76 Mexican Baby Boy Names for Your Baby

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With a colorful history centered in Spanish culture, Mexican baby boy names give mommas and papas the chance to pay homage to their Hispanic heritage. In Spanish culture, the male name has a strong influence – with all families taking a ‘double surnamed’ or ‘apellidos’ approach.

Mexican Baby Boy Names

Hispanic family names take the father’s first surname, inherited from his father, and the mother’s first surname, which she inherited from her father.

As you can see, Mexican male names take precedence over female ones, which makes for all the more compelling an argument for a strong male name. So, what are the most popular Mexican boy names, and why?

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What are some good Mexican boy names?

Thanks to a whole host of European influences, there are a huge range of Mexican male names to choose from. Many have biblical roots, which we can attribute to the Catholic church and its roots in both Italy and Spain.

As such, we see many Spanish boy name derivatives.

What are some boy Spanish names?

Many Hispanic boy names refer to God and other religious themes as above, or they might have a broader context, drawing on themes such as ‘strength’ and ‘ruler.’ Some popular Mexican male names derived from Spanish include:

  1. Gabriel
    A common name in both Christianity and Judaism, Gabriel means ‘God is my strength.’

  2. José
    Another common European name, José means ‘God may add to’ – perfect for Anglicizing if your son will be mixing across multiple cultures.

  3. Miguel
    This is a Spanish version of the biblical name Michael. In Spanish, it translates as ‘who is like God.’

  4. Manuel
    As a shortened version of Emmanuel, Manuel means ‘God is with us.’

Other common Spanish boys’ names include:

  1. Alejandro
  2. Benjamín
  3. Bruno
  4. Daniel
  5. Diego
  6. Emiliano
  7. Emmanuel
  8. Ethan
  9. Felipe
  10. Gael
  11. Joaquín
  12. Julián
  13. Leonardo
  14. Liam
  15. Lucas
  16. Mateo
  17. Matías
  18. Nicolás
  19. Samuel
  20. Santiago
  21. Sebastián
  22. Thiago
  23. Tomás

What’s a badass name for a boy?

If you’re looking for something a little more dramatic for your son, there are many war or glory-themed boy Mexican names. Try some of these on for size if you can picture your son filling the shoes of a top CEO or athlete!

  1. Martín
    Another simply Anglicized Mexican male name, Martín (pronounced with a stress on the ‘I’) means ‘warring.’ You might recognize the roots – it links to the Roman god of war, Mars. Similarly, ‘Mario,’ which is also popular in Italy, has the same war-inspired meaning.

  2. Víctor
    Like the English word for ‘victor’, this means ‘conqueror.’ You may also see its shortened version, ‘Vic’ more often in Mexico.

  3. Guillermo
    This one’s perfect for older brothers. As the Spanish version of the English name ‘William,’ this means ‘resolute protector.’ The Spanish name for Raymond, ‘Ramón,’ has the same meaning.

  4. Luis
    With nods to French history and nobility, Luis means ‘famous warrior.’

What are cute Mexican names?

If you’re not quite ready to see your little one out on the battlefield just yet, you can choose one of these cute baby boy names instead:

  1. Arturo – ‘bear’
  2. Alfredo – ‘elf’
  3. Óscar – ‘deer’
  4. Pablo – ‘little one’
  5. Rubén – ‘behold, a son.’

Your pick of the best Mexican and Hispanic baby names

Whether you’re influenced by royalty, place names or just because you like how it sounds, here are even more Mexican baby boy names to choose from:

  1. Aitor
  2. Alex
  3. Alvaro
  4. Antonio
  5. Armando
  6. Cali
  7. Carlos
  8. Cristobal
  9. Dario
  10. Eduardo
  11. Enrique
  12. Fernando
  13. Francisco
  14. Galo
  15. Gerardo
  16. Hector
  17. Hugo
  18. Iker
  19. Ivan
  20. Izan
  21. Javier
  22. Jesús
  23. Jorge
  24. Juan
  25. Laredo
  26. Madrid
  27. Marco
  28. Mario
  29. Melo
  30. Navarro
  31. Paz
  32. Pedro
  33. Rafael
  34. Ramón
  35. Raúl
  36. Ricardo
  37. Rio
  38. Roberto
  39. Salvador
  40. Sergio

Find more Mexican baby boy names on Peanut

Whether it’s a strong ruler or your lifelong little cub, there are hundreds of Mexican boy names to choose from. And for more ideas for baby boy names, you could always ask the mamas of Peanut?

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