When is National Daughter’s Day 2024?

When is National Daughter’s Day 2024?

Whether this is the first you’re hearing of National Daughter’s Day 2024, or you’ve been celebrating for years, we’ve got you covered.
You’ve heard of Mother’s Day. And Father’s Day.

You may have even heard of Cat’s Day, Sled Dog’s Day, and even National Buttermilk Biscuit Day.

But National Daughter’s Day? Is this a thing?

Whether you are a daughter, have a daughter, or both, you’re probably wondering what this day holds in store for you.

Let’s dive in.

In this article: 📝

  • Is National Daughter’s Day real?
  • When is National Daughter’s Day?
  • Is National Daughter’s Day and Son’s Day the same day?
  • What do you do on National Daughter’s Day?

Is National Daughter’s Day real?

Yes, National Daughter’s Day is real! It was likely created by a greeting card company in India.

It’s unclear what year the holiday started, but it’s been going strong for at least a decade now, and maybe much longer than that.

Regardless of its exact origins, the aim of National Daughter’s Day has always been to celebrate, uplift, and inspire young women so that they can thrive in the world.

A big part of this is to end the stigma around being born a girl and show daughters that they are just as worthy as sons.

Young girls still face all sorts of barriers to education in many places around the globe.

Women only earn 77 cents to every dollar men make.

We’re also subject to the pink tax, underrepresented in government structures, and at a greater risk of domestic violence.

Quite simply, the need to empower young women is still very present.

So it makes sense then that the celebration of this day has spread beyond India’s borders and found a home in the international community.

Now onto the next big question:

When is National Daughter’s Day?

In India where it originated, National Daughter’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of every month.

In the United States, it’s worked out slightly differently.

Here, it’s celebrated on September 25 every year.

This is also the date for what is now called International Daughter’s Day.

Is National Daughter’s Day and Son’s Day the same day?

Well, now things get complicated.

There’s a National Son’s and Daughter’s Day in the United States. And that’s celebrated on August 11.

And then there’s National Son’s Day, which falls on March 4.

So there are days to celebrate sons and daughters as a team, and then there are days that separate each one individually.

Why not incorporate all of these days into your family calendar?

What do you do on National Daughter’s Day?

How you celebrate your daughter is up to you. It’s all about making her feel special, inspired, and empowered.

In India, the important thing is to be together as a family celebrating your daughter or daughters.

That may mean throwing a party in their honor that the whole family can attend.

During this event, it can be a good idea to have discussions about how you as a community can support them in achieving their dreams.

Now that the commemoration of this day has grown throughout the world, people have come up with different ways of making their girls the center of attention.

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Take her out for a special meal at a restaurant she loves. Use the time together to discuss how you can support her in her future.
  • Watch a movie/play/concert that celebrates the achievements of women and girls.
  • Together, donate your time or money to an organization that supports young women.

You can also give her a meaningful gift that will have some sort of significance to her in her future.

This could be an inspiring book for her to read, a new journal to write her dreams down, or money for a class she would like to attend.

And of course, nothing beats a card or letter that shows her that you’ve got her in this life.

If you’re looking for some ideas for what to write, we’ve got you covered with these beautiful National Daughter’s Day quotes to choose from.

Happy Daughter’s Day!

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