98 Melodious Musical Names for Your Little Lark

98 Melodious Musical Names for Your Little Lark

Looking for a baby name that’ll get stuck in your head? Look no further than our 98 musical names for your little virtuoso. They’re sure to strike the right chord! 🎵
We’ve all heard that playing classical music for babies might make them smarter.

But what about giving them musical names?

There’s a whole lot of research about what a child’s name means for their future — some of it outdated, some questioned.
But there’s no doubt that for families who love music, a musical name may set just the right tone. 😉

Read on for a chorus of pitch-perfect musical names for your little crotchet-to-be.

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  • What are some music-related names?
  • What name means beautiful music?
  • What name means beautiful voice?
  • What name means god of music?
  • What are some Broadway musical names?
  • Names that mean music

What are some music-related names?

Whether you can read music or not, these names could be music to your ears.

  1. Adagio: This musical term for “slow” sounds like a romantic lead.
  2. Aida: The name of one of the most well-known operas in history.
  3. Allegra: This is an Italian word meaning “cheerful” and a popular girl’s name.
  4. Aria: You may have heard this operatic term, which refers to a solo sung by a single performer. But did you know it comes from the Italian word for “air”?
  5. Brio/Bria: This musical term is Italian and means that a passage should be played with “vigor, vivacity or spirit.” Brilliant for a feisty baby!
  6. Cadence: This elegant musical name refers to the tempo of a piece of music.
  7. Carol: Perfect for a Christmas baby.
  8. Celeste: This is a small piano-like instrument.
  9. Chord: There’s something striking about this musical name.
  10. Coda: Meaning “tail” in Italian, this musical term refers to the end of a musical composition. Last born baby name, perhaps?
  11. Demi: Not just Moore, also an Italian word meaning “half” (as in demisemiquaver).
  12. Diva: Simply the best female singer!
  13. Drummer: Drummers are always super cool. As is this name.
  14. Lyre/Lyra: A greek instrument that looks a bit like a baby harp.
  15. Harmony: Not just a musical term for a set of complementary notes played or sung at the same time, but also something we all wish for in our homes and communities.
  16. Harper: This great unisex name means exactly what it sounds like.
  17. Jazz: This ever-so-cool unisex name has a timeless musical quality.
  18. Melody: A name meaning music from the Greek, it’s also the most memorable part of any song.
  19. Octavia/Octave: Belonging to both the talented actor Octavia Spencer and incredible writer Octavia Butler, this name refers to the classic grouping of eight notes.
  20. Piper: Used for those who play wind instruments like the bagpipes, clarinet, or saxophone, it seems kind of perfect for a new baby because, well, you know. It’s modern and quirky sounding, which also makes it a winner.
  21. Reed: A thin strip of wood used in instruments like the clarinet, the vibration of a reed makes a sound when a musician blows over it.
  22. Riff: A riff is a repeating section of music and makes a slick and badass baby name.
  23. Sonata: A sonata refers to a piece of music, typically composed of different movements. We can almost guarantee you’ve heard Beethoven’s moving classic Moonlight Sonata.
  24. Viola: Both a pretty purple flower and a musical instrument a little bigger than a violin, this name is music to our ears!

What name means beautiful music?

  1. Aaralyn: This unique American name means “beautiful melody.”
  2. Gita: This gorgeous and strong Indian name means “a song, divine melody.”

What name means beautiful voice?

  1. Calliope: This Greek name means “beautiful voice” and shortens to the ever-so-sweet Callie.

What name means god of music?

  1. Añá: The Yorùbá god of drumming.
  2. Apollo: Not just the name of a Tom Hanks classic, this name also refers to the Greek and Roman god of music.
  3. Àyàn: Another name for the Yorùbá god of drumming.
  4. Bragi: The Vikings had their own god of music. He’s also in charge of poetry.
  5. Ihy: Often considered the Egyptian god of music and vibration, he is specifically related to the joy of playing an instrument.
  6. Sarasvati: This Hindu goddess of learning and the arts is especially associated with music.

What are some Broadway musical names?

Let’s take a look at some of the legends that have made, and continue to make, Broadway great.


Here are our favorite Broadway musical names for girls.
34. Angela Lansbury: With a career of over eight decades, she is entertainment royalty.

35. Barbra Streisand: If you don’t know this giant’s name, do you even know musical theater?

36. Chita Rivera: What a star and trailblazing icon.

37. Ethel Merman: Known as the “undisputed First Lady of the musical comedy stage”, she introduced many Broadway standards.

38. Idina Menzel: Famous long before little kids started belting out “Let it gooooooo,” she’s also known for playing Elphaba in Wicked.

39. Julie Andrews: Known for Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and the stage version of My Fair Lady, this dame needs no introduction.

40. Kristin Chenoweth: This dynamite in a teeny tiny package is known for playing Glinda in the phenomenon that is Wicked.

41. Lea Salonga: An all-round legend, Ms. Salonga originated the role of Miss Saigon.

42. Liza Minelli: Four-time Tony award winner and entertainment royalty.

43. Patti LuPone: Winner of two Tonys, two Grammys, and two Olivier Awards, you don’t get much more accomplished than this icon.

If it’s Broadway musical names for boys you’re looking for, look no further than these incredible performers.

  1. Billy Porter: With incredible turns in Grease and Kinky Boots, he is fierce and fabulous.
  2. Gene Kelly: A name synonymous with musicality and the golden age of Hollywood.
  3. Jerry Orbach: He may jump to mind for his work on the iconic Dirty Dancing, but he also performed Billy Flynn in the original Chicago. That’s some serious stage cred!
  4. Joel Gray: Originated the role of the MC in Cabaret. What a force!
  5. John Cameron Mitchell: The creator of the incredible Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
  6. Jonathan Groff: Originated roles in Spring Awakening and Hamilton.
  7. Lin-Manuel Miranda: Arguably one of the most important and influential people involved in Broadway today, he created the groundbreaking Hamilton.
  8. Nathan Lane: Musical and comedic Tony award-winning gem.
  9. Neil Patrick Harris: Tony award-winning and academy-awards-hosting superstar.
  10. Ramin Karimloo: His starring roles in both Phantom and Les Mis, and extensive work both on the West End and Broadway make him musical theater nobility.

Names that mean music

There are all sorts of musical baby names.

Here are some of them and their origins.

Musical girl names

  1. Aika: A beautiful Japanese name meaning “love song.”
  2. Anata: This pretty Hebrew name means “a singer.”
  3. Ashira: Hebrew. “I will sing.”
  4. Avalee: A beautiful Persian name meaning “voice.”
  5. Carmen: A popular Spanish name meaning “a song.”
  6. Celisa: Greek. “Song of joy”
  7. Chante: A soft and elegant French name meaning “to sing.”
  8. Chantelle: French. “Singer”
  9. Fillira: Greek. “Lover of music”
  10. Hiva: Polynesian. “A song”
  11. Jaren: This unusual English name is said to mean “singing.”
  12. Kirtana: Indian. “Prayer song”
  13. Madrigal: A Latin name. “Song for unaccompanied voices”
  14. Morgan: A unisex Welsh name that means “sea song”
  15. Odelin: Greek. “Song”
  16. Phyllyra: Greek. “Lover of song”
  17. Raga: Sanskrit. “Color” or “melody”
  18. Ranique: Sanskrit. “She is singing.”
  19. Renana: This lyrical Arabic name means “joyous song.”
  20. Ria: This Italian name means “laughter with music.”
  21. Riya: Sanskrit. “Singer”
  22. Sangita: Sanskrit. “Music”
  23. Shadla: Arabic. “Singer”
  24. Shir: Hebrew, meaning “song.” Variants include Shiri and Shirel
  25. Shirah: Hebrew. “My song”
  26. Tehiila: The name of a Hebrew praise song.
  27. Zemora: Hebrew. “Song of Praise”

Musical boy names.

  1. Bardo: This Irish name makes sense when you think of Shakespeare. “Singer poet”
  2. Carmine: Latin. “Song”
  3. Ceol: Meaning “music”, this is an evocative Celtic name.
  4. Chanson/Chansen: French. “Song”
  5. Chantrey: French. “Singing”
  6. Elran/Elron: Hebrew. “My God is song.”
  7. Ephron: Hebrew. “Singing bird”
  8. Fife: This super cute Scottish name means “a flute.”
  9. Gershwin: The surname of famous musical composers makes for a great first name, too.
  10. Lalo: Latin. “To sing a lullaby”
  11. Leelo: Estonian. “Folk song”
  12. Liron: Hebrew. “My song”
  13. Mele: Polynesian. “Song”
  14. Rock: An epic name for an epic baby. Thank you, and goodnight!
  15. Ronan: Hebrew. “To sing”
  16. Solo: Star Wars aside, this cute name may be perfect for an only child who sings all the solos in your family.
  17. Zamir: Hebrew. “Song Bird”
  18. Zimri: Hebrew. “My music, my praise”

And don’t forget — you can take the name of your favorite musician or singer and use that as inspo, too.

Bet there are tons of Bruces out there named for The Boss and Whitneys named for the greatest singer that ever lived.

So that’s it from us and our collection of musical names.

Now have a think and see what you find catchy.

We wish you all the best with your choice!

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