78 Lovely Libra Baby Names

78 Lovely Libra Baby Names

Due date in September or October? These Libra baby names might be perfect for your little one. Here’s our list for baby boys and girls.
Libra is the astrological sign that represents justice and harmony.

If your birthday falls between September 23 and October 22, congratulations! You’re a Libra.

Whether your due date falls in early fall or you want your little one’s name to reflect your star sign, these Libra baby names are written in the stars for you.

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  • What are the most common names for Libras?
  • Is Libra a girl’s name?
  • Girl’s names that mean ‘harmony.’
  • Boy’s names that mean ‘peaceful.’
  • Brilliantly balanced Libra baby names
  • Traditional names for baby Libras
  • Famous Libra baby names
  • And for Libra girls:

What are the most common names for Libras?

The symbol for Libra is a weighing scale and the only inanimate object in the zodiac.

Libra baby names are inspired by ideas of justice, balance, and fairness—incredible qualities to bestow on the little person you’re bringing into the world.

Some of the most in-demand options include:

  1. Daniel / Danielle: This Biblical name means ‘God is my judge.’
  2. Justin / Justine: This popular name means ‘fair’ or ‘righteous.’

If your little peanut is destined to stand up for what’s right, you might also gravitate toward girls’ names like Eurydice, Hadiya, or Rashida, which all mean ‘justice.’

For boys, Adel, Saladin, and Zadok have a similar meaning.

And what about the name Libra itself?

Is Libra a girl’s name?

It absolutely is!

The pop artist Peter Max even leaned into the celestial zodiac vibe and named his daughter Libra Astro.

But since the name has never appeared in the U.S. top 1000 baby names, we’d say the chances of having two little girls called Libra in the same kindergarten class are pretty slim.

Librans are associated with the righteous figure of Lady Justice, but they’re also known for their calm personalities and the lifelong, loyal friendships that they make.

So here are some more Libra baby names that reflect this aspect of the zodiac sign:

Girl’s names that mean ‘harmony.’

  1. Arcadia
  2. Clementine
  3. Concordia
  4. Elandra
  5. Evania
  6. Freda/Frida
  7. Irene
  8. Finna
  9. Lana
  10. Olivia
  11. Paloma
  12. Rena
  13. Serenity
  14. Winifred
  15. Zuelia

Boy’s names that mean ‘peaceful.’

  1. Axel
  2. Baris
  3. Callum / Colm
  4. Casimir
  5. Clement
  6. Fritz
  7. Galen
  8. Oliver
  9. Miroslav
  10. Noah
  11. Paxton
  12. Sheenan
  13. Wilfred
  14. Zalman

Brilliantly balanced Libra baby names

The Libran scales are usually shown in perfect balance.

If it’s not enough that your Libra baby’s name has a balanced meaning, why not try a symmetrical name?

The names on this list read the same forward and backward.

If that’s not the perfect reflection of this star sign, we don’t know what is!

Here are some of our favorite palindrome names for Libra baby girls and boys.

  1. Anna: Meaning ‘gift of God’s favor’ or ‘bringer of peace.’
  2. Ada: A noble name related to Adelaide and Adaline.
  3. Anina: A German name meaning ‘grace.’
  4. Asa: Meaning ‘born in the morning.’
  5. Ava: Meaning ‘like a bird.’
  6. Bob: A nickname for Robert, Bob means ‘bright fame.’
  7. Elle: A traditional French name meaning ‘girl.’
  8. Eve: A timeless name meaning ‘living.’
  9. Hannah: An Old Testament name meaning ‘graceful one’ or ‘God is merciful.’
  10. Maram: Meaning ‘wish’ or ‘desire.’
  11. Otto: An old German name that still sounds cool on the playground today, Otto means ‘wealthy.’
  12. Pip: A short and sweet name for the apple of your eye.
  13. Renner: Meaning ‘to run’ in German.
  14. Siris: An Egyptian name meaning ‘loyal gentleman,’ Siris is perfect as a Libra boy name, as it taps into the importance of being a lifelong, dependable friend.
  15. Natan: A variation on Nathan, Natan means ‘gift of God.’
  16. Neven: If you have Irish roots, this Celtic name might be extra meaningful for your little Libra. It means ‘holy.’

Still haven’t struck the perfect balance?

Let’s see if we can tip the scales with some names with traditional Libra associations.

Traditional names for baby Libras

As well as their star sign, you might want to take inspiration from the flowers and gemstones representing your baby’s birth month.

Libra babies celebrate their birthdays in the beautiful early-fall months of September or October, so why not reflect the season with one of these vibrant, colorful names?

  1. Sapphire: The traditional birthstone for September
  2. Opal: One of two birthstones for October. Bonus: it’s a lot easier to spell than tourmaline.
  3. Aster: The birth flower for babies born in September
  4. Marigold: October’s birth flower is also a girl’s name with a vintage vibe.
  5. Cosmos: A bonus birth flower for October babies
  6. Seven: Because Libra is the seventh symbol of the zodiac.
  7. Dex / Dixie: Because October is the tenth month.
  8. Autumn: Summer and Winter are beautiful baby names, so let’s not sleep on Autumn either.

Famous Libra baby names

There are many ways to find that Libran link.

Your peanut will also share their star sign with plenty of famous Libras from history.

For Libra boys

  1. Bruce: After ‘The Boss,’ Bruce Springsteen.
  2. Bruno: After the singer Bruno Mars.
  3. Donald: After the actor Donald Glover.
  4. Eliot: After the writer T. S. Eliot. His initials stood for Thomas Stearns, which are cool baby boy names in their own right.
  5. Hugh: After everyone’s favorite Australian actor, Hugh Jackman.
  6. Isaac: After Isaac Asimov, one of the most influential sci-fi writers of all time.
  7. Fitzgerald: After the writer of The Great Gatsby. His first name was Francis.
  8. George: After Gershwin, the American composer.
  9. John: Imagine being named after John Lennon.
  10. Oscar: After the Irish writer Oscar Wilde, who celebrated his birthday in style on October 16.
  11. Ralph: After Ralph Lauren.
  12. Zac: Z names are perpetually cool, and your little Zac would share his name with one of the biggest stars of the ‘00s—Zac Efron.

And for Libra girls:

  1. Gwen: After Gwen Stefani, the singer and proud Libran who references her star sign in her songs.
  2. Hillary: After the actress Hilary Duff.
  3. Judy: In a perfect twist of fate, Judge Judy is a Libra.
  4. Kim: After Kim Kardashian herself, who was just in time to be a Libra. Her birthday is October 21.
  5. Serena: After the youngest Williams sister. Like Serenity or Harmony, Serena also captures the peaceful nature of the Libra sign.

And whatever your baby’s star sign, why not run your favorite names by your Peanut Community?

All the best with your choice!

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