90 Unique Middle Names for Boys With Meanings

90 Unique Middle Names for Boys With Meanings

The history of the middle name is a long and complicated one.

Ancient Romans, for example, had three names.

Cultures all over the world have used an extra name to signify where one sits on a family tree.

And the people of Medieval times doled out middle names because they couldn’t decide whether to choose between family names and the names of saints in their naming practices.

For centuries, parents have struggled with choosing the perfect name.

And that’s why we lowkey love middle names.

They open up a whole world of naming possibilities.

Pay homage to a favorite friend, family member, or mentor, keep a maiden name in the picture, or get the best of both worlds if you can’t decide between two (or more) names.

You could even honor a favorite fictional character from the Harry Potter or Game of Thrones universe.

Here’s 90 middle names for boys to begin expanding your horizons.

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What are the best middle names for boys?

The first name is in the bag, and the last name is perfection, so how to bridge these two generations together?

These may not be the most unique boy middle names, but they’re definitely the most enduring.

How do they fit in your family tree?

  1. Peter: This name stands the test of time – and perhaps that’s because of its meaning. The name means “rock”. So yes, if you have a Peter in your life, they are quite literally your rock. As a middle name, it’s pretty versatile and pairs with just about anything.
  2. John: Pop this on the end of any first name for some added style and complexity. Of Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious”, John is an old classic of a middle name that’s going nowhere.
  3. Edward: A name meaning “prosperity and fortune”, the name Edward is a good one to tuck somewhere in your name chain. Shorten it to Ed or Eddie and you’re suddenly in red carpet company – Eddie Murphy, Ed Harris, Ed Norton… the list goes on.

And then there are these great options:

  1. Simon: Meaning “he has heard” from the Hebrew Shim’on.
  2. James: Meaning “supplanter”. Related to the Hebrew boy’s name Jacob.
  3. David: Meaning beloved”.
  4. Eric: Exuding Viking vibes, this Norse name means “eternal ruler”.
  5. Sean: A popular Irish name meaning “God is gracious”.
  6. Ross: This Scottish name means “headland”.
  7. Christopher: Meaning “bearer of Christ”.
  8. Thomas: A solid middle name meaning “twin”.
  9. Louis: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  10. Charles: Meaning “free person”.
  11. Alexander: A famous Greek name meaning “defender of man”.
  12. Anthony: Meaning “the priceless one”.

What are classic middle names for boys?

These names aren’t as common as the ones above, but they’re solid choices that will stand the test of time.

  1. Victor: Winner. This name is literally “the winner”. So there you have it. And making it a middle name rather than a first name allows you to retain some semblance of modesty.
  2. Henry: Henry means “ruler of the home”. And we’re betting that your little one is up for the task. It’s a name with much clout, from kings to philosophers to automotive mavericks; you don’t have to look far to find a Henry with one heck of a story.
  3. Aiden: Start a “little fire” in the middle of your baby’s name because that’s exactly what this name means. It’s also just one of those names that play nicely with others, making the perfect middle name.

And here’s the bonus list of classic middle names for boys:

  1. Cliff: An upstanding English name that means “cliff”.
  2. Lucas: Meaning “bringer of light”.
  3. Dylan: An enchanting Welsh name meaning “son of the sea”.
  4. Yusuf: Meaning “God increases”.
  5. Oscar: A name with Old Norse and Irish origins. As a Scandinavian name, Oscar means “spear of the gods”. As an Irish name made famous by Oscar Wilde, it means “friend of deer”.
  6. Dudley: Meaning “the people’s field”.
  7. Bryce: From the Celtic word brych, Bryce means “speckled” or “freckled”.
  8. Rhys: Meaning “ardor” or “passion”.
  9. Seth: Meaning “appointed”.
  10. Toby: This gender-neutral name means “God is good”.
  11. Theo: Meaning “God’s gift”.
  12. Calvin: Meaning “little bald one”.

What are cute middle names for boys?

We’ve picked middle names that wear their cuteness on their sleeve but still pack a powerful meaning:

  1. Max: Max has the curious power of sounding really cute and really powerful all at the same time. Derived from Maximillian and Maxwell, Max means “the greatest”. Simple as that.
  2. Noah: A name that has gone through a surge of popularity as a first name, Noah works just as well as a middle name. With Hebrew origins, the name Noah means “rest” and “comfort” – a fabulous idea to promote right there in the heart of your baby’s name. (Rest, little one. Please, please, rest.)
  3. Liam: “Strong-willed”, that’s what this name means. So yes, not that great an attribute during the terrible twos but a wonderful one when entering the job market one day. Hide it in there as a middle name and bring it out when needed.

And how about these adorable options:

  1. Ali: Meaning “sublime” or “exalted”.
  2. Benito: Meaning “blessed”.
  3. Ollie: A cute variation of Oliver. It means “olive tree”.
  4. Dex: Meaning “right-handed”.
  5. Jack: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  6. Eli: Meaning “uplifted” or “high”.
  7. Casey: Meaning “vigilant” or “brave in war”.
  8. Leroy: Meaning “the king”. Yep, the king.
  9. Chase: This French boy’s name means “to hunt”.
  10. Levi: Meaning “joined”. Fitting for a middle name no?
  11. Dali: Meaning “drawn towards God”.
  12. Ash: Meaning “happy”.

What are cool middle names for boys?

Here are some standout names to give your boy’s birth certificate some edge:

  1. Orion: A mythical hunter, a constellation, a NASA spacecraft, Orion is a name packed with a plethora of interstellar stories. Plus, it sounds cool and works very well as a unique addition to more common first names.
  2. Elliot: Elliot is the Greek version of Elijah. It means “brave” and “strong” and “true” – and who wouldn’t want all those things for their little boy?
  3. Ajax: Ajax was a Greek mythological hero known for his strength, size, and bravery. Meaning “of the earth”, this is a more unusual option that can bring that little something extra to a more vanilla first name.

And these are also pretty amazing:

  1. Ephraim: A Biblical boy’s name meaning “fruitful”.
  2. Cole: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  3. Brixton: Meaning “stone of Brixi”.
  4. Prabhpreet: An Indian name meaning “one who loves God”.
  5. Carter: Literally means “one who transports goods by cart”. It may also be rooted in the Gaelic word cairtear, meaning “tourist” or “sojourner”.
  6. Declan: Meaning “full of goodness”.
  7. Colby: Meaning “coal town”.
  8. Emery: Meaning “industrious”.
  9. Forest: A nature name meaning “woodsman”.
  10. Shepherd: Meaning “sheep herder”.
  11. Flynn: Meaning “red complexion” or “son of the red-haired one”.


What are unique middle names for boys?

You don’t always need to outside the box for unique boy middle names.

Digging deep into your heritage or sticking to a specific meaning or value can give you plenty of distinctive options that feel authentic to you and your baby.

Or, you can go full fantasy with a made-up pop culture name – the world is your playground!

  1. Bodhi: Meaning “awakening or enlightenment”, Bodhi has gained in popularity as a first name over the past few decades. With its ties to Buddhist concepts of liberation from feelings of attachment and greed, this name might just ring true to you. (Fun fact: the Bodhi Tree was the tree the Buddha sat underneath when he attained enlightenment.)
  2. Zephyr: With its Greek origins, Zephyr means “west wind”. Refreshing, yes. And with that unique sound, it’s a wonderful addition to your baby’s name repertoire.
  3. Anakin: Okay, Star Wars fans, sit up and listen. Anakin was a name created by George Lucas for the series. And if your baby is born on May the 4th, seriously – how can you not?

And here are some more unique middle names for boys:

  1. Hunter: Meaning “one who hunts”.
  2. Knox: Meaning “round-top hill” from the Old English cnocc.
  3. Amir: Meaning “prince” or “commander” in Arabic.
  4. Aaron: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
  5. Kendric: Meaning “royal ruler” or “champion”.
  6. Tirion: Meaning “kind” or “gentle”.
  7. Orson: Meaning “bear cub”.
  8. Dakota: A Native American name meaning “friend” or “ally”.
  9. Zachary: Meaning “God has remembered”.
  10. River: Meaning “ a flowing body of water” or, erm, a river.
  11. Wayland or Welend: Meaning “wayside land”. As an Old Norse name it can also mean “battle brave” in reference to the mythological Norse blacksmith. It’s quite a bedtime story!
  12. Atlas: Speaking of mythological bedtime stories, you may remember this legendary Titan who bears the earth on his shoulder. His name means “bearer of the heavens”.

What’s a badass name for a boy?

So, you want a middle name worthy of winning over hearts and minds, and keeping your baby’s fighting spirit thriving?

How about one of these fiery rebels:

  1. Xavier: Sounds badass and means “bright and splendid”. Best of both worlds? Plus, pretty cool to have an X as your baby’s middle initial. Nicely done.
  2. Maverick: Meaning “a non-conforming, independent-minded person”. A name that celebrates independence, Maverick is the perfect name for a mini trailblazer.
  3. Cairo: The capital of Egypt, yes – but it goes deeper. The name Cairo means “victorious”.

And how about these mighty options:

  1. Danger: No explanation necessary.
  2. Nico: Meanig “victory of the people”.
  3. Wilder: Meaning “untamed”.
  4. Cato: Meaning “all-knowing”.
  5. Damon: Meaning “one who tames” or “subdues”.
  6. Axel: Meaning “my father is peace”.
  7. Tius: Meaning “title of honor”.
  8. Prince: Soon to be king?
  9. Calix: Meaning “very handsome”.
  10. Constantine: Meaning “constant” or “steadfast”. Also, a very cool demon hunter played by Keanu Reeves.
  11. Diego: Meaning “supplanter”.
  12. Fairbanks: Meaning “bank along the pathway”.
  13. Eduardo: A Mexican boy’s name meaning “wealthy guardian”.

From unique boy middle names to the badass and strong – all in a day’s work!

Here’s hoping you’re one step closer to finding the ideal middle ground.

And hey, the Peanut moms are all over middle-name brainstorms these days.

The door is open!

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