10 Life-Changing Mom Hacks From Peanut Mamas

Team Peanut
Team Peanutover 1 year ago3 min read

We’ll be the first to admit that being a mama isn’t easy. From sleepless nights to self-doubt, sometimes you might need a mom hack or two to save time and money (and your sanity!).

And we’ve got just the thing. We’ve rounded up the top tips, tricks, and life hacks from mamas on Peanut to get you parenting like a pro in no time.

Mom hacks

Peanut Mom Hacks:

1. “If you don’t have space (or money!) for a rocking chair, use an exercise ball. I used to swaddle my little girl, sit on the ball and bounce while rocking her side to side and it worked like a dream.” - Jess

2.When your babe is teething, give them some frozen apple slices to gnaw on. It really helped to prevent night wakes and excessive crying with my son.” - Evie

3. “When your little one wants a popsicle at home, place a cupcake liner on the bottom of the stick. It’ll save SO much sticky mess!” - Aiyana

4. “If you really need to shower but you have your toddler to watch, give them some stickers (that are easy to peel off!) and make a game where they have to put all the stickers on the bathroom cabinet. Keeps them busy and out of trouble!” - Hannah

5. “My favorite mom hack is to ask for extra drink carriers at the drive thru. We reuse ours as diaper caddies in the car!” - Violet

6. “Don’t you hate it when you go to grab one wipe and 56 million wipes come out with it? Next time, place a rubber band over the wipe opening and only one wipe will come out!” - Lydia

7. “Baby won’t calm down? Try turning on your hairdryer! The sound works like a charm for soothing my little girl.” - Emmy

8. “Instead of buying a special pumping bra, cut 1-inch slits in an old bra, roughly where your nipples would be, then stick the pump flanges through the holes. It’s actually more comfortable than a pumping bra.” - Katherine

9. “Use a pacifier clip to hold your shirt up while nursing. My mind was blown when I tried this!” - Kendal

10. “When my little boy starts fighting his naps, he likes to go for a walk in his pram to fall asleep. So sometimes I put his snowsuit on to trick him into thinking he’s going out… 30 minutes later he’s still sleeping on the bed in his snowsuit dreaming of being on a walk!” - Siyma

For even more mom hacks, join Peanut.

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