17 Ideas for the Perfect Maternity Pictures

17 Ideas for the Perfect Maternity Pictures

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Time to capture your mama-to-be journey with maternity pictures that you’ll be looking at for years to come.
Whether you’re looking to go all out, or you just want a simple shoot, maternity pictures are the perfect way to hold on to this moment as you go forward into mamahood.

Here’s the lowdown on getting the perfect pregnancy pics and how to get set up for the shoot.

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  • What are maternity photos?
  • When should you take maternity pictures?
  • How much should maternity photos cost?
  • How do I plan a maternity photoshoot?

What are maternity photos?

Maternity photos are the first pictures you’ll have with your peanut.

They’re an ideal reminder of this adventure you’ve had together and the perfect way to create a lasting memory of this special time.

Although it doesn’t always feel like it, pregnancy can fly by very quickly.

Taking some time to document it can be really worthwhile.

The best part is that you can do them in your style, with your flair, in your way.

And your family can join in, too. Yep, your partner, children, dogs, and cats can also have starring roles.

When should you take maternity pictures?

There’s no perfect time to take maternity pictures, but mamas tend to take them towards the end of their pregnancy when they’re showing a bit more.

Our advice? Shoot for somewhere between weeks 28-36.

That way it will be late enough that you’ll be showing but early enough for you to move around comfortably around for the photoshoot.

How much should maternity photos cost?

There’s no one way to do this thing.

You can get a friend to take a few snaps in your home or have a professional shoot in a venue of your choice.

Professional photos range from anywhere between $300 for a simple shoot to thousands of dollars for a more elaborate affair.

If you’re going pro, some costs that could come up:

  • The photographer
  • Any props you might want to use
  • Venue
  • Hair and make-up (if you so desire)

If you have an idea of how much you’d like to spend, it can help in your search for the right photographer and setting.

How do I plan a maternity photoshoot?

Once you’ve planned when to take maternity pictures and have chosen your photographer, the next step is to figure out what you want your pictures to look like.

Maternity photos can be fun, elegant, magical — basically anything you want them to be. You do you!

Here are some of our favorite maternity picture ideas to get you inspired:

1. Make use of the baby’s nursery

This is the perfect way to introduce your peanut to their new room before they move in.

Having a maternity photoshoot in the baby’s nursery is simple, sweet, and meaningful.

2. …or any at-home location

There’s really no place like home. You don’t have to be at a fancy location.

Having a maternity photoshoot at home can be the ideal way to kick-off a lifetime of memories together.

3. Let the family join in

Your partner? Your parents? Your peanut’s playmates?

They can all have a starring role.

If your baby has siblings that are waiting patiently to meet them, having them a part of the picture can be really special.

4. Include your pets

As any pet owner knows, pets are family, too.

So it only makes sense they’re in your family photos.

They’ll soon also be part of your little one’s world, and having them in the shoot will signal the start of that beautiful friendship.

5. Head outdoors

Picking a gorgeous location to show off your belly can make for some perfect pics.

Lush forests, crystal-clear lakes, or anywhere outdoorsy that you love can be more than a breath of fresh air.

6. Embrace the seasons

Whatever the weather, picking a location that highlights the seasons will help put a timestamp of this phase of your pregnancy.

Fall leaves, summer sun, snowy slopes, blooming blossoms — every season has its unique beauty.

7. Go urban

If you’re a city dweller, you might want to embrace those skyscrapers and bustling streets.

Nothing like an urban chic feel to welcome your little one to the buzz of the world.

8. Have lots of belly hugs

Having your partner, your other children, or yourself hug and hold your belly is a classic maternity shoot pose — and for good reason.

There’s a lot of love for that little bump.

9. Go full maternity goddess

À la Beyoncé. Now’s the time to show just how divine you are.

10. Sign off

Holding a sign with your baby’s name and/or due date can really personalize a shoot.

Signs are also a great way to have a little fun.

Bun in the oven. About to pop. Under construction.

11. Take some belly close-ups

Your peanut is the star of the shoot, after all.

A close-up of the bump can make a really elegant shot of this moment in time.

12. Put your bare belly on show

Your bare belly is beautiful.

Wearing a robe, crop top, underwear, open maternity dress, or bikini can help you really show off that amazing bump.

13. Try black and white

Black and white photos have a timeless feel — and an easy way to give your photos that classic look.

14. Decorate the scene with baby clothes

Those little outfits are waiting and ready to go.

Why not show them off early?

Simply adding a pair of baby socks or shoes is a playful way to add a touch of serious cuteness to your maternity shoot.

15. Take sunset pics

Soon you’ll be enjoying the sunset with your little one in your arms.

And for now, you can bask in its glow while they’re still in your belly.

Plus, the lighting and colors at sunset make for the best photos.

16. Make it light-hearted

Nobody said this had to be serious.

Incorporating some silliness in your photos will not only create fun memories but also some hilariously awkward maternity pictures.

17. Go for a silhouette

It’s all about how you look with that bump, so if you want a no-fuss photoshoot, how about going for a simple silhouette?

18. Get in the tub

A milk bath maternity shoot is a beautiful way of showing off your bump, adorned with flowers so you feel like a goddess.

Plus, the milk can be amazing to moisturize your bump!

Whatever you choose to do, have fun with it.

Maternity photoshoots don’t come around all that often.

There’s no better excuse to make the best out of that gorgeous pregnancy glow.

Have fun, mama!

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