27 Enchanting & Memorable Lord of the Rings Baby Names

27 Enchanting & Memorable Lord of the Rings Baby Names

Looking for an unusual name for your new arrival? Why not consider Lord of the Rings baby names? We have a host of magical options for both boys and girls.
Looking for a baby name that’s out of the ordinary?

Something with a spirit of magic and adventure?

Then our list of Lord of the Rings names could include the perfect choice!

Do you see your little peanut as an elven prince?

A warrior princess?

Or perhaps a hobbit with wanderlust?!

Tolkien’s astonishing imagination conjured up names for all these and more, often using Gaelic, Welsh and Norse words.

Let’s dive in and discover them.

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  • What are Lord of the Rings character names?
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  • What are Lord of the Rings elf names?
  • What are Lord of the Rings dwarf names?
  • What are female names in Lord of the Rings?
  • What is a good Lord of the Rings name?
  • Which character has the longest name in Lord of the Rings?
  • Is Aragorn a real name?

What are Lord of the Rings character names?

The Lord of the Rings (or LOTR to those in the know) features a huge cast — some human, some fantastical.

Here are the names of some of the main LOTR characters.

  1. Bilbo: a male hobbit or “halfling.” Bilbo is the ring bearer in The Hobbit, the prequel to LOTR. “Bil” is Old English for “sword,” and “bo” may relate to the Old English word beohrt, meaning “bright.” Bilbo’s sword glows brightly when orcs are near.
  2. Frodo: Another male hobbit and Bilbo’s nephew. Frodo takes on the challenge of carrying the Ring of Power. Tolkien based his name on an Old English word, fród, meaning “wise by experience.”
  3. Gandalf: A wise and mysterious wizard. Tolkien took the name from the Norse for “elf wand.”
  4. Samwise: Samwise, shortened to Sam by his friends, is a gardener and Frodo’s confidante. Sam is Old English for “half,” while wise means — you’ve guessed it — wise!
  5. Aragorn: Aragorn is an enigmatic hero, later revealed to be the heir to the thrones of Gondor and Arnor. His name comes from Sindarin, the Elvish language invented by Tolkien, and it means “noble king.”
  6. Arwen: Arwen is a half-elf who later marries Aragorn. Her name comes from Sindarin and means “noble (or royal) maiden.”

What are Lord of the Rings hobbit names?

The hobbits, or halflings, are close relatives of humans but much shorter in stature.

They are generally unadventurous, enjoying a simple, rural life.

The most important hobbits in the story are Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam.

But several others play key roles too.

  1. Meriadoc: Meriadoc, or Merry for short, is a cousin and friend of Frodo. He sets out with Frodo and Sam on the journey to Mordor, but they get separated along the way. His name is believed to have been taken from Conan Meriadoc, the legendary founder of Brittany.
  2. Peregrin: Peregrin, known as Pippin for short, is Merry’s best friend and another of Frodo’s cousins. The Latin peregrinus means “to wander.”
  3. Sméagol: Sméagol is a hobbit who is corrupted by his contact with the Ring. He becomes known as “Gollum” because of the unpleasant gulping noise he makes. This is probably a name to avoid!
  4. Rosie: Rosie is the pretty female hobbit who is the object of Samwise’s affection. They later marry, and Rosie bears thirteen children.
  5. Belladonna: Belladonna is Bilbo’s mother. Her name is derived from the Italian meaning “beautiful lady.” But it is also the botanical name for Deadly Nightshade, a poisonous plant.

What are Lord of the Rings elf names?

The elves in The Lord of the Rings are portrayed as noble, wise, and proud.

If you’re looking for a name with gravitas, an elven name is a great choice!

Here are our top picks.

  1. Legolas: Legolas is an elf and one of the “Fellowship of the Ring” who set out alongside Frodo and Sam. He is a skilled archer whose name means “green leaves” in Sindarin.
  2. Galadriel: Tolkien calls Galadriel “the mightiest and fairest of all the Elves.” Her name came from two Elvish languages, Sindarin and Quenya, and means “maiden crowned with a garland of bright radiance.”
  3. Celeborn: Celeborn is Galadriel’s husband. His name comes from two Sindarin words, celeb meaning “silver,” and orna meaning “tall.”
  4. Elrond: Elrond is a half-elf, father of Arwen, and Lord of Rivendell. His name comes from Sindarin and is variously translated as “star dome” or “elf of the cave.”
  5. Celebrían: Elrond’s wife and the daughter of Galadriel and Celeborn.
  6. Haldir: Haldir is an elf who acts as a guide to the Fellowship as they journey through the woodland realm of Lothlórien.
  7. Mithrandir: The elves call Gandalf Mithrandir, meaning “Grey Pilgrim” in Sindarin.

What are Lord of the Rings dwarf names?

The dwarves are tough warriors.

They are a little taller than hobbits and more heavily built.

They love riches and are skilled miners, blacksmiths, and jewelry makers.

  1. Gimli: Gimli is one of the Fellowship of the Ring. He is first rivals and then friends with Legolas.
  2. Thorin: Thorin is one of Bilbo’s companions in The Hobbit. His name comes from Norse and means “daring” or “bold one.”
  3. Balin: Another dwarf who was part of Bilbo’s company in The Hobbit. Balin became Lord of Moria but died when orcs overwhelmed the city. His name comes from Old English and means “soldier.”
  4. Dís: The only female dwarf to be named in LOTR, Dís is Thorin’s sister.

What are female names in Lord of the Rings?

We’ve already mentioned some of LOTR’s female elves, hobbits, and dwarves.

But while male characters outnumber females in the books, there are some other great female names:

  1. Éowyn: Éowyn is a seriously kick-ass character, killing the Witch-King of Angmar in battle. Later, however, she marries and disavows battle. Her name is linked to Old English, meaning “horse joy” (linked to her lineage in the House of Rohan, famed horse riders).
  2. Fimbethril: The wife of Treebeard and the most beautiful of the Entwives, tree-like creatures that walk and talk.
  3. Goldberry: Goldberry is described as young, beautiful, and golden-haired. Her origins are unclear, but she seems to be some kind of river sprite.
  4. Théodwyn: Éowyn’s mother, Théodwyn dies of grief after her husband is killed by orcs.
  5. Shelob: Shelob is a gigantic spider who almost kills Frodo, making her perhaps the feistiest of all female LOTR characters. She is wounded by Samwise, but her ultimate fate is unknown.

What is a good Lord of the Rings name?

Many LOTR names link to physical characteristics, like height or hair color.

Others have meanings related to qualities like bravery or nobility.

But Tolkien made up some names simply because he liked the sound.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t choose one for the same reason!

Which character has the longest name in Lord of the Rings?

Lots of LOTR characters have multiple names.

But the prize for the longest single name goes to the 10-letter Wormtongue.

That’s probably not one you want to pick for your little one!

Is Aragorn a real name?

Well, it’s real insofar as Tolkien invented it!

But it was his creation.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our look at Lord of the Rings names.

Perhaps there’s something here that you think will perfectly suit your little one.

But if not, why not do what Tolkien did, and make something up!

You could put together different parts of LOTR names for your own unique creation.

And if you’re in need of more inspiration, check out our list of magical, mystical baby names.

Enjoy your search!

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