100 Latin Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

100 Latin Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

We owe a lot to the Romans.

As well as leaving us ancient ruins, writing fabulous poetry and drama, and giving birth to a lot of our language, they also gave us some lovely Latin baby girl names.

Yep, Latin girl names have stood the test of time – there’s no doubt about that.

And here we want to share 100 of our favorites with you.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some classical Latin names for girls and some Latina names that are still on the scene today.

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  • Classical Latin girl names
  • Latin girl names today

Latin girl names inspired by Roman empresses

Where else to start?

Among the names of Roman empresses, you’ll find some of the most delightful Latin female names ever to have existed.

Some are familiar, and others a little more unique.

What is the rarest girl name?

Perhaps you’ll find it here…

  1. Aelia. Looking for unusual but still really cute Latin girl names? Try this one. Pronounced with an ‘ee’ sound at the beginning, it means “sun”.
  2. Annia. It means “priceless one”. Another great unique name.
  3. Ariadne. Originally Greek actually, it became a popular name among ancient Roman noblewomen. You can see why!
  4. Claudia. A beautiful, elegant name.
  5. Furia. You wouldn’t mess with a Furia, would you? It gives us the word “fury”. (Interestingly, the empress whose first name this was went by the name Tranquillina, meaning calm.)
  6. Gaia. A popular girl name today, from the Greek meaning “earth”.
  7. Helena. Another Greek name, Helena was a popular Latin female name too.
  8. Lucilla. It means “light”. A lovely timeless name.
  9. Livia. The first Roman empress, Livia makes a great alternative to Olivia.
  10. Marcia. “Dedicated to Mars”. What a name!
  11. Marina. A popular name today, Marina was also a common Latin girl name.
  12. Millonia. Another of those unique Latin baby girl names that’s not so popular today. Shorten it to Milly.
  13. Paulina. Meaning “little”.
  14. Poppaea. A Latin name you could shorten to Poppy. Elegant, different.
  15. Theodora. Such strength in a name!
  16. Vibia. Something a little different. She was a distant cousin to Hadrian.

Latin names for girls from Roman goddesses

From empresses to goddesses, the Latin language has given us so many lovely names.

Here are some goddess Latin baby girl names with meanings:

  1. Cybele. The mother of the gods.
  2. Aura. Her name means “breeze”. She was the goddess of the cool air of the morning. Refreshing.
  3. Luna. The goddess of the moon.
  4. Vesta. Goddess of the home, hearth, and family.
  5. Proserpine or Proserpina. A goddess of grain and agriculture – it makes for a unique Latin name today.
  6. Flora. The goddess of flowering plants.
  7. Juno. Alongside Jupiter, Juno was the chief of the gods.
  8. Diana. A classic name today, she was goddess of the hunt.
  9. Venus. The Greek goddess of love. A statement name, but why not?
  10. Fauna. The goddess of fertility.
  11. Ceres. She was responsible for the growth of plants for food. Niche, but important. Her name is beautiful and would make for a unique name today.
  12. Empanda. The goddess of charity and hospitality.
  13. Minerva. Arts and war – for a creative, strong-willed little baby girl.
  14. Africa. She was, as you might guess, the goddess of Africa.
  15. Felicitas. Maybe this sounds rather grand, but you could go for Felicity instead. The goddess of luck.
  16. Laetitia. Happiness was her responsibility. A perfect name for the apple of your eye.
  17. Aurora. The goddess of the dawn.


Classical Latin girl names

If regal or mythical isn’t your vibe, try some of these Latin baby girl names, with their meanings:

  1. Agrippa. “Wild horse”.
  2. Albina. “White, bright”.
  3. Antonia. “Priceless, praiseworthy, beautiful”.
  4. Augusta. “Great, magnificent”.
  5. Agostina. A form of Augusta.
  6. Astra. “Star”.
  7. Aurelia. “Golden”.
  8. Balbina. “Stammerer”.
  9. Cecilia. It means “blind”, but some have interpreted this to be “blind to one’s own beauty”. And that’s a lovely Latin girl name.
  10. Camilla. “Young ceremonial attendant”. Whether or not you’re a fan of the meaning, you’ve got to admit it’s a beautiful, classic name.
  11. Decima. “Tenth child”.
  12. Dido. She’s the Queen of Carthage in a famous Roman poem, The Aeneid. Her name means “virgin”.
  13. Domitia. “Tamed”.
  14. Drusilla. “Fruitful”.
  15. Fabia. “Bean grower”. Another Latin girl name with a meaning that’s a little strange. But why not? It’s unique and beautiful!
  16. Fausta. Like the male Faustus, it means “lucky”.
  17. Flavia. “Yellow-haired”.
  18. Herminia. “Soldier”.
  19. Horatia. “Timekeeper”, for a punctual little baby girl.
  20. Hortensia. “Of the garden”.
  21. Julia. “Youthful”.
  22. Laurentia. The female form of Laurence, it means “laurel”, a symbol of victory.
  23. Liviana. “Envious”.
  24. Lucia. “Light”.
  25. Marcella. Like Marcia above, “dedicated to Mars”.
  26. Mariana. “Of the sea”.
  27. Martina. The same origin as Marcella.
  28. Octavia. “Eighth born”.
  29. Priscilla. “Ancient, venerable”.
  30. Sabina. From the name of a tribe that lived in central Italy, the Sabine.
  31. Tullia. “Peaceful”.
  32. Valentina. “Healthy and strong”.
  33. Valeria. “Strong”.

Latin girl names today

These classic Latin girl names have given girls across the whole of Europe – and way beyond – their names for centuries.

But while we’ve been looking at ancient Latin names for girls so far, let’s come back to the present.

Names with Latin roots are still popular today across the Latin world, including Latin America, Spain, and Italy.

What are beautiful Latina girl names?

Many of the names you saw above, including Luna, Camilla, Valeria, and Aurora, would be on this list too.

Here are some Hispanic, or Latina, names for your baby girl:

  1. Olivia. “Olive tree”.
  2. Ava. “Birdlike”.
  3. Isabella. “God is my oath”.
  4. Emily or Emilia. “Rival, eager”.
  5. Sofia. “Wisdom”.
  6. Victoria. “Victory”.
  7. Margarita. “Pearl, daisy”.
  8. Gloria. “Glory”.
  9. Laura. “Laurel, victory”.
  10. Bianca. “White”.
  11. Violeta. “Purple”.
  12. Adriana. “Dark”.
  13. Magdalena. “From Magdala”.
  14. Veronica. “True image”.
  15. Stella. “Star”.
  16. Alba. “White”.
  17. Portia. “Pig, doorway”.
  18. Martina. “Dedicated to Mars”.
  19. Lucia. “Light”.
  20. Catalina. “Pure”.
  21. Antonella. “Priceless one”.
  22. Amelia. “Hardworker”.
  23. Regina. “Queen”.
  24. Samantha. “Name of God”.
  25. Lía. “Hardworking”.
  26. Maria. “Of the sea”.
  27. Renata. “Born again”.


What are cute Mexican girl names?

As it’s a Spanish-speaking country, many Mexican names come straight from Latin through Spain.

You’ll have already seen lots of cute Mexican names in the lists above, such as Sofia, Maria, Antonia, Lucia, Miranda, and Valentina.

But here are some more to give you inspiration:

  1. Faustina. Another name with Latin roots., meaning “lucky”.
  2. Fernanda. “Bold voyager”.
  3. Ula. “Strong as a bear”.
  4. Teodora. “Gift from God”.
  5. Alejandra. “Defender of mankind”.
  6. Irene. “Peace”.
  7. Frida. “Peace”.

There are plenty more Mexican names for girls where those came from.

But if you’ve decided that Latin baby girl names aren’t your thing, or if you just need a few extra ideas, head over to discover some Greek girl names or Persian girl names.

Have fun deciding!

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