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98 Lithuanian Baby Names

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Last updated: Jan 20 2023

Lithuania is located just above Poland on the Baltic coast. It has a rich and interesting past and was part of the Soviet Union until 1990. Its vibrant capital city, Vilnius, is bursting at the seams with art, culture, and history.

Lithuanian Baby Names

If you have Lithuanian roots—like William Shatner and Pink!—you might be on the hunt for a Lithuanian baby name to honor your heritage.

Or maybe you’re just a fan of the Baltics.

They do produce some great basketball players, after all.

Whatever your reason, these traditional Lithuanian names are sure to leave an impression. Here’s some of our favorites.

But first, some common questions about Lithuanian names:

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  • Why do Lithuanian names end in AS?
  • What is the most popular name in Lithuania?
  • What are common Lithuanian names?

Why do Lithuanian names end in AS?

Good question. Not all Lithuanian names end in the letters AS, but many of the male names do.

The Lithuanian language uses traditional Indo-European masculine endings (-as, -is, -us) for boys’ names, while almost all Lithuanian girls’ names end in the vowels -a or .

Why? Basically, there has been very little outside influence on the Lithuanian language, leaving it unchanged for centuries!

So, why do Lithuanian names sound Greek?

You could really go down a linguistics rabbit hole with this one, but the basic answer is that Lithuanian and Greek are both old Indo-European languages, so they have some aspects in common.

What is the most popular name in Lithuania?

The most popular Lithuanian boy’s name is Matis, which originates from Matthew. It means “gift of God”.

The most popular Lithuanian girl’s name, meanwhile, is** Janina**, which has Polish and Italian origins. It means “God is gracious”.

What are common Lithuanian names?

Along with Kostas and Matis for boys and Janina for girls, here are some of the best Lithuanian baby names and meanings for boys and girls:

Lithuanian male names: A to Z

  1. Adomas: This traditional name is the Lithuanian version of “Adam”, which means “son of the Earth”.
  2. Alexandras: This strong name means “defender of men”.
  3. Alfredas: This mystical name means “elf” or magical being.
  4. Aras: For the bird lovers among us, the name Aras means “eagle”.
  5. Benediktas: From the Latin, this name means “well-spoken”.
  6. Darius: This regal name means “kingly”.
  7. Dominykas: This one is a variation on the name Dominic from the Latin word for “Lord”.
  8. Elijas: Another Biblical name, Elijas refers to the Hebrew name for God, Yahweh. One notable namesake is Frodo Baggins himself, Elijah Wood.
  9. Emilis: A great name for a little boy, Emilis means “enthusiastic”.
  10. Erikas: This name derives from the old Norse name Erik which means “ruler”.
  11. Filip: A variation of the name Philip, this name is said to mean “fond of horses”.
  12. Gabrielius: Deriving from the Archangel Gabriel, this name means “man of God”.
  13. Henrikas: The Lithuanian variation of Henry, this name was given to famous Lithuanian poet Henrikas Radauskas.
  14. Ignas: This name comes from the Latin word “ignis”, which means fire.
  15. Jonas: This name is consistently one of the most popular for boys in Lithuania. It derives from the Hebrew boy’s name “Yohanan”.
  16. Jurgis: The Lithuanian version of George.
  17. Kristijonas: The is the Lithuanian form of Christian.
  18. Leonardas: This fierce name means “strength of the lion”.
  19. Nojus: The Lithuanian version of Noah.
  20. Simas: The short form of the name Simonas, this name means “to listen”.
  21. Titas: In Greek mythology, the Titans ruled the earth before other gods existed. Accordingly, this name means “honor” and “strength”.
  22. Tomas: The original meaning of this name is “a twin”. Thomas, Tom, Tomas, and Tommy are popular name choices all over the world!
  23. Vladas: The name Vladas means “to rule” or “to wield great power”.
  24. Waldemar: This name originates from German and means “brightness” and “fame”.
  25. Žydrūnas: This unique Lithuanian baby name means “light blue”.

Even more Lithuanian baby boy names:

  1. Albertas
  2. Benas
  3. Danielius
  4. Fabius
  5. Galeti
  6. Gedeminas
  7. Karolis
  8. Kristupas
  9. Linas
  10. Lukas
  11. Markus
  12. Marijus
  13. Mikolas
  14. Nerija
  15. Paulius
  16. Petras
  17. Ramūnas
  18. Ričardas
  19. Robertas
  20. Sigis
  21. Stanislovas
  22. Vilhelmas
  23. Vincentas

Lithuanian female names: A to V

  1. Adelė: This strong name means “nobility” and is shared by world-famous singer Adele.
  2. Agnė: This one comes from the medieval Saint Agnes and means “pure”.
  3. Aleksandra: Also spelled Aleksandra or Alexandra, this name and its variations are popular around the world.
  4. Audra: If you’re looking for a natural baby name, Audra means “storm”.
  5. Austėja: This popular name comes from the legacy of the goddess of bees in Lithuanian folklore. It also means “to weave” in Lithuanian.
  6. Barbora: The Lithuanian version of Barbara.
  7. Biruta: This delicate name means “to snow” in Lithuanian.
  8. Daina: The name Daina has melodic undertones, meaning “song” in both Lithuanian and Latvian.
  9. Eglė: Rich in Lithuanian folklore, the character Eglė was known for turning into a fir tree and marrying a serpent.
  10. Elena: The Lithuanian version of Helen or Helena.
  11. Gabrielė: Like its male equivalent, this name is rooted in the Biblical story of the Archangel Gabriel.
  12. Greta: This name is of Northern and Eastern European heritage and has recently been in the spotlight due to environmental activist Greta Thunberg.
  13. Ieva: The Lithuanian form of Eve. This sweet name is also a type of cherry tree!
  14. Judita: The Eastern European version of Judith.
  15. Jūratė: This nautical name comes from the word “jūra”, which means sea.
  16. Katrė: This is the short form of Kotryna, which is commonly known as Katherine in other languages.
  17. Laima: Laima is known as the goddess of fate and birth in Baltic mythology.
  18. Lina: The name Lina is of German origins and means “tender” or “soft”.
  19. Marija: The name Marija or Maria has Biblicalconnotations and means “beloved”.
  20. Odeta: This unique name is associated with wealth and fortune.
  21. Ona: Short and sweet, Ona originates from Anna and means “grace” or “favor”.
  22. Regina: This name has regal connotations as it means “queen”.
  23. Rita: The elegant name Rita comes from Margaret, which means “pearl”.
  24. Rožė: Just as it sounds, this name derives from the beautiful flower, rose.
  25. Rūta: This name is inspired by the national symbol of Lithuania, the rue plant or “herb of grace”.
  26. Skaistė: This popular name means “bright and clear”.
  27. Svetlana: We usually associate this name with Russia, but it’s popular all over Eastern Europe.
  28. Teresa: A bountiful name, Teresa means “to harvest”.
  29. Vaiva: Looking for a name full of color and meaning? Well, Vaiva comes from the Lithuanian word for “rainbow”.
  30. Vida: Simply, this name means “life”.

A few more Lithuanian baby girl names for your shortlist:

  1. Beata
  2. Daiva
  3. Emilija
  4. Gabija
  5. Goda
  6. Inesa
  7. Kamilė
  8. Karolina
  9. Lidija
  10. Lėja
  11. Marina
  12. Nijolė
  13. Nina
  14. Paulina
  15. Renata
  16. Sandra
  17. Silvija
  18. Sofija
  19. Tamara
  20. Urtė

So, there you have it: 98 beautiful Lithuanian first names to choose from. Good luck making your decision.

And if you ever need a second, third, or fourth opinion, the mamas on Peanut will be happy to help!

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