101 Gorgeous Mexican Baby Girl Names and Meanings

101 Gorgeous Mexican Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Whether you’re fueled by tradition, beliefs, or a love for the Spanish language, our stunning collection of Mexican baby girl names will ensure you find the perfect fit for your hermosa hija.

Handpicking a name for a future being is quite the honor.

From all the names in the world, you get to choose one that feels right, carries meaning, and may even have cultural or familial significance.

And with Mexican baby girl names, there are plenty of beautiful choices that can tick all these boxes.

From Margarita and Sofia to Luciana and Neva, there are dozens of cute Mexican girl names to complement any middle or last name.

No matter if you’re looking for unique Mexican names for girls or classic options, we’ve got plenty of inspiration – 101 to be exact.

In this article: 📝

  • Most common Mexican baby girl’s names
  • What are some unique Mexican girl names
  • What is a classic Mexican name?
  • What are cute Mexican girl names?
  • What is a beautiful Mexican girl name?
  • What is a good Hispanic name for a girl?
  • What is the most Mexican girl name?
  • What are indigenous Mexican names?

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Most common Mexican baby girl’s names

We’re kicking off our list with a handful of popular Mexican names for your little girl that top the charts year after year.

And no surprise why.

These popular Mexican names for girls are full of beauty and meaning — and might just be the right one for your amada hija:

  1. Sofia: Meaning “wise” or “wisdom”.
  2. Malena: Meaning “woman from Magdala”.
  3. Antonia: Meaning “priceless” or “praiseworthy”.
  4. Ariana: Meaning “very holy”.
  5. Amelia: Meaning “industrious”.
  6. Lucía: Meaning “light”.
  7. Miranda: Meaning “to be wondered at”. A sweet option for a rainbow baby.
  8. Irma: Meaning “world”.
  9. Elena: Meaning “shining light”.
  10. Elisa: Meaning “devoted to God”.
  11. Mía: Meaning “mine”.
  12. Regina: Meaning “queen”.

What are some unique Mexican girl names

Looking for rare girl Mexican names that are showstopping?

Thanks to Spanish being a romance language, all of these names are as beautiful as they are distinct.

Here are the top unique Mexican girl names and their meanings:

  1. Pia: Meaning “righteous” or “pious”.
  2. Araceli: Meaning “altar of heaven” or “altar of the sky”.
  3. Solana: A beautiful summer name meaning “sunshine”.
  4. Xiomara: Meaning “valiant” or “ready for battle”.
  5. Xaviera: Meaning “bright” or “splendid”. A reference to St. Xaxier.
  6. Estelle: Meaning “star”.
  7. Rocio: Meaning “dew”.
  8. Sancha: Meaning “holy”.
  9. Faustina: Meaning “lucky”.
  10. Bonita: Meaning “beautiful” or “pretty little one”.
  11. Fernanda: Meaning “adventurous” or “brave”.
  12. Zaneta: Meaning “small apple”.
  13. Ula: Meaning “well-spoken”.
  14. Noemi: Meaning “pleasant”.
  15. Teodora: Meaning “gift of God”.

What is a classic Mexican name?

Want a timeless name for your baby girl?

Many traditional women Mexican names are back in the limelight.

A name from this list will certainly stand the test of time:

  1. Ana: Meaning “gracious”.
  2. Verónica: Meaning “true image”.
  3. Margarita: Meaning “child of light”. A common nickname is Rita.
  4. Daniela: Meaning “God is my judge”.
  5. Victoria: Meaning “victory”.
  6. Martina: Meaning “warlike”.
  7. Catalina: Meaning “pure”.
  8. Frida: Meaning “peace”. If you wish to celebrate your love for Mexican culture at a universal level, naming your daughter for the courageous artist Frida Kahlo is a solid option.
  9. Leticia: Meaning “full of joy”.
  10. Tianna: Meaning “princess”. Related nickname Tia is equally adorable.
  11. Claudia: Meaning “lame”. Purely ironically of course.
  12. Lia: Meaning “bearer of good news”. Which your baby is by virtue of being.
  13. Adalia: Meaning “kind” or “noble”. Other variations are Adelina, Adella, and Adelita.
  14. Valeria: Meaning “health” or “strength”.
  15. Sara: One of the most popular Hebrew names. And with a meaning like “princess”, it’s hardly surprising.
  16. Olivia: Meaning “olive tree”.
  17. Irene: Meaning “peace”.

What are cute Mexican girl names?

Because Spanish is a charming language, there are plenty of pretty Mexican girl names that roll off the tongue.

Many of these cute Mexican names make for great middle names, too:

  1. Vanessa: Meaning “butterfly”.
  2. Isabella: An elegant variation of Elizabeth meaning “devoted to God”.
  3. Aurora: Meaning “dawn”. Latin in origin, Aurora has become a staple Disney name. Who doesn’t appreciate a little sleeping beauty in those early months!
  4. Stella: Meaning “star”.
  5. Carmen: Meaning “song”.
  6. Gabriela: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  7. Adelina: Meaning “kind” or “noble”. One of our favorite Mexican girl names that start with A.
  8. Liliana: Meaning “lily”.
  9. Clarisa: Meaning “bright”, “clear”, or “shining”.
  10. Marina: a nautical name meaning “sea maiden”. Major mermaid vibes.
  11. Mira: Meaning “extraordinary” or “to be admired”.
  12. Mora: Meaning “little blueberry”. 🫐
  13. Luciana: Meaning “light”.
  14. Lola: Meaning “strong”.
  15. Violeta: Meaning “purple”.
  16. Bianca: Meaning “fair”.
  17. Jacinta: Meaning “beautiful girl” or “hyacinth”.
  18. Adana: Meaning “created by God” or “earth”.
  19. Dia: Meaning “day”.

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What is a beautiful Mexican girl name?

Want a gorgeous Mexican girl name that isn’t on the top 10 list?

Here are rare Mexican girl names that are just as beautiful as the most popular ones:

  1. Gracia: A virtue baby name meaning “grace”. Graciana is an alluring alternative.
  2. Tierra: Meaning “earth”.
  3. Paloma: Meaning “dove”. 🕊️
  4. Vittoria: Meaning “victory”.
  5. Querida: Meaning “beloved”.
  6. Jade: Meaning “green gemstone”.
  7. Ramona: Meaning “wise one” or “protector”. A bit of a badass this one.
  8. Neva: Meaning “snow”. Variations include Nevita and Nivea.
  9. Osana: Meaning “health”.
  10. Shoshana: A surprisingly flower name meaning “lily”.
  11. Kemena: Meaning “strong one”.
  12. Zita: Meaning “seeker”.
  13. Olina: Meaning “protector”.
  14. Florencia: Meaning “blooming” or “flowering”.
  15. Salvadora: Meaning “savior”.
  16. Yomaris: Meaning “sun”.
  17. Mireya: Meaning “miraculous”. A special choice for a miracle baby girl.

What is a good Hispanic name for a girl?

Hispanic girl names are firm favorites within Hispanic and Latino culture — and many of the names have Spanish roots.

Throughout Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, and Central and South America, these names pop up time and time again.

Heritage, religion, and family traditions are all driving forces behind the appeal of Hispanic girl names.

Whatever muse drives you, here are some elegant choices:

  1. Adriana: Meaning “from Hadria”. Also a top Italian girl name.
  2. Camila: Meaning “young ceremonial attendant”.
  3. Perla: Meaning “pearl”.
  4. Alejandra: Meaning “defender of mankind”.
  5. Luna: Meaning “moon”.
  6. Gloria: Meaning “glory”.
  7. Valentina: Meaning “healthy” or “strong”. Also references St. Valentine.
  8. Susana: Meaning “lily”.
  9. Josefina: Meaning “God will increase”.
  10. America: Meaning “universal home”.
  11. Angel: Meaning “messenger”.

What is the most Mexican girl name?

In a culture known for diversity, vibrancy, and ancient roots, it’s hard to pin down the most Mexican female name.

What we can offer is Mexican women names that have managed to stay firmly in fashion.

Though there are literally hundreds of beautiful Mexican names for girls, the three most common are:

  1. Maria: Meaning “star of the sea”, or in reference to the Virgin Mary. Other variations include María del Carmen, María Elena, and María Guadalupe.
  2. Rosa: Meaning “rose”.
  3. Guadalupe: Meaning “wolf valley”. Lupe makes for a fun nickname.

What are indigenous Mexican names?

If you wish to dig deep into Mexico’s rich mythology and heritage, Aztecan culture and tribes reveal a trove of unique indigenous Mexican names.

These names are also referred to as Nahuatl names because they come from the Nahuatl people – the indigenous people of Mexico.

Most Aztec names are derived from words representing nature, mother earth, and religion.

This means you get an array of Aztec girl names inspired by flowers, rainbows, weather, animals, and gods and goddesses.

For example:

  1. Toci: Meaning “our grandmother”. Rooted in the major Aztec earth goddess and patron of healers and midwives.
  2. Xoco: Meaning “youngest sister”.
  3. Yolihuali: Meaning “source of life”.
  4. Zeltzin: Meaning “delicate”.
  5. Metzli: Meaning “moon” from the Aztecan Mētztli – the Aztec god or goddess of the night.
  6. Anacaona: Meaning “golden flower”.
  7. Itotia: Meaning “dance”.

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