138 Nature Baby Names and Meanings

138 Nature Baby Names and Meanings

Looking for a name that recalls the natural world, while still being cool enough for your little boy or girl? We’re talking nature baby names mama and we’ve got 138 of them. 🌱

If you’re pondering “what are good hippie names?” or “what are boho names?” you’re in the right place.

You don’t need to be a crunchy mom or an eco-babe to find all-natural names appealing.

Outside of the niche, Cascade, Brooke and Kai are fast becoming enduring titles.

Even Autumn is set to be in season for many years.

And the cool thing about these is that they aren’t necessarily gendered.

Given that nature baby names are for the most part pretty unconventional, there’s no risk of falling into any sort of stereotype.

It’s your call whether you think a name might be a fit for your child.

Whatever feels natural is right.

From the animal kingdom to the world of precious stones, here are 138 nature names for babies that we think you’ll love.

In this article: 📝

  • What is a good nature name for a girl?
  • What is a nature name for boy?
  • What is a nonbinary nature name?

What is a good nature name for a girl?

Let’s be honest, what isn’t?

Mother Nature is a force to be reckoned with and what better way to pass that unbridled energy than with a title plucked from the wilderness?

Here’s some of our top muses for serious nature girl names.

You might find that they work just as perfectly for a baby of another gender too:

  1. Aurora. From the Latin word for “dawn”. Aurora was the Roman goddess of the sunrise. It also makes for a pretty popular Disney name.
  2. Isla: Meaning “island”.
  3. Ava: From the Latin word meaning “bird”. Similar to the Persian Āvā meaning “voice” or “sound”.
  4. Wren: Meaning “small songbird”.
  5. Coral: A beautiful water baby name that feels close to Cora but with its own unique charm. Also an invigorating pink-orange hue.
  6. Idoya: A Spanish baby name meaning “pond”.
  7. Cascade: Inspire movement and flow with this nature name meaning “waterfall”.
  8. Lana: Meaning “shining” or “blessed”. Slavic in origin.
  9. Fawn: Bambi eyes.
  10. Raven: Meaning “dark-haired”.
  11. Misty: Major mythical vibes.
  12. Sparrow: GOT fans may have their reservation, but this “small bird” name carries huge connotations with unity, self-worth, and protection.
  13. Evening
  14. Dove
  15. Sierra
  16. Savanna or Savannah: An “open plain” for boundless possibilities.
  17. Luna: A top Italian name for moon.
  18. Nova: Meaning “new”.
  19. Petal
  20. River
  21. Harmony
  22. Dusty: More than a 60’s throwback, this German name means “brave warrior”.
  23. Haven
  24. Ayla: A Hebrew name meaning “oak tree”.
  25. Meadow
  26. Rosa: A “rose” by any other name… 🌹
  27. Solstice: Meaning “when the sun stands still”.
  28. Sky: The OG sky name.
  29. Ocean
  30. Terra: Meaning “earth”.

What are forest names for girls?

Pretty plants and steadfast trees really do make the prettiest nature names for girls

  1. Blossom: The burst of flowers in spring.
  2. Juniper
  3. Olivia: Meaning “olive tree” in Latin and takes its popularity in English from William Shakespeare.
  4. Hazel: One of the more popular girl nature names meaning “of the hazelnut tree”.
  5. Iris: Meaning “rainbow”.
  6. Sage: Meaning “wise” or “healthy”.
  7. Daisy
  8. Camellia
  9. Magnolia: From the Latin magnolius meaning “of great excellence”. Given to the tree by the French botanist Pierre Magnol.
  10. Holly
  11. Azalea
  12. Lily
  13. Leilani: A Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly flower”.
  14. Willow
  15. Ivy
  16. Hyacinth
  17. Jasmine: Meaning “gift from God” or “fragrant flower” from the Persian name of the flower Yasmine. Also has a splash of fiery princess energy.
  18. Aspen: Meaning “shaking tree”.
  19. Dahlia
  20. Rosemary
  21. Poppy
  22. Acacia
  23. Flora: Why not go for the Latin name for flowers?
  24. Fleur: Or the French one?

What is an earthy name for a girl?

You can’t get more earthy than deep into the earth’s crust.

Different cultures have attributed a deeper meaning to each of nature’s precious stones.

Making them perfectly lovely nature baby names.

Some of the most popular include:

  1. Ruby: The ruby signifies nobility and passion. 🔥
  2. Amber: Associated with the sun, it’s a nature name that speaks of warmth.
  3. Crystal
  4. Jewel
  5. Jade: Symbolizing nobility and wealth, in some cultures, Jade is the most important stone.
  6. Beryl
  7. Pearl: Meaning “pearl – a symbol of perfection and purity.

What is a nature name for boy?

Male nature names also take a lot of inspiration from trees, plants, and flowers.

Here are 10 nature baby names for boys straight from the world of plants:

  1. Basil: A classic boy name that actually comes from the Greek word meaning “kingly”, “brave”, and “chivalrous”. Also the name of the so-called “king of the herbs”.
  2. Birch
  3. Forrest or Forest: Become one with the woodland with this Old French name meaning “of the forest”.
  4. Chestnut
  5. Quince: Meaning “applelike fruit”.
  6. Gelso: The Italian word for the “mulberry tree”.
  7. Oak
  8. Huckleberry: Like Mark Twain’s iconic character. Huck makes a fine alternative.
  9. Reed or Reid
  10. Acorn

What is a cool nature name?

If plant boy names are not your thing, try these 10 male nature names inspired by the animal kingdom:

  1. Bear
  2. Falcon
  3. Wolf: From the Old English surname Wulf often reserved for cunning and fierce folk.
  4. Fox: Another cunning fellow.
  5. Mavis
  6. Hawk or Hawke
  7. Leo: Latin for “lion”. 🦁
  8. Drake:. From the Old English word for “dragon” because why not.
  9. Phoenix: Since we’re leaning into the mythological animal kingdom, how about the iconic bird of immortality?

What are rare nature boys names?

If you like your earth names evocative and rare, the landscape makes for quite a muse.

Leave an impression with these 22 unique options:

  1. Glen or Glenn
  2. Orion
  3. Gwydion: A traditional Welsh name meaning “born of trees”.
  4. Brynn: Meaning “hill”.
  5. Grove
  6. Heath
  7. Flint
  8. Heathcliff: The broody character from the classic novel Wuthering Heights.
  9. Branden or Brandon. It could come from the Old English for “beacon hill” or the Old Irish for “crow”.
  10. Land
  11. Farley: Rooted in English placenames like Farleigh meaning “woodland clearing”. Also related to the Old Irish surname Ó Faircheallaigh, which means “super war”.
  12. North
  13. Ridge
  14. Lauel
  15. Rock
  16. Woody
  17. Blaze
  18. Canyon
  19. Cliff
  20. Cloud
  21. Dale


What is a nonbinary nature name?

Any of the above nature names can be used no matter baby’s gender.

But there’s no shortage of down-to-earth names to find one that fits your newest arrival perfectly – even if their gender remains a surprise:

  1. Arbor: Meaning “a grove of trees”.
  2. Ash or Ashton
  3. Bay
  4. Berry
  5. Bracken
  6. Fennel
  7. Bramble
  8. Brooke
  9. Cedar
  10. Rowan: A popular gender-neutral name among the Irish and Scots meaning “red-haired”.
  11. Clay
  12. Jay
  13. Clover
  14. Cove
  15. Ember
  16. Lake
  17. Robin
  18. Briar or Brier
  19. Aloe
  20. Kai: Meaning “ocean” in Hawaiian.
  21. Ginger
  22. Lark
  23. Leaf or Lief: A Scandinavian name meaning “heir”.
  24. Snow
  25. Linden: Meaning “lime tree”.
  26. Orchard
  27. Storm
  28. Rain or Raine
  29. Tree
  30. West

What are the names with season?

Now for some seasonal baby names, inspired (perhaps) by your favorite time of the year.

Or a certain due date perhaps?

  1. Summer: For any summer month.
  2. Autumn: Fall is a season of bright colors, fierce weather, and pure coziness. A beautiful name for a complex character.
  3. Winter: The ultimate winter baby name. And plenty of opportunity to announce “Winter is coming”.
  4. June. Not necessarily a nature name, but the names for the spring and summer months recall the beauties of the natural world.
  5. April: Meaning “to open”
  6. May: Pay homage to the Roman earth goddess Maia with these sweet summer name.
  7. July: Meaning “youthful”.

Bonus names: Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from going for September, October, or November either – or indeed any other month, or day of the week.

Let nature take its course and be your muse

Found a nature baby name you like?

Why not share it with the mamas of Peanut

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