Massage for Infertility: Do They Work? Your Expert Guide

Massage for Infertility: Do They Work? Your Expert Guide

The TTC journey isn’t always a huge amount of fun.

While having regular sex on your to-do list sounds great initially, even this fantastic pastime can get a little tiring and stressful if the positive line on your pregnancy tests refuses to reveal itself.

If you’re looking for ways to relax — and possibly even boost your fertility — should you go for a massage for infertility?

Is it really a thing?

And, most importantly, do they work?

Let’s take a look at what fertility massages are all about.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a fertility massage?
  • Does massage help fertility?
  • What are the benefits of fertility massage?
  • When is the best time to do fertility massage?

What is a fertility massage?

A fertility massage is a deep-tissue massage of the abdomen.

It’s often combined with some reflexology techniques, too.

During this massage, practitioners try to align the organs in your abdomen, strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the area, release pressure, and promote circulation.

The reflexology element involves massaging certain acupressure points around your feet and ankles, which are said to align with your uterus and ovaries.

You might find that your practitioner also massages other areas of your body, such as your neck and shoulders.

Advocates for uterus massages for fertility say that this process can help increase your chances of conceiving, but, sadly, there’s no research or evidence to show that it does.

In fact, this study warns against the dangers of promoting fertility massage and goes so far as to call doing so unethical.

It says that people who are TTC (trying to conceive) need to be protected from misleading or deceptive advertising that presents fertility massages as the ultimate cure for infertility.

Does massage help fertility?

The answer to this one is no, probably not.

When it comes to fertility, unfortunately, there isn’t a magic bullet.

And lying down for a massage isn’t guaranteed to help you get pregnant.

(We so wish it did!)

But that’s not to say that you should take it off your list of the things you’re doing to support yourself as you try to get pregnant.

In fact, studies also found that people who tend to go for fertility massages often have a few reasons:

  • To increase their chances of having a child.
  • Failure of standard fertility treatment (like IUI or IVF).
  • To avoid standard medical fertility treatments.

Whatever the reason may be (as yours may differ too), there are some potential benefits to fertility massages — and massages generally — that might make it worth making an appointment.

But, just don’t expect it to be the one thing that makes it all happen.

What are the benefits of fertility massage?

Dealing with infertility can be incredibly stressful, and this is probably where fertility massages really help.

They provide an opportunity to properly relax and take your mind off the pressure of conceiving.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • It’s an act of self-care, which is important when you’re focusing on fertility
  • It can be a great stress release and can help to lift some of your anxiety
  • It can help you relax into your body and possibly relieve any aches and pains that can be causing you distress
  • It can help you to feel as though you’re being proactive in your fertility journey

Remember that ordinary massages might help just as well.

And you could try a vaginal massage too if you’re looking for ways to put the fun back into functional!

Although it’s worth noting that, unfortunately, a vaginal massage for infertility isn’t a thing.

But exploring your sensuality can be a great way to connect intimately with a partner and keep things light and playful.

When is the best time to do fertility massage?

If you want to give a fertility massage a shot, the best time to go for one is after your period ends and before you start ovulating — so between days 7 and 14 of your cycle.

And remember that we’re right by your side as you navigate all of this.

Reach out to our Peanut TTC community if you need any advice or support. ❤️


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