96 Latin Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

96 Latin Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

They gave us aqueducts, arches, and other architectural marvels – as well as roads that go really straight.

But what else did the Ancient Romans give us?

The cutest and the coolest Latin baby boy names, of course! Quite an achievement.

Here, we’re looking at 90 Latin names for boys.

From the names that populated the Roman Empire to some of the Latin boy names still in use today. Let’s dive in.

In this article: 📝

  • What are some cool Latin names?
  • Strong Latin boy names inspired by Roman emperors
  • Latin male names from Roman legend
  • What are classical Latin baby boy names
  • What are rare Latin names?
  • Latin names for boys still in use today

What are some cool Latin names?

Good question. And the answer? There are so many cool Latin names out there.
Just pick your muse.

You could aim for the history pages and tap into the Roman empire with an emperor-worthy name like:

  1. Augustus. Renowned as a great leader for over two thousand years, Caesar Augustus was the guy who essentially founded the Roman Empire. His name means majestic or magnificent – and quite right too. The perfect Latin name for your little one?
  2. Nero. It can mean “black”, “powerful”, or—in Finnish, randomly—“genius”. It sounds quite lovely too.
  3. Zeno. A cool, stylish, and strong Latin male name. It means “gift of Zeus”.

What is the Roman empire without the stamina, skill, and discipline of the Roman military?

They were known for being one of the most successful forces in history and a key element of every emperor’s rule.

And if Gladiator taught us anything, it’s that you can’t get much more badass than a general (hello, Maximus Decimus Meridias):

  1. Scipio: Meaning “sceptre” or “walking stick”, Scipio belonged to one of Rome’s greatest military commanders. The first to expand the Roman empire beyond Italy’s borders, his immeasurable strategic insight even defeated Hannibal.
  2. Lucius: Meaning “light”. Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was a legendary statesman (and farmer) revered for his selfless dedication to Rome and the Republic in times of crisis. It said he defeated the enemy in a single day, rescuing a surrounded Roman army.
  3. Marius: Meaning “manly” or “dedicated to Mars”. Rooted in the moniker of the Roman god of war, it’s a fitting choice for one of the most important leaders of the Republic, Gaius Marius. Elected to consul seven times (yes, seven!), Marius was renowned for his military accomplishments, turning the Roman army into a fearsome, fighting force.

And last but not least, how about tapping into Roman mythology to give your Latin boy’s name an added mystic:

  1. Jupiter or Jove: The king of the gods. Yep, Jupiter is a pretty cool name. Jove, Jupiter’s nickname, is just as strong but slightly more gentle. It means “father of the sky”—perfect for a baby boy out of this world!
  2. Aeneas. Meaning “to praise”. Generally an all-around hero, Aeneas was the mythical father of the Romans. Variations on his name – like the Italian name Enea – still exist today.
  3. Vulcan: The god of fire, Vulcan makes for a pretty impressive-sounding Latin name. It means “to flash”.

Latin boy names are incredibly cool—and their long history and fascinating meanings definitely help.

So let’s keep the inspiration flowing!

Lead on, mama-to-be.

Strong Latin boy names inspired by Roman emperors

Not only were they in charge of one of the largest empires the world has ever known, but Roman emperors had pretty inspiring names.

Here are some of our favorites, along with their meanings:

  1. Aurelian: An emperor known for his military victories. Today, in Latin language countries, Aureliano is still a popular name. It means “gold”.
  2. Caesar. Originally more of a title (like today’s ‘king’), Caesar makes a unique Latin baby boy name. It means “head of hair”. If you’re thinking mane, we’re on the same wavelength.
  3. Claudius: It may mean “lame”, but Claudius once belonged to the most powerful Roman families. Shorten it to Claude, and you have a cute and sophisticated name for your little son.
  4. Gordian: Meaning “from Gordium”. Three emperors had this name. It makes for a unique twist on Gordon or Jordan.
  5. Hadrian: This Latin boy name offers an ancient variation on Adrian and means “from Hadria”. The meaning may be underwhelming, but Hadrian is renowned as one of Roman’s five good emperors and remembered best for his deep love affair with Greek culture.
  6. Leo: Meaning “lion”. A favorite name for nearly 2000 years, it’s cute, strong, and simple.
  7. Tacitus: Both an emperor and a historian, the name means “silent”. We like it.
  8. Tiberius: His name comes from the Tiber, the river that flows through Rome. A fine contender for the maximalist baby names trend.
  9. Titus: One of the most common Latin names in ancient Rome, it means “title of honor”.
  10. Trajan: Meaning “enduring” or “permanent”. A strong name for a very important baby boy. He was known best as a successful solder emperor and one of the best by the Roman Senate.

What boy names mean strong Latin?

Sure, there are strong Latin names, but what about Latin names that mean strong?

We’ve got you:

  1. Balendin: Meaning “physically powerful” and of course, “strong”.
  2. Durandus: Meaning “strong” or “enduring”. Also linked to the Old French word durant, which means “firm”.
  3. Valerian: Meaning “strong” or “healthy”. Valerio is a melodic alternative.

What Latin boy names mean warrior?

If you’re feeling inspired by the legacy of Roman’s great emperors and generals, why not pay tribute with this maximalist moniker:

  1. Aloysius: Meaning “famous warrior”. One of the rare Latin male names, Aloysius, is actually a variant of popular European names like Louis and Luigi.

Alternatively, you could also opt for:

  1. Quirino: Meaning “spearman” or “warrior”.

What is the Latin name for brave?

A Latin boy’s name with an edge? It’s got to be:

  1. Valerie: From the Latin root valēre, meaning to “have strength”. It’s considered the root of the word valiant or “brave”.

Latin male names from Roman legend

Now, if a Latin baby boy name from a Roman emperor wasn’t enough, maybe you’ll find some inspiration in these unique names from Roman myth and legend:

  1. Bacchus: The god of wine and intoxication. The name is unique these days, but with a nobility that we really like.
  2. Cupid: As in the god of love and affection. His name means “passionate desire”.
  3. Mercury: Known as the cleverest of all gods. It makes a beautiful and unique name.
  4. Neptune: Meaning “the Roman god of the sea”. As a Latin boy’s name, we love it. Even more as a badass water name.
  5. Liber: Meaning “free”. A unique name that gives us the word for liberty.
  6. Faunus: Meaning “animal”. Inspired by the god of nature.
  7. Phoebus: The name for the god of the sun.
  8. Mars: Needs no introduction—but it can make an incredibly cool name for a unique baby boy.
  9. Romulus: Meaning “citizen of Rome”. Along with his brother Remus (below), he founded Rome. It’s a lovely-sounding name even today.
  10. Remus: Similarly, a gentle and noble name. It means “double” or “twin”.

What are classical Latin baby boy names

Not every Latin baby boy name needs to come from the world of emperors and gods.

Here are some more Latin male names—and their meanings—that could be just right for your little one:

  1. Amadeus: Meaning “loved by God”.
  2. Atticus: Meaning “from Attica”. Also the name of one of the best-loved characters in literature, potentially ever.
  3. Brutus: Meaning “heavy” or “dull”. An famous Shakespearean name.
  4. Caius: Meaning “rejoice”. It’s pronounced like ‘keys’.
  5. Cassius: Meaning “vain” or “hollow”. Meaning aside, it’s a beautiful Roman name.
  6. Cato: Meaning “all-knowing”.
  7. Cirrus: Meaning “lock of hair”. Also, the name for the wispy clouds in the sky.
  8. Clementius or Clement: Meaning “merciful” or “mild”.
  9. Cornelius: Meaning “horn”.
  10. Cyprian: Meaning “from Cyprus”.
  11. Decimus: Meaning “the tenth child”.
  12. Faustus: Meaning “lucky” or “auspicious”.
  13. Gaius: Meaning “to rejoice”.
  14. Horace: Meaning “time”. A Roman poet.
  15. Janus: Meaning “passage” or “door”.
  16. Julius: Meaning “youthful”. It’s still used in the form of Julian.
  17. Justus: Meaning “upright” or “just”.
  18. Juvenal: Meaning “­­youthful”.
  19. Livy: Meaning “olive tree”. A gender-neutral name.
  20. Lucan: Meaning “from Lucania”.
  21. Magnus: Meaning “great”.
  22. Maximus: Meaning “the greatest”.
  23. Octavius: Meaning “the eighth child”.
  24. Ovid: Meaning “sheep herder”. Not the most compelling name meaning, we know. But he was one of the greatest love poets that ever lived. So, there’s that.
  25. Pontius: Meaning “belonging to the sea”.
  26. Quintus: Meaning “the fifth child”.
  27. Roman: Meaning “strong and powerful”. A common name in some parts of the world today.
  28. Rufus: Meaning “red-haired”. A Latin boy’s name with hipster vibes.
  29. Septimus: Meaning “the seventh child”.
  30. Silvanus: Meaning “woods”.
  31. Silvius: Meaning “of the forest”.
  32. Sirius: Meaning “glowing” or “burning”. Also, the brightest star in the sky.
  33. Tatius: Meaning “fairy queen” or “honorable” from the Latin Titius.
  34. Ulysses: Meaning “wrathful”. The Latin variant of the Greek name Odysseus.
  35. Urban: Meaning “from the city”.
  36. Virgil: Meaning “flourishing”.

What are rare Latin names?

The beauty of Latin baby boy names is their unique look and sound.

Even the most popular Latin names have a distinctive feel.

But if you want something truly rare for your baby wonder, why not try:

  1. Caio: A variation of Gaius, meaning “rejoice”.
  2. Emilianus: Meaning “eager”. Emile, Emiliano, or Emilio are all modern alternatives.
  3. Fabricius: From the Latin word faber, meaning “craftsman”.
  4. Ignatius: Meaning “fiery” or “ardent”. Once a rare name, it seems to be making a bit of comeback.
  5. Italus: Meaning “of Italy”.
  6. Paulinus: Meaning “small” or “humble”.
  7. Pliny: Meaning “abundant” or “full of” from the Latin word plēnus.
  8. Seneca: Meaning “old”.
  9. Tarquin: A rare ancient Roman name meaning “ruler”.

Latin names for boys still in use today

Now for something a little more modern.

Born from the Latin language, these contemporary boy names have come a long way from the days of Ancient Rome:

  1. Adrian: Meaning “son of Adria”.
  2. Dominic: Meaning “of the Lord”.
  3. Felix: Meaning “happy” or “lucky”.
  4. Marcus: Meaning “dedicated to Mars”.
  5. Benedict: Meaning “blessed”.
  6. Vincent: Meaning “prevailing”.
  7. Anthony: Meaning “priceless one”.
  8. Lawrence: Meaning “laurel crown”—a symbol of triumph in Ancient Rome.
  9. Max: Meaning “greatest”.
  10. Oliver: Meaning “olive tree”.
  11. Marcel: Meaning “belonging to Mars”.
  12. Terence: Meaning “smooth”.
  13. Maurice: Meaning “dark-skinned”.
  14. Cecil: Meaning “blind”.
  15. Julian: Meaning “youthful”.
  16. Lucas: Meaning “bringer of light”.

If you didn’t find a name that was just right among these Latin baby boy names, why not try our collection of Greek mythology names.

Or travel up North to the realm of the Vikings with our guide to 210 Norse names.

Enjoy the adventure, mama—you’re almost there!

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