114 Magical Medieval Baby Names

114 Magical Medieval Baby Names

The Middle Ages offers some magical names for your little one. Our list of medieval baby names for your new arrival is sure to inspire.
Medieval names don’t have to sound like they’ve come straight out of, well, the Middle Ages.

While names like Odelgarde and Cathasach are definitely on the cards if that’s what you’re looking for, there are also heaps of cool and unusual medieval names that feel like a good fit for the 21st century.

The Middle Ages, or the medieval era, was a long part of human history, lasting from about the fifth to the fifteenth century.

It included the rise and fall of empires, huge changes in how and where people lived, and the formation of Europe.

It was, you know, kind of a big deal.

It was also the era of William the Conqueror, Dante, King Arthur, and his Queen Guinevere, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, Isabella of France, and many other famous historical figures.

You could use their names for inspiration—or draw from our list of medieval baby names below.

Let’s find the perfect name for your little Merlin or Mathilda.

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Medieval girl names

What is a medieval female name? Some of these might feel right for you.

  1. Acquilina. This Old Roman name means “eagle.”
  2. Adelaide. A German name, Adelaide means “noble kind.”
  3. Amelia. From German roots, Amelia means “industrious.”
  4. Avice. This one has French roots and means “warlike.”
  5. Beatriz. A Spanish name from the Latin name Beatrix, which means “happy.” Beatriz is also an alternative spelling for Beatrice.
  6. Berenice. This Greek name means “bearer of victory.”
  7. Bodil. A derivative of the Old Norse name “Bolthdir,” which means “remedy battle.”
  8. Brenna. This Irish name means “little raven.”
  9. Brunhilda. From German and Norse origins, this name means “ready for battle.”
  10. Clotilda. With German origins, this one means “famous for battle.”
  11. Colette. Colette means “victory of the people” and is a Greek name.
  12. Desislava. Of Bulgarian roots, Desislave means “finding glory.”
  13. Edme. This Scottish name means “warrior.”
  14. Eira. This one has Welsh roots and means “snow.” ❄️
  15. Eithne. “Kernel” or “grain.”
  16. Eleanor. This is an English variation of the French name Alienor.
  17. Ella. German for “all” and Hebrew for “goddess.”
  18. Emmalina. This name means “universal” in Latin.
  19. Erika. With Scandinavian roots, Erika means “powerful and honorable ruler.”
  20. Euphemia. This Greek name means “well-spoken.”
  21. Genevieve. From Welsh origins, Genevieve means “white wave.” And from French roots, it means “tribe woman.”
  22. Gregoria. “Watchful,” from Greek roots.
  23. Groa. This Old Norse name means “to grow.” 🌱
  24. Hawise. “Wide battle”
  25. Hildegund. “Fight”
  26. Isolde. A Welsh name for “ice ruler.”
  27. Luthera. “Army of the people.”
  28. Martine. With Latin roots, this one means “of Mars,” the Roman God of war.
  29. Mathilda. This German name means “mighty in battle.”
  30. Maude. “Mighty battle maiden.”
  31. Mirabel. A Latin name meaning “wonderful.”
  32. Odelgarde. This German origin name means “victory of the people.”
  33. Olive. An Old Norse name, Olive means “kind one.”
  34. Orla. This Irish name means “golden princess.”
  35. Petra. Meaning “stone” in Greek.
  36. Philomena. Another Greek name, Philomena means “beloved.”
  37. Regina. Latin for “queenly.” 👑
  38. Sabina. This Hebrew name means “understanding.”
  39. Sigrid. Old Norse for “winning adviser.”
  40. Thomasina. With Greek roots, this one means “twin.”
  41. Ursula. “Little bear” from Latin roots.
  42. Winifred. With German and English roots, this one means “peace.”
  43. Zelda. The short German version of “Griselda,” Zelda means “fighting maiden.”

Medieval boy names

Searching for medieval boy’s names? Look no further!

  1. Aldous. Aldous is an Italian and German name that means “wealthy.” 💰 And a great choice for fans of the English writer Aldous Huxley.
  2. Archibald. With German roots, Archibald means “genuine.”
  3. Arne. This Old Norse name means “eagle.”
  4. Arthur. Like the king! This Celtic name means “bear.”
  5. Badulf. An Old German name for “fight” or “struggle.”
  6. Bahram. Bahram is a Persian name that means “victorious.”
  7. Bard. Meaning “poet” or “singer” in Gaelic. Shakespeare is often referred to as “The Bard.”
  8. Bartholomew. With Hebrew roots, this one means “furrow.”
  9. Benedict. Latin for “blessed.”
  10. Bertram. German and French for “bright raven.”
  11. Björn. Meaning “bold as a bear” in German, Björn is also a popular Scandinavian name.
  12. Burchard. “Strong as a castle.”
  13. Cassian. With Latin roots, this one means “vain.”
  14. Cathasach. A Gaelic name meaning “brave.”
  15. Charibert. “Glorious warrior”
  16. Conrad. “Brave counsel”
  17. Cyprian. This name, of Greek origin, means “man of Cyprus.”
  18. Daegal. An Anglo-Saxon name with Scandinavian roots, Daegal means “dweller by the dark stream.”
  19. Dominic. Meaning “belonging to the Lord.”
  20. Dustin. Old English for “dark stone” and German for “valiant fighter.”
  21. Egil. This Old Norse name means “awe” or “terror.”
  22. Ellis. “Benevolent”
  23. Finnian. An Irish name that means “fair” or “white.”
  24. Florian. With Latin roots, this one means “flowering.”
  25. Gage. “Assayer” in Old English.
  26. Galileo. Italian for “from Galilee.” Galileo Galilei, born sometime after the Middle Ages, was a famous Italian astronomer and physicist.
  27. Gandalf. Merlin and Gandalf were both medieval names that later became famous wizards in stories. Gandalf is an Old Norse name for “wand elf.”
  28. Gerold. “Spear.”
  29. Godfrey. “Peaceful” 🕊️
  30. Godwin. “God’s peace.”
  31. Gregory. A Greek name meaning “watchman.”
  32. Hamlin. “Little home lover.”
  33. Haywood. This Old English name means “fenced wood.”
  34. Henry. There were many medieval kings named Henry. Appropriately, it means “estate ruler.”
  35. Jeremiah. “Exalted of God.”
  36. Kenric. “Fearless leader”
  37. Lancaster. An Old English name that referred to people who lived in Lancaster in north-west England.
  38. Leif. With Old Norse roots, this name means “beloved.”
  39. Merlin. Meaning “sea fortress” in Welsh, Merlin was famously a bard, although also sometimes a madman, a prophet, and a mystic in the legends told about him.
  40. Neville. Meaning “from the new farmland” in French.
  41. Odel. “Wealthy”
  42. Orvyn. “Spear friend”
  43. Randolf. “Shield”
  44. Theodoric. “People’s ruler.”
  45. Torsten. Meaning “Thor’s stone,” Torsten is a Norse name.
  46. Wilkin. This is a medieval version of the English name William. It means “armed resolution.”
  47. Wymond. This Middle English name means “battle protector.”
  48. Zemislav. A Slavic name meaning “family glory.”

Cool medieval names

What is a cool medieval name?

If you’re looking for some inspiration on the more unusual side of the equation, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Alaric. (Boy) This German name means “noble ruler.”
  2. Alke. (Girl) “Noble
  3. Annora. (Girl) “Honor”
  4. Astrid. (Girl) This Old Norse name means “super strength.”
  5. Brid. (Girl) An Old Celtic name meaning “exalted one.”
  6. Diamond. (Girl) “Brilliant.” 💎
  7. Drogo. (Boy) This Old German name means “to bear” or “to carry.” Think of Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.
  8. Elric. (Boy) English for “wise ruler.”
  9. Emil. (Boy) “Trying to equal or excel.”
  10. Frida. (Girl) “Peaceful ruler”
  11. Ivo. (Boy) This German name means “yew wood” or “archer.”
  12. Lana. (Girl) An old English name that means “calm as still waters.”
  13. Leoric. (Boy) Meaning “like a lion,” Leoric is an English name.
  14. Lothar. (Boy) “Famous warrior”
  15. Hawk. (Boy) An English name meaning “like the bird.”
  16. Honora. (Girl) Latin for “dignified” and French for “noblewoman.”
  17. Inga. (Girl) A Scandinavian name that has origins in Norse mythology, Inga means “guarded by Ing.” Ing was the God of fertility and peace.
  18. Jacquette. (Girl) This name of French origin means “supplanter.”
  19. Maurin. (Boy) A Latin name, Maurin means “dark-skinned.”
  20. Osric. (Boy) This English and German name means “divine ruler.”
  21. Revna. (Girl) “Raven” in Old Norse.
  22. Ricard. (Boy) English for “rich and powerful ruler.”
  23. Wolf. (Boy) 🐺

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