100 Meaningful Mongolian Baby Names

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Last updated: Mar 17 2023

Keen to honor your Mongolian heritage? Or exploring unusual names not often found in the US? Check out our ultimate list of 100 beautiful Mongolian baby names.

Mongolian Baby Names

Nestled between China and Russia, Mongolia has a rich and varied history and exquisite natural beauty. This place wields a particular power that is reflected in its children’s names, which are chosen especially to endow each child with good fortune.


The history of naming traditions in Mongolia has seen a vast array of interesting turns. While the country is now predominantly Buddhist, Ancient Mongolian names are steeped in shamanistic traditions that connected people to the wisdom of the earth.

These days, Mongolian names reflect the diverse set of influences that make up this fascinating culture. With Turkish, Mongol and Russian influences, combined with Shamanistic and Buddhist traditions, the world of Mongolian baby names is one of profound depth.

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  • Do Mongolians use last names?
  • What are common Mongolian names?

Do Mongolians use last names?

For many years, Mongolian people did not use last names. But in 1997, a law came into effect requiring Mongolia’s people to adopt surnames.

Many people looked to Mongolian warrior names to find the perfect fit—others to qualities they appreciated. Now, it’s estimated that over 90% of Mongolians have surnames.

Another interesting characteristic of Mongolian baby names is that they are often given in compounds, combining different ideas or objects that represent strength and beauty.

The name Altansarnai, for example, is a combination of Altan, which means “golden”, and Sarnai, which means “rose”.

Sound intriguing? Let’s dive in.

What are common Mongolian names?

Here is your go-to list of popular Mongolian names and meanings.

Mongolian girl names

  1. Altanchimeg. “Golden ornament”.
  2. Altansarnai. This one’s made up of “golden” and “rose”. 💛 🌹
  3. Altantsetseg. “Golden flower”.
  4. Amarjargal. This is pure bliss. It’s made up of a combination of amar, which means “comfort,” and jargal, which means “happiness”.
  5. Amgalan. “Peaceful”. 🕊️
  6. Ankhtsetseg. “First flower”.
  7. Badamlyanhua. “Water lily”.
  8. Baigalmaa. A name inspired by the beauty all around us, Baigalmaa means “mother nature”.
  9. Battsetseg. This name perfectly combines beauty and power—it means “strong flower”. 🌺
  10. Batu. “Loyal”.
  11. Bayalag. A name that is believed to bring good fortune, Bayalag means “riches” or “wealth”.
  12. Bayarmaa. A traditional Mongolian name, Bayarmaa means “mother of joy”.
  13. Bayartsetseg. “Joyful flower”. 🌼
  14. Bolormaa.Crystal mother”.
  15. Chimeg. This attractive name comes from the ancient Mongolian word for “decoration” or “ornament”.
  16. Delbee. “Petal”.
  17. Duuren. “Complete”.
  18. Enebish. This interesting name means “different one”. Could be the perfect option for your unique little one.
  19. Enkhmaa. “Mother of peace”.
  20. Enkhtuya. “Ray of peace”.
  21. Erdenetsetseg. The ultimate ornamental name, it’s made up of two parts meaning “precious jewel” and “flower”. 💎 🌸
  22. Gerel. “Light”. ✨
  23. Jargal. “Happiness”.
  24. Khaliun. A “red deer”. 🦌
  25. Khaltmaa. “Fire mother”. 🔥
  26. Kheshigmaa. This one’s made of Kheshig, meaning “blessed”, and maa, meaning “mother”. Another fun fact? The kheshig were the imperial guard for the Mongol empire.
  27. Mandakh. “Rising”.
  28. Margaderdene. Margad is “emerald” and erdene is “jewel”.
  29. Munkh. “Eternal”.
  30. Munkhbayar. Your little one is bound to be forever happy with this name. It means “eternal joy”.
  31. Naimanzuunadintsetseg. This abundant name means “eight hundred sacred flowers”.
  32. Narantuya. “Sun ray”. ☀️
  33. Narmandakh. This one’s a combination of nar, which means “sun,” and mandakh, which means “rising”. “Rising sun”. 🌅
  34. Odval. A name for a chrysanthemum flower.
  35. Orghana. If you’re looking for a name fit for royalty, this is it. Organa was a princess of the Mongol empire. 👑
  36. Saikhanbayar. A combination of the word Saikhan, which means “beautiful”, and bayar, which means “joy”, this cheerful name comes together to mean “beautiful joy”.
  37. Sarantsatsral. “Moon beam”.
  38. Sarantuya. “Moonlight”. 🌙
  39. Soyolmaa. “Mother of art”—although this may be a more appropriate name for you.
  40. Suvdhanchimeg. A pearl ornament.
  41. Togtuun. “Serene”.
  42. Tsogbayar. Tsog means “glory”. Bayar means “joy”. Put it together and you have a “glorious joy”.
  43. Tungalag. “Crystal clear”.
  44. Urantögs. “Skillful art”.
  45. Uuganbayar. Uugan is a name for your first-born child. Bayar means “joy”. Together they mean the “first-born child brings joy”.
  46. Uuriintuya. “The light of the dawn”.
  47. Üürtsaikh. “Crack of dawn”.
  48. Yagaan. “Pink”. 🎀
  49. Yargui. “Primrose”.
  50. Zolzaya. “Destiny”.

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Mongolian boy names

  1. Altan. This mighty name means “golden” in the Mongolian language and “red dawn” in Turkic. 🌄
  2. Ankhbayar. “First joy”.
  3. Arban. “Fluent”.
  4. Baatar. “Hero”.
  5. Batbayar. “Strong joy”.
  6. Baterdene. “Strong jewel”.
  7. Batu. “Faithful”.
  8. Batzorig. “Courageous and strong”.
  9. Bilguun. This popular Mongolian name means “wisdom”.
  10. Chagatai. This name means “baby” and was given to the second son of Genghis Khan.
  11. Chinua. “Blessings from God”.
  12. Chuluuna. “As strong as a rock”.
  13. Chuluunbaatar. This one is made of two mighty parts. Chuluun means “stone” and baatar means “hero”.
  14. Choibalsan. He was the leader of Mongolia in the first half of the twentieth century. Be warned—he was pretty ruthless, known in some circles as the Stalin of Mongolia.
  15. Davaajav. “Moon of deliverance”.
  16. Dawa. This name of Tibetan origin means “moon”. 🌕
  17. Delger. “Prosper”.
  18. Dzhambul. “Fortress”.
  19. Elbeg. “Generous”.
  20. Enkh-Amgalan. This soothing name means “calm and peaceful”.
  21. Enkh-Baatar. With its blend of “calm” and “hero”, there appears to be a lesson in this name.
  22. Erdene. “Jewel”. 💎
  23. Erkhemjamts. “Important rock”.
  24. Esen. “Good health”.
  25. Ganbaatar. “Steel hero”.
  26. Ganzaya. A combination of “steel” and “fate”, this name is packed with purpose.
  27. Garamgai. “Distinguished”.
  28. Ganzorig. Gan = “steel” and zorig = “brave”.
  29. Garamgai. “Distinguished”.
  30. Genghis. A nod to the founder, this name means “wise”.
  31. Gerelt. “Radiant”.
  32. Jargal. “Happiness”.
  33. Jargalsaikhan. The blending together of “handsome” and “happiness”.
  34. Jochi. This name means “guest”. It’s particularly well known because it was given to one of the sons of Genghis Khan.
  35. Khan. This one is very familiar because of its attachment to the famous ruler.
  36. Khasar. Khasar is a fearsome dog that, according to legend, will chase all the evil spirits away. 🐕
  37. Khünbish. Meaning “not human”, this is a particularly interesting Mongolian name. It was thought to be given to babies to trick evil spirits into leaving them alone.
  38. Khuyag. An ancient Mongolian name meaning “armor”.
  39. Lkhagvasüren. “Great healer”.
  40. Malchinkhüü. “Shepherd’s son”.
  41. Mandakhbayar. “Rising joy”.
  42. Möngkebaghatur. This one is made up of Möngke, which means “eternal”, and baghatur, which means “brave warrior”.
  43. Mönkhbat. “Eternal strength”.
  44. Möngkhsaikjan. “Eternally handsome”.
  45. Narmandakh. “Rising sun”.
  46. Otgonbayar. “Budding happiness”.
  47. Tarkhan. “Skillful”.
  48. Tomorbaatar. “Strong hero”.
  49. Tuguslar. “Playful”.
  50. Ulagan. “Worldly”.

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Good luck with your choice.

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