Mom Groups: How to Find the Right Support Group for You

Mom Groups: How to Find the Right Support Group for You

The right mom support group can be a great source of support and encouragement when you have a baby, from sharing mom hacks to offering advice to new moms, or even a safe space to vent.

Want to find someone else who’ll squeal with excitement when your little one says their first words?

Or some reassurance that you’re not the only one who’s up four times a night when baby won’t sleep?

Or someone to vent to when things get a bit too much?

Mom groups get it.

Here’s our best advice on how to find a mom group that’s perfect for you.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a mommy support group?
  • Things to consider when you’re choosing a mom group
  • Where can I find mom groups?
  • A note on online mom communities
  • What do I do if a mom group isn’t right for me?
  • What are some mom groups I can join?

What is a mommy support group?

A mom support group is a group of women who meet or talk regularly so that the moms have a chance to catch up while taking care of their babies or watching their older kids play.

There are no rules for how many mamas can be in a mom group, though it’s good to find one with at least six to eight other parents.

You can guarantee that someone’s kid will always have a doctor’s appointment or choose to nap right when they need to leave the house.

If the group is larger, it won’t matter when a few people are absent, and there’s less chance that the meet-up will get canceled at the last minute.

Find new friends nearby

A connection is made every 3 seconds on Peanut.

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

Things to consider when you’re choosing a mom group

All mom groups look different.

When you’re choosing one, think about what makes you feel most excited to get involved, or which suits your schedule and personality the best:

  • How often is it? In-person groups might meet weekly or as little as once a month. Some also meet in “blocks” – a certain number of sessions and then a long break – and some all year round.
  • Where is it? There might be mama groups near you in libraries, in yoga studios, in the park, swapping between the living rooms of different local families, or even online (or on the Peanut app).
  • Who’s running the show? Some groups are run by mamas themselves, while others are organized by charities, lactation consultants, churches, or other organizations that support families.
  • How old are the kiddos? Some groups are designed for very young babies, others are more like playgroups with toys for older toddlers and preschoolers.
  • What do they do? Would you rather go to a group that was structured around an activity – like baby sensory or music – or something more casual?
  • Moms only? Would you feel more comfortable in a group that’s just for women, or one where dads and other caregivers are also welcome? Hint: Peanut is a women-only safe space for moms, so if you’re after a mom group just for women, it’s a great place to find your community.

Where can I find mom groups?

We’re all used to googling the things we need, but mom groups aren’t always online (and the ones with shiny websites aren’t necessarily the ones that will work for you).

You can also look for information in some of these places:

  • Local information boards or magazines
  • Church or school newsletters
  • Libraries
  • Your pediatrician’s office or hospital
  • Ask other parents
  • Join Peanut and search for the right mom group for you

Find new friends nearby

A connection is made every 3 seconds on Peanut.

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

A note on online mom communities

Getting out of the house and talking to other adults can make life with a young baby a lot more fun.

But we’re also big fans of online mom groups.

(Not to blow our own trumpet, but our fabulous Peanut Community includes mamas with kids of all ages, all over the world, so you know someone will always be awake.)

Every year, there are more options to let you “meet” other parents online – groups on social media, chatrooms, even baby music classes broadcast live.

The big advantage of these groups is that, whatever your circumstance and wherever you live, you can find an online community of other mamas who’ve been through the same thing.

So if you have twins, if your baby was in the NICU, if you’re working, if you adopted, or if you’re a single parent, you’ll find your people on Peanut.

What do I do if a mom group isn’t right for me?

If a mom support group doesn’t “click” straight away (or at least after two or three weeks), it just might not be the group for you.

You want to find somewhere welcoming, not somewhere you’re really aware that you’re an older or younger mama than the group average, or that you’re breastfeeding after everyone else switched to formula, or that you’re from out of town while the other members have known each other since high school.

A great, inclusive mom group will make you feel like none of that matters.

If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s okay to try a different group until you find somewhere you look forward to visiting.

What are some mom groups I can join?

If you’re after a mom group based on your circumstances or your family structure, Peanut has you covered.

Here are a few of our most popular mom groups that you’re welcome to join:

Single Momma Strong

If you’re after a single mom support group, this is the one for you.

First Time Mums

Don’t let the UK spelling of ‘mums’ put you off ‒ this is actually a new mom support group for first-time moms around the world.

Ask advice, swap stories, and ease your mind ‒ you’re not alone in this, mama.

Step Mamas

Being a step-mom is another different way to have a family, and this step-mom support group is here to help, with other women who have been there.

Moms going through divorce/separation/breakups

Going through a divorce can be hard, especially with children.

The women in this divorced mom support group understand what you’re going through, and they’re there for you.

Stay At Home Mamas 🤍

Because all forms of motherhood have their own unique challenges, this stay at home mom group is your safe space to share advice, vent, and ask questions.

Pregnancy & Motherhood

One of the biggest mom groups around, Pregnancy & Motherhood is a great place to find any information about your pregnancy journey.

If you have questions, you’re probably going to find lots of moms who have been in your shoes.

This is a space to feel uplifted, encouraged, and supported by other moms.

Working Motherhood

Looking for working mom groups to find the support you need?

Whether you’re navigating pregnancy, postpartum, toddlerhood, or you’re a mom of older children, here’s where you can find community.

Moms of twins, triplets, and quads!

After a twin mom support group?

Or maybe you’re a mom of triplets, quadruplets, or quintuplets?

If you’re a mama of multiples, you’re in the right place.

Local mom groups

If you’re after a place you can find a mom group that’s near you, you can find them on Peanut.

We’ve got local mom groups for a range of towns and cities around the world.

Here’s a handful of our most popular local mom groups:

Find new friends nearby

A connection is made every 3 seconds on Peanut.

Meet, chat and learn from like-minded women.

Due date mom groups

If you’re expecting, first off, congratulations!

Secondly, how about a mom group of other pregnant women with the same due date as you?

You may even find your Bump Buddy!

Can’t find your due date mom group here?

When you join us on Peanut and enter your due date, we’ll add you to the right group!

There you have it, all there is to know about mom groups and how to find the best mom support group for you.

If you’re not sure whether there’s a mom group for you, join us on Peanut ‒ we’re sure you’ll find your community with us.

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