70+ Legendary Leo Baby Names

70+ Legendary Leo Baby Names

Looking for the perfect name for your new arrival? If they’re born under the roar of the lion, these Leo baby names might be the ideal fit.

If your due date falls between July 22 and August 22, you might have a little lion cub on the way.

And if the rumors are true, you can look forward to a baby with a big heart, natural leadership abilities, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

But having a summer baby is not the only reason to choose from our list of Leo names.

If you’re a Leo yourself, or you simply want to harness the mighty spirit of the lion, you might just find your perfect match here.

Ready to explore? Let’s dive in.

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What is a good name for a Leo?

Of course, any lion-related name is an obvious choice for your little cub—but there are other routes you can take here too.

Leo is a fire sign, so you could opt for something that speaks to their burning passion.

Also, because the lion is animal kingdom royalty, a kingly or queenly option can be a great fit.

Another possibility is to draw inspiration from one of the famous Leos out there.

(Spoiler alert: there are many famous Leos to choose from.)

What name starts with Leo?

A great way to start is simply with the name “Leo” or another name that begins with those letters.

Here are our favorites:

  1. Leo. This sweet name does just fine on its own.
  2. Leocadia. A unique name of Spanish origin, Leocadia means “splendid brightness.”
  3. Leof. “Beloved”
  4. León. Meaning “lion,” León (pronounced “lay-OWN”) is also a Spanish nickname for someone very brave. Other variations from around the world include the Irish Leon (pronounced “LEE-on”) and French Lyon (pronounced “lee-OWN”).
  5. Leonard. This popular name either means “lion strength” or “lion-hearted.”
  6. Leonardo. Meaning “strong as a lion,” this name has belonged to various famous characters throughout history, from DaVincis to DiCaprios.
  7. Leoncio. “Lion”
  8. Leonel. “Young lion”
  9. Leonidas. “Son of a lion”
  10. Leopold. From Germanic roots, Leopold means “brave people.”

Names for Leo babies

If you’d rather go with something inspired by Leo rather than the actual name Leo, there are many great options.

For starters, we’ll take some inspiration from famous Leos:

  1. Charlize. Award-winning South African-American actress Charlize Theron was born under the lion sign.
  2. Daniel. Harry Potter fans may be pleased to know that Daniel Radcliffe is also a famous Leo.
  3. Elisabeth. If you’ve been binge-watching The Handmaid’s Tale, you are likely familiar with this Leo—actress Elisabeth Moss.
  4. Helen. Recently appearing as The Queen herself, Helen Mirren embraces the royal nature of the Leo.
  5. Hilary. Fans of Boys Don’t Cry and the series Away may be drawn to this Swanky name.
  6. Jennifer. Inspired by J Lo herself—yep, she too is a Leo—this popular name never goes out of style.
  7. Kate. English actress and model Kate Beckinsale is born under the sign of the lion.
  8. Laurence. Stage and screen actor Laurence Fishburne is another celebrated Leo.
  9. Lisa. The hilarious Lisa Kudrow is also born under Leo skies.
  10. Matt. There’s another one of the Friends on this Leo list—Matt LeBlanc.
  11. Maya. And here comes another Leo who will leave you in stitches—comedic actress Maya Rudolph.
  12. Mick. The first name of this Rolling Stone may just be the top pick for your little Leo.
  13. Sandra. Our final Leo celeb is celebrated actress and producer Sandra Bullock.

Leo girl names

Here are some beautiful girl names related to all things Leo.

  1. Aeriela. “Lion of God”
  2. Aria. From Greek origins, Aria means “lioness,” and from Persian roots, it means “noble”—both options are great fits for a Leo.
  3. Arija. “Lion of God”
  4. Athaleyah. “Lion of God”
  5. Chephirah. “Little lioness”
  6. Emeteria. This interesting name of Greek origin means “half lion.”
  7. Hafsa. From Arabic roots, Hafsa means “young lioness”
  8. Kiara. Meaning “light” or “clear,” this name makes the list because Kiara is the daughter of Simba and Nala in The Lion King.
  9. Leandra. This name of Greek origin is the feminine form of Leander, meaning “lion man.”
  10. Liona. “Lioness”
  11. Loni. From its ancient Greek origins, Loni means “lioness.” And from Hawaiian roots, it means “heaven,” “sky,” or “royal.”
  12. Nala. She’s the famous queen of the jungle in The Lion King.
  13. Queen. Enough said. 👑
  14. Regina. From its Latin roots, Regina means “queen.”
  15. Sher. This one has Persian roots and means “lion.”
  16. Tiaret. Hailing from North Africa, this interesting name means “lioness.”
  17. Zariel. “Lion princess”
  18. Zira. This unique name means “moonlight” and makes the list because of its appearance on The Lion King II.

Leo boy names

And here are some boy names for your little lion.

  1. Abbas. From Arabic roots, Abbas means “lion.”
  2. Ander. “Lion man”
  3. Ariel. “Lion of God”
  4. Aryeh. From Hebrew roots, Aryeh means “lion.”
  5. Aslan. With its Turkish roots, this powerful name means “lion.” Fans of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe may be particularly drawn to this option.
  6. Basel. “King”
  7. Benroy. This Hebrew name means “son of a lion.”
  8. Dilan. From French roots, Dilan means “like a lion” or “loyal.”
  9. Galileo. This name belonged to the famous Renaissance mathematician and has a “leo” buried inside it.
  10. Ghandanfar. This Muslim name means “lion.”
  11. Griff. This strong name draws inspiration from the griffin of Greek mythology that had a lion’s body and bird’s head.
  12. Guryon. “Young lion”
  13. Leander. “Lion man”
  14. Len. “Brave as a lion.” Lenny is a sweet alternative.
  15. Levon. “Lion”
  16. Lionel. From its Latin roots, this popular name means “little lion.”
  17. Othneil. This interesting name has Hebrew roots and means “God’s lion” or “God’s strength.”
  18. Rasalas. A perfect name for a little Leo, Rasalas is the northern star in the Leo constellation.
  19. Rex. “King”
  20. Rian. From its Gaelic roots, this name means “king” too.
  21. Simba. The king of the Savannah in The Lion King.
  22. Timoleon. You may have spotted the leo hiding in this ancient name. It means “lion honor.”
  23. Tocho. From Hopi roots, Tocho means “mountain lion.”

Gender-neutral Leo names

Finally, if you don’t know your baby’s gender, or if you just prefer something gender-neutral, here are some choices that could be used for boys or girls.

  1. Ari. This name refers to two powerful creatures. From its Hebrew roots, it means “lion” and from its Old Norse origins, it means “eagle.”
  2. Arya. From Sanskrit roots, Arya means “noble person.”
  3. Keegan. In honor of Leo’s feisty spirit, Keegan means “fire” or “fiery.” It has Irish roots.
  4. Kithlish. “The company of a lioness”
  5. Lavi. “Lion” or “ancestor’s relic.”
  6. Reese. Reese means “enthusiastic” or “fiery.”
  7. Rory. “Red king”
  8. Sigourney. Meaning “daring king,” this gender-neutral French name was made famous by actress Sigourney Weaver.
  9. Uri. This name of Hebrew origin means “my flame”—a perfect description of a passionate little Leo.

With so much to choose from, your Leo baby is sure to have a great name.

Best of luck with your choice!

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