary king said to have brought Chinese culture to the Korean people millennia ago.
  10. Kwang-Sun: “Wide goodness” is what this name means. With a moniker like that, your little human is sure to have reach in this world.
  11. Kyong: This name means “brightness”. Need we say more?
  12. Man-Shik: This profound name means “deep rootedness”.
  13. Minjun: This is a highly popular name that doesn’t go out of style ‒ perhaps because its range of meanings varies from “gentle” and “likable”, to “handsome”, to “intelligent”.
  14. Moon: Other than being the orb that provides light in the darkness, Moon means “learned” or “literate”.
  15. Seong-Su: A meeting point of “success” and “sacred”, this name is a guide from other worlds on how to navigate this one.
  16. So: This sweet name simply means “smile” ‒ and we’re guessing hearing it just brought one to your face.
  17. U-Jin: Bringing together two beautifully compatible ideas (“genuine” and “blessing”), this name is an enduring show of gratitude.
  18. Woong: Meaning “magnificence”, this is a name packed with power.
  19. Yong-Sun: “Dragon in first position”. There are very few names that hold more strength than this one.
  20. Young-Jae: “Mountains of prosperity” ‒ that’s the enduring abundance that this name brings with it.

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What is the cutest Korean name?

What are cute Korean names?

Well, we think these Korean baby names are just the sweetest ‒ from their sounds to the meaning behind them:

  1. Aera: Meaning “love”. ♀️
  2. Ahn: Meaning “tranquility”. ♂️
  3. Bada: Meaning “ocean”. ♀️
  4. Bai: Meaning “pure”. ♂️
  5. Bora: Meaning “purple”. ♀️
  6. Byeol: Meaning “star”. ♀️ ♂️
  7. Byun: Meaning “easily excited”. ♂️
  8. Cheong: Meaning “gentle”. ♂️
  9. Chung Ae: Meaning “noble love”. ♂️
  10. Dal: Meaning “moon”. ♀️ ♂️
  11. Dasom: Meaning “love”. ♀️ ♂️
  12. Eun Ae: Meaning “grace with love”. ♀️
  13. Hee-Young: Meaning “joy and prosperity”. ♀️ ♂️
  14. Hyo-Sonn: Meaning “gentle”. ♀️
  15. Nabi: Meaning “butterfly”. ♀️
  16. Salang: Meaning “love”. ♀️ ♂️
  17. Soon-Bok: Meaning “gentle and blessed”. ♀️ ♂️

What is the most beautiful name in Korean?

Because your baby is the most beautiful in the world, you’ll want Korean baby names that mean “beautiful” or “pretty” ‒ here are our favorite pretty Korean names:

  1. Ara: Meaning “beautiful”. ♀️
  2. Areum: Meaning “beauty”. ♀️
  3. Cho: Meaning “beautiful”. ♀️
  4. Gyunghui: Meaning “beautiful”. ♀️ ♂️
  5. Hae: Meaning “she is like the ocean”. ♀️
  6. Jia: Meaning “beautiful”. ♀️
  7. Kyung-Soon: Meaning “honored and mild”. ♀️
  8. Migyung: Meaning “beautiful”. ♀️ ♂️
  9. Sena: Meaning “world’s beauty”. ♀️
  10. Sook: Meaning “pure”. ♀️ ♂️

Korean flower names

Flower baby names are always in style, but if you want to switch things up or honor your Korean heritage, we’ve broken down all the best Korean flower names for your little petal:

  1. Aengcho: Meaning “primrose”.
  2. Ailiseu: Meaning “iris”.
  3. Akasia: Meaning “acacia”.
  4. Beullubel: Meaning “bluebell”.
  5. Chija: Meaning “gardenia”.
  6. Desuli: Meaning “periwinkle”.
  7. Dallia: Meaning “dalia”.
  8. Deiji: Meaning “daisy”.
  9. Digitalliseu: Meaning “foxglove”.
  10. Dongbaeg: Meaning “camellia”.
  11. Eunjoo: Meaning “little flower”.
  12. Geobela: Meaning “gerbera”.
  13. Geum-Eocho: Meaning “snapdragon”.
  14. Geumjanhwa: Meaning “marigold”.
  15. Geumsonghwa: Meaning “calendula”.
  16. Gughwa: Meaning “chrysanthemum”.
  17. Gwa: Meaning “aster”.
  18. Haebaragi: Meaning “sunflower”.
  19. Haw: Meaning “young beautiful flower”.
  20. Hei-Ran: Meaning “graceful orchid”.
  21. Heonbyeong: Meaning “snowdrop”.
  22. Hiasinseu: Meaning “hyacinth”.
  23. Hiseu: Meaning “heather”.
  24. Holli: Meaning “holly”.
  25. Hwa-Young: Meaning “beautiful flower”.
  26. Hyeobjugdo: Meaning “oleander”.
  27. Indongdeong-Gul: Meaning “honeysuckle”.
  28. Jaeseumin: Meaning “jasmine”.
  29. Jang-Mi: Meaning “rose”.
  30. Jebikkoch: Meaning “violet”.
  31. Jelanyum: Meaning “geranium”.
  32. Jindallae: Meaning “azalea”.
  33. Jiyoung: Meaning “flower”.
  34. Kaneisyeon: Meaning “carnation”.
  35. Keullematiseu: Meaning “clematis”.
  36. Keullobeo: Meaning “clover”.
  37. Keulokeoseu: Meaning “crocus”.
  38. Labendeo: Meaning “lavender”.
  39. Loteoseu: Meaning “lotus”.
  40. Minali: Meaning “buttercup”.
  41. Mindeulle: Meaning “dandelion”.
  42. Molan: Meaning “peony”.
  43. Nancho: Meaning “orchid”.
  44. Nari: Meaning “lily”.
  45. Paenji: Meaning “pansy”.
  46. Peulijia: Meaning “freesia”.
  47. Pityunia: Meaning “petunia”.
  48. Pugsya: Meaning “fuschia”.
  49. Soo-A: Meaning “perfect lotus flower”.
  50. Soo-Gook: Meaning “hydrangea”.
  51. Soo-Yun: Meaning “perfect lotus flower”.
  52. Sulegughwa: Meaning “cornflower”.
  53. Suseonhwa: Meaning “daffodil”.
  54. Tyullib: Meaning “tulip”.
  55. Yang-Gwibi: Meaning “poppy”.
  56. Yon: Meaning “lotus blossom”.
  57. Young-Hee: Meaning “flowers”.

What are some cool Korean names

Want some cool Korean names to give your little one an edge?

These are the coolest Korean baby names we could find ‒ with awesome meanings and sounds.

  1. Chan-Yeol: Meaning “fiery-bright”. ♂️
  2. Chin-Hwa: Meaning “most wealthy”. ♀️ ♂️
  3. Chul: Meaning “firm”. ♂️
  4. Dak-Ho: Meaning “deep lake”. ♂️
  5. Dong-Sun: Meaning “Eastern integrity”. ♂️
  6. Eun: Meaning “silver”. ♀️ ♂️
  7. Ha-Yoon: Meaning “talented”. ♀️
  8. Hyun-Ki: Meaning “wise”. ♀️ ♂️
  9. Hyun-Ok: Meaning “wise” or “beautiful pearl”. ♀️
  10. Jae-Hwa: Meaning “rich and prosperous”. ♀️ ♂️
  11. Jisoo: Meaning “wise”. ♂️
  12. Kil: Meaning “cool”. ♀️ ♂️
  13. Kwan: Meaning “strong girl”. ♀️
  14. Mun-Hee: Meaning “educated”. ♂️
  15. Myung: Meaning “bright”. ♀️
  16. Nam-Gil: Meaning “my way”. ♀️ ♂️
  17. Saja: Meaning “lion”. ♀️ ♂️
  18. Sam: Meaning “third child”. ♂️
  19. Seung: Meaning “inherit”. ♀️ ♂️
  20. Soohee: Meaning “white” or “luminous”. ♀️
  21. Sun-Hi: Meaning “goodness”. ♀️ ♂️
  22. Yuri: Meaning “crystal”. ♀️

What are rare Korean names?

How about something a little different?

These unique Korean names have unusual sounds and meanings that could be just the thing for your little peanut:

  1. Bom: Meaning “spring”. ♀️
  2. Bong: Meaning “phoenix”. ♀️ ♂️
  3. Duck-Hwan: Meaning “integrity returns”. ♂️
  4. Eui: Meaning “righteous” or “purple”. ♀️
  5. Geon: Meaning “construct”. ♂️
  6. Hiah: Meaning “glad”. ♀️
  7. Ji-Hu: Meaning “later wisdom”. ♀️ ♂️
  8. Ji-Seok: Meaning “like a rock”. ♀️ ♂️
  9. Kang: Meaning “ginger”. ♀️ ♂️
  10. Man-Shik: Meaning “rooted”. ♂️
  11. Myung-Ok: Meaning “bright pearl”. ♀️
  12. Namjoo: Meaning “wooden marble”. ♀️ ♂️
  13. Shik: Meaning “planting”. ♂️
  14. Suck-Chin: Meaning “unshakeable rock”. ♂️
  15. Whan: Meaning “enlarging”. ♀️ ♂️
  16. When Yeong: Meaning “reflective shadow”. ♀️ ♂️
  17. Won-Shik: Meaning “head of the family”. ♀️ ♂️
  18. Yoon-Suh: Meaning “thank you”. ♀️ ♂️
  19. Youra: Meaning “silky”. ♀️

What are some unisex Korean names?

Interestingly, while some Korean names on our list are split between baby boys and baby girls, many Korean names are unisex.

So here’s our list of other Korean unisex names:

  1. Chaewon: Meaning “beginnings”.
  2. Dea: Meaning “great one”.
  3. Doh: Meaning “achievement”.
  4. Dohyun: Meaning “virtuous”.
  5. Duri: Meaning “two people”.
  6. Eunji: Meaning “mercy”.
  7. Gyeong: Meaning “scenery”.
  8. Ha-Neul: Meaning “sky”.
  9. Ho: Meaning “summer” or “sky”.
  10. Hwan: Meaning “brilliant”.
  11. Hye: Meaning “knowledgable”.
  12. Hyejin: Meaning “bright”.
  13. Hyeon: Meaning “worthy” and “dark”.
  14. Iseul: Meaning “morning dew”.
  15. Ja: Meaning “child”.
  16. Jieun: Meaning “hidden”.
  17. Ji-Hyun: Meaning “ambition”.
  18. Jimin: Meaning “quick”.
  19. Jiwoo: Meaning “mercy”.
  20. Ki: Meaning “strong”.
  21. Kim: Meaning “gold”.
  22. Kyung-Hu: Meaning “just”.
  23. Min: Meaning “clever”.
  24. Minji: Meaning “quick wit”.
  25. Minseo: Meaning “calm”.
  26. Nam: Meaning “south”.
  27. Ryung: Meaning “shiny”.
  28. Seo-Jin: Meaning “lucky town”.
  29. Seong: Meaning “accomplish”.
  30. Seo-Yoon: Meaning “auspicious”.
  31. Soo: Meaning “excellence”.
  32. Sun: Meaning “goodness”.
  33. Tae: Meaning “incredible person”.
  34. Taeyang: Meaning “sun”.
  35. Yeo: Meaning “rule”.
  36. Yeona: Meaning “heart of gold”.
  37. Yoobin: Meaning “charming”.

There you have it!

Over 200 beautiful, poignant, and downright cool Korean baby names and meanings.

Which are your favorites? Why not share them with the other moms-to-be on Peanut?

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